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In The Prophecies Begin arc

Into the Wild

Thornclaw is not mentioned by name, but he and his siblings are suspected of being captured by Yellowfang when they were actually kidnapped by Clawface. They are later rescued by Firepaw, a ThunderClan patrol, and a handful of ShadowClan cats.

Fire and Ice

Bluestar reports that two of Frostfur's kits are ready to become apprentices. Graystripe protests that none of Frostfur's kits are six moons old but Bluestar insists they nearly are. Later, Frostfur tells Fireheart she hasn't forgotten he rescued her kits from ShadowClan. When former ShadowClan cats attack ThunderClan, Fireheart remembers how Clawface killed Spottedleaf in order to steal Frostfur's kits. The queen is battling hard as she is fighting the cats that stole her kits.

Forest of Secrets

Before his ceremony, Cloudkit rudely complains that he is almost as big as Frostfur's kits. Soon after, Thornpaw becomes a new apprentice, along with his sister, Brightpaw. He is given Mousefur as his mentor, while Brightpaw is apprenticed to Whitestorm. He is described as being very excited at his |naming ceremony, and impatiently rushes forward for Bluestar to give him his name, while his sister is more hesitant and approaches more slowly.
When Fireheart announces that they need a hunting patrol, Sandstorm says that Mousefur and Whitestorm have taken their apprentices out, and Brightpaw and Thornpaw couldn't wait. When Fireheart is punished by Bluestar and has to become an "apprentice" again, Brightpaw and Thornpaw stare at him wide-eyed and shocked when he enters the apprentices' den. When Fireheart goes to visit Graystripe's kits, he is seen playfighting and wrestling with Brightpaw.
During the battle with Tigerclaw's rogues, Thornpaw fights Nightwhisper, who was trying to kill Fireheart and badly wounds his tail, sending him fleeing to the alleys where he once lived before, as a rogue.

Rising Storm

Thornpaw is first mentioned by Cloudpaw when he is arguing with his mentor, Fireheart, about showing respect for prey. Later, Fireheart asks Thornpaw if he has seen his apprentice, Cloudpaw. Thornpaw shakes his head in reply, and Fireheart tells him to take the mice Thornpaw had caught straight to the elders. Runningwind is seen taking Thornpaw with him toward the camp entrance and Fireheart asks what they are doing. Runningwind replies that he is taking Thornpaw out to teach him how to catch squirrels.
The day that Bluestar and Fireheart attempt to visit the Moonstone, Fireheart tells Mousefur to lead the dawn patrol and to take Thornpaw with her.
A few days later, when Fireheart and Whitestorm discuss the evening patrol, Fireheart suggests that Runningwind could take Mousefur and Thornpaw. The patrol is attacked by Tigerclaw and a group of rogues following him. He and Mousefur survive, but Runningwind is killed. Thornpaw comes back to camp with Mousefur to tell the Clan about the attack. He is injured and has to see Yellowfang. His paw bleeds longer than it should have, but Cinderpelt comes up with a successful solution. Yellowfang tells Thornpaw to press the cobweb and horsetail onto his own paw to Thornpaw's surprise.
Much later, he goes on the dawn patrol with Longtail, Mousefur, and Dustpelt.

A Dangerous Path

Thornpaw continues to serve as an apprentice in ThunderClan. Fireheart tells Bluestar that Thornpaw, Brightpaw, Swiftpaw, and Cloudpaw are ready to become warriors, but Bluestar doesn't trust any of the apprentices, except Cloudpaw, to whom only gives only Cloudpaw his warrior name due to his disbelief in their warrior ancestors, StarClan, and his magnificent fighting skills in a recent battle. Thornpaw's sister Brightpaw and a fellow apprentice, Swiftpaw, go to look for what was stealing ThunderClan's prey. Swiftpaw is killed by the dog pack and Brightpaw gets serious injuries.
When Brightpaw is given the name Lostface, Cloudtail and Thornpaw are extremely upset about it.

The Darkest Hour

Thornpaw is seen in Firestar's den, ordered by Whitestorm to fetch bedding and fresh-kill for the ginger-coated new leader. Firestar thanks him and as the apprentice is leaving, the leader asks him to remind Mousefur to have a word with him tomorrow about the golden-brown tabby becoming a warrior. Thornpaw is excited by this; he thanks Firestar and dashes out the den.
Mousefur has a word with Firestar about Thornpaw's warrior ceremony. He goes on the dawn patrol, which is his last patrol as an apprentice, with Firestar and his mentor, Mousefur, and scents rogue cats. He reports this to Firestar and when they cannot track it any further, so they go back to camp. Afterward, he becomes a warrior named Thornclaw, becoming the first cat that Firestar names a warrior during his leadership. It is noted that he is bursting with pride during the ceremony. His mentor and the Clan are proud, especially his sister, Lostface. Thornclaw feels devastated that Lostface and Swiftpaw are not with him receiving their names too since Swiftpaw died and Bluestar gave Lostface a horrible name before Thornclaw's ceremony after she had been attacked by a pack of dogs. When Lostface is renamed to Brightheart, Thornclaw is the first cat to cheer her name.
Thornclaw is later seen in a patrol to Sunningrocks, renewing the scent markers with Graystripe, and later on the dawn patrol to check the ShadowClan borders. Firestar, later on, decides to take the newly appointed warrior to the gathering.
When Firestar returns with Mistyfoot, Stormpaw, and Featherpaw, Thornclaw is in the patrol that attacks the pursuing TigerClan cats, and successfully drives them away. When Tawnypaw disappears, Firestar orders Thornclaw to fetch Bramblepaw. He is in the search patrol that looks for her.
Thornclaw is seen having a mock fight with Bramblepaw as the cats are preparing for the battle with BloodClan. He later takes part in the battle and survives.

In The New Prophecy arc


His apprentice, Sootpaw, has earned his warrior name, Sootfur. He is now shown with another apprentice, Shrewpaw, a kit from Ferncloud and Dustpelt's first litter.
When Squirrelpaw follows a patrol without permission from her mentor, Thornclaw, who is leading the patrol, asks her if Dustpelt allowed her to come. Squirrelpaw replies no, however, though Thornclaw is reluctant to let her stay, and kindly tells her to go back to camp. Squirrelpaw yells at him rudely, but even if she acts rude, Thornclaw is kind and patient with her. Brambleclaw comments to himself that he admires Thornclaw for his patience, also thinking that he would have raked Squirrelpaw's ear with his claws in Thornclaw's spot. Reluctantly, Thornclaw allows Squirrelpaw to stay with the patrol.


Thornclaw is only seen a few times. He tells Firestar to arrange more patrols when they see the Twoleg invasion starting. Thornclaw is also among the ThunderClan cats that go to WindClan to tell them about the monsters. Thornclaw spots Mudclaw and Tornear with prey traveling back to WindClan. He is seen going out on a patrol with Mousefur and Ashfur. When Brightheart and Cloudtail disappear, he asks why they would leave Whitepaw when she is their only kit.


Thornclaw is on the patrol with Graystripe and Rainwhisker when they find Squirrelpaw and Sorreltail trying to save Leafpaw and the other cats from the Twoleg cages. The patrol agrees to help save the cats, and Brambleclaw joins them. Thornclaw and Graystripe attack the Twoleg to distract it, while the rest of the patrol attempts to free the cats. Thornclaw is seen gripping the Twoleg and clawing it like climbing a tree. Thornclaw's sister, Brightheart, is the last cat in the cages needed to be saved. Graystripe manages to get Brightheart out of the cage but is trapped inside the Monster that's supposed to be taking the cats, and therefore, Graystripe is taken by the Twolegs.
Thornclaw is also shown as one of the cats looking at Brambleclaw to become the new deputy when Graystripe is taken by the Twolegs, along with Ashfur, Whitepaw, Frostfur, and Cloudtail.
His apprentice, Shrewpaw, is killed by a Twoleg monster while chasing a pheasant; he says that Shrewpaw did not notice the monster because the pheasant he was chasing would have 'fed half the Clan', for he was only concentrated on helping his Clan. It is said that Shrewpaw got hit in the neck, and instantly the monster broke his neck, so his death was painless and quick. Thornclaw is one of the cats sitting vigil for him.


Thornclaw is one of the cats to discover the abandoned Twoleg nest. When Sandstorm says the woods could be crawling with creatures, Thornclaw says hawks could inhabit them as well. He is with Leafpaw while she is looking for herbs. She seems to get stuck, while not being used to the territory.
He is chosen to watch the ShadowClan border when Firestar and the rest of the patrol go to WindClan to help fight the cats supporting Mudclaw.


Thornclaw offers and is chosen to lead the patrol that returns the two dead ShadowClan warriors who had fallen off the cliff near the ThunderClan camp to ShadowClan. He rises to his paws and beckons the patrol with a tail sweep. When he returns, Thornclaw shakes his head, noting that he met Russetfur leading a patrol and that she sought Blackstar, only for the latter to know nothing about his warriors supporting Mudclaw. He adds that he took the bodies away to be buried and that Thornclaw's patrol went home afterward. Firestar praises him, and Thornclaw agrees to pass the word to the other cats, leaving with a tail flick. As Squirrelflight hunts, she notices Thornclaw on her patrol. After Squirrelflight is scolded for chasing off one of the kittypets that lived near ShadowClan, Thornclaw remarks that the scent markings on ShadowClan's border were faint, commenting that he didn't believe they had renewed the scent markings for several days.
As they return to camp, Thornclaw follows Sandstorm. When RiverClan is affected by an illness, Sootfur remarks that they should find help someplace else, but Thornclaw remarks that WindClan wasn't likely to help, and that ShadowClan wasn't generous to the other Clans. When the kittypets attack ShadowClan, Thornclaw is with Brambleclaw to seek revenge on them and asks about their plan. On their way there, Thornclaw offers to return home if they wanted. He notes that they would have to get the kittypets to come out. Russetfur then chooses Thornclaw, along with Cloudtail, Rowanclaw, and Oakfur to cut off the kittypets in opposite directions. As Leafpool goes to speak with Brightheart, she nods to Sandstorm, who leads Spiderleg and Thornclaw on a hunting patrol. Thornclaw is then shown with Ashfur and Squirrelflight on the dawn patrol to the ShadowClan border.
When badgers attack, Thornclaw is with Firestar fighting off the badgers, but he is picked up by one, and spins into a nettle clump, and doesn't come out. Another badger tries to dislodge Thornclaw off its shoulder, who rakes his claws over its ear. After the attack, Brambleclaw, Thornclaw, and Sandstorm join the other cats at the Highledge. When Firestar speaks to Onestar, Thornclaw disrupts him with a startled yowl.


After the badger attack, Thornclaw sees Brook and Stormfur in the ThunderClan camp. In confusion, he assumes that it isn't them, but just imagining it. He slumps to the ground and lies there panting due to his severe injuries. Squirrelflight rests her tail on his shoulder to comfort him. Leafpool summons him to the medicine den to treat his injuries.
When ThunderClan is working on rebuilding the camp, Firestar chooses Thornclaw and Cloudtail to be guards in case some badgers are still around.
He grieves for his once-apprentice, Sootfur, who was killed by a badger.
He is part of the patrol fighting ShadowClan cats that wants to move the border, trying to claim more territory for themselves.

In the Power of Three arc

The Sight

Thornclaw has a new apprentice, Poppypaw.
Thornclaw appears with Spiderleg when they find the dead fox on their territory. When Firestar asks where they found it, Thornclaw tells him it was near the Sky Oak. Thornclaw says that the fox had the scent of milk on her. When Brambleclaw asks where the fox trap was, Thornclaw tells him that the trap is lakeside the camp, not far from Sky Oak.
He is at Jaykit's apprentice ceremony, but he believes that Jaykit shouldn't become an apprentice due to his blindness.
He is part of the patrol that spots the dog pack on WindClan territory and helps chase them away.

Dark River

Thornclaw continues to mentor Poppypaw.
He, along with Spiderleg and Dustpelt, objects to Millie not taking a warrior name, but when Firestar snaps at him telling him to be silent, he dips his head yet exchanges anxious glances with Dustpelt.
When Jaypaw observes the old forest while checking Cinderpaw, he notes that the bramble bushes carried scents of Thornclaw and Dustpelt. Thornclaw's scent is found in a bramble bush nearby, which Cinderpaw notes is the warrior's den.
In a border skirmish against WindClan, Thornclaw is seeing coming to rescue Spiderleg from being knocked to the ground by Tornear, while Ashfoot claws at his shoulders. Thornclaw shoves Ashfoot off him, and Spiderleg, released from the she-cat's grip, attacks back at Tornear. When WindClan is defeated, Dustpelt chooses him, along with Spiderleg, to remark the border.
During the Gathering, after Leopardstar tells the Clans that RiverClan will shelter at the island, Thornclaw points out that no cat ever lived at Fourtrees, saying it was special to all cats. Leopardstar meets his gaze telling him RiverClan would not be doing this if they had another option. After Firestar finishes his report without mentioning the prey-stealing. He glares at Firestar, questioning whether he was too scared to speak. Also, it is apparent that Hollypaw looks up to him, for he's not afraid to speak his mind.
Later, Thornclaw is seen talking to Firestar and Brambleclaw below the Highledge.


Thornclaw is chosen to stay behind and protect ThunderClan, rather than go to the mountains to help the Tribe of Rushing Water.


Thornclaw is seen giving Poppypaw an assessment. Later, she earns her warrior name, Poppyfrost. Thornclaw is one of the cats on the patrol that brings Sol back to camp after seeing him on ThunderClan Territory. During the battle against WindClan, he is on Brambleclaw's patrol and he fights off two WindClan cats. Later, Jaypaw says he has sprained a hind paw.

Long Shadows

Thornclaw is the third cat to get sick with greencough when it spreads through the Clan. As he coughs in the warrior's den, Spiderleg complains from his noisy coughing, but Brightheart snaps at Spiderleg, showing affection for her brother.
He is one of the sickest cats, and Jaypaw believes that he may be on his way to StarClan soon. Thornclaw and the other sick cats go to the abandoned Twoleg nest until Lionblaze gets the catmint for them. It is most likely that he was present during Firestar's loss of one of his lives from illness.
He recovers, and later he sits vigil for Ashfur.


Thornclaw is almost certain that WindClan has killed Ashfur, and succeeds in getting many other cats to believe him as well. He asks Lionblaze if Ashfur had any quarrel with any cat, especially with any WindClan cat. He makes plans to attack WindClan for revenge but is stopped by Brambleclaw. Later, when Firestar comes to see what the commotion is about, Thornclaw says that there is a need to stir up trouble because a ThunderClan warrior is dead. Firestar replies to him by saying that there is no evidence of a WindClan cat killing Ashfur, a patrol will be sent to question Onestar if there was any evidence of other cats near the crime scene.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

Thornclaw is shown to have a new apprentice, Briarpaw. He is on the patrol with Lionblaze, Dovepaw, Ivypaw, and Cinderheart when Rainstorm, a RiverClan warrior, falls into a mudhole. Thornclaw looks for a stick for him to grab, and takes Jayfeather's stick by accident. Jayfeather yells at him to put it back and threatens him if he doesn't return it in one piece, with Thornclaw wondering what is so special about the stick. Thornclaw uses the stick to pull Rainstorm out of the mud-hole, and then gives it back to Jayfeather. When Rainstorm is brought to the ThunderClan camp, Thornclaw suggests that they use him to bargain for fish from RiverClan, but his idea is declined by Firestar.

Fading Echoes

When Lionblaze checks for cats that may be Dark Forest trainees, it is noted that he suspects Thornclaw because he was one of Ashfur's closest friends.
His apprentice, Briarpaw, is injured due to a falling tree, which also kills Longtail. He is clearly saddened and spends a lot of time checking up on her. During the battle between ThunderClan and ShadowClan, he shows no sorrow or sympathy in Russetfur's death, gloating on ThunderClan winning the battle.

Night Whispers

Thornclaw is first seen when he joins Brambleclaw's patrol to check the new ShadowClan border with Whitewing and Squirrelflight. He is also part of Firestar's hunting patrol with Sandstorm and Graystripe when a fox attacks the ThunderClan camp. After the battle with the fox, he and Dustpelt escort Jayfeather, Brightheart, and Leafpool to gather herbs. Dustpelt is later mentioned by Dovepaw when she fiercely argues with her mentor, Lionblaze. He is seen in Ivypaw's dream when she battles a ShadowClan patrol single-pawed. With Spiderleg, he finds Mothwing, the RiverClan medicine cat, by the shore of the lake and brings her to camp so she can speak with Jayfeather.
As Lionblaze wonders who could be training in the Dark Forest, he glances at the golden-brown tom, and wonders if he could be a candidate. Realizing that the senior warrior was good friends with Ashfur, Lionblaze decides to ask Jayfeather to look into Thornclaw's dreams to see if his assumption is correct.
When Ivypaw disappears, he says that ThunderClan should send a patrol to rescue her, offering to lead it. Later, when Ivypaw returns, Thornclaw grumbles that Firestar should not have sent such senior warriors to fetch Ivypaw because it shows too much respect. He wonders what WindClan is waiting for when the ThunderClan Gathering patrol sees the WindClan Gathering patrol still on their territory. Foxleap suggests that WindClan might not want to arrive first.

Sign of the Moon

When Ivypool and Blossomfall return from the caves, Sandstorm says that she and Thornclaw thought they must have followed a prey trail. Blossomfall explains that they got lost, and Thornclaw is suspicious. He asks why they look as if some cat pulled them through a bramble thicket backward, and if they met rogues or WindClan.
Thornclaw is annoyed that Firestar made the warriors train at night. He is on a patrol with Brackenfur, Bumblestripe, and Birchfall when they arrive at the old Twoleg nest after the second patrol. When they are discussing what they could have done better, Thornclaw says that they could have found a different pathway; as they were too vulnerable on the narrow route they took.

The Forgotten Warrior

Thornclaw is seen briefly agreeing with Firestar and Brambleclaw in a discussion. Later, Firestar's border patrol returns and Brambleclaw asks him if there's any news. Firestar replies by saying that the Clans are quiet. Thornclaw agrees with Firestar, saying that there's no evidence of crossing borders.
Thornclaw is seen as Jayfeather exits the camp, Thornclaw is giving a report of his border patrol to Brambleclaw. Thornclaw mentions that WindClan is very jumpy at the moment, saying that they're jumping at their own shadows. Brambleclaw doesn't like the situation and agrees to tell Firestar about it. The two head off to Firestar's den to report the situation.
Thornclaw is one of the cats that distrust Sol when he returns to the Clans, calling him a mange-pelt when he disappears from camp.
When Hollyleaf returns to ThunderClan, many cats distrust her, including Thornclaw. Thornclaw is the one to challenge Hollyleaf, and he asks her why she left. Hollyleaf tells him not to ruffle his fur, and he suspects that Hollyleaf murdered Ashfur, for she left not long after his death. The cats are horrified of the accusation, though many believe that it makes sense. Lionblaze snarls at Thornclaw for putting pressure on Hollyleaf, saying that it's all ridiculous. Hollyleaf admits the truth about Ashfur's death. Brambleclaw speaks up and admits that he witnessed the murder, he tells the story that it was Ashfur who tried to kill Hollyleaf, but instead, Hollyleaf pushed him into the stream, and he sliced his neck along the rocks. Thornclaw is astonished and asks Hollyleaf why she didn't tell the Clan. However, as the story is all cleared up, the cats begin to understand Hollyleaf.
Later, while Thornclaw is with Hollyleaf, Dovewing, Ivypool, Toadstep, and Brackenfur training in the underground tunnels, he panics when he is walking in one of the smaller tunnels, and starts to claw at Dovewing, begging her to let him go through and leave the tunnels. Dovewing calls for Hollyleaf, who calms Thornclaw down, and he's later seen training in the tunnels more easily and peacefully.

The Last Hope

Thornclaw is first seen with Blossomfall play-fighting beside the nursery. Lionblaze invites them to hunt and they accept. Thornclaw and Blossomfall dart ahead and weave through the brambles. Lionblaze suspects from their friendly actions that the two must be mates, saying she'd be nursing his kits in a couple of seasons.
However, when Blossomfall sprains her paw in the brambles, he is at her side and Lionblaze overhears him telling Blossomfall to stop wiggling or her battle injury from the previous night would get worse. Blossomfall hushes him and Lionblaze realized they aren't mates and they are training in the Dark Forest together. Thornclaw helped Blossomfall out and anxiously stands by as Cinderheart checks her over. He then goes back to camp with Blossomfall, Cinderheart, and Lionblaze.
Later, Thornclaw is chosen to go on a patrol to ShadowClan before the battle with the Dark Forest. Although, Thornclaw is mentioned to be missing along with the rest of the patrol sent from ThunderClan to help ShadowClan.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

As Alderkit wonders who’ll be his mentor, he watches as Thornclaw halts to scratch his ear. Alderkit thinks he'd be an okay mentor, but he is a little short-tempered. When Bramblestar announces that Alderpaw is going on a journey, Thornclaw asks why him and not one of the medicine cats. Leafpool points out that Alderpaw is a medicine cat and he knows that well.

Thunder and Shadow

When Alderpaw is angry with Bramblestar for not searching for SkyClan, Squirrelflight cautions him to be quiet where Thornclaw and Poppyfrost are seen washing nearby. When a patrol comes into camp frantically with the news that WindClan is being attacked by rogues on ThunderClan land, Thornclaw lashes his tail and exclaims that if WindClan wants to fight rogues, they can do it on their own territory. A group of ThunderClan cats go to fight the rogues and bring the injured WindClan cats back to their camp. Bramblestar then calls for a Clan meeting. Thronclaw is seen padding from the warriors den, along with Brackenfur, Cloudtail, and Brightheart. Bramblestar assigns patrols to go warm ShadowClan and RiverClan, and when Twigkit asks to come to visit Violetkit in ShadowClan, Thornclaw snorts that it is a patrol, not a nursery.
Many moons later, as Squirrelflight assigns patrols in the ThunderClan camp, she nods to Cloudtail and Thornclaw, telling them to check for rogue scent near the ShadowClan border and to take Poppyfrost and Berrynose with them.

Shattered Sky

It is revealed that Thornclaw is Blossomfall's mate, and he constantly visits the nursery in excitement waiting for his first litter of kits. When the kits are born, he is constantly worrying that the rogues will attack his kits. He is later mentioned to be sending a message to Onestar about the battle.
He agrees with Ivypool when she speaks against finding SkyClan, worrying what would happen to his kits if they do so. Later, Bramblestar sends him to deliver a message to Onestar.

Darkest Night

He is shown comparing battle moves with Mousewhisker. He is later present at the Gathering where the Clans debate about SkyClan staying. Later, Bramblestar orders him to go on a battle patrol with him, Cloudtail, and Poppyfrost. Thornclaw points out that they will now have to check for different scents, which Squirrelflight assures him he will get used to. He agrees with Squirrelflight regarding RiverClan's behavior, exchanging a glance with Poppyfrost when Squirrelflight comments she can longer predict what the other Clans will do. Thornclaw's voice is recognized by Twigpaw when asking for Ivypool. He is later seen on the patrol searching for Dovewing with Lionblaze, Fernsong, and Ivypool where they meet up with Leafpool in SkyClan territory. He boasts about his kits to Leafpool, commenting that his mate, Blossomfall, is well. Returning back to camp, he goes to the nursery to check on his mate and kits. He is last seen escorting Eaglekit away from camp during the mudslide.
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River of Fire

When Twigpaw returns to ThunderClan, bringing Finpaw with her, Thornclaw is one of the many cats who are doubtful of Twigpaw's return. Thornclaw wonders if ThunderClan should really be taking in any cat right now, and that not every cat is right for ThunderClan. Cloudtail agrees, remembering what happened with ShadowClan and Darktail.
Wanting to help ThunderClan and prove herself, Twigpaw tries to sneak out of the camp to go hunting. She sees Thornclaw on guard at the entrance to the camp, and while she knows that it isn't forbidden for apprentices to go out on their own, she did not want to have to lie to Thornclaw, who is a senior warrior, that she did not get Sparkpelt's permission to leave. Thornclaw is still on guard as Twigpaw returns, although she is accompanied by WindClan cats, Featherpelt and Emberfoot. Thornclaw demands to know what the WindClan cats are doing there, waving his tail to indicate the WindClan cats should approach the camp. Featherpelt explains that she found Twigpaw on their land, and Thornclaw listens as Featherpelt says that she doesn't want trouble, only to return Twigpaw and Finpaw safely and to report to Bramblestar.
Thornclaw is one of the cats who are not very welcoming of Tree, SkyClan's guest. When Breezepelt, a WindClan warrior, asks if Tree was a rogue, Thornclaw hisses that he used to be. He goes on to say that Tree isn't even a real Clan cat, and wants to know why he is suddenly issuing orders.
When Briarlight falls ill, Thornclaw is one of the cats who helps move her to a more comfortable spot in Alderheart's den. He and Poppyfrost carefully move Briarlight, being sure not to injure her. Velvet, a visiting kittypet, instantly leaps up and offers to help upon seeing Thornclaw emerge into the den with Briarlight.
Soon after, Ajax, a friend of Velvet and Fuzzball's, comes to visit. Thornclaw does not trust Ajax, and he and Sparkpelt shoot him unfriendly looks. Thornclaw says that they have too many kittypets in ThunderClan right now, and many other cats murmur in agreement with him. Ajax tells Thornclaw that he does not want to stay with ThunderClan, and he is only there to fetch Velvet and Fuzzball, as their Twolegs have returned after a fire that devastated the Twolegplace near ThunderClan's territory. His former apprentice Briarlight also succumbs to the sickness despite Jayfeather's best attempts to help her.
At a Gathering, it is revealed that his and Blossomfall's kits have become apprentices, with Stempaw receiving Rosepetal as a mentor, Shellpaw receiving Bumblestripe, Plumpaw receiving Mousewhisker and Eaglepaw receiving Ambermoon.

The Raging Storm

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In The Broken Code arc

Lost Stars

Thornclaw is now ThunderClan's oldest warrior, and his kits with Blossomfall have now become warriors. Bristlepaw sneaks into the warriors' den and goes right past Thornclaw's nest, and she worries that if she is too loud, that she would wake Thornclaw, who is sleeping right near Rosepetal's nest.
Later, Thornclaw is on guard at the entrance to ThunderClan's camp, and upon seeing Bristlefrost and Stemleaf with Bramblestar's weakened body, races to the medicine den without a word, returning with Alderheart in tow. After Bramblestar has presumably died, Thornclaw, Twigbranch, Bristlefrost, and Rosepetal go out and bring his body home to ThunderClan, so his Clan can sit vigil for him.

The Silent Thaw

Thornclaw returns from the dawn patrol with Hollytuft, Plumstone, and Eaglewing. He asks Lionblaze if the hunting patrols have returned, and he is disappointed to hear they haven't. Later, when Bramblestar says that Bristlefrost will take over organizing the patrols, Thornclaw doubts it is a good idea to give such a young cat so much responsibility. When Bramblestar announces that he now gets first pick from the fresh-kill pile, Thornclaw cannot believe what he is hearing and is stunned at his leader’s order. When Bramblestar later forces the codebreakers to swear into exile if they break the code again, Thornclaw protests this rule. He is interrupted by the return of Sparkpelt, who was mauled by dogs.
Thornclaw later leads another dawn patrol, taking Lionblaze, Mousewhisker, and Birchfall. When Bramblestar decides to exile Squirrelflight, Thornclaw is one of the first cats to object, asking what she had even done wrong. He is silenced by Bramblestar.

Veil of Shadows

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In the Super Editions

Firestar's Quest

Graystripe mentions that Thornclaw had to take out the apprentices to collect prey. Later, before Firestar calls the meeting, he emerges from the gorse tunnel with the apprentices, carrying lots of prey. After the meeting, Graystripe tells Thornclaw to take Cloudtail and Willowpelt on patrol. Firestar also joins the patrol, and Thornclaw takes the lead, heading towards Twolegplace. Right before they get there, he goes off the path to hunt for prey alongside Cloudtail. Later, he emerges with two mice. Firestar tells him why he was gone, and Thornclaw starts to worry, but his leader calms him.
When Sootpaw's mentor, Longtail, is blinded by an infection caused by a rabbit's dirty claws slashing Longtail's eyes, Graystripe suggests that Thornclaw should take out Sootpaw for the day, acting as his mentor. A few days later, Thornclaw asks Firestar if he could take him out again, and Firestar tells him that he's to serve as Sootpaw's new mentor, at least until Longtail is fit. He is grateful and thanks Firestar for his decision. The young warrior also has a tendency to lead most of the ThunderClan patrols.

Crowfeather's Trial

Thornclaw is with Berrynose when they find Crowfeather at the border with WindClan. Both toms stiffen and slide their claws out at the sight of him, but relax once they are sure there are no other cats from the rival Clan around. Crowfeather tells them he must speak with Leafpool. Thornclaw and Berrynose exchange a glance with a hint of hostility, and Thornclaw asks if it's Clan business or medicine cat business. Crowfeather answers that it is private, and Berrynose snorts with amusement, but Thornclaw remains serious and glares at the WindClan tom through narrowed eyes, growling he thinks he's shared enough private business with Leafpool. Thornclaw and Berrynose eventually give in and leave Crowfeather at the stream while they fetch Leafpool, however, Leafpool is busy, so they reappear with Jayfeather instead.
Later, Thornclaw is with ThunderClan when they join forces with WindClan to fight the stoats. Thornclaw and the other ThunderClan cats appear skeptical of WindClan's claims of the stoats' viciousness, and with a lofty air, Thornclaw meows he's sure they must have felt like a pack of ravenous beasts. Harespring tells the warriors they haven't seen a large pack like this, and they are ferocious and must be taken seriously. During the battle, Harespring and Thornclaw take positions in front of the only open tunnel entrance to block off any stoats that tried to flee to safety. The battle against the stoats is a success, and at the next Gathering, Onestar gives thanks to the cats who fought with special bravery, and one of the cats from ThunderClan he mentions is Thornclaw.

Bramblestar's Storm

After the cats that visited ShadowClan come back, Thornclaw asks what ShadowClan had to say for themselves. When Bramblestar tells them that ShadowClan advised them to renew their boundaries, and Whitewing says that she just renewed them the day before, Thornclaw says they need to be taught a lesson. That night he is seen talking with Blossomfall quietly, saying that he wants to go to the Gathering to see the others. Then when heading to the island for the Gathering, and WindClan jostles ThunderClan around, Thornclaw remarks that if WindClan wants trouble, ThunderClan can give it to them.
Later, Thornclaw gives Bramblestar a nod as he heads out of camp. When Bramblestar runs back to camp, Thornclaw leaps to his paws and looks at Bramblestar in astonishment. Bramblestar tells him the lake has flooded, but Thornclaw doesn't believe it. He then follows Bramblestar down the hillside. Thornclaw remarks that it is some flood, and he asks what they were going to do. They are both drenched when they return to camp, and Thornclaw continues his guard duty.
Thornclaw is standing over Bramblestar when he wakes up, and he urgently tells him there is something he needs to see through chattering teeth. When Bramblestar sees the clearing he says it will take a lot of work to rebuild the camp, but Thornclaw leads him to the camp entrance, telling him it gets worse. When Bramblestar sees the quickly rising flood, Thornclaw tells him that they need to abandon camp. ThunderClan takes another way out of camp, and Bramblestar calls for Thornclaw to climb up the stone and find a bush, saying that he had a rough night, and Thornclaw agrees.
Later, in the shelter on the tunnels, Thornclaw is seen sleeping with Millie, Briarlight, Purdy, and the apprentices. He is then called for border patrol later, and he renews the scent markers. On the border patrol, they check on ShadowClan. When Scorchfur tells them they're fine, Thornclaw doubts this, muttering that hedgehogs fly. After ShadowClan checks on RiverClan, their whole camp is covered by lake water. Thornclaw protests against saving them but reluctantly gives in to Bramblestar. When they reach the Thunderpath, Graystripe suggests they get more warriors, and Thornclaw retorts that ShadowClan would love ThunderClan marching back and forth through their territory. Bramblestar comes up with an idea to walk across the fence, and Thornclaw asks him what to do next.
They leap up onto the fence, and Thornclaw curses to himself, but he is still upright on the fence. The patrol walks across the fence and comes across a drowned monster. Thornclaw makes a comment on how creepy it is. Bramblestar wants the patrol to leap onto the monster, but Thornclaw disagrees, calling Bramblestar crazy. Again, Thornclaw loses the argument and he follows Bramblestar onto the monster. They finally reach the beginning of RiverClan territory, and Thornclaw is shocked to see that it is all underwater. They leap off the fence and wade to shallow ground. Graystripe is glad to have his paws back on the ground, and Thornclaw points out he'll have to wade through it on the way back.
After checking on RiverClan, they make their way back to the drowned monster. When they hear a scream, Thornclaw spits, asking what that was. Graystripe suggests to climb up some dense ivy leaves that crept up a Twoleg den. Thornclaw disagrees, saying that risking falling into a flood and climbing on a Twoleg den wasn't worth saving a cat they haven't even seen. Graystripe and Thornclaw start to get into a heated argument, but Bramblestar breaks it up.
They find the she-cat stuck in what she calls a tub. Thornclaw has an idea about climbing across what Graystripe calls windowsills to get to the cat. Graystripe tells them about windows, and Thornclaw thinks that Twolegs watch for predators through them. Bramblestar interrupts the conversation, saying that he agrees to Thornclaw's idea. They leap across the windowsills until they come to a rotten one. Graystripe says they have to go inside the Twoleg den to get to the lower level. Thornclaw retorts that he isn't setting a paw inside the den. They go inside the den, but Thornclaw refuses. Bramblestar convinces him, and he reluctantly goes in. They go through the den and leap onto the fence near the tub.
They save the kittypet, whose name is Minty. Bramblestar introduces the patrol to the kittypet, then talks to his patrol quietly, asking them what they should do with the kittypet. Thornclaw says they don't have to do anything since the just saved her. Minty begs to go with them until she hears about what they eat. Thornclaw replies that if she doesn't want to come, she could stay here. Minty says she will go if none of them eat her, and Thornclaw sarcastically says there isn't enough meat on her, and Bramblestar warns Thornclaw not to torture her.
They reach the fence, and Minty is terrified. Thornclaw spits, asking her if she has ever climbed a fence. They are almost to the drowned monster, and Minty is terrified. Thornclaw once again asks her if she knows how to swim. He is then ordered to swim behind Minty in case something happens. They reach the ShadowClan border, and Minty says her legs might fall off. Bramblestar teases her, saying Thornclaw might eat her then, and Minty then puts as much distance possible between her and Thornclaw. Minty asks what she will eat, and Bramblestar replies that she will eat fresh-kill. He then exchanges a glance with Thornclaw, knowing he was thinking that she will eat prey once she is hungry. They make it to the ThunderClan border, and Thornclaw leads them up the slope to the ridge where their flooded camp is.
The next day, Thornclaw offers to go on a hunting patrol outside their territory. When Jayfeather trod on a thorn, Bramblestar starts to worry, and Thornclaw soothes his worries. When they are outside their territory, Thornclaw says he can smell rabbits, but they hunt mice and shrews instead. Thornclaw orders them to spread out in a line, but not lose sight of each other.
After Seedpaw's death, Thornclaw states that if Lilypaw is ill, then at least there would be enough prey to keep the cats full. He then asks if he should lead another hunting patrol and Squirrelflight approves, saying that she would join him. The next day, Squirrelflight organizes a border patrol along the WindClan border, saying that Thornclaw will be a part of it. Bramblestar informs her that he spotted a WindClan patrol on ThunderClan's side, and Thornclaw is very angry. He is then chosen to see if there are any trespassers, and he snarls, liking the idea of ripping his claws through WindClan fur.
They have a border skirmish with WindClan, and after the battle, Thornclaw is seen dabbing at a scratch on his muzzle. When Poppyfrost and Cloudtail find a hawthorn bush for shelter, Thornclaw sarcastically says he is looking forward to putting his paws in it. When the bush starts sliding down the hill, he and Squirrelflight put all their weight on one side of the bush. They then push it against a tree trunk. Thornclaw pushes the tree trunk from the bank with the help of Cloudtail and Bramblestar, and it rolls into the stream.
Later as they are heading back to their temporary camp, Jessy is asking Cloudtail about his past kittypet life, and at one question, Thornclaw snorts with amusement. Jessy asks if there is a lot of kittypets in the Clans, and Cloudtail answers with a no, which Thornclaw agrees to.
Later he is seen getting assigned to a hunting patrol with Mousewhisker and Dovewing, and he comes back with mice. Squirrelflight then tells Thornclaw to take out the hunting patrol again. When Bramblestar says they should attack the kittypets that are invading ShadowClan territory, Thornclaw is one of the cats who volunteers. On the way to fight the kittypets, Thornclaw suggests they should roll in mud and pine needles, and Cloudtail says its a good idea. Jessy says it's weird to do that, and Thornclaw defensively says that they are not kittypets.
They spot pigeon feathers, and Thornclaw asks if ShadowClan really does need help, but Bramblestar says they do. Jessy says that she knows this area, and she starts to point out things. Thornclaw grumbles, saying that she is showing off. Afterward, they are escorted back to ThunderClan by Rowanstar, and Thornclaw says that ThunderClan shouldn't have helped at all.
When Cloudtail says that the water is going down, Thornclaw is one of the cats who run towards the camp to see. He is later chosen to see what WindClan is doing since the water went down. They find a WindClan patrol, who starts insulting them about their kittypet ways. Thornclaw is seen staring at them with bristling fur. When Bramblestar says that they do not want to pick a fight, Thornclaw growls, asking him if they can say whatever they want.
He is later seen coming back from a border patrol, bristling. Later, when Bramblestar asks Squirrelflight if there is any other senior warriors present, Squirrelflight says he and Cloudtail are on border patrol. When they get back Bramblestar announces that they might help ShadowClan drive out the badgers, and Thornclaw is not happy with this. He is last mentioned to be guarding camp while Bramblestar and others go to attack the badgers.

Squirrelflight's Hope

Thornclaw suns himself with Bramblestar on Highledge, and Squirrelflight avoids speaking with him. Thornclaw participates in the rescue patrol to save Squirrelflight and Leafstar from the Sisters and is against helping them when Sunrise is injured. He voices his displeasure about sharing herbs and prey with the Sisters. When Jayfeather returns from the Moonpool with a vision of clouds from the mountains, Thornclaw believes it means the Sisters are trouble. He continues to insist they must be sent away. He attends a Gathering and growls when Squirrelflight chooses to escort the Sisters to their home.
Twigbranch and Thornclaw escort Tigerstar, Mistystar and their warriors to camp. He, Birchfall and Berrynose murmur quietly when Larksong and Sparkpelt fall ill to a sickness. When the Clan concludes they must've eaten sick prey, Thornclaw wonders if the Sisters brought the sickness with them. Thornclaw joins the patrol to drive the Sisters away, and Creek tackles Thornclaw during the battle. He attends Leafpool's vigil and Squirrelflight realizes he has forgiven her.

In the Novellas

Redtail's Debt

Redtail spots him playing with his littermates and Goldenflower's kits near the nursery as their mothers watch them protectively.

Tigerclaw's Fury

Coming Soon

Leafpool's Wish

Berrykit asks Brackenfur to watch a fighting move Thornclaw taught him. Thornclaw is part of a dawn patrol when he arrives back at camp, breaking away and yowling to Leafpool to come quickly as Whitepaw is hurt. Leafpool asks if the hare that injured her struck her face, and Thornclaw nods, saying he thinks so. Leafpool tells Thornclaw to get a stick and shove it in Whitepaw’s mouth in case she bites down from the pain. After Leafpool fixes Whitepaw, she tells Thornclaw to move Whitepaw to her den. Thornclaw carefully eases Whitepaw on Brackenfur's shoulders so he can carry her. When Leafpool and Squirrelflight leave for a journey, Squirrelflight mentions that Brambleclaw tried to convince her to let Rainwhisker or Thornclaw go with Leafpool, but Squirrelflight insisted.

Dovewing's Silence

Dovewing sees Thornclaw, Mousewhisker, Birchfall, and Blossomfall hanging back. Dovewing then wonders if they are being shunned because they trained in the Dark Forest. A little while later, Ivypool says that Thornclaw and the other cats aren't allowed to help bury the dead because they've trained in the Dark Forest, then she says that is unfair because she trained in the Dark Forest too but she's allowed to help. Bramblestar asks what's going on when he sees Thornclaw and the other Dark Forest trainees alone in the corner of a single clearing.
Thornclaw nods when Ivypool defends them at the Gathering to decide their fates. Thornclaw then murmurs that the Clans got along better during the alliance and that peace has brought on old quarrels. Bramblestar has all the Dark Forest trainees swear an oath and Thornclaw is seen swearing the oath along with the other Dark Forest trainees. Later, Toadstep is heard saying that he can't believe that Bramblestar is taking Thornclaw and Blossomfall to the Gathering.
Dovewing asks all the Dark Forest trainees to come on a patrol with her and Thornclaw's eyes shine in gratitude when she tells them that. After being told by Cherrypaw that there was a fox, Thornclaw says that he heard a noise that sounded like a fox. Thornclaw then breathes out that the fox is caught in a trap. During the fight with the fox, Thornclaw and Birchfall are seen launching themselves at the fox's hindquarters, but the trap hits Thornclaw and he crashes to the ground under the fox. Ivypool runs over and drags Thornclaw out from under the fox. Thornclaw is then seen clawing at the fox's front leg that doesn't have the trap on it.
When they return to camp, Bramblestar calls Thornclaw and the other Dark Forest trainees to under the high-rock, and it's noted that Thornclaw's lip is torn. Bramblestar then says that they were tricked into fighting a fox and that the Clan should trust the trainees with their lives. The Clan then cheers for them.

In the Graystripe's Adventure arc

The Lost Warrior

Thornclaw is seen rescuing ThunderClan and rogue cats before Graystripe's capture.

In the Field Guides

Battles of the Clans

Bumblepaw mentions to the two new apprentices, Ivypaw and Dovepaw, that Thornclaw and Mousewhisker taught him ThunderClan's special Lightning Strike technique. Bumblepaw also says that when Thornclaw was showing them the move, it required him being lower than a snake's belly.

In the Short stories and plays

Ultimate Leader Election: The Clans Decide

He is one of the cats who votes for the individual leaders to rule their own Clans.
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