"If the Twolegs had patrolled their territory properly, they would have seen the hole, but Thunderstar had always heard that Twolegs were lazy and unobservant. But what if he could show the Twolegs the hole?"
Thunderstar's solution to the fence hole the dogs are using in Thunderstar's Echo, chapter 7
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As the sun rises, Thunderstar wearily rises to his feet. He begins to bury Lightning Tail, and thinks that he'll return home. However, a thought stops him and the leader knows he needs to finish what he started. Thunderstar covers his friend in some stalks of long grass, then heads toward the Twolegplace. He soon reaches a good vantage point, and watches the dogs from above. Thunderstar decides to take a different approach, because covering the hole with Lightning Tail didn't work. He tries to roll a rock down a hill to block the entrance, but it is derailed by a stray branch or bump along the way. The leader is disappointed, and looks over to see the dogs now basking in the sun.
Thunderstar notices the Twolegs moving around in their dwelling, and an idea comes to him. He wonders if they know that their dogs are sneaking out, because they might be wanted to guard the monsters. The leader thinks that they'd cover the hole if they knew about it, but likely haven't noticed. The tom slinks forward, wary, because these dogs had already killed him once. Thunderstar begins to climb the wire fence, getting as close to the Twolegs as he can. He yowls as loud as he can, jumping over the top. He hears a startled voice from a Twoleg as the dogs begin to chase him, barking loudly.
The leader runs, and expecting to feel claws in his pelt. He bolts across the top of a dead monster, feeling its' warm surface against his paws. Thunderstar races out of the yard and through the hole in the fence. He dashes up a tree, catching his breath from bolting away so fast. When he looks back, he can see the Twolegs holding their dogs by the collar. Thunderstar feels great relief when they point at the hole, then start to fix it with a new piece of silver netting. He is saddened that this couldn't have been done yesterday, but is happy ThunderClan is safe.
Thunderstar then pads back to where Lightning Tail is and looks down at his friend's body. He picks a sunny spot beneath an oak tree for his grave, since the deputy had always liked to bask in the sun. Thunderstar struggles to dig the grave, thinking that it's much harder than the rogue's grave he'd dug with his deputy yesterday. He wonders how he can possibly be a good father, if he'd failed to protect his best friend. However, the tom reassures himself that Violet Dawn will help, and perhaps Lightning Tail will watch over his family from StarClan. Once it's finally complete, the leader gently pushes his friend into the grave. The ginger tom says his final goodbyes, saying that he'll never forget Lightning Tail. He sadly turns away, beginning the long walk back to camp.




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