"ShadowClan has always had its own sense of the warrior code, but at least they respected it. These days, the younger cats show their elders no respect. They ignore some rules completely. I had to hunt for Grassheart yesterday. The apprentices aren't bringing her enough food to keep her milk flowing."
Leafpool to Alderpaw and Jayfeather about ShadowClan in Thunder and Shadow, page 134

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Chapter Number: 7 (of 24)
Page Numbers: 124-137

Chapter description

ThunderClan gathers for Sparkpaw's warrior ceremony. She appears to be excited and overjoyed as she receives her warrior name, Sparkpelt. Sparkpelt tells Alderpaw he'll be next encouragingly. Alderpaw then heads off to the Moonpool for the half-moon medicine cat meeting with Jayfeather. They meet Mothwing and Willowshine at the border. Willowshine tells Alderpaw he'll be a awesome medicine cat while Leafpool and Puddlepaw catch up with them.
Leafpool learns ThunderClan misses her, but says Puddlepaw's training is excellent so far. The medicine cats are surprised to find Kestrelflight arriving with two warrior escorts, Sedgewhisker and Gorsetail. The warriors are slightly edgy as Kestrelflight explains Onestar is worried about the rogues attacking. Alderpaw is surprised when Mothwing says she heard about Onestar losing a life.
They talk about the rogues on the way to the Moonpool. Kestrelflight says Onestar has been raising the security of the camp and been extremely on edge, making all the warriors tense. The medicine cats hope the rogues have left the lake territories after the attack on WindClan. Jayfeather wants to know when Leafpool will be returning to ThunderClan, and Alderpaw feels sorry for Puddlepaw for having such a rushed training. Mothwing tells Jayfeather he can wait a little longer without Leafpool, and if they need help she and Willowshine can assist.
The cats dream at the Moonpool, but not of StarClan, to their surprise. Alderpaw begins to worry about SkyClan, and StarClan's lack of clues about Twigkit and Violetkit being part of the prophecy. The medicine cats then part their ways. As Jayfeather quizzes Puddlepaw on his knowledge of herbs, Leafpool tells Alderpaw and Jayfeather that ShadowClan is having a hard time. The apprentices never listen to older cats, talk back to everyone, and won't even hunt for queens with kits. She admits Needlepaw is taking Violetkit out of camp without Rowanstar's permission, and Sleekpaw and Yarrowpaw's lack of belief in StarClan ShadowClan is starting to reject StarClan.
Leafpool admits she doesn't know what to do anymore, hoping the apprentices' will grow out of their nonsense. The brown tabby informs Alderpaw she'll be back in a moon or two, and leaves. As he and Jayfeather walk back to the ThunderClan camp, he worries about Needlepaw and Violetkit, being raised in a Clan that questions the warrior code.





Important events

Sparkpelt's warrior ceremony

Sparkpelt's warrior ceremony
Everyone: Sparkpelt! Sparkpelt!
Reference: Thunder and Shadow, page 124

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