Howdy! Today I'm here to complain about Ashfur and call it a "properly written blog". Alrighty so, I just really want to know why people like him as a character?

Pros of Ashfur:

1. He was loyal as an apprentice and for the most part as a warrior. He followed directions, stuck to the warrior code, and loved his Clan, his family, etc. He was a good cat at one point.

2. He was a genuinely nice cat to Squirrelflight before the whole... thing.. happened. He would've made a good mate if not for that.

Cons of Ashfur:

1. There's, of course, the whole fire thing. He disobeyed the warrior code and attempted to murder his Clanmates.

2. He was extremely obsessive and clingy, obviously. He liked Squirrelflight, she goes back to Brambleclaw, obviously he has the right to be upset. But so upset that he attempts to murder who he believes are her children? I don't think so.

3. He went to StarClan for "loving too much" but if that's possible, then imagine this. Some girl breaks up with her boyfriend, finds a new boyfriend. Boyfriend #1 decides that homicide is the best answer, and attempts to murder his ex's family. You think Boyfriend #1 should go to jail? Yes? Then Ashfur should go to the Dark Forest. Like I said above, he was a loyal cat for a majority of his life, but attempted murder can't be excused with "loving too much". Dumb StarClan.

4. He decided that another amazing option would be to ruin Squirrelflight's life when he found out that Holly, Lion, and Jay weren't her kits. He honestly deserved to be killed, even if Hollyleaf revealed it at the Gathering anyways. His only goal was to ruin Squirrelflight's life and friendships just because she decided she didn't love him. Dustpelt and Sandstorm seemed close as apprentices, as if they would become mates in the future. Dustpelt didn't try and kill Firestar. No, he found Ferncloud, who he loved for the rest of his life.

In conclusion, Ashfur sucks and had no reason to do what he did. Thank you and goodnight.

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