Sandyhollow Forest

The Sandy Hollow

The sandy hollow is a location in the ThunderClan territories in the old forest.[1]


It is an area filled with red[2] sand and dirt[3] and sheltered by trees, located in a slight dip just outside of the ThunderClan camp in the forest.[4] A river once ran through the hollow before drying up and leaving only a stream beyond the hollow.[5]


It is used by the ThunderClan cats for aspects of training, particularly mentors drilling their apprentices in fighting and hunting moves.[6] Due to the soft ground, training cats are unlikely to get hurt while fighting. It can also serve as a well-known meeting place for warriors and apprentices alike, an example being apprentices meeting their mentors before assessments.[7]


The Sandy Hollow is mentioned in each book from Bluestar's Prophecy up to Midnight. Most of the main ThunderClan characters have trained here, and in turn trained their apprentices. In the The Darkest Hour, the hollow is used by most of ThunderClan (even the kits) to train for the upcoming battle against BloodClan.[8] It was likely destroyed along with the rest of the forest by the Twolegs.

Book mentions

In the Super Editions

Bluestar's Prophecy

The Sandy Hollow is first mentioned when Leopardkit and Patchkit are with Dapplepaw, who had promised to take them there. Dapplepaw says that she never promised, but eventually compromises and brings them to the edge of the ravine.[9]
Later in the book, the Sandy Hollow is often used for apprentices to train with their mentors.[10]

In the The Prophecies Begin arc

Into the Wild

When Firepaw joins the Clan, he and Ravenpaw, Graypaw, and Sandpaw train in the Sandy Hollow with Tigerclaw and Lionheart.[4]
After Bluestar becomes Firepaw's new mentor, they practice battle moves in the Sandy Hollow.[11]

Fire and Ice

Fireheart goes to the Sandy Hollow to train with his new apprentice, Cinderpaw.[12]

The Darkest Hour

In this book, when the ThunderClan cats are preparing for the battle with BloodClan, they are seen training in the Sandy Hollow.[8]

In The New Prophecy arc


When Squirrelpaw finds out that Brambleclaw has had dreams from StarClan, Brambleclaw is anxious that she will tell Firestar, and goes to the Sandy Hollow to watch Squirrelpaw's sessions so he can speak with her.[13]
As the Clan cats leave the forest territories, they also leave the Sandy Hollow behind as well.

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