This is a really big issue I have with the newer arcs.

The Warrior Code is no longer regarded with respect.

I mean, ShadowClan couldn't even control its apprentices. In TPB, those apprentices would've obeyed everything their mentors said and, you know, not joined a group of ROGUES.

Literally these cats are falling apart. completely. The code is regarded with such high respect and authority at the start but as the years go on you have to wonder, do some kits even know it by the time they're apprentices? I mean, I'd imagine they would since six months is a long time to learn a few simple rules, but with the more recent offenses, I don't know. Rule 14 (no murder bcos honor rule) has been broken so many times unnecessarily. A recent one would be Hollyleaf killing Ashfur (for a good reason) but you can't give us these rules, say the cats follow them like their lives depend on it, and then proceed to have several cats murdered.

Then we have Leafpool LEAVING HER CLAN (disloyalty) with CROWFEATHER of WINDCLAN (rule 1 broken), ultimately resulting in Cinderpelt's death, and... what was her punishment? "Becoming a warrior and having kits who then hate her after finding out the truth" You may be saying, but no.

1. Becoming a warrior- Valid punishment. (Even though she broke the rule of both having a mate AND that mate being from a different Clan) but it wasn't enough. She wasn't even a warrior for that long. In AVoS, she's returned to her medicine cat duties. And for what? To help care for the injuries of the great battle? Nope. That's over. ThunderClan has three medicine cats, and they can easily survive with two.

2. Her own kits hating her- Brutal, I'll admit. But honestly, she works alongside one of them everyday, one of them is dead, and the other probably doesn't even acknowledge the fact that she's his mother anymore, they're just Clanmates. So... it doesn't seem very emotionally taxing anymore.

Also, the amount of times Firepaw/heart broke the warrior code... and got away with it... is... kinda impressive. I guess he and Graystripe did it for the good of others, but I was under the impression that these guys followed the code to downright savagery.


That's pretty much all, I've already rambled quite a bit. Sorry if half of this doesn't make sense, but I just feel very strongly about this topic.

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