"We'll never forget Lightning Tail. He was brave and strong and good, and we were lucky to have him."
Violet Dawn to ThunderClan in Thunderstar's Echo, chapter 8
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While it's still dark, Thunderstar slips back into camp. He is exhausted, and quickly heads to his den. The leader waves his tail at Leaf, who is guarding camp. As Thunderstar sits in the nest beside his mate, he can feel the kits, inside her squirm. He rolls over and bumps into Violet Dawn, which causes her to wake. She greets him and reports on what's happened since he's been away. The queen says that Owl Eyes made an excellent replacement while he was away, though she was too tired to help. Thunderstar worries over her, but she insists Milkweed said it was normal to not sleep well before kitting.
The queen notices Thunderstar's somber mood and asks him what's wrong. She questions if the dogs are taken care of, or if they'll have to move camp. He hesitates to upset her, but replies that the dogs are taken care of, and pauses again. Thunderstar decides to tell her what really happened, as she's never shied from the truth before. The leader tells her about Lightning Tail's death, and how he saved his life. Thunderstar continues that he was killed too, but came back due to StarClan's nine lives. She lets out a mournful wail of grief, sinking into her nest. The whole Clan wakes up, asking what's happened.
Violet Dawn says everyone needs to know what happened, and nudges her mate out of the den. She insists on coming with him, even though she's tired from not sleeping well. Thunderstar goes out and announces Lightning Tail's death, and how he died valiantly. He reports that the dogs have been taken care of, and they're now safe. Many of the cats look sad, and some begin to comment on how wonderful their deputy was. Thunderstar feels worried they'll blame him for Lightning Tail's death, since the black tom died saving him. However, his Clanmates show only grief on their faces, which then fades to love.
Violet Dawn says that he will be forever remembered as a wonderful deputy. The camp stays somber for the next two days as everyone grieves Lightning Tail. Every cat slowly moves around the clearing, wrapped in their own sorrow. Violet Dawn says that this isn't right, as the former deputy wouldn't want them to act like this. She suggests to her mate that he pick a new deputy to cheer the Clan up. He considers it, but asks who he could pick. Violet Dawn suggests Owl Eyes, due to how well he worked as a temporary one while he was gone. He thinks about it, but before he can decide, Violet Dawn gasps that the kits are coming.





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