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"The Thunderpath was made of black stone, and felt smooth beneath Gray Wing's pads. On the far side, thick undergrowth grew up to the edge of the stone, with bigger trees beyond, which would offer good cover from the monsters if only they could reach it."
— Narrator describing the Thunderpath in The Sun Trail, page 128

A Thunderpath is the Clan term for roads, streets, and highways. They have a hard, acrid surface, usually gray or black. Monsters use the Thunderpath to travel from place to place. It is dangerous to the Clan cats, as they are sometimes injured or killed by the monsters when they wander or cross on it.[3]



Thunderpaths are oily[3] paths that monsters travel on. The paths tend to be gray and black, and are often hot, sticky, and acrid. [4] Many cats fear the Thunderpath, as some cats are injured or killed when attempting to cross it.[3] In the forest territories at least one Thunderpath had to be crossed when traveling to the Moonstone. [5] ShadowClan used a tunnel underneath the Thunderpath to travel to Gatherings, or attack other Clans.[6] Some Thunderpaths are associated with Twolegplaces (scent, monsters, etc.).[7] Some cats also make references to dead animals on the path, such as "flat as a Thunderpath rabbit".[8] Thunderpaths, at times, are often very busy, as seen by the amount of monsters on them.[4]


In the forest

A Thunderpath called Windover Road marks the ThunderClan and ShadowClan border. Some cats have gotten injured or killed on it (i.e. Snowfur,[3] Whitethroat,[9] and Cinderpelt[10]) and is featured throughout The Prophecies Begin. Twolegs later expand it, destroying the forest territories. Though the start of the new Thunderpath's construction is seen in The New Prophecy, the finished product is only viewed by Graystripe[11] and Jaypaw.[12] It is noted to be as wide as the lake.[12]
West of ShadowClan's territory, there is another Thunderpath known as North Allerton Road, which separates the territory between Highstones. Twolegs also expand this path, as seen by Graystripe.[13]
Far from the Clan territories, there is an intersection of Thunderpaths where WindClan sheltered after being driven out by Brokenstar.[14] Graystripe and Fireheart see the intersection when traveling to rescue the Clan.[15]

By the lake

At the lake, there are four Thunderpaths, known as Littlepine Road, Harehill Road, Whitchurch Road, and Quarry Road. The latter was used by Twolegs for mining purposes before the Clans came to the lake.[16]

Known deaths

This is a list of deaths, ordered chronologically, that took place at Thunderpath.


In the Dawn of the Clans arc

The Sun Trail

A group of cats from the Tribe of Rushing Water encounter a Thunderpath for the first time, remembering it from Stoneteller's tales. After briefly examining it, everyone crosses safely.
Later on, Shaded Moss attempts to cross another Thunderpath, but a monster throws his body up into the air, which kills him. However, everyone else crosses and soon continues on to a Twolegplace. The group soon discovers another Thunderpath, which evokes the memory of Shaded Moss's recent death. Jagged Peak is nearly killed, but he is saved, and everyone else starts trekking onward.
Gray Wing later creeps along the Thunderpath in search of Bumble's nest, and Storm helps him get into Twolegplace safely.

The First Battle

When Thunder and Lightning Tail meet River Ripple while searching for Turtle Tail and her kits, he says the Twolegplace is full of Thunderpaths and monsters. Thunder states he's never seen a Thunderpath up close, remembering the other cats talking about them. River Ripple decides to come with them, explaining he'll help them with the Thunderpath. However, Thunder can't see one. They near some Twoleg nests, and the gray tabby explains they need to check all of the nests next to the Thunderpath.
A monster awakens and travels over the Thunderpath, nearly killing all three toms. Moments later, another monsters passes over the stone. Lightning Tail suddenly points Thunder in the direction of a body laying next to the Thunderpath, which is Turtle Tail. Monsters begin to move on it, so Thunder, Lightning Tail, and River Ripple move her body. After doing that, the toms meet Flower, who races across the Thunderpath to take them to Tom. They follow the plump tabby-and-white kittypet soon after.
After saving the kits from Tom, Thunder, Lightning Tail, and River Ripple dash across the same Thunderpath Flower crossed before.

Path of Stars

The Thunderpath is briefly mentioned by Slash when he snarls to Violet Dawn that her mate was dumb enough to get himself killed on it.

In The Prophecies Begin arc

Into the Wild

When Firepaw is given a tour of the territory by Lionheart and Tigerclaw, he sees the Thunderpath between ThunderClan and ShadowClan. Later, Firepaw sees an unidentified ShadowClan cat on the ShadowClan side of the Thunderpath.
When Bluestar decides to go to speak with StarClan, she, along with Tigerclaw, Ravenpaw, Graypaw, and Firepaw, all cross a Thunderpath in order to get to the Moonstone. The Thunderpath bordering ShadowClan is later crossed by a patrol to retrieve Frostfur's stolen kits.

Fire and Ice

When Graystripe and Fireheart go to rescue WindClan, the ThunderClan toms find the Clan sheltering underneath a Thunderpath, and must cross a few Thunderpaths to return to their territory.
ThunderClan later has to walk alongside the Thunderpath bordering ShadowClan to get to the Gathering, much to Nightstar's disapproval.
Cinderpaw, Fireheart's apprentice, goes to the Thunderpath to receive a message for Bluestar. However, she is struck by a monster, injuring her for life and ending her warrior apprenticeship.

Rising Storm

Fireheart escorts Whitethroat and Littlecloud across the Thunderpath, and notices a tunnel underneath it, thinking it will make traveling to the Gathering easier. Later Fireheart sees Runningwind's dead body by the Thunderpath and thinks Whitethroat killed him since he is nearby. He chases the ShadowClan tom, who gets hit by a monster and dies.

In The New Prophecy arc


When the six questing cats go on their journey to find Midnight, they cross many Thunderpaths. At the forest, Ravenpaw comes to ThunderClan warning them of Twoleg activity near the Thunderpath, but Firestar dismisses his claims, stating there isn't any danger.


Shrewpaw chases a pheasant across the Thunderpath, but he dies when a monster crushes him. The Clans leave the forest, and cross many Thunderpaths on their way to their new home.


When Leafpool and Crowfeather run away from the Clans, they cross a huge Thunderpath.

In the Power of Three arc


A Thunderpath is seen when the cats are traveling to the Tribe, and it is dotted with Twoleg nests. Lionpaw is excited, comparing it to a bramble.


When the cats looking for Sol are leaving the territories to go to the sun-drown-place looking for him, they need to cross a Thunderpath. Some of the younger warriors accidentally run out onto the Thunderpath without looking and come close to being injured, but escape unscathed.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

Alderpaw and his companions cross a Thunderpath when they start their journey. They cross another large Thunderpath after Sandstorm's death.
When Needlepaw and Alderpaw return to the lake, the have to cross the same Thunderpath from the beginning of their journey.

Shattered Sky

Twigpaw gets chased by dogs, and is trapped in between them and the Thunderpath. She climbs a tree in order to escape the dogs, and stands on a branch above the stone. However, she slips from her place and falls onto the Thunderpath, and finds a monster is about to crush her before she is struck with blackness.
When Dovewing, Tigerheart, and Molewhisker come back from their search for Twigpaw, Dovewing suspects that she is most likely dead, as they spotted her blood and fur near the Thunderpath.

Darkest Night

Two sunrises after a patrol leaves to rescue SkyClan's missing Clanmates, they come across another Thunderpath. It is noted that this Thunderpath smells stronger, and is wider than the many they've crossed before. While crossing the it, Violetpaw freezes in the middle, causing a small green monster to lose control. It crashes into another larger monster, much to Violetpaw's horror. Hawkwing quickly intervenes and drags his daughter off the Thunderpath When the patrol returns from the gorge, they cross a small Thunderpath.
When Alderheart travels to a Twolegplace looking for kittypets that might have six toes, he spots a small dirt Thunderpath that runs into from a cluster of Twoleg dens.

River of Fire

A SkyClan patrol crosses the small dirt Thunderpath that leads to the Twoleg halfbridge bordering ShadowClan and RiverClan as they attempt to save the latter Clan from a fire.
Alderheart later crosses a few Thunderpaths when he goes into Twolegplace to return Velvet's toy, hoping to see her one last time.

The Raging Storm

While traveling to find SkyClan, Twigbranch spots a Thunderpath in the distance.

In The Broken Code arc

The Silent Thaw

Tigerstar and Shadowsight see a Thunderpath when traveling to take Dovewing back to ShadowClan.

Veil of Shadows

Bristlefrost takes Bramblestar's impostor to Squirrelflight's "deathbed," and she stops near a Thunderpath.

Darkness Within

While in the Twolegplace, Rootspring sees a Thunderpath, and notes that there is no way around it. Spotfur wishes to turn back, but Bristlefrost reminds her that they aren't giving up. Rootspring and the rest of the group quickly cross the Thunderpath, which leads into an even bigger Thunderpath. Bristlefrost and Spotfur suddenly get stuck on the path, surrounded by Twolegs and monsters.
Once they are saved, Needleclaw exclaims that this is far too dangerous. She wonders how they will cross the Thunderpath, and Bristlefrost points to a three-eyed post that shines lights as a warning. Seeing that is has stopped the monsters, the group quickly crosses the stone. They later cross many more Thunderpaths as they continue journeying.

In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

Moth Flight follows a moth onto the Thunderpath, and tries to reach out it. However, seeing a monster on the road and about to hit the white she-cat, Gorse Fur, bolts onto the Thunderpath and shoves Moth Flight out of the way, nearly killing himself in the process. Wind Runner is furious with her daughter for endangering both their lives, which causes Moth Flight to leave WindClan temporarily. She then hears a monster on a Thunderpath upon her departure.
When Moth Flight returns to WindClan to announce the establishment of medicine cats, she and Micah cross a Thunderpath and a monster nearly crashes into her.
Moth Flight later helps Wind Runner go past a Thunderpath in order to get to Highstones, and her mother barely makes it across alive.

Tallstar's Revenge

When Tallpaw is exploring the territory with his denmates and their mentors, he hears a faint roar and sees the Thunderpath for the first time, and Dawnstripe tells him he’ll learn how to cross it when he goes to Highstones. When he goes to Outlook Rock for the first time, Tallpaw sees the Thunderpath. He watches the older apprentices see things also near the Thunderpath, such as Twolegs and dogs. Later, Tallpaw is on a border patrol and races Stagleap and Ryestalk to the Thunderpath, and Dawnstripe scolds him for getting too close to it. They then mark the border.
Tallpaw and Shrewpaw are listening at Outlook Rock, and Tallpaw hears monsters going across the Thunderpath. As he patrols the border, Tallpaw notices ShadowClan's border scents on the Thunderpath. He decides it is not worth mentioning, but the patrol members realize ShadowClan has crossed the Thunderpath and is attacking the WindClan camp. Later, the greenleaf visitors leave the WindClan camp and near the Thunderpath in the distance. Dawnstripe explains to Tallpaw that the most dangerous part going to the Moonstone is the Thunderpath. They reach it as the black-and-white apprentice watches monsters move by.
Dawnstripe and Hareflight explain to their apprentices to wait for a gap before crossing the Thunderpath. However, Shrewpaw doesn't listen and bolts across the black stone, Hareflight following after the brown tom. Dawnstripe and Tallpaw relax when both mentor and apprentice appear on the other side of the Thunderpath. Tallpaw and Dawnstripe wait for a gap in the Thunderpath to cross. A gap appears, and the two make it across safely. On the return trip the cats cross without problem.
When Palebird delivers her first kit, Talltail remarks that Woollytail looks like he was dropped on the Thunderpath. After Talltail decides to leave WindClan to follow his destiny, he says goodbye to Barkface at the Thunderpath. He waits for a gap before crossing the acrid black stone safely. He tastes the air, but finds only sharp Thunderpath scent. He notes that the Twoleg dens are between the Thunderpath and Highstones. A little later, he reaches another Thunderpath that cuts into ShadowClan territory.
After he crosses, Talltail hides in the grass. He treks on and runs into a small Thunderpath, and follows it. Hail begins to pound the Thunderpath, making the tom run into a copse of pine trees. When ShadowClan warriors attempt to find Talltail, they decide to check the Thunderpath, and leave. This allows Talltail to escape and continue on his quest to find Sparrow. He dives into some bushes next to the Thunderpath. After eating a mouse in Twolegplace, a dog chases him and he runs across a Thunderpath.
After leaving the Twoleg den with Jake, they find a Thunderpath. Talltail describes the Thunderpath, and Jake explains the silver trunks are Thunderpath lights. They then veer away from the Thunderpath. Talltail sees rising stone and notes its similarity with the Thunderpath. He sees more Thunderpath lights traveling with Jake. They later leave the Twolegplace and enter a field near a Thunderpath. Later, Talltail hears a noise that sounds like a Thunderpath, but Jake explains it's a grass-cutter. However, the scent of the black stone grows stronger as Jake realizes the noise is not a grass-cutter.
After they reach the rogues, Talltail, Jake, and Reena go hunting in the field with Thunderpath stench. After Reena stops Talltail from running off a cliff, the black-and-white tom looks down and finds a huge Thunderpath. He then realizes he can use the cliff to kill Sparrow, imagining him falling onto the black stone, being squashed by a monster. Talltail finds Sparrow, and the rogue explains there is prey near the Thunderpath. Talltail hopes to convince Sparrow to take him there.
Jake hears about his friend's plan to push Sparrow onto the Thunderpath, and tries to convince Talltail it isn't worth it. The next morning, Talltail goes hunting with Sparrow, and tells him to hunt near the Thunderpath, as crows would be there as easy prey. However, emotion overcomes him, but he suddenly realizes Sparrow is slipping off the cliff edge, about to plunge onto the Thunderpath below. Talltail notices there is nowhere for Sparrow to hide from the Thunderpath. He falls down and both toms run alongside the black stone. They find a channel next to the Thunderpath where they can hide.
Later, when Talltail and Jake are returning to the Clans, they scent the Thunderpath bordering ThunderClan and ShadowClan. Despite the danger of the roaring stone, they trek alongside it. A while after Talltail returns to WindClan, he hunts near the Thunderpath border. He notices stems are covered in blood, and realizes ShadowClan is stealing prey. He informs Aspenfall, Dawnstripe, and Plumclaw that ShadowClan is using the Thunderpath tunnel to steal prey. The latter Clan suddenly appear, and Talltail notices Plumclaw is being pushed near the Thunderpath.

Yellowfang's Secret

On Yellowpaw's tour around ShadowClan territory, she and Deerleap approach the Thunderpath. Yellowpaw, not knowing what the Thunderpath is, attempts to touch it, but her mentor warns her to stay back. At the same moment, a monster whizzes by. Deerleap tells her that they keep to the Thunderpath, and will not bother cats. She adds that cats have died on Thunderpaths, making Yellowpaw not want to travel on them. The gray she-cat recalls that Brackenfoot had told her about them in the nursery, but she thought they were a kit's tale. Deerleap confirms the stories are true.
The monster's scent dies away, and Yellowpaw and Deerleap continue their tour. They stick close by the Thunderpath as Yellowpaw watches the monsters go by. Later, Deerleap assigns Foxpaw and Yellowpaw to check out the Thunderpath border. They scent pigeon and WindClan intruders. Foxpaw doesn't believe the dark gray apprentice at first, but Yellowpaw points to the tracks near the Thunderpath. They tell their mentors and Brightflower pelts toward the Thunderpath.
Yellowpaw goes under the tunnel and looks at the monsters on the Thunderpath. When they meet Reedfeather, the WindClan deputy, Stonetooth questions him about the pigeon feathers on the Thunderpath. Later, at the Carrionplace, Archeye shows Yellowpaw a monster, and she compares it to the monsters on the Thunderpath. Deerleap takes Yellowpaw to the Moonstone, trailing next to the Thunderpath. The apprentice notes WindClan scent is wafting over the black stone.
They reach a smaller Thunderpath, making Yellowpaw ask Deerleap if they have to cross it. Her mentor confirms they have to cross, and explains to her how she can sense if the Thunderpath is safe to cross. Yellowpaw watches the black stone intently, and declares it it safe. Deerleap and Yellowpaw then cross the Thunderpath. The apprentice is relieved to be leaving the Thunderpath. Later, Yellowfang remembers the border patrol leaving the Thunderpath to patrol Twolegplace.
Later, Yellowfang nears the Thunderpath while on a border patrol with Crowtail, Hollyflower, and Newtspeck. They investigate the tunnel and find nothing, and continue walking beside the black stone. Archeye mentions the Thunderpath when Yellowfang is about to join his patrol with Wolfstep and Amberleaf. They reach the tunnel and pick up WindClan scent on the ShadowClan side of the Thunderpath. Before they reach the edge of the black stone, they find a WindClan patrol surveying ShadowClan land.
The patrols fight, and WindClan leaves, walking beside the Thunderpath. Later, after Yellowfang becomes a medicine cat apprentice, she follows her Clan beside the Thunderpath, traveling to the Gathering. After Runningpaw becomes Yellowfang's apprentice, she tells him that they'll see the Thunderpath. They reach the Thunderpath, and Runningpaw notes Mudclaw told him about the black stone as monsters travel ahead. Yellowfang tells the gray-and-white tom he will be safe once he knows how to cross it.
She shows him the tunnel, and points into the direction of WindClan territory over the Thunderpath. At the Gathering, Brokenpaw attacks WindClan apprentices, thinking they stole prey from under the Thunderpath. However, Cedarstar quickly breaks up the fighting and apologizes to Heatherstar. Many moons later, Brokentail brings a rabbit into the camp, claiming WindClan killed it through the tunnel. Yellowfang is suspicious, wondering if her forbidden son caught the rabbit after it strayed over the Thunderpath.
Yellowfang decides to follow the patrol to the Thunderpath. At first she can't find any ShadowClan cats, but sees the patrol going under the Thunderpath tunnel. The patrol ends up in a bloody battle, and Cloudpelt is badly wounded. The ShadowClan cats flee through the tunnel. After Raggedstar is found dead by the tunnel, Yellowfang takes Brokentail past the Thunderpath to the Moonstone to receive his nine lives. Later, Yellowfang notes that Brokenstar had sent patrols beyond the Thunderpath just because ThunderClan was slightly over the border.
Deerfoot suggests at a Clan meeting to put a permanent patrol by the Thunderpath. A little later, Yellowfang listens to the battle between ShadowClan and WindClan at the Thunderpath.

Crookedstar's Promise

As Crookedkit runs away from RiverClan camp to go see the Moonstone, he ends up on WindClan territory, where a patrol spots him. Terrified, he pelts away and finds himself on a Thunderpath. A monster barrels toward him, and Crookedkit steps off the Thunderpath to let the monster pass. When it leaves, he sees that a rabbit was killed by the impact. He walks off the Thunderpath, and decides to leave the rabbit's body on it as he leaves.
When at the farm, Fleck teaches Crookedkit how to stay away from the monsters that do not travel on Thunderpaths. On his way back, Crookedkit crosses the Thunderpath and safely makes it across.
Later, Crookedjaw finds out in the Dark Forest that Snowfur died on the Thunderpath. When he returns to the living world, he randomly states Snowfur died, making Oakheart feel sorry for Bluefur. Crookedjaw remarks they are safe, as there are no Thunderpaths on RiverClan's territory.

Bluestar's Prophecy

When traveling to the Moonstone with Pinestar, Bluefur sees the Thunderpath bordering between ThunderClan and ShadowClan, tasting the familiar acrid tang. They reach it, and Pinestar orders her to stay behind, as another monster comes. The leader orders them to cross, and they make it across without problem.
Later, three ShadowClan warriors chase a squirrel across the Thunderpath. Bluefur and Snowfur jump out, attacking them, and they pelt in terror over the Thunderpath when defeated. Snowfur chases after them, but as she crosses the Thunderpath, a monster kills the white she-cat. Her death causes Snowfur's mate, Thistleclaw, is outraged that Bluefur would take a nursing queen to the Thunderpath, knowing it is a dangerous place.

Firestar's Quest

At a Gathering, Blackstar says that they have seen more Twolegs in their territory, and that sometimes they even let their monsters leave the Thunderpaths and crash through the woods.
After Thornclaw and Ashfur return from chasing away the badger that killed Willowpelt, Thornclaw tells Firestar that it went off in the direction of the Thunderpath, hoping a monster killed it. When he returns to camp, Firestar tells Cloudtail that the badger headed for the Thunderpath, and sends a patrol there to make sure it is gone. Later, he explains to the entire Clan what happened, and that the badger had run off towards the Thunderpath. He also mentions sending Cloudtail's patrol to find it.
On the third day of Firestar and Sandstorm's journey, Firestar catches the scent of a Thunderpath on the wind. Sandstorm says they'll have to cross it and there may not be that many monsters. When they round a bend they see the Thunderpath, which goes over a river. Sandstorm says that since it goes over the river they would be safe underneath. Firestar gets an uneasy feeling as they approach the Thunderpath, and they both freeze as a monster picks them out in its glare and then rushes on. They run under the Thunderpath, and when another monster passes over them they flee until they can no longer hear the sounds of monsters.
They skirt along a large Twoleg nest that is swarming with Twolegs, and Firestar finds a large area with similar black stone to the Thunderpath with several monsters on it. As they watch, one of the monsters breaks into a roar and starts onto a small Thunderpath. Sandstorm and Firestar creep to the edge of it and watch as another monster passes them and turns onto the black area. When the Thunderpath is quiet, they make a run across it, just as a monster awakens and ventures onto the stone.
After Sandstorm is swept away by a flood, Firestar returns to the large Twoleg nest. He sneaks around to the back, hoping to cross the Thunderpath again, but finds that it is underwater. He picks his way towards it in the mud, until he finally reaches it. There are no monsters running along the Thunderpath, and Firestar follows it in hopes of tracing the flood back to the river.
As Firestar looks around several Twoleg nests for Sandstorm, he finds a small passageway that opens up into a tangle of Twoleg nests connected by a small Thunderpath. After talking to a snowy-white tom, he finds the black stone of a Thunderpath with several holes swallowing monsters next to it. Firestar attempts to cross the stone, but before he is halfway across a Twoleg monster begins to hunt him. He quickly bolts across and scrabbles over a Twoleg nest.
Later, after Sandstorm saves Firestar from a hostile kittypet, they cross a Thunderpath. They continue traveling alongside the river and reach a narrow Thunderpath, and cross it, scenting no monsters. Firestar climbs up some slippery rocks and looks in the distance, finding monsters traveling on the Thunderpath. When Sky is showing him and Sandstorm around former SkyClan land, Firestar shivers at the mention of monsters tearing up the ground, thinking about how different they are from the normal monsters on the Thunderpath.
Later, after speaking with Hutch, Cherry and Boris lead Firestar to a small Thunderpath. The latter is initially cautious of the monsters, but Boris says the monsters aren't active and the black stone is safe to cross. Hesitant, Firestar looks both ways, and all three cats run across the Thunderpath and make it to the other side. A while later, Sparrowpaw and Firestar are in the Twolegplace, looking for a friend. They jump down in front of a small Thunderpath, and after checking for monsters, they run into Oscar in an alley.

SkyClan's Destiny

When Sharpclaw returns from a patrol, Leafstar is suspicious the deputy is going to Twolegplace. She sniffs his pelt and finds a faint stench of Thunderpath. A short while later, Billystorm and Leafstar are going to Twolegplace to check on Snookpaw, and Billystorm mentions they need to cross a Thunderpath. He also mentions that it is quiet, and there is another Thunderpath after the first one. They cross the first Thunderpath, and then the second one, which feels sticky under Leafstar's paws.
As Snookpaw takes Leafstar and her patrol to the nest of an injured Twoleg, they reach a small Thunderpath that Snookpaw says they have to cross. Leafstar examines the Thunderpath as the cats duck to avoid a monster. They quickly cross the stone after the monster roars by. She is suspicious at Sharpclaw's ease at crossing the Thunderpath. Snookpaw is confused when he doesn't find the Twoleg nest, so the patrol backtracks to the Thunderpath to find a new direction to travel. They then travel alongside the black stone, but find nothing. Snookpaw suddenly realizes where they are and trails alongside the Thunderpath to the nest.
The cats spread out the Twoleg kit's items in a trail for the Twolegs, with Cherrytail placing an item in a tree near a Thunderpath. The trail works, as the Twolegs follow Leafstar over the Thunderpath. However, they stop, but with a pleading wail from the SkyClan leader, they continue to follow her slowly over the black stone. Later, Leafstar follows Sharpclaw taking a patrol to a Twolegplace, and watches Sharpclaw give instructions before they cross. She crosses the Thunderpath shortly after and continues following them.
Billystorm meets up with Leafstar, and he explains that he's seen Sharpclaw and his night patrols cross Thunderpaths. She separates from the tom, and finds the patrol near a small Thunderpath in an alley. Later on, Stick takes a SkyClan patrol to Twolegplace, and they encounter a small Thunderpath. There are no monsters, and the cats cross it with no problems.

Crowfeather's Trial

Yew shows Crowfeather the Twolegplace where he lives, and he finds a Thunderpath wrapping around it like a snake. Yew states he found the injured Nightcloud by the forest, near the Thunderpath. The same path is later encountered by Crowfeather and his Clanmates when they search for Nightcloud. The smoky tom worries that a monster may have gotten his former mate on the Thunderpath, but the scent of it is still bringing them to Twolegplace. However, foxes jump the patrol, and they quickly dash toward the Thunderpath, leaving Hootpaw behind in the process. The cats scramble up the trees, making Crowfeather remember the Thunderpath.
Below, a monster passes on the black stone. Crowfeather notes foxes don't like being near the Thunderpath, which makes the foxes run away moments later. The patrol leaves the trees and walks up next to it, making Hootpaw ask if it's a Thunderpath. Gorsetail replies it is one, wondering if Nightcloud ever took him that far from camp. The apprentice touches the stone with his paw, and bounces back with surprise. Gorsetail explains Thunderpaths are dangerous, and they don't usually go near them. A monster passes by on the Thunderpath, making the gray-and-white she-cat state that they are the reason cats get killed on it. Crowfeather orders the cats to search the Thunderpath for Nightcloud's scent.
He also orders Hootpaw to not venture on the Thunderpath, or he'll face punishments. The gray apprentice finds Nightcloud's scent moments later, and Crowfeather sniffs the space next to the Thunderpath to check it. Crowfeather realizes they are on the wrong side of the stone, as Yew told Nightcloud to seek help in Twolegplace. Breezepelt looks across and doubts the idea, but Heathertail states she would have crossed the Thunderpath to escape the foxes. Crowfeather orders everyone to get ready to cross, and they do moments later, as a monster nearly hits them. Heathertail takes the lead and treks alongside the Thunderpath, easily finding Nightcloud's scent. She finds a hole that Nightcloud may have gone into, and Crowfeather images the black-she cat wanting to get away from the Thunderpath.
Crowfeather scents the Thunderpath as they wait for help from two kittypets. When they rescue Nightcloud, she recounts that she crossed the Thunderpath to get to the Twolegs who helped her. After returning to camp, Hootpaw excitedly tells the other apprentices they crossed the Thunderpath.

Bramblestar's Storm

A patrol consisting of Cherryfall, Mousewhisker, Bumblestripe, and Bramblestar hunt near the old Thunderpath. After the lake floods, water is seen alongside the narrow Thunderpath, trailing a long way from the lake due to the flatter ground. Bramblestar leads his patrol beside it, he notices they can cross the Thunderpath by using a fence surrounding a square of grass and flowers. Bramblestar crawls up it, and upon reaching the top, finds the submerged Thunderpath below. The leader then realizes the patrol will have swim across the stretch of stone, and warns Thornclaw, Dovewing, and Graystripe. The land is noted to be more elevated since the cats left the Thunderpath. After speaking to Mistystar, the patrol returns across the soaked Thunderpath, but get the distracted from a plea for help from a kittypet.
Dovewing finds the wailing is coming from farther up the Thunderpath. Around the corner of it, a black-and-white kittypet is holding on to a piece of wood. They rescue the kittypet, whose name is Minty, and she exclaims there's a lot of water as Graystripe turns toward the Thunderpath. Later, Seedpaw finds the water has risen above the Thunderpath. A patrol traveling to get bedding emerges near the small Thunderpath. The mission is successful, and the patrol continues to follow Bramblestar over another Thunderpath. They find Twolegs traveling over the stone on a water monster, surveying the flooded Twoleg dens.
Later, Frankie crosses over the flooded Thunderpath to venture into Twolegplace, searching for his brother, Benny. He allows Bramblestar to help him search, and they follow the stone to find Frankie's den.

Hawkwing's Journey

When the traveling cats begin their expedition, Billystorm says they must cross a Thunderpath before finding a tree that splits into three. He continues to recite the directions. Later on, the cats pass a Twolegplace and are now crossing some grass with a Thunderpath in the distance. Billystorm explains that they will cross it to avoid the Twoleg kits in the area, and then they will be safe. Suddenly, they are spotted by a Twoleg kit and quickly run across the Thunderpath, but Hawkwing gets stuck. Some liquid is thrown onto the warrior, and he scrambles over the stone, nearly getting hit by a monster in the process.
Hawkwing walks away from the Thunderpath after being laughed at by Pebblepaw. Later, Hawkwing follows Darktail across a narrow Thunderpath, suspicious of what the rogue is doing with the Twoleg food. After SkyClan leaves Ebonyclaw's Twoleg nest after Darktail drives them out of the gorge, they meet two intersecting Thunderpaths. A while later, the cats enter another Twolegplace, with Hawkwing noting they had to occasionally cross Thunderpaths.
Just as Hawkwing begins to feel uncomfortable, Leafstar leads SkyClan over a Thunderpath and into an alleyway with monsters. They run into Shorty, who takes them across a Thunderpath, and the cats continue trekking alongside it until they are led into an open space. As Harley leads the SkyClan cats to Dodge, they cross a Thunderpath under a tunnel. Later, Hawkwing is hunting with Waspwhisker, Pebbleshine, Blossomheart, and Curlypaw. They find a Thunderpath and other unknown scents in a Twolegplace, and suggest to go back.
However, Pebbleshine points out something, and the patrol investigates. Hawkwing finds a stone surface feeling like the Thunderpath, and another Thunderpath leading away from the place. Pebbleshine is inside a Twoleg monster, trying to catch some chickens for the Clan, but the monster awakens and heads for the Thunderpath. Hawkwing clambers onto the stone in pursuit, but the gap between monster and cat gets bigger until it disappears off the Thunderpath into the distance.
When Hawkwing is recalling Parsleyseed leaving SkyClan to become a kittypet, he remembers the tom saying he met kind Twolegs beside a Thunderpath who would take him in. Later, Hawkwing wakes up from a dream of Pebbleshine being taken away, and hopes his Clan will find a place far away from Thunderpaths so he doesn't have to keep thinking about the memory. While he and Plumwillow take the kits away from the Twolegs, Hawkwing notices two Twolegs standing next to a Thunderpath leading into a forest.
After gathering up Fidgetpaw, Waspwhisker, Clovertail, and Birdwing, the Twolegs get into their monsters and travel on the Thunderpath. Later, SkyClan crosses many Thunderpaths full with monsters as they continue traveling. In the manga, Hawkwing mentions Echosong's words of finding the blood trail, noting SkyClan has been looking at Thunderpaths for it. He thinks it reminds him of Pebbleshine every time he stands near the acrid stone.

Tigerheart's Shadow

In the prologue, a black tom is unnerved by a dream of a forest, being used living next to Thunderpaths. When Tigerheart is trying to find where Dovewing went, he realizes his mate is heading toward the Thunderpath. Worried for her, he hopes it will guide her to where she wants to be. Tigerheart reaches the Thunderpath, finding it jammed with many monsters. He wonders if the Twolegs are migrating. He tries looking for a way across the stone path where Dovewing may have crossed, but he gets dizzy and falls asleep.
Tigerheart wakes up to find the Thunderpath empty. Realizing he must go back to ShadowClan, he heads away from the Thunderpath. After returning, he meets an angry Ivypool at the ThunderClan border. He tells her he tracked Dovewing as far as the Thunderpath, but couldn't find her. Later, Tigerheart leaves ShadowClan in favor of finding Dovewing, and pounds toward the Thunderpath. He knows the gray she-cat will be far beyond it. By dawn, Tigerheart has crossed the Thunderpath.
He finds a Twolegplace with many Thunderpaths, and decides to travel there to see if he can get information on Dovewing's whereabouts. The tom then finds a Thunderpath, and after a monster whizzes by, he decides to cross. However, a ginger kittypet tackles him. After the kittypet leaves, Tigerheart continues to follow the Thunderpath. As Fuzzball leads him to Ajax, he is wary of the monsters sleeping beside the Thunderpaths. When they meet him, Ajax talks about his former Twoleg den to Fuzzball and Tigerheart, explaining how the Thunderpaths looked so tiny from the top of the Twoleg dens.
On their way to the gorse-spined den, the cats dart across Thunderpaths while Tigerheart explains to Fuzzball explains how certain skills can help anyone be a warrior. Later, Tigerheart is following the Silverpath, scenting Thunderpaths and monsters. He then finds a Thunderpath arching over the Silverpath. A while later, Tigerheart and his new friend Dash watch the rot pile cats trot toward the Thunderpath. The two cats them travel alongside the black stone. They then reach a Thunderpath crossroads, where Dash explains to wait for a green light before crossing.
They cross and reach another Thunderpath, and cross many more on their way to the gorse-spined den. When Tigerheart meets Dovewing inside the den, he explains he didn't have the energy to cross the Thunderpath. Later, Tigerheart follows some guardian cats beside Thunderpaths to check out a fox that's been nearby. He is alarmed when Fierce says they'll have to cross more Thunderpaths, but Cobweb claims there is a route where they can safely cross. They find several Thunderpaths, with one arching into the air. Cinnamon explains that the herbs grow under that Thunderpath, making Tigerheart confused on how to get there.
Fierce takes the cats beside the Thunderpath into a tunnel, and after some time, emerge on a slope next to it. He gets cold underneath the Thunderpath's shadow, and shivers as he searches for a fox den. Two foxes then chase the cats away, and Tigerheart lands on grass between two Thunderpaths. The next day, Tigerheart crouches near the arching Thunderpath, preparing to fight the foxes. Spire meows, causing a fox to appear next to the Thunderpath's stone leg. After the fight begins, the vixen fox appears next to it. The day after the successful fight, Tigerheart scents only Thunderpath where the fox den is.
He follows Spire as he leaves the den. The black tom is by a chestnut tree near a Thunderpath. Monsters stop beside it as Twolegs hop out to do their yowling time. When Tigerheart scents the gray she-cat from the day before, he stops the other guardian cats who are ready to cross the Thunderpath. After a brief argument with Fog, He, Dovewing, and the other guardian cats finally cross it. They then chase rats, with the prey turning away from the Thunderpath.
When Tigerheart rescues Pouncekit from a Twoleg trap, he remembers how vulnerable his family is near Thunderpaths and other places in the city. He notes the next morning the quiet Thunderpaths as he follows Tuna to the former camp of Fog's group, along with a few guardian cats. Tuna then takes them alongside one with a street post. After clawing a fox on its muzzle, Tigerheart runs across a deserted Thunderpath, with the foxes not far behind. Nearing the end of their plan, the cats cross another Thunderpath, while Tigerheart is hooked back by Dovewing.
The foxes dart across the Thunderpath, and the guardian cats attack them. The next day, Dovewing's kits go missing, making the queen fret if they wandered onto a Thunderpath. However, Pipsqueak says they're too clever to do that. Later, Dovewing waits to cross the Thunderpath before she pelts across the stone. After Tigerheart and Dovewing leave the guardian cats with their kits along with Ant, Blaze, Cinnamon, and Spire, they reach a Thundersnake camp. He remembers how easy it was to cross the Thunderpaths.
When Spire goes missing, Tigerheart, Dovewing, and Blaze search for him. Finding a Thunderpath, Tigerheart asks Blaze if he sees anything, but the tom says no. Dovewing notices a Twoleg nest beside it, and the cats decide to investigate it. Blaze determines Spire crossed the Thunderpath to get to the Twoleg nest. He crosses the Thunderpath, and Tigerheart and Dovewing follow him soon after. Later, Spire claims they have to cross a river by going across a Thunderpath bridge.
Despite some of the cats not wanting to cross, they cross anyway due to Spire's insisting. Suddenly, to everyone's horror, the Thunderpath begins to lift into the air. The stretch of stone splits into two. Tigerheart panics when he finds Pouncekit hanging onto the edge with her claws, but Spire leaps up and throws the kit onto the Thunderpath. However, the black tom cannot keep a firm grip on the Thunderpath drawbridge, and falls to his death. Tigerheart and Blaze stand at the edge of the Thunderpath in disbelief.
Blaze finds a Thunderpath in the distance and suggests for the cats to follow the way Spire was going. Lightkit asks if they're going to follow the monsters on it, but Tigerheart says no. After Berryheart starts kitting, Tigerheart notes that Ant found a forest untainted by the Thunderpath. Later, Shadowkit explains to Tigerheart that he saw the lake beyond the Thunderpath Spiresight wanted them to cross.

Squirrelflight's Hope

As Leafstar and Squirrelflight explore the new territory, she finds a Thunderpath cutting through the terrain.

Graystripe's Vow

Graystripe recalls that the Twolegs destroyed the old forest to create more Thunderpaths and Twoleg dens. Later, during Graystripe's time in the past as ThunderClan's temporary leader, Russetfur informs him that BloodClan has been scented near the Thunderpath opposite of their territory. After she and Rowanclaw leave, Graystripe tells Ashfur to lead a patrol to that Thunderpath to check for BloodClan scent, and then informs Brambleclaw and Dustpelt that they're going with him to the other Thunderpath to see if BloodClan was there as well.
While traveling to it, Graystripe notices how alert Brambleclaw is. When they get closer to the Thunderpath, the skies cloud over and rain begins to fall, making Graystripe worry that it'll wash all BloodClan scent away. The tang of the Thunderpath penetrates the rain, and he sees monsters traveling on it while noting that thick bushes bordering the edge of the hard black stone. Later, after fighting BloodClan, Graystripe notices the pregnant she-cat in one of the Thunderpath bushes and prepares for her to call to her friends, but she says nothing.
Later, in the present, Graystripe encounters a Thunderpath while nearing the forest. Refusing to check for monsters, he moves forward onto the stone, and a monster emerges from a bend. Graystripe leaps off the Thunderpath into the bushes, just avoiding the monster. Twolegs get out of the monster and search for him, however, they search the bushes opposite to Graystripe and he runs away while they are distracted. As he nears the Moonstone, Graystripe notes that the forest has mostly been replaced by snaking Thunderpaths brimming with monsters.
Graystripe soon finds himself on Thunderpath stone, being persued by a monster. After speaking with a tabby she-cat, he walks alongside the Thunderpath, which is lit up by tiny orange suns on stone trees. Graystripe deduces that he is on WindClan territory, and it is now Thunderpaths and Twoleg dens instead of moorland. He briefly hides fron a monster, then continues stumbling alongside the Thunderpath until he reaches an open area near it. Later, Graystripe sees the river and other parts of the forest territory, but sees the Thunderpaths and air drains out of him.
After teaching the cats of WarriorClan hunting moves for nearly the entire day, Graystripe heads out toward the Moonstone again, hoping to find a way to it without meeting any Thunderpaths. The WarriorClan cats follow him, and he instructs them to stop upon reaching the Thunderpath. While Bigteeth claims to know how to cross, Graystripe says that he'll show them how warriors do it. He tells them to wait until there are no monsters, then cross. He gives the order to run, and the kittypets quickly dash across, finding it exciting.
Chester asks to do it again, and Graystripe tells him that they can on the way back from Highstones. When the WarriorClan cats, with the exception of Monkeystar and Clawwhistle, decide to go back, Graystripe warns them about the Thunderpath and Chester acknowledges him with his tail. Later, Graystripe and Fang go to the stinking Twoleg den and cross a Thunderpath near it. Later, Graystripe jumps up to a windowsill inside the Twoleg nest, and he sees the Thunderpath he crossed earlier with Fang.
After the trapped cats are freed, Graystripe hears a birdsong-like noise coming from the Thunderpath. A Twoleg comes by, performs some activity, and then leaves a while later, heading back toward the Thunderpath. When the Twoleg disappears, Graystripe leads the WarriorClan and Twoleg den cats across the black stone and into the forest nearby. Just as everyone has rested enough and moved on, Fang shouts a warning about an incoming monster on the Thunderpath. As everyone hides, a white monster rolls up on the path, making Graystripe panic and urge the group to get a move on.
The cats watch as the Twolegs in black-and-white assist the elderly Twoleg who lived in the nest into the monster. Petunia tries to follow her Twoleg, wailing, but she is stopped and the monster moves away without her. Graystripe runs onto the Thunderpath to try and talk to Petunia, impatiently flexing his claws on the stone. Twolegs notice them and they run across the Thunderpath, but Graystripe suddenly realizes that he and Petunia have accidentally alerted the Twolegs to the other cats' location. While Sunflower leads the rest of the older cats toward the Thunderpath, Graystripe leads the others away from it and out of sight.

In the Novellas

Shadowstar's Life

When dogs chase Sun Shadow and Shadowstar, they run parallel to the Thunderpath in an attempt to get rid of them. In StarClan, the she-cat notes she lost one of her lives on the Thunderpath when a monster hit her. Later, a cat pushes Shadowstar onto the Thunderpath and she quickly rolls away from a monster. She decides to speak to Skystar when she realizes it is Quick Water who pushed her, and nearly gets run over crossing the Thunderpath again. Later, Bubbling Stream suggests to hunt near the Thunderpath.

Pinestar's Choice

On Pinepaw's first tour of ThunderClan territory, Mistpelt shows him the Thunderpath. The apprentice notes that the monsters aren't frightening, knowing that they will not leave it. Mistpelt explains they will not cross it, but they will when Pinepaw goes to the Moonstone. Mentor and apprentice then go to the river, and he says it looks like a watery Thunderpath. A moon later, ShadowClan invades ThunderClan territory, but they are defeated and flee into the Thunderpath tunnel. Later, Doefeather leads a patrol over a small Thunderpath to scare some kittypets.
When Pinestar collapses in Twolegplace from his emotions, Shanty runs across a small Thunderpath to get to her friend. However, she freezes as a monster nears her. Pinestar bolts onto the Thunderpath in an attempt to save her, but he is too late and she dies. After leaving ThunderClan to live life as a kittypet, Pinestar passes the Thunderpath where Shanty died.

Goosefeather's Curse

When Swiftpaw goes missing, Doestar mentions the Thunderpath and Snakerocks have already been searched, and the apprentice hasn't been found.

Spottedleaf's Heart

Bluefur tells Spottedpaw, who is searching for Stormtail, that he may be by the Thunderpath. However, Rosetail points out she just checked the border there.

Blackfoot's Reckoning

Upon arriving in StarClan, Blackfoot sees Whitethroat, remembering that he died on the Thunderpath. Later, in a past memory, Blackfoot and Brokenstar meet Deadfoot and Tallstar near the edge of the Thunderpath, and monsters rush along it as they talk. When Brokenstar suggests hunting on WindClan land, it is noted that Tallstar wants to leap across the Thunderpath to attack Brokenstar, angered by his ideas. Brokenstar and Blackfoot then cross the path in ordre to follow Tallstar and Deadfoot back to the WindClan camp.

Pebbleshine's Kits

While on a hunting patrol, Pebbleshine finds a place with the same hard stuff as a Thunderpath, with Twoleg monsters surrounding a den. There is also a Thunderpath leading off into the distance. After Pebbleshine successfully manages to kill a chicken, the monster she is in awakens and begins to move. She sees monsters pass by on the distant Thunderpath, and is too fearful to jump out to safety. Hawkwing desperately lunges to save his mate, but only hits the hard surface below. The monster moves faster as it reaches the Thunderpath, making it impossible for him to reach Pebbleshine. She tries to remember landmarks and remembers the Thunderpath is near a stream, but she gives up and falls asleep as the monster continues along the Thunderpath.
When she wakes up, Pebbleshine finds the Twoleg monster has stopped on a Thunderpath cutting through long grass. Jumping out, the speckled she-cat sees the Thunderpath is made of earth and tracks, and wonders if she could follow them back to Hawkwing. She does so, but eventually reaches the end of it, which connects to a larger Thunderpath. The chicken monster's tracks have also vanished where the Thunderpaths meet. Pebbleshine sits down by the edge of the earth, and sees something similar to Barley's barn on the horizon. After saying goodbye to Bug and Bunny, they head back toward the Thunderpath, and Pebbleshine can see Bug and Bunny sitting next to each other.
As she treks alongside the Thunderpath, monsters pass by Pebbleshine while she gets lost in thought. She finds the monster she has been looking for, and jumps off the stone and into it. When the Twolegs in the monster spot her and open the door, Pebbleshine runs away from the Thunderpath and into an unfamiliar Twolegplace, glancing back at where she came from. When she agrees to allow Olive and Milo to take her to a water source, Pebbleshine follows them near the Thunderpath. She asks the kittypets if they know a place with Thunderpath-like stone, which they confirm and even offer to take her there. Shocked, Pebbleshine agrees. They follow a thin Thunderpath, and Milo informs Pebbleshine they'll have to walk by most Thunderpaths to get to the monster camp.
When Pebbleshine begins her kitting, she staggers toward a distant Thunderpath full of monsters, and finds a dark tunnel underneath it. The next day after her kitting, Pebbleshine sees dusk gather near the Thunderpath tunnel. However, the scent of badger suddenly overwhelms the scent of the stone. The badger runs onto the Thunderpath and Pebbleshine gives chase, but moments later, a monster hits her and sends her into darkness. She wakes up to find her body on the Thunderpath, and is shocked to find a Twoleg wrapping her injured self in a pelt. After waking up in StarClan, Pebbleshine remembers the monsters and tang of the Thunderpath. Micah shows her via a pool the Thunderpath, and two other cats about to take her kits to the Clans. She watches a silver-gray she-cat tell off a ginger tom about the Thunderpath and goes into the tunnel beneath it. Pebbleshine hopes Hawkwing will travel through Twolegplaces and Thunderpaths to find her, even if she's dead.

Tree's Roots

Earth thinks about how the world stretches beyond land and Thunderpaths. After leaving to go on his wander, Earth is blinded by the light of a monster on a Thunderpath, which he believes is lightning. He wakes up by the black stone and overhears the Sisters destroying the evidence of their camp's existence. When he tracks the Sisters, Earth catches the scent of a Thunderpath and finds it brimming with monsters moments later. He hopes Moonlight took them far away from the acrid place. Earth crosses the Thunderpath and scrambles into the soft grass, nearly getting hit by a monster in the process.
He finds the scent of the Sisters again, and continues to track it. Later, Earth, who is now Tree, hears a Thunderpath as he rests with Pebbleshine. The ghost of Root warns Tree that he and Pebbleshine are in danger, and the yellow tom heeds the warning and guides Pebbleshine toward the Thunderpath. They agree to cross it when a fox bursts out from a clump of bracken. After the fox is driven off, they both cross, and Tree thanks Root for saving their lives.

Daisy's Kin

While in the Twolegplace searching for Coco, Smoky says that they must cross a narrow Thunderpath. After a brief period, everyone gets across safely, and Smoky then remarks that he sees Coco's Twoleg nest.

Spotfur's Rebellion

Bramblestar walks into camp, announcing that Squirrelflight was killed by a monster on the Thunderpath.

In the Graystripe's Adventure arc

Warrior's Refuge

Graystripe and Millie must cross a large Thunderpath, but they cross despite Millie's fear of it.

Warrior's Return

Graystripe and Millie cross several Thunderpaths on their quest to find the Clans' new home. Graystripe, while arguing with Millie, is hit by a monster, and is wounded. They stay at Mac's Truckstop while he heals, then they ride on a monster to sun-drown-place.

In the Field Guides

The Ultimate Guide

On Turtle Tail's page, it is mentioned she was killed by a monster on the Thunderpath while trying to find her kits.

Secrets of the Clans

Squirrelflight mentions that the old Thunderpath near the hollow was used by Twolegs for a long time before the Clans traveled to the lake territories. Snowfur also describes how she was killed on the Thunderpath after attempting to chase ShadowClan warriors away from ThunderClan territory.
In the section describing how the Moonstone was found, Windstar was taking a patrol near the Thunderpath when her daughter, Mothflight, crossed it chasing a blue feather. She does not notice an oncoming monster, and her father Gorsefur darts onto the Thunderpath and saves her life by pushing her aside.
When Barley is retelling on how he escaped BloodClan, he was crossing a Thunderpath when a monster suddenly came for him. He bolted away and climbed up a tree to escape. Later, Tawnypelt uses the term boat, meaning the Clans differ the boats from monsters traveling on the Thunderpath.

Code of the Clans

It is revealed that Brackenfoot despises Thunderpaths. He waits for the monsters to pass, and crosses it. Archeye spots a dead pigeon on the stone, but Brackenfoot does not want to take it. As Mossheart and Lilyfur try to stop the battling cats in Code Fourteen, they burst out next to a Thunderpath in the trees.



Author statements

  • Cherith says the Clan cats will never really understand what monsters and Thunderpaths really are.[26]

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