Thundersnake is a term that cats use for trains.[1] Thundersnakes can only stay on given paths, or Silverpaths, as referred to by cats.[1] The term Thundersnake is usually only used by cats who don't live in the city.[source?] Thundersnakes are primarily used for the transportation of Twolegs, but can also transport other items.[source?]  


Thundersnakes move very fast. They are composed of several carriages, all linked to one monster, that is known to growl often and make a lot of noise. When inside tunnels, a light on the front of the monster activates, lighting up the tunnel. Thundersnakes can only stay on tracks, and never leave them. Thundersnakes used for Twoleg transportation frequently stop at Twoleg dens called stations. There, gaps open on the side of the Thundersnake open, and Twolegs rush in and out of the carriage.[2]
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In the Super Editions

Tigerheart's Shadow

Ajax and Tigerheart are seen by a Thundersnake. Ajax nudges Tigerheart and tells him to jump on before it closes and that it will lead to the Twolegplace. Tigerheart blinks and says he's never going into the belly of a Thundersnake, Ajax argues its okay, and he's been in one before. Ajax then explained that inside a Thundersnake is loud and smelly and full of Twolegs. Ajax's Housefolk carried him in a cage, Ajax jokes that he survived. Tigerheart meows he will walk instead.

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