So, at the end of SS, Darktail and Onestar die together during some quality father-son bonding time, yeah? So, is the Kin gonna be one of those groups that runs off without their trusty leader to bark orders at them, or are they going to arrange a new leader and continue to harass the Clans? I can't remember the ending of SS perfectly, but I'm pretty sure it never mentioned that the rogues were all 100% gone, with zero chance to see them ever again. The Erins still have 3 more books to write, so if the Kin is gone, what's the plot?

Yes, it could return to the Clans staring at Violetpaw and Twigpaw as they decide whether to follow their father or stay as they are, and how SkyClan settles in. I 100% believe that will be part of the plot, but could it be all? I mean, there are many cats who could take on the role of leadership in the Kin, and I assume they haven't just disbanded completely. Some have to still be forming alliances with old Kin, right?

What's your guys' opinions on this? Do you think the main plot is gonna switch over to SkyClan, Violetpaw, Twigpaw, and Hawkwing, or do you think the Kin might make a guest appearance in River of Fire?

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