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Author statements

  • Vicky says that Thistleclaw was originally in StarClan and gave Tigerstar one of his nine lives, but when Bluestar joined StarClan, "she must have chased Thistleclaw to the Dark Forest."[1] However, in The Ultimate Guide, Thistleclaw is not shown anywhere during Tigerstar's leadership ceremony.[2]
    • Vicky has since then contradicted her original statement, saying that Thistleclaw went to the Dark Forest right away.[3]
  • 'Thistleclaw' is the first name Cherith came up with.[4]
  • When asked by a fan, Vicky said she hadn't thought about writing anymore about Thistleclaw but thought it would be a good idea.[5]

Interesting facts

  • Thistleclaw has WindClan blood because his father, Windflight, is half WindClan.[6]
  • When asked whether Snowfur still loves Thistleclaw despite him being in the Dark Forest, Kate says that a part of her will always love him.[7]
  • Thistleclaw's greatest fear is for Bluefur to be chosen as deputy instead of him. [8]
  • Thistleclaw’s name was suggested by Bluestar because of his spiky fur.[9]


  • He was accidentally described as a dark brown tabby,[10] gray-white,[11] and pale.[12]
  • He has been mistakenly described with green eyes.[13]
  • In The Rise of Scourge, he is depicted as a non-tabby with a dark foreleg, tail, and back foot, a white tail tip, a white marking on his muzzle, and white markings around his eyes.[14]
  • He is shown as a RiverClan cat on the official tree.[15]

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