"That was mine. I saw it first."
— Thistle attempting to bully Violetpaw into giving her prey to him in Shattered Sky, page 38

Thistle is a muscular gray tom with blue eyes.[1]


In the A Vision of Shadows arc

Shattered Sky

Thistle: "That was mine. I saw it first."
Needletail: "Hey, back off, mange-fur! Prey is not yours until you take it."
Thistle: "Okay, okay. Keep your fur on."
Violetpaw: "Thanks, Needletail. I wish there weren't so many rogues in camp these days. Some of them look kind of scary."
—Thistle and Needletail about Violetpaw's prey Shattered Sky, page chapter 3
When Needletail takes Violetpaw over to the prey pile after finding her trying to help the elders, Thistle is seen sniffing at the prey pile, taking his time choosing what to eat. After Violetpaw takes a plump vole, he bounds over before she can take a bite. Violetpaw looks at him warily, thinking she didn't know him very well since he and some other rogues had only joined recently.
He snarls that it was his and he saw it first, obviously expecting Violetpaw to back off. Before Violetpaw can avoid an argument by giving him the prey, Needletail snaps at him to back off. She calls him a mange-pelt, hissing that prey didn't belong to any cat until they took it. Thistle backs off and growls at her to keep her fur on, before shooting them a furious look and returning to the prey pile.
Violetpaw has a brief talk with Needletail, before deciding to bring Puddleshine some prey. She makes her way over to the prey-pile, and tidies it up, noting that Thistle left it scattered. Thistle and Roach are the cats that escort the kittypets, Zelda, Loki, and Max into the Kin's camp. Needletail asks if the toms have bees in their brain for bringing them there after Violetpaw points out that the newcomers are kittypets. When the Kin gather at a small Thunderpath that seperates their territory from RiverClan's before they attack the Clan, Violetpaw looks around at all the cats, noting Thistle to be amongst them.


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