Gray Wing.DTC-1 "Tom? Twolegs called a Tom, Tom?"

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The stranger is a long-legged, brown-and-gray tabby tom.[2]


In the Dawn of the Clans arc

The Sun Trail

When Jagged Peak has a feeling that the traveling cats are being watched, Gray Wing dismisses it as a piece of prey and a falling twig, but the stranger steps out of a clump of bracken that the cats had just passed. The stranger and Gray Wing stare at each other for a minute, before he asks if the traveling cats are from around here. Jagged Peak pipes up, telling the strange cat that they aren't from around the area, and explaining that they are from the mountains. The stranger looks surprised, and asks Jagged Peak if he means Highstones. Gray Wing starts to reply that no, the cats are not from Highstones, when Clear Sky comes back with the other cats that journeyed from the mountains.
The stranger seems undaunted by the sheer number of journeying cats, and only comments that there are a lot of them. Shaded Moss tells him that they are only traveling through and the stranger once again says that he thought that they were the cats that lived on the other side of Highstones. Clear Sky asks if there really are cats who live beyond Highstones, and the stranger replies that he had heard that there are, adding that he had never been there himself. Gray Wing asks if the cats are rogues, and the stranger snorts, saying that the term rogue was given to them by kittypets.
He looks curiously over the group of cats and asks what they are doing here, adding that Jagged Peak had told him that they had come from a long way off. Shaded Moss distrustfully answers that they need a new home. The stranger wishes them the best of luck, then slips off into the bracken.


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