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"Good-bye, Violetpaw. Twigpaw slowed, her lungs burning. Was that the last she'd see of her sister? Now that ShadowClan had turned rogue, could they ever meet again? She stumbled as her paws grew numb beneath her. Grief choked her. She and Violetpaw had chosen different Clans. Maybe their bond of kinship wasn't strong enough to survive their decision."
Twigpaw's thoughts in Thunder and Shadow, pages 366-367

Thunder and Shadow is the second book in the A Vision of Shadows arc.[4] Twigpaw is the cat depicted on the left of the cover, while Violetpaw is the cat depicted on the right.[blog 1] It features Alderheart, Twigpaw and Violetpaw as the main protagonists. Echosong is featured in the prologue, while Needlepaw in the protagonist in the bonus scene.


Special thanks to Kate Cary


It's been nearly a moon since Alderpaw returned from his quest, unsuccessful but not empty-pawed. The two kits he found, Twigkit and Violetkit, have been taken in by two Clans: ThunderClan and ShadowClan. There is little hope for a reunion, as tension between the Clans begins to rise in the face of a new threat. The same vicious group of rogues that drove out SkyClan has traced Alderpaw's path back to the territories around the lake—and ShadowClan may be the next to fall.
Full of epic adventure and thrilling intrigue, this fifth Warriors series is the perfect introduction for readers new to the Warriors world—while for dedicated fans, it's a long-awaited return to the era of Bramblestar's ThunderClan, after the events of Omen of the Stars.

Detailed plot description

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Echosong is in a sunlit forest, hearing birds chatter overhead. The medicine cat licks her lips hungrily and thinks that she'll hunt before the sun sets, but pauses realizing when it is. She concludes that her surroundings feel too real to be just a dream, and might be a vision sent by StarClan. Echosong senses movement nearby, and a broad-shouldered tom appears, stars glittering in his pelt. When she questions who he is, the tom gives her a prophecy -- "Embrace what you find in the shadows, for only that can clear the sky." Echosong is irritated and asks questions about its meaning but the StarClan cat doesn't respond. She remembers that this tom has already given her another prophecy before -- "What remains when the fire has burned out?" They walk together to a place where the forest floor is covered with leaves. Echosong sees that they don't seem similar to oak, rather like maple leaves with five points each. The gray tom says that now they are scattered like leaves, and tells her to look, but as she does they fade. The vision vanishes and Echosong wakes up in her makeshift nest, bewilderingly questioning how the leaves could show her a way back home.
Alderpaw is deep in thought about his quest, which happened less than a moon ago. Jayfeather snaps at focus, and the apprentice mumbles that he's sorry. Meanwhile, Leafpool sorts out some herbs and thinks about which ones they need to fetch before leaf-bare. Jayfeather says that they need more catmint, so they don't lose any more Clanmates to greencough, like Spiderleg. Briarlight offers help with sorting but Jayfeather says there are enough cats in the den already. The blind tom aims this statement at Twigkit, who Alderpaw had brought because Lilyheart's older kits wouldn't include her. The apprentice suggests that she could play with Briarlight, and Leafpool agrees. Jayfeather complains, but then tells Alderpaw to get on with sorting yarrow and coltsfoot.
Graystripe tells the three medicine cats to go to Bramblestar's den. He says they shouldn't let Bramblestar wait, since Rowanstar is with him. They walk outside and Alderpaw notices Lilyheart's kits poking around in the apprentices' den, and Brightheart's patrol sitting in the clearing. In Bramblestar's den, the ShadowClan leader tells them Littlecloud is dying, and Leafpool asks if he is suffering. Rowanstar tells her Dawnpelt has given him poppy seeds for the pain, but doesn't know what else to do. The ShadowClan leader also mentions that Grassheart, one of their queens, is expecting her first litter and may need help. Leafpool offers to go and tells Alderpaw to help her carry the herbs to their camp. As the brown tabby she-cat and Jayfeather head off to fetch the supplies, Bramblestar holds the young tom back from following. The ThunderClan leader then tells Rowanstar to leave since his Clan needs him at this time.
The leader goes out of the den and walks out of camp with his chin high. Bramblestar then faces Alderpaw, and the apprentice looks at his father expectantly. The dark tabby meows softly that he's sending a patrol to look for SkyClan, consisting of Cinderheart, Lionblaze, and Squirrelflight. Alderpaw is surprised that he'd told them about the missing Clan, but Bramblestar assures him that the majority of the Clan won't know. The leader sends him off, commenting that someone is waiting for him. Alderpaw turns, expecting to see his mentor, but instead spots Twigkit at the edge of the clearing, and heads over to her. The kit begs to come to ShadowClan with him, but the apprentice regretfully says no. Twigkit brings him a a red feather, which Alderpaw promises to give to Violetkit.
Alderpaw and his mentor travel to ShadowClan's camp, and Tawnypelt's patrol helps them carry their supplies as they near the entrance. As soon as they enter, Leafpool immediately sets to work, asking Dawnpelt how Littlecloud is. Once seeing his condition, the brown tabby orders the cream she-cat to get the elderly tom to swallow some pulp. Rowanstar and Crowfrost request to talk to Leafpool, and inquire if she would be willing to stay a few moons and train Puddlekit to be ShadowClan's next medicine cat. Leafpool is shocked and skeptical about training a random kit, but concedes that they don't really have a choice and agrees.
Leafpool then orders Alderpaw and Needlepaw to go fetch water-soaked moss for Littlecloud, as he will be thirsty. The ShadowClan apprentice suggests that they could simply carry the elderly medicine cat to a ditch to drink, but Tawnypelt silences her and meows that she shouldn't be so insolent. The pair leaves, and as they talk, Alderpaw is concerned about her lack of involvement with Violetkit on any level. Needlepaw and the ginger tom soon gather enough moss, and dunk it in a nearby pool. The two cats then bring it to the medicine den, where Littlecloud laps at it thirstily.
Needlepaw asks Alderpaw if he wants to see Violetkit, and he accepts with enthusiasm. They go to the nursery, and he spots Violetkit playing with a tendril sticking out of the wall. The ginger tom calls to the kit and says that he's brought her a present from her sister. Violetkit is confused, but Alderpaw then shows her the feather Twigkit had given to her. The black-and-white she-cat's eyes light up, and announces that she loves it. Violetkit asks many questions about her sister, and Alderpaw does his best to answer all of them. Pinenose then tells the she-kit that it's time for her nap, so she slowly pads over the nest of the queen. The medicine cat apprentice meows that he'll tell Twigkit about her, and then slips out of the den to see Needlepaw. They go to collect bedding for Littlecloud, and Alderpaw suggests quietly that they should let Violetkit and her sister meet in secret. Needlepaw agrees, commenting that everyone loves secrets.
Violetkit is in the nursery, thinking about what Ratscar had said about her status as ShadowClan cat. The black-and-white kit is saddened that Kinkfur was the only elder that thought she was really a part of the Clan. She notices that it is late, and the only cats still awake are the ones sitting vigil for Littlecloud. The medicine cat had died earlier that day, and Violetkit feels guilty that she doesn't feel sad. She asks Pinenose about her worries, but the queen ignores her and tells the kit to go to sleep. A little while later, she hears her foster mother calling for Puddlekit to find Leafpool, as Grassheart is kitting. The medicine cat soon returns and asks for wet moss for the queen, also sending Violetkit out and over to apprentices' den for the night.
The black-and-white she-kit comes across Needlepaw, who takes her out of camp and tells her they are going on an adventure. Violetkit is confused but follows the apprentice out into the forest, stopping behind some brush when instructed. She sees Alderpaw and Twigkit, and she and her sister play for a little bit until they are taken back to their respective camps. Back at ShadowClan's camp, Violetkit complains that she feels lonely, and that no one wants her in Shadowclan, and Needlepaw sympathizes with her. The apprentice tells her that from now on, she's is going to look out for her, and everything will be fine. Violetkit sees the sincerity in Needlepaw's eyes and wonders if she finally has a friend.
About a half-moon after Twigkit and Violetkit's meeting, Alderpaw is in the medicine den, sorting herbs. He is surprised when Dewnose comes in and tells him to report to Highledge, because Squirrelflight, Lionblaze, and Cinderheart had returned. He excitedly bounds his way out of the den, and once in earshot, asks if they found anything. Bramblestar gravely reports that they found that the gorge was empty. Alderpaw is bewildered, so Lionblaze and Cinderheart confirm that there were no fresh scents or nests. The medicine cat apprentice questions if they should send out another patrol, because if the rogues were gone, then SkyClan might come back. Squirrelflight meows that it'd be no use, as the patrol checked the whole area to no avail. Bramblestar wonders where the rogues might have gone, but their conversation soon peaks the curiosity of several cats in the clearing. They lower their voices, and the dark tabby tells his son that SkyClan is lost to them. Cinderheart comments that the prophecy could still be true, as they have Violetkit and Twigkit. Alderpaw wishes he could believe her, but is skeptical that StarClan would abandon a Clan. The medicine cat apprentice feels frustrated and excuses himself and goes back to his duties.
When Alderpaw gets back to the medicine cat den, he is instructed by Jayfeather to check Honeykit for fever. The apprentice says that she doesn't have one, so his mentor concludes that it isn't serious. Jayfeather tells Alderpaw to get some chervil for the kit, commenting that he'd better hurry up. The mentor states that he's been distracted ever since Squirrelflight returned, and the apprentice is surprised that the blind tom noticed his behavior. The ginger tom rips up some chervil leaves, but Jayfeather takes them from him, reprimanding that only the roots of the plant are used. Honeykit asks what they will taste like, but the medicine cat snaps that it doesn't matter how they taste because the medicine will make the bellyache go away. The kit obeys, peeking at Jayfeather as if scared of what he might stay if she stopped. Alderpaw reassures Honeykit that she'll feel better in no time.
Fernsong leaves to go on patrol with Ivypool, just as Twigkit comes into the den, carrying a mouse for Briarlight. The lame she-cat comments that she didn't have to do this, but the kit insists that she wanted to because it was fresh. Fernsong asks Honeykit if she feels better, and the yellow-splotched she-cat meows that she thinks so, prompting the tom to then leave the den. Twigkit tells her that her siblings are waiting for her to go explore, and then inquires if she can come with them. Honeykit tells her no, and Briarlight steps in and leads the gray she-kit to the fresh-kill pile with her. As they leave, Alderpaw calls out after them to come back later and help if they want.
The medicine cat apprentice then turns to his mentor, fuming, and meows that he needn't be so mean to Twigkit. Jayfeather rebukes the ginger tom, saying that just because StarClan gave him a prophecy doesn't mean he knows everything. Paws thunder into camp, and Molewhisker's yowl splits the air. Jayfeather and Alderpaw race out of their den to see Cloudtail and Molewhisker standing in the center of the clearing as Bramblestar asks them what's wrong. The white warrior reports that WindClan cats are fighting rogues, and looks like they might need help. Bramblestar nods and picks a patrol to come with him, leading them immediately out of camp. Jayfeather and Alderpaw follow to treat the injured at the scene of the battle.
They race through the forest, and soon hear the shrieks and yowls ring through the trees. Bramblestar comes over a rise, and the patrol soon sees that the WindClan cats are fighting for their lives. The ThunderClan tom orders his warriors to help them, and plunges into the battle. Bramblestar helps Oatclaw, while Cloudtail and Birchfall assist Furzepelt. The rogue leader, Darktail, orders his cats to stop fighting. Alderpaw recognizes the white tom in shock, and tells Jayfeather that he's seen them before on his quest. Bramblestar tells Jayfeather to help the wounded, and they pad over. The ThunderClan leader then orders Darktail to leave, snarls bounding away with his group. Oatclaw is badly wounded, while Furzepelt is heard groaning behind him. Alderpaw announces that the warrior is dead, and Jayfeather is unable to save Onestar, who loses a life.
Bramblestar offers to take them back to ThunderClan's camp, and Onestar reluctantly agrees. Cloudtail and Rosepetal stay behind to sit with Furzepelt's body. Back at camp, Sparkpaw enters the medicine den and announces that the hunting patrol is back with fresh prey. Jayfeather says that he wants to make sure there's no infection before his patients eat. Alderpaw then leaves to talk to Bramblestar, and tells him about having seen Darktail before. Bramblestar comments that he'd feared this would happen, and calls a Clan meeting.
Before it starts, Onestar presses his way to the front of the crowd and says that he wants to take his Clanmates home. The WindClan leader is convinced to let Oatclaw and Emberfoot stay while their wounds heal, but he himself will leave. The ThunderClan leader sends a patrol with him to help carry Furzepelt's body. Bramblestar tells everyone about the rogues in the forest, and assigns patrols to go warn each Clan. Alderpaw ends up joining the patrol that goes to ShadowClan, to check on Violetkit and Leafpool.
The patrol travels to ShadowClan, and is escorted by Tawnypelt's patrol. Rowanstar asks if they've come to fetch their medicine cat, but Bramblestar replies no, and explains about the rogues. Rowanstar allows a ThunderClan patrol to follow a rogue scent trail, but it eventually dies out. Afterwards, Alderpaw goes back to ShadowClan's camp to check on Violetkit and speak to Leafpool. The medicine cat apprentice is told by his mentor that she'll be returning as soon as Puddlepaw learns enough to manage on his own. Alderpaw leaves her to go visit Violetkit, and runs into Needlepaw on his way out. Violetkit sees sees Alderpaw and excitedly asks if Twigkit is here, but is disappointed when the answer is no. The kit looks disappointed, and Pinenose soon calls for her to come inside. She reluctantly obeys, and Alderpaw soon leaves the camp.
Violetkit is lonely, and wishes for company. She meets Needlepaw outside, who tells her they're going on another adventure, with Sleekpaw this time. They leave camp, and Violetkit is surprised when they catch a mouse and eat it without saving it for the fresh-kill pile. The three meet A long-furred gray tom, a black she-cat, and a silver tom. Needlepaw greets them, but Violetkit blurts out that they must be the ones who attacked WindClan. Darktail introduces himself clarifies that they were not the provokers. Violetkit says that Pinenose said they shouldn't be by the lake, but the rogue leader scoffs and retorts that that sounds greedy. Needlepaw and Sleekpaw support that claim, with Rain adding that they're going to grow fat from good hunting. The cats question why the kit is in ShadowClan, but Violetkit mews that she doesn't know. Needlepaw scorns Rowanstar, and the she-kit wonders if all of the Clan she's been living with view her as a rogue.
Twigkit finishes off a vole, and then pads across the clearing to the medicine cat's den to help. On her way there, she overhears Rosepetal and Mousewhisker talking about the prophecy, and the kit watches as they conclude that she is just another ordinary kit with a belly to feed. Twigkit visits the medicine den, but soon leaves after Jayfeather gets annoyed with her presence. The gray kit decides to go fetch watermint from the lake to prove her worthiness, but ends up falling in the lake. Sparkpaw rescues her and brings the kit back to camp. Jayfeather treats her for shock, while Alderpaw soothes Twigkit, commenting that she's special. Sparkpaw bursts in the den and announces that because she saved the gray kit, she gets to have her assessment and become a warrior.
Alderpaw cheers Sparkpelt's new warrior name, and tries to push away his own envy. His sister comes over to him and comments it'll surely be his turn soon, and he says he hopes so. Alderpaw leaves camp for the half-moon medicine cat meeting. He and his mentors arrive at the Moonpool, and Alderpaw lets Willowshine lead him down the path. Leafpool rushes to greet her Clanmates as Kestrelflight arrives with a two warrior escort. The medicine cats are interested in why he brought company, so the WindClan cat explains Onestar's recent actions and his paranoia. After this, the meeting starts, but none of them share with StarClan. Leafpool tells Alderpaw about how ShadowClan is, with all the disrespect for their elders and the warrior code among the younger cats, and this makes the apprentice wonder how Violetkit could become a warrior in that place.
Violetkit returns to camp with Needlepaw, thinking of the journey they'd taken to the rogues' camp. Tawnypelt questions them, and then concludes that she has to report the incident to Rowanstar. Needlepaw challenges the ShadowClan leader, while the other apprentices add their opinions. The silver and white she-cat eventually gives in, leaving camp to tend to the elders as asked. Later that day, Needlepaw asks Violetkit to travel to the rogues' camp to tell Rain that she can't meet him tonight. The kit goes, but an owl attacks her on the way. Rain saves her, and Raven insists that she stay for a little while to eat and rest. Violetkit falls asleep, and the rogues take her back to the Clan in the morning. When they ask to join, Rowanstar refuses and sends them away.
Twigkit and Alderpaw travel towards ShadowClan territory to meet Violetkit and Needlepaw. The gray kit sulks about her recent experience of falling in the lake, but the medicine cat apprentice comforts her saying that Jayfeather did the exact same thing when he was younger. The pair soon run into a ShadowClan patrol who tell them that Needlepaw is confined to camp after being caught sneaking out with Violetkit. They bid farewell to the other Clan cats, and start to make their way home. Alderpaw tells Twigkit that it might be good that they weren't seen together, because they would've gotten in trouble. The gray kit meows that she wants to be a medicine cat, so that she can be special, but the medicine cat apprentice insists that she already is.
Violetkit sits outside the nursery, eating a vole. She reflects on the frosty attitude of the older warriors towards her, though the younger cats are nicer. Violetkit spots Rain enter camp Raven and Flame. The rogues bring forward prey offerings, and ask to join ShadowClan. Rowanstar declines their request a second time, and sends a patrol to make sure they leave their territory. Needlepaw, along with some of the young cats of the Clan, question the decision. Rowanstar initially tries to maintain order, but Needlepaw spits that if the rogues can't stay, she'll leave to be with them. Juniperpaw and Sleekpaw choose to follow Needlepaw, and and the apprentice takes Violetkit as well. Much to Leafpool's disapproval, the ShadowClan leader allows them all to leave.
At the Gathering, Jayfeather and Alderpaw sit together while he surveys the clearing. He speaks to Leafpool, who informs him of Violetkit and Needlepaw's departure. The meeting starts, and Alderpaw notices something off about the leaders as they bicker amongst themselves. Strikestone, Yarrowleaf, Shadepelt, Foxnose, and Sparkpelt are the new warriors announced at the Gathering. Rowanstar shares the news about his Clan, revealing that when they attacked the rogues the previous night, Beepaw, Berryheart, and Cloverfoot chose to leave ShadowClan as well. The leaders argue for a bit, angry at Rowanstar for allowing Violetkit to be taken away, but conclude that they will not provoke the rogues. The meeting breaks up, and all the cats head for the tree-bridge hurriedly.
Ivypool trains with Twigpaw in the forest, four moons after Violetkit's disappearance. The apprentice misses a leaf that she aims for, but her mentor still praises that she learns fast. Ivypool and Twigpaw go back to camp after the warrior mentions the patrol that went to search for the she-cat's mother. The apprentice hasn't heard about this before, but asks Alderpaw, who reluctantly reveals that they never searched for her mother. The gray she-cat rushes over to rogue territory to tell Violetkit the information, but her sister doesn't seem to care. Needletail approaches them, telling the ThunderClan cat to go home where it's safe. The apprentice wearily turns to leave.
Violetpaw glances over her shoulder to catch a final glance of her littermate, but bracken stems block her way. She goes back with Needletail to the rogues' camp, and on the way, they run into Rain and Sleekwhisker. Beenose and Silt have become sick with an unknown illness. Once they return, Darktail notices the meager catch and tells Rain that he won't eat from the fresh-kill pile, which he protests to. The two toms fight, and eventually, Rain loses to his leader and gets one eye gouged out. Needletail shrieks that he's been blinded, but Darktail scornfully retorts that he still has one eye. Later that night, Violetpaw decides that she can't stay with the rogues, and leave for ShadowClan with a rabbit as a gift.
A Clan patrol escorts her to camp, where Rowanstar accepts her back eagerly, hoping that she will convince others to come too. Violetpaw insists that she wants to be welcomed back as a Clanmate, so he agrees and assigns Dawnpelt as her mentor. The she-cat feels joyful that she's a Clan cat now, and a real apprentice. Now that she's been accepted, Violetpaw is determined to prove how helpful she can be. The apprentice takes on extra responsibilities, which earns her grudging respect. Violetpaw reflects on how much she misses Needletail, and wonders how she is. When she hears about Puddleshine's herb troubles, she and her mentor spend the day collecting some. However, they return to find Rowanstar has fallen ill.
The she-cat rushes to the medicine cat den to wake Puddleshine, who scrambles out into the clearing and announces that he's had a dream from StarClan. The tom reports that the sickness is called yellowcough, and can be cured with lungwort. Crowfrost sends Puddleshine on a patrol with three other cats to fetch the herb, but Crowfeather's patrol takes them to talk to Onestar about why they've come. The WindClan leader furiously sends the ShadowClan cats away with the threat that if they come back they'll regret it. As they race out, Violetpaw is surprised that Scorchfur drops in behind, putting himself between her and the WindClan patrol that is soon to follow.
At the Gathering, Sparkpelt reports to her brother about what's happening in ShadowClan, but he doubts it's true. Alderpaw talks to Leafpool, commenting about the tensions within the Clans. The meeting starts, and Bramblestar announces that Violetpaw has returned to ShadowClan. Cats from RiverClan are happy about this, but WindClan warriors protest that it might not be a good thing, since the apprentice had stayed with the rogues. ShadowClan then arrives at the Gathering with Crowfrost leading them, as the deputy meows that Rowanstar is sick, but Onestar still refuses to give them the lungwort cure. ThunderClan soon leaves, and RiverClan follows after them onto the tree-bridge.
Twigpaw is excited because her mentor, Ivypool, has suggested that they lead a patrol to search for her mother. Bramblestar reluctantly agrees to their plans, Fernsong and Alderpaw go with them. However, they find the dark tunnel empty. The mission fails, Twigpaw regretfully concludes that her mother is dead. She goes to ShadowClan's camp to Violetpaw about it, but is caught. Twigpaw is held hostage there, so that the Clan can get the herb from WindClan. She's led to the apprentice den, where she falls asleep with Violetpaw.
Alderpaw is woken by Ivypool, who asks if he's seen Twigpaw. She explains that she's checked everywhere, and Squirrelflight assigns cats to look for her. A ShadowClan patrol consisting of Crowfrost, Scorchfur, and Tawnypelt comes into camp. They announce that Twigpaw is safe, but will not be allowed to leave until ThunderClan helps their Clan get some lungwort. Bramblestar says that they will consider their proposition, but as soon as the ShadowClan cats are out of earshot, many oppose helping. The warriors mumble that they could just rescue Twigpaw, due to the fact that many in the enemy Clan are sick and unable to fight. Leafpool and Alderpaw are sent to WindClan's camp to see if they can convince Onestar to allow them to fetch lungwort. The two medicine cats are escorted to Kestrelflight's den, but the mission still fails as the three are unable to persuade the WindClan leader.
Twigpaw paces in the ShadowClan apprentices' den until Flowerkit and Whorlkit convince the ThunderClan she-cat to come outside and teach them some hunting moves. Out in the clearing, Crowfrost meows that since Pinenose and Snowbird have fallen sick, the healthy cats will have to make their nests in the elders' den. Tawnypelt then assigns Tigerheart to Lionpaw until her mentor is well again, before asking several cats to go hunting. The ShadowClan warrior greets Twigpaw, and she stammers a thank you after the she-cat says she can help herself to prey if she's hungry. Lionpaw and Birchpaw begin to fight over a thrush, and this shocks the ThunderClan apprentice. The gray she-cat offers to help Puddleshine, and fetches soaked moss for sick elders. Later that night, Twigpaw and Violetpaw both promise that they'll always be close, as their bond of kinship is stronger than that of Clan loyalty or denmates.
Two days later, Violetpaw wakes up to Bramblestar's yowl that they've come to take Twigpaw back to ThunderClan. The ShadowClan apprentice tries to convince her sister to stay, but she rushes to her Clanmates. They leave, and many question Crowfrost's judgement. Later that day, Kinkfur dies from the sickness. Violetpaw leaves camp in grief, and meets Needletail. The silver she-cat isn't happy to see her, but eventually stalks away with Rain following. When the apprentice returns to camp, there is a vigil for Kinkfur being held. As Crowfrost meows a farewell to the elder, he begins coughing loudly. Puddleshine orders someone to fetch tansy while Violetpaw worries what they'll do since no one is left to lead.
Alderpaw attends the medicine cat half-moon meeting, and sits around the Moonpool with the other medicine cats. Puddleshine reports Kinkfur's death, and Alderpaw angrily states that they should just make WindClan give them the herb. Kestrelflight steps forward and meows that he may have a more peaceful solution, but has to discuss it with StarClan to make sure what he's doing is right. They lap water from the pool, and soon after, Alderpaw awakens in a meadow. Yellowfang visits him, and praises him for speaking up with the other medicine cats. The tabby is confused, but she confirms that StarClan does not always speak with one voice. Yellowfang tells him to always speak out for what he believes in before fading away.
Kestrelflight awakens from his dream and tells the medicine cats to follow him, before quickly leaving to find Harespring. The WindClan cats then lead the group onto their territory, telling them that they can gather as much lungwort as they like. Harespring meows that he doesn't agree with his leader and that it is wrong to let cats die, especially since ShadowClan weren't the ones who hurt WindClan. The ThunderClan cats reach their camp as dawn is breaking, then Jayfeather turns to his apprentice, commenting that he's proud of him. The blind tom meows that standing up for what you believe in front of other Clans is often hard, and notes that he may be ready to become a full medicine cat.
Violetpaw feeds a morsel of sparrow to Snowbird as she reflects on what's happened in ShadowClan in the past half-moon. She remembers the cats who died, but also many that recovered with the lungwort. Tigerheart has been made deputy, and Whorlpaw, Flowerpaw, and Snakepaw have been made apprentices. Violetpaw and Dawnpelt decide to fetch something from the fresh-kill pile, see only two things left from yesterday's catch. Tigerheart and Rowanstar emerge from the leader's den, and the deputy assigns the patrols. When Violetpaw returns from hers, she makes a nest for Ratscar in the elders' den before padding out into the clearing. Rowanstar begins to assign warriors for Gathering patrol, but some refuse to come. Soon after, Darktail and the cats from his rogue group come into camp and attack Rowanstar. Tawnypelt and Tigerheart pull Darktail off of Rowanstar, but in the end, only the ShadowClan leader, his mate, and his son opt to come with him to the Gathering. Violetpaw initially wants to leave, but won't leave Needletail.
Twigpaw is at the Gathering, but can't focus on the cats around her because of her worry for Violetpaw. Onestar starts the meeting, and the leaders jump into the Great Oak. The WindClan leader begins to speak, but stops when Rowanstar, Tawnypelt, and Tigerheart arrive. The ShadowClan leader explains what happened with Darktail taking over. Bramblestar offers shelter to the three ShadowClan warriors, and Rowanstar accepts his invitation. Afterwards, Twigpaw manages to convince Ivypool to help her check on Violetpaw. They meet Rain and Needletail in the forest, and the apprentice gets the silver she-cat to go fetch her sister from camp. Violetpaw and Twigpaw talk, but conclude reluctantly that they can't abandon their own Clans. Needletail breaks them apart, and hurriedly sends the ThunderClan cats off their territory.
Alderpaw treats Twigpaw's ear with marigold, and wonders how she got injured. He asks after her, but she says she's just sad about Violetpaw. Alderpaw feels relieved, and once he finishes treating her ear, dismisses her from the den. Jayfeather then calls for him, so he goes to the half-moon meeting for medicine cats. At the Moonpool, all the medicine cats gather except for Puddleshine. The blind mentor performs the ceremony, and Alderpaw is given his full medicine cat name, Alderheart. They then share with StarClan, and he receives a prophecy; the same one from before his quest. He is reassured that they need to find SkyClan.

Bonus Scene

Needlepaw is in the forest after dark for the first time with her mentor, Tawnypelt. The silver she-cat is frightened by the noises she hears, and presses closer to her partner. Tawnypelt meows that she needn't crowd her, before instructing her apprentice to look for prey. The pair begins to walk further, when the tortoiseshell she-cat irritably says to stop looking at the sky because they are not hunting stars. Needlepaw apologizes, but when the cats try to hunt together, the apprentice runs into her mentor. Tawnypelt tells the she-cat to go attempt to catch something in a clearing nearby, so she pads away. The silver she-cat scents something she doesn't recognize, but before she can ask what it is, claws dig into her back.
Needlepaw is lifted upward, and she calls for Tawnypelt to save her, but her mentor is unable to. The apprentice thinks quickly, and decides that if she doesn't escape she will die. Needlepaw judges that the only way to break free is to fall, so she claws at the owl until it lets her go. She falls down to the ground below, her descent broken by many branches. Once safely on the forest floor, Needlepaw panics because she can't recognize her location. The apprentice catches a vole, and decides to save it for her Clanmates, as all fresh-kill must go to the Clan. She then drags it to a sheltered hollow, and falls asleep. When the silver she-cat wakes, a tom has her prey dangling in his jaws, so she accuses him of being a thief.
Needlepaw hisses angrily to give it back, and so he obediently places it on the ground. The tom teases if it helps her sleep, but she retorts that she's saving it for her Clanmates. When he asks where they are, the apprentice meows that they're coming. The tom says that she might want to eat it, as she is a long way from the lake. Needlepaw asks how far, and the tom comments it's a day or two's walk. She asks the cat what his name is, and he replies that it's Tree. They end up sharing the apprentice's vole together, and then tells the loner how she escaped from the owl. The two cats agree to hunt together, then travel back to the lake. Tree shows Needlepaw where his mother made her nest, and the silver she-cat sympathizes with him when he tells his backstory.
Needlepaw and the yellow tom travel until nightfall, and then they stop for the night. The apprentice catches a frog and Tree catches a water vole, so they settle down to eat together. After they finish, both curl up in a bed of reeds to sleep. The next morning, Needlepaw catches some prey for her companion, and after they share the meal, the cats continue to travel. By sunhigh, the pair reaches the edge of ShadowClan territory, where a ShadowClan patrol greets them. The silver she-cat begs for him to join her Clan, but her Clanmates refuse, and the loner meows that he's happier by himself anyway. Needlepaw and Tree bid a sorrowful farewell to each other, and hope that they'll meet again.


Author statements

  • The original working title was confirmed on Kate's blog to be The Lost Clan.[blog 2] This was later changed to Thunder and Shadow.[4]


A compiled list of the errors present in Thunder and Shadow can be found here.

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