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Thrushpelt is a kind, honorable, and skilled warrior.[1]



Thrushpelt holds affection for Bluefur, and many cats in ThunderClan think that they should become mates. However, Bluefur does not feel the same way about Thrushpelt, although she honors his kindness and skills as a warrior. Thrushpelt understands Bluefur’s feelings, and doesn’t hold resentment toward her for not loving him back. When Bluefur becomes pregnant, Thrushpelt knows he is not the father, but he decides to pretend to be the father for Bluefur’s benefit. He does not ask who the kits’ real father is, and cares for the kits as if they are his own. Bluefur is grateful to Thrushpelt for helping her even though she rejected him.[1]

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