"It's tough hunting out there. But we're a Clan. We protect each other and take care of each other. And we're the best hunters of any Clan in the forest...If we don't give up, we can feed every cat!"
Lightning Tail to ThunderClan in Thunderstar's Echo, chapter 2
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Violet Dawn and Milkweed sit in the nursery, making idle conversation while the rain pours down. They talk about being hungry before kitting, as a she-cat's body prepares to make kits grow strong. The she-cats watch Patch Pelt and Beech Tail play, wrestling on the nursery floor. Milkweed gently stops them, as they're kicking up mud. Thunderstar reflects that it's been raining so much that it's been hard to catch prey in the past few days. He glances at Violet Dawn's swelling flank, feeling anxious.
A hunting patrol consisting of Owl Eyes, Leaf, and Clover and returns with a meager catch. They're soaked and grumpy, and Thunderstar asks if that's all they got. Leaf drops his prey, replying that the rain has washed all the scent trails away. Clover asks Cloud Spots to take a look at her leg, as she sprained it when stepping in some mud. The medicine cat agrees to, and beckons her and Shivering Rose to follow him back to the medicine den.
The prey that the patrol is quickly given to the two queens and their kits. Violet Dawn insists that she share something with Milkweed, and that she doesn't need her own piece. Thunderstar feels that it is his responsibility to feed the Clan, and decides to take out another hunting party. Owl Eyes and Leaf protest, saying that the weather is terrible and all the prey is holed up in their dens. The ginger leader growls at them, and then insists that Thistle, Apple Blossom, and Gooseberry will come with him. They dismally start to gather together, unpleased to have been chosen. Lightning Tail gives a quick uplifting message of encouragement, insisting that they are a Clan, and every cat can be fed with some effort. The patrol's cats brighten up, starting to feel proud.
During the hunt, Apple Blossom finds a nest full of mice, and Thunderstar thinks that'll go a long way in the Clan. The leader catches a fat pigeon from under a bush, helped by his Clanmates. He is satisfied with what they have caught, especially in this weather. As the shadows grow darker, the patrol returns to camp .The cats of ThunderClan welcome them back, and each come forward to take their share. Thunderstar meows that everyone will have to share, but that each cat gets something. Milkweed walks closer to fetch her prey, but freezes mid-step upon scenting something. She asks Thunderstar if he smells it too, but before any cat can move, the sound of barking erupts outside camp.




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