It's the kind of 'nonsense' that we all live by. With pride and honor. Whitout it, we'd be pitiful and lost, just like you.
— Petalnose defending The Warrior Code in After the Flood, page 72

The Rogues are a rogue group that attacks SkyClan in After the Flood.


The Rogues are a group of vicious rogues,[1] led by a unknown cat.


In the SkyClan and the Stranger arc

After the Flood

While out hunting with Leafstar, Sol catches the scent of an unfamiliar cat. The pair investigate the trail, finding that it leads along the SkyClan border to the abandoned Twoleg nest. The scent cuts out at the edge of the clearing where the nest stands, and Leafstar and Sol head back to camp, reinforcing their border markers along the way.
The rogues are first seen by a SkyClan patrol and Billystorm goes to warn SkyClan. When the rogues arrive, Leafstar calls that they are under attack.
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Known residents

  • brown tabby cat with a spiky black tail and ears.
  • tortoiseshell cat with a torn ear.
  • cat with a scratched eye.
  • pale cat with a white belly.
  • gray cat.
  • tabby cat.
  • cat with a white paw.
  • tabby with a paler muzzle.

References and citations

  1. Revealed in After the Flood, page 64
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