"What? I get to be alive again, and Lightning Tail has to stay dead? That’s not fair! He only died because he saved me."
Thunderstar to Gray Wing in Thunderstar's Echo, chapter 6
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Chapter Number: 6 (of 10)
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Chapter description

Lightning Tail and Thunderstar run from the dogs, but are soon outpaced and cornered. The leader comes up with a plan, saying that they should be able to trick them. He bolts forward, making an opening for Lightning Tail to run free. However, Thunderstar is caught by the lead dog and begins to get attacked. Lightning Tail comes back to help, but the ginger tom mentally tells him to run and save himself. With a new burst of energy, Thunderstar helps his Clanmate fight off the dogs, just long enough to make a run for it.
The two streak away, running back up the hill into the trees. They stop at the foot of a large oak, both sinking to the ground. Thunderstar thanks Lightning Tail for coming back for him, even when he didn't have to. The deputy replies that he couldn't leave him, because that's not what a Clan cat does. Thunderstar asks if they're dying, and Lightning Tail answers that as a leader, the ginger tom will go on because he has nine lives. Slowly, the world becomes more dim, and the leader sinks into a sea of blackness. They wake in StarClan, and Gray Wing comes to greet them.
Both toms wake up in an unknown place, wondering how to get back to ThunderClan. Gray Wing tells them that they are in StarClan and says that Lightning Tail can join StarClan now. He says his parents, Hawk Swoop and Jackdaw's Cry, are waiting for him and will be glad to see him. Thunderstar states that Lightning Tail shouldn't stay dead because he died saving him The black tom tells his leader that StarClan gave him nine lives for a reason, and he must go on, and he'll be a good father. He says he'll watch him from StarClan, and will always be right next to him. Lightning Tail adds that he knows he'll find the right cat to be the new deputy.
The sunny clearing then fades to black, sucking Thunderstar along with it. The leader awakens, groggily, the memories of what's happened hitting him. He is amazed that he's still alive, knowing that he'd died not that long ago. Thunderstar grieves for Lightning Tail, and decides to sit vigil for him. He shares company over his friend all night, for the last time.





Important events


  • Lightning Tail: Killed by a dog bite[1]

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