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In the Dawn of the Clans arc

The Sun Trail

Thunder is born to Storm and Clear Sky in a Twoleg monster den, along with two other unnamed kits.
After the monster den collapses, his mother and siblings die, and he is the only one to survive. When he makes a tiny movement in the dust, it alerts Gray Wing. He turns his head in disbelief to see that Thunder was stirring, and realizes that he wasn't dead. As the walls around him begin to shake, he then digs away the rubble that partly covers Thunder's body, and grabs him by the scruff. When the walls finally collapse, he drags him clear, though stumbling into the debris of the monster den. Turtle Tail shoves Gray Wing around the corner, and asks him where Storm was. He then sets down Thunder gently, and tells her that Storm and the other two kits were dead, but Thunder was alive. The two crouch side by side, and lick him vigorously until he begins to squirm feebly and lets out a tiny wail. Turtle Tail states that Thunder was going to live, and offers to help the gray tom take him back into the forest.
Despite Gray Wing's protests, Turtle Tail gently lifts Thunder by his scruff, and sets down the path. When they leave Twolegplace and into the outlying trees, they stop to catch their breath, and Turtle Tail puffs out a sigh as she lets Thunder down. Turtle Tail explains to him that it wasn't his fault that Storm died, and tells him that this time was different than Bright Stream's death; there was a survivor, who was Clear Sky's son. She then bends her head to lick Thunder's ear, and tells him to take him to his father. Instinctively, Gray Wing reaches out a paw to scoop Thunder towards himself, not wanting to lose this last connection to Storm. He tells Turtle Tail that he loved Storm, and Turtle Tail replies that she knew, but the kit was not his son.
Gray Wing tells her that he didn't know what to call him, and Turtle Tail bends her face close to Thunder's, and brushes her muzzle against his. She asks him what was his name, and Thunder, bewildered, squeaks that he didn't know. Gray Wing says that Storm did not decide on names yet, and Turtle Tail glances back at the Twolegplace. She suggests the name Thunder for the kit, stating that he was born of Storm, in the midst of a storm of stones and dust, yet he survived. Thunder lets out a high pitched mew, and Turtle Tail exclaims that she thinks he agrees.
Hesitantly, Gray Wing takes Thunder into Clear Sky's territory, to be stopped by two cats, Petal and Frost. Thunder is terrified of them, but they let him and Gray Wing in. Clear Sky asks who Thunder is, and Gray Wing tells him about the death of Storm and her two other kits. Clear Sky is distraught, and refuses to look after his son. Gray Wing takes Thunder to the moors, and Thunder asks why Clear Sky didn't want him.
Gray Wing explains to the group about Thunder, and Hawk Swoop's gaze softens as she looks at Thunder. She says that she will look after him and give him milk, as she was close enough to kitting. Jackdaw's Cry protests that it isn't fair that his mate should be expected to take care of a kit that isn't hers, but Dappled Pelt says she had made her decision. After some quarreling, the other cats agree to keep Thunder. Gray Wing pads up to Thunder, who heard it all. Gray Wing rests his muzzle upon Thunder's head, and tells him that from now on, he will be his father.

Thunder Rising

Thunder first appears in the prologue when he has a dream. He sees his mother, Storm and she starts grooming him like when he was a very young kit. Thunder finds the meeting strange, but at the same time familiar, as in the waking world, he cannot remember a single thing about his mother, but in his dream, he instantly recognizes her. Storm tells him the story of how she met his father, Clear Sky. Thunder sees a cat in the distance, and he instantly knows it is his father. He wants to speak with him, but Storm tells him it is not the time. Storm comments that he has a lot of his father in him. As he begins to awake, Storm tells him that when the time is right, he will make things right with his father.
Thunder is seen wrestling happily with Hawk Swoop's kits, Lightning Tail and Acorn Fur as Gray Wing watches them affectionately. Gray Wing notes that they are big and strong, twice the size of his younger sister, Fluttering Bird, and he is determined that all three will grow into strong cats. Gray Wing takes them for a hunting lesson and upon catching a rabbit, Thunder congratulates him. When Thunder tries to hunt himself he instinctively adapts a forest hunting technique, dropping to a crouch and pressing his belly against the ground. Gray Wings tells him that although that method would work in the forest, on the moor, he has to rely on speed. Thunder is frustrated and tries to catch a mouse, but misses. He apologizes to Gray Wing, who assures him he will do better next time. Gray Wing notes that Thunder is rather clumsy, due to his large paws, but he will grow into a great, powerful cat someday, that his time will come, but he must be patient.
Thunder manages to catch a bird, but rather than praising him, Gray Wing cannot help but be reminded of Clear Sky in the way that Thunder leaped. Turtle Tail says that Thunder will become a great hunter and Gray Wing agrees. Gray Wing tells Turtle Tail that Lightning Tail got his name because he was always hanging around Thunder, that they were 'a storm in the making'. Gray Wing tells Thunder, Acorn Fur and Lightning Tail to go play and they scamper off. After barreling into Turtle Tail, Lightning Tail cowers, terrified behind Thunder.
Later, Thunder is seen watching Shattered Ice as he leaves camp to hunt. He tells Gray Wing that he wants to hunt too, but Gray Wing tells him not right now. After an encounter with dogs, Gray Wing asks where Thunder is. Rainswept Flower says that they last saw him when Turtle Tail has just arrived. Tall Shadow says they should search the camp. They find no sign of Thunder and Jagged Peak is also found to be missing.
Thunder has gone with Shattered Ice to the forest. Thunder cannot imagine anywhere he would rather be than the forest and seems to be very happy beneath the cover of trees. He says that it is much better than chasing rabbits on the moor. He has told Shattered Ice that he got permission to go out with him and is worried he will be sent back to camp. He decides to hunt, finding it so much more natural to be stalking through the undergrowth than chasing rabbits across the moorland. He makes a catch of a small creature, which Shattered Ice tells him is a shrew. He shoves the shrew under a bush and follows Shattered Ice; they have decided to go deeper into the forest to find larger prey. Thunder comments that they should not be in the forest and wonders if any of his father's cats had spotted them. Shattered Ice agrees, saying that the forest was not for kits and that he should never have let Thunder come.
Thunder spots a rabbit in the forest and declares to Shattered Ice that he will show him how he hunts. He takes off towards it, forgetting to be cautious. The rabbit hears him and disappears into its burrow. Thunder is upset, but Shattered Ice tells him he will help him hunt. Shattered Ice gets him to crouch and listen for small prey in the bushes. They are interrupted by two of Clear Sky's cats. Thunder is surprised when Shattered Ice doesn't attack them. When Petal lashes at Shattered Ice, Thunder yowls for Petal to stop. Falling Feather and Moon Shadow come to help them, and when they are asked to leave, Thunder asks why he cannot see his father. The cats explain that Clear Sky cannot pick favorites, as he has to help every cat survive. When the moor cats depart, Thunder hears dogs in the distance. Thunder tries to attack the dogs, but Shattered Ice leaves him, making Thunder think he is a coward. He tries to rescue Jagged Peak by shoving him in a tunnel to be safe from the dogs. However, the tunnel collapses on Jagged Peak. Wind and Gorse are able to rescue him.
Thunder and Gray Wing soon go hunting after. Gray Wing finds himself annoyed at Thunder's instinct to stalk rather than run, and tries to persuade him to run. The next day, Gray Wing wakes up, smelling smoke. He realizes that the forest is on fire, and tries to go to help Clear Sky's cats, Thunder with him. Gray Wing and Thunder run across a wall of flames, and Thunder wonders if they can jump over it. They see Moon Shadow, who is on fire. Thunder tries to help Moon shadow through the flames. He notices how defeated Gray Wing looks, and hears a voice that tells him to jump through the flames. Thunder follows the voice, despite Tall Shadow calling him back. Thunder thinks that he has to do this, and it is their only chance. Thunder sees a stream, and calls to the others. Thunder sees a long-furred silver tom who introduces himself as River Ripple and helps them get Moon Shadow away from the flames. Thunder ends up having to jump through the flames to get to Moon Shadow, and drags him out. He leaps in the stream to get rid of the sparks in his pelt. Thunder thanks River Ripple for helping them, and asks how they get out.
Gray Wing is shocked that Thunder had been able to lead them out of the fire, and realizes that his young kin had saved his life. They are able to rescue Clear Sky, and Gray Wing tells his brother that Thunder had saved both of their lives. Clear Sky tells him that he is a brave young cat, but warns him jokingly to stay away from fires in the future. Thunder asks Clear Sky if he loved his mother when he first her. Clear Sky answers yes, but the moor cats have to return to camp so Clear Sky has no time to explain.  After the forest cats and the moor cats reach the hollow, Thunder and Clear Sky hunt together. They are ambushed by a swarm of rats, but Thunder is able to defeat them with the help of his father. Clear Sky asks if Gray Wing had taught him that, and Thunder says no. Clear Sky tells him that he learned something new today. He explains to Thunder that cats could not be victims, and he would protect his family - all of his family. They go back to the moor camp, and Gray Wing scolds them for leaving without telling any cat. Clear Sky is shocked, pointing out that he did not know he had to ask for permission to hunt with his son. He stalks away, and Thunder knows that he did nothing wrong, but wonders why he feels like he had betrayed Gray Wing.
Prior to leaving, Clear Sky asks Gray Wing if he dare would interfere with the bond of father and son. Gray Wing says goodbye to Thunder, reminding him of how he raised him since he was a young kit. Gray Wing tells him that he knows him better than he knows himself, and orders him to say goodbye to Hawk Swoop. Clear Sky is annoyed that it takes Thunder so long to say goodbye, and brings him to the forest. Gray Wing is left wondering if he will ever see his nephew again, the cat he considered his son. When Thunder reaches the forest, Clear Sky takes a patrol along with Leaf, a cat from his camp. Leaf is offended that Thunder is getting so much attention from Clear Sky on the patrol. Clear Sky then takes Thunder out to learn how to climb, but Thunder does not have a natural ability for it. Thunder runs into a strange tom, who attacks him. Clear Sky chases after him, stating that no cat will hurt his son. River Ripple, who is with the strange tom, tells Clear Sky that he cannot keep telling cats what to do. Thunder starts to say something, but Clear Sky silences him. River Ripple tells Clear Sky that he is interested to know Thunder's opinion, and Clear Sky snarls that Thunder doesn't have an opinion. When River Ripple leaves, Thunder asks his father if he does have an opinion. Clear Sky tells him that he does, that he was just saying that to put River Ripple in his place. Thunder wonders if Clear Sky will spread the word about their encounter with River Ripple, and wishes it had never happened.
When Thunder is out patrolling, he sees Bumble, who Turtle Tail had lived with for quite some time. Bumble tells Thunder that she is not a kittypet anymore, and Petal and Fox, who are with him, try to chase Bumble off, insisting that she is trespassing. Thunder tries to convince them that they could have been friendlier. They attempt to go back to Clear Sky's camp, as he had scheduled a meeting. Fox and Petal scorn their denmates, and they explain to Thunder that their place in the forest depends on how much Clear Sky likes them. They ruefully add that Thunder goes straight to the top, as of his blood relationship with Clear Sky. They then run into Wind Runner, who apparently is hunting in the forest. Thunder is hesitant to attack her, as he had befriended her. When Fox and Petal drive her out, they scold Thunder, asking why he is on patrol if he cannot be bothered to defend the borders. They end up going back to Clear Sky's camp, hearing his announcement. He states that he wants to expand his territory, and takes Thunder on one of the patrols along with Petal. They encounter a rogue cat, named Misty. Petal expresses her hatred towards her, as she had turned her down in her time of need. The two she-cats attack each other, and Petal ends up killing Misty, despite Thunder's countless attempts to stop her. Thunder finds out that Misty has kits, which is why she had fought so fiercely. Clear Sky suggests killing them to stop them from suffering. Thunder rejects the idea, and Petal offers to take care of the kits. On their way back to camp, Thunder looks at Misty's body, realizing that she didn't deserve to die. He thinks that Clear Sky does not need all of this territory, and wonders if Clear Sky really would have killed those kits had Petal not offered to take care of them. Thunder realizes that he cannot answer that question.
Fircone and Nettle ask Thunder if he can make arrangements with Clear Sky, to change the way he treats intruders. Thunder explains to Clear Sky what the cats think, and Clear Sky asks if he speaks for all of them. Thunder asks if they can forget about expanding their territory, and look after what they have. Clear Sky reminds him that it is too late to stop what has begun, and he has still seen effects of the fire that doesn't seem to be leaving anytime soon. Thunder tells him that he had seen fresh growth as well. Thunder tries to explain that he wants to help, and Clear Sky commands Frost to show his burn to Thunder. Clear Sky declares that Frost cannot contribute to patrols, and Thunder defends Frost, saying that he still contributes to the group and his wound just needs to get better. Clear Sky pushes Thunder to Frost's wound, telling him to lick it clean if he cares so much. Thunder, refusing to let himself be treated like this, turns to Clear Sky, asking what happened to him and repeating the words he had stated himself - that he wants to act in the best interest for all of the cats. Clear Sky orders Thunder to leave Frost in the woods where the maggots will find him.
Thunder asks if Clear Sky is telling him to abandon Frost in the woods where he will die alone with no cat to take care of him, and realizes that it is exactly what Clear Sky is telling him to do. Frost begs Clear Sky for mercy, and Thunder comes to the conclusion that this is not what it is like to live in a group. He announces that he and Frost are leaving. A fox prowls in the clearing, and Clear Sky accuses Thunder of luring it in. Thunder beats the fox, and Clear Sky tells him that some cat taught him well. Thunder retorts that it wasn't him. He knows the bond with his father is gone, and he can never trust him again. Clear Sky tells Thunder that if he leaves, he will not be able to come back. Thunder retorts that he does not want to come back. Thunder leaves the camp with Frost, wondering what had sown a rotten seed in Clear Sky's heart. He looks at the moor, and realizes that Gray Wing is there, and that hope is there along with him.

The First Battle

Thunder, along with Frost, are seen leaving the forest by Clear Sky. At the moor camp, Gray Wing is surprised to see Thunder, and asks him why he is back. Thunder ruefully tells him that he has no father now, and refusing to acknowledge that he had the blood of such a heartless cat. Gray Wing wonders if he can talk to Clear Sky peacefully to discuss the need for expanding territory, and Thunder agrees. Around the camp, Thunder realizes that cats are preparing for war with Clear Sky and are practicing battle training. Thunder tries to stop it, thinking there is no need for fighting, but to no avail. He gives in, thinking that if they are going to fight, they will fight properly.
Jackdaw's Cry and Thunder accidentally run into Petal, who is with Falling Feather. Jackdaw's Cry is surprised to see his sister, but Petal is furious at the two of them for trespassing on Clear Sky's land. Petal rambles on about how boundaries will put an end to fights, but Thunder, coming all this way to speak to Clear Sky about Gray Wing's plan to meet at the four trees, insists that Petal lets them pass. Thunder, angry and feeling as if he is about to fight his way to Clear Sky's camp, is relieved when Petal lets them go. In Clear Sky's camp, Thunder sees Clear Sky on a low branch. Clear Sky tells Thunder that he had thought he had seen the last of his son. Clear Sky blames himself for trusting Thunder, and letting himself get betrayed. Thunder tells Clear Sky that Gray Wing wants to talk to him peacefully, and after much argument, Clear Sky finally agrees to talk, but at a price. He insists that Jackdaw's Cry would stay at his camp until the meeting at the four trees, and decides that whatever happens at the four trees, he will do what he wants to Jackdaw's Cry. Jackdaw's Cry tells Thunder he will be fine, and although hesitant, Thunder eventually leaves Jackdaw's Cry at Clear Sky's camp, still feeling uneasy.
As he travels back to Gray Wing's camp, he is pounced on by a tom. Thunder fights back, but the tom tells him he was just playing. Thunder asks who he is, and he introduces himself as Tom. Thunder states that he knows he is a tom, and asks for his real name. Tom tells him that his real name is Tom. Thunder finds the name for the kittypet weird, wondering if a Twoleg had ever named a cat "she-cat". He asks if Bumble is around, and Thunder tells him that she is dead. Thunder shows Tom to her grave, and Tom reveals to Thunder that Turtle Tail was his mate and has his kits. Tom asks Thunder if he will bring them to them, and Thunder refuses. Tom isn't satisfied, and tells Thunder to inform Turtle Tail that he will be waiting by Bumble's grave, and won't leave until he sees his kits. Thunder, realizing that Tom is dangerous, lies and says he will tell Turtle Tail. He leaves the kittypet behind, enjoying the peace of the woods. 
When he returns to camp, Thunder tells Gray Wing and Turtle Tail of his encounter with Tom, although initially wanting not to. Turtle Tail thinks that she needs to meet him in order to keep her kits safe, and Gray Wing brings her, Tall Shadow, and Thunder to meet him. They end up fighting each other, but it is broken up. Tom still insists on seeing his kits. Turtle Tail refuses to let him.
After Wind Runner gives birth to her kits, Turtle Tail's kits disappear around the same time. Thunder and Lightning Tail search for them, believing they had been taken by Tom. They run into Clear Sky, and ask him if he had seen the kits. Clear Sky tells Thunder that kits should be with their father, and Thunder asks if that is why he had sent him away twice. Clear Sky sneers at this, stating that he knew Thunder always wanted to be with Gray Wing. He disowns the ginger-furred tom, and sends him off his land. Thunder and Lightning Tail are able to track Turtle Tail's scent, but in order to continue to follow it, they must follow the Thunderpath. River Ripple helps them across the Thunderpath, and they see a horrifying site - Turtle Tail's dead body, killed by a monster. All cats are grief-stricken, and River Ripple agrees to help them find the kits. River Ripple shows them to a kittypet called Flower, who guides them to Tom's housefolk. Tom refuses to give up his kits, but River Ripple comes up with a plan to distract Tom and take the kits away. Their plan succeeds, and they are able to rescue the kits and bring them back to the moor camp. Thunder tells Gray Wing that Turtle Tail is dead, and Gray Wing is thoroughly devastated. 
The meeting at the four trees has been confirmed, and Thunder, Tall Shadow, and Gray Wing go to meet Clear Sky. All four of the cats stand on the Great Rock in order to discuss the plan of action in order to stop useless border fights, and Thunder instantly gets into a quarrel with Clear Sky. Thunder snarls that he won't ever be cruel like Clear Sky, and Gray Wing apologizes for him, much to Thunder's distaste. The talk seems to go on peacefully, but it is broken when Jackdaw's Cry catches a bat and eats it, due to him not being fed. Thunder reminds Clear Sky that he had promised to feed him, and Clear Sky silences him, telling him that he is disloyal and ungrateful, and he shouldn't even exist. Clear Sky then calls the signal to attack, and the clearing breaks into a battle. Thunder realizes they are outnumbered, and is sent by Gray Wing and Tall Shadow for help. However, Clear Sky's cats follow him, and he realizes he must use the tunnels in order to avoid him.
Despite several obstacles, including battling a badger in the tunnels, Thunder is able to go to the moor camp and retrieve backup fighters. He and the back up fighters run to the four trees clearing, and tells Clear Sky that he is here to rescue Gray Wing and Tall Shadow. Clear Sky snarls that they'll need to come and get him. Tall Shadow's cats attack Clear Sky's cats in a bloody battle, and in the process, Falling Feather, Fircone, Jackdaw's Cry, Hawk Swoop, Frost, and Rainswept Flower are all killed. When Clear Sky kills Rainswept Flower, Thunder realizes that his father was glad he had killed another cat. Clear Sky is about to kill Gray Wing, but realizes that he can't do it, and calls the battle to a halt.
Spirit cats appear, including the cats deceased from the battle, and tell the cats to unite or die due to the needless fighting, declaring that it has been enough. The spirit cats tell them that they live under the same skies, and a single moon shines into their nests. Clear Sky promises them that they will live as one now, and the spirit cats tell the leaders - including Thunder - to meet them at the four trees next moon.

The Blazing Star

When Tall Shadow states that it is time to bury their dead, Thunder snaps back into reality. He then spots a crow, which looks greedily down at the bodies of the dead cats. Thunder then remarks that there were so many dead cats. Clear Sky comes to help bury the dead and Thunder reflects on how just not so long ago, he and his father were fighting to the death. Thunder finds himself looming over Hawk Swoop's deceased body, remembering that not long ago she had raised him when Storm was dead and had treated him as if he was her own kit. He looks at Clear Sky, whom he believes is sincerely sorry for Rainswept Flower's death, and reflects that they had known each other since they were kits.
Gray Wing gives his leadership over to Thunder, as he had proved himself in battle and deserved to take his rightful leadership spot next to Clear Sky, Tall Shadow, and River Ripple. Thunder agrees with Tall Shadow that they should help any cat in trouble. On the way home with the cats who had chosen to join Thunder, they come across three cats - Holly, Mouse Ear, and Mud Paws. They ask to join Thunder's group, and Thunder accepts them. At camp, Gray Wing is confident that Thunder will be a good leader, and is okay with passing his duties onto him. Thunder asks Gray Wing if he thinks the spirit cats will appear next moon at the four trees, and Gray Wing thinks they will.  The next moon, Tall Shadow's group and Clear Sky's groups gather at the four trees. All cats are calmed by the friendly atmosphere between the groups. The spirit cats appear, and praise the cats on how they have managed to keep peace in the forest. However, they give the cats another warning - that they must grow and spread like The Blazing Star. The leaders are confused, and try to figure out what the Blazing Star is. Another cat pads into the clearing, saying that it must be some sort of message. The mysterious cat looks at Thunder, saying she has heard a lot about him and has been dying to meet him. She leaves the trees, and Gray Wing notices Thunder watching longingly after her. Gray Wing chuckles and thinks that although Thunder, a big and strong leader, he is still very young.
After Gray Wing is informed that Clear Sky had taken in Tom, the kittypet who had stolen Turtle Tail's kits, Gray Wing and Thunder go to his camp to confront him. Clear Sky, furious at Gray Wing for embarrassing him in front of Tom and One Eye, a new but harsh recruitment, he tells Gray Wing that he was lucky Thunder didn't send him away due to his weak breathing ever since the forest fire. Clear Sky apologizes to Gray Wing, and the patrol goes back to the moor camp. Thunder suggests that they come up with new battle training moves to defend themselves from not just other cats, but dangers such as foxes, badgers, and rats. When they explain the Blazing Star to the new rogues, Mouse Ears suggests that it is some kind of plant, much to Thunder's awe.
Gray Wing disappears from the moor, leaving Thunder worried sick. Clear Sky comes over to the moor camp, expressing his need for knowledge of herbs that will help his sick cats get better, due to the recent plague affecting the forest and moor which had killed one of Wind Runner's kits, Morning Whisker. Thunder arranges a meeting at the four trees to discuss on how to stop the sickness from spreading, especially after Morning Whisker's fatal death. Thunder sees Gray Wing there, and Gray Wing explains to Thunder that he needed time to think and would keep staying with River Ripple so he could continue. The mysterious golden furred she-cat appears again, introducing herself as Star Flower. She states that she had heard a lot about Thunder, and would be willing to teach him fighting moves with his large paws.
When Gray Wing comes back to the camp after staying with River Ripple, he sees Thunder teaching a hunting lesson with Lightning Tail. Star Flower emerges, commenting on the lack of prey that Thunder had caught. Lightning Tail is annoyed at Thunder's fascination with her, stating that he doesn't exactly trust her. Thunder sends the other cats in his hunting party back to camp, and goes with Star Flower as she takes him to a secret garden. Thunder asks Star Flower if she knows what the Blazing Star is, and Star Flower responds by telling him that it is a healing herb. Thunder finds himself explaining his back story to Star Flower - about Gray Wing saving him, Clear Sky rejecting him twice, etc. Thunder and Star Flower watch the sunset together, and there is an unidentifiable feeling in Thunder's chest that he is unable to recognize. He ponders if he should ask Star Flower to join his group, However, he decides to put the request on hold and goes back to camp. Clear Sky is there, explaining what had happened between him and One Eye. He reports that One Eye had driven him away from his camp and had taken over, but Jagged Peak brings even worse news - that Holly has the sickness.
Thunder informs his cats that he had learned that the Blazing Star was a healing herb, which could possibly cure Holly. The moor cats want to go to retrieve it, but the presence of One Eye across the woods makes it too dangerous. Clear Sky explains again about One Eye's evil, sinister presence in the woods, and Shattered Ice muses that they must come up with a plan to defeat One Eye. Gray Wing decides that they will go after the Blazing Star first, and then deal with One Eye. He orders Jagged Peak to lead a patrol to get the Blazing Star, but the patrol comes back empty-pawed, explaining that they had run into One Eye. Gray Wing comments that it was good for them to be attacked, as it would mean he could move onto the next part of his plan in order to defeat One Eye. Gray Wing describes the tactic of an open fight in the moor, and Thunder tells Gray Wing that they defeat One Eye, but they don't kill him, as that would make them just as bad as he is.
Lightning Tail goes out on patrol with Thunder to ask the other leaders if they would join in with the fight with One Eye. Lightning Tail argues with Thunder on the way, stating that Thunder doesn't think other cats' opinions count. They go to Wind Runner's camp, and Wind Runner denies, but asks for the flower. Thunder suggests that they go to River Ripple, thinking that he will give them a more friendly approach. Lightning Tail does not respond, and Thunder, exasperated, asks if they are not going to talk anymore. Lightning Tail tells him that his loyalty is to the group, not to Thunder anymore. Out of fury, Lightning Tail attacks Thunder, hissing that he had fallen straight into Star Flower's trap. The fight breaks apart, and Lightning Tail refuses to talk about Star Flower, keeping a stony silence as the two cats go to River Ripple's camp. River Ripple agrees to help, and tells Thunder to be careful. Thunder is confused, and River Ripple tells him that he knows what he is talking about, and, as he said, he knew everything.
Thunder sees Star Flower again, much to Lightning Tail's disgust. Star Flower tells Thunder that she saw a patch of the Blazing Star growing near the river, and Thunder is excited. As they go to pick it, Star Flower tells Thunder that she does know One Eye. Thunder explains the plan that he and Gray Wing had thought of, asking if she could help. However, much to Thunder's distaste, the flower Star Flower had found turned out to be a normal plant, and not the Blazing Star. 
Clear Sky decides to be the cat to lure One Eye out on the moor in which they had planned their attack. The time has come for him to attack One Eye, and the cats from Tall Shadow's camp watch the exchange from an outcrop on the moor. When One Eye threatens to kill Clear Sky, the cats from Tall Shadow's camp leap from their hiding positions. However, they realize that One Eye had also had back up. One Eye states that he had known of their plan all along, and calls for his daughter to reveal herself. Thunder, paralyzed by shock as he wonders how their plan could've gone so wrong, realizes that Star Flower is One Eye's daughter. Gray Wing somberly tells Thunder that he had been betrayed. Clear Sky is separated from the group as One Eye's rogues corner him, and Gray Wing comes up with another plan. He decides that they will jump into the trees and call One Eye out to them, so that when One Eye looks up to see them, he will be blinded by the sun which will give Gray Wing and the others a chance to attack.
To their luck, the plan works. All the cats jump on One Eye and the rogues, and Star Flower attacks Thunder. Thunder fends off Star Flower and helps Gray Wing, Cloud Spots, and Lightning Tail, who are fighting One Eye. Thanks to Thunder's help, Thunder and the others manage to break One Eye's neck, killing him. Star Flower pleads for Thunder to let her say goodbye to her father, but Thunder, disgusted, tells Star Flower he finds it funny that she had never mentioned One Eye was her father when they were together. Star Flower tries to explain that she indeed genuinely liked him, but when One Eye found out that they were spending time together, he had encouraged Star Flower to get as much information as she could from Thunder, to see if she could find out what they were planning. Thunder orders Star Flower to leave, but Star Flower asks if they can have a burial for One Eye first. Star Flower leaves after the burial, and River Ripple tells him that there will be others, but Thunder isn't sure.
When the leaders go to the four trees after retrieving the Blazing Star and healing every cat with the illness. Suddenly, they realize that this isn't the actual four trees, but a vision instead. Turtle Tail, one of the ancestors in the dream, asks what had happened since the last time they had spoken, and Thunder tells her that they had defeated One Eye and shared the Blazing Star. Turtle Tail explains that the Blazing Star has five petals, just as a cat has five claws. They repeat "grow and spread' until they start to fade, and Thunder calls out, calling the dream to a halt. Gray Wing scolds him in a tone that is unlike his usual laid-back self when they wake up. Thunder talks to Tall Shadow, and this time, they go to the four trees for real with the other leaders. They squabble over the message of the spirit cats, and River Ripple says he will unite with them all. Thunder tells him that their survival depends on it. Gray Wing states that he might have an idea of how spreading might be.

A Forest Divided

While the founding leaders of the Clans share a dream with the spirit cats, Clear Sky notices Thunder's ginger pelt glowing in the shadows. Clear Sky mentions Thunder had not met his eye since he arrived at the hollow. Clear Sky reflects on the fact that he knows Thunder still blamed him for letting One Eye into his camp and how he had later fell in love with Star Flower, One Eye's daughter. Clear Sky wonders how Star Flower could've betrayed Thunder for One Eye, her treacherous father who had killed several cats and had tried to kill Thunder himself.
When Clear Sky decides to make a visit to Thunder's camp, he spots Thunder, discussing with Gray Wing how to hunt while snowfall occurs. Clear Sky looks at Thunder, wondering if he could ever forgive him for sending him away. Clear Sky tries to convince Thunder, Tall Shadow, and Gray Wing to grow and spread, yet they reject his offer. Thunder tells Clear Sky that they cannot just pretend the borders he had created were not there, as cats had died over them. Clear Sky, disappointed, leaves the moor. Thunder feels guilty of what he had said to him, and follows Clear Sky to make sure he gets to the forest safely. Thunder apologizes for what he had said, but Clear Sky does not answer. As they continue to walk, a badger attacks the pair. Clear Sky and Thunder work together to defeat the badger, but his father is severely injured, causing Thunder to bring Clear Sky back to camp. Tall Shadow is annoyed with Thunder for bringing him back, pointing out that he had already caused enough trouble for one day. Jagged Peak talks to Thunder, telling him that there had been a lot of gossip. Thunder is confused, and Jagged Peak elaborates that some cats do not want to stay on the moor anymore. When Jagged Peak asks Gray Wing if they should do what they did last time, Thunder is puzzled, not knowing what had happened. Gray Wing nods that they need to cast stones.
Tall Shadow circles five circles with her claws - the circles representing each group except Wind Runner's. Lightning Tail drops his stone in the circle that represents Clear Sky's group, signaling that he was going to join them. Thunder realizes that he did this to be closer to his sister. When all the cats drop their stones, Thunder is the last one. He is hesitant, and eventually chooses Clear Sky's group, thinking he can help his father lead. Clear Sky thanks Thunder, and Thunder bids farewell to Gray Wing. Gray Wing tells Thunder he has to stay close to Pebble Heart and Tall Shadow, and is confused on how he can be separated with his kits. Thunder tells Gray Wing that they aren't kits anymore, but Gray Wing states that nothing will be the same anymore. Thunder silently agrees.
At the forest, Clear Sky shows Thunder around the territory, and they come across Star Flower, who asks to join them. Clear Sky refuses, but once Star Flower convinces Thunder that she cannot hunt on her own, Thunder tries to let Clear Sky change his mind. Clear Sky does, and tells Thunder that he can explain to his cats why they he has Star Flower. Thunder thinks of what Lightning Tail would say when he sees Thunder bring Star Flower in the clearing.
Thunder tries to join a patrol with Clear Sky in order to flatter him, lying that he doesn't know where the markers are. Clear Sky tells him that if he didn't know where they are already, he never would. Clear Sky tells him that he wants to be alone, and Thunder is confused, thinking that Clear Sky had never wanted solicitude before. Unbeknownst to Clear Sky, Thunder ends up following him. He realizes that he is meeting Star Flower in secret, which enrages Thunder. 
Back at camp, Thunder realizes that he has had enough with Clear Sky refusing to let patrols go out anymore, and his relationship with Star Flower. He announces that he is going to build his own group somewhere else in the forest. He takes Lightning Tail, Cloud Spots, Leaf, Owl Eyes, and Pink Eyes along with him. Later, Milkweed and her kits join them. They travel deeper into the forest, in which Leaf finds a sandy ravine that they eventually make their camp. The next morning, Thunder goes out on a hunting expedition. He tracks down a sparrow and kills it, in which he encounters a black tom who is angry, saying that it was his prey. Thunder apologizes, and the tom tells him he is from the mountains. Thunder is interested, and the tom introduces him to a gray she-cat. He presents himself as Sun Shadow and the female as Quiet Rain. Quiet Rain asks if Thunder knows Gray Wing, Clear Sky, and Jagged Peak, expressing herself as their mother. Thunder takes the two cats to Tall Shadow's camp, knowing Gray Wing will be there and preferring to avoid Clear Sky.
Gray Wing is not there. Tall Shadow accepts Quiet Rain into her camp and asks Thunder to search for Gray Wing. Tired, Thunder finds Gray Wing on the moor and brings him to Tall Shadow's camp. Gray Wing is ecstatic to see his mother, who was informed about all of the death that had hit them since they arrived to the woods. Quiet Rain is upset, thinking that the cats should've never come here, and says she wants to see Clear Sky. Gray Wing asks Thunder to find Clear Sky, but Thunder refuses, tired and not wanting to see Clear Sky after their argument. Thunder reluctantly agrees, but stops back to his camp to tell Lightning Tail. Lightning Tail offers to accompany him to Clear Sky's camp. Thunder finds Clear Sky, and tells him about Quiet Rain. Star Flower offers to come to the camp with him, but Clear Sky tells him she cannot as she is expecting their kits, much to Thunder's shock. Thunder takes Clear Sky to Tall Shadow's camp, unaware that Star Flower had followed her, annoying Thunder greatly.
Thunder wonders what would've happened if Quiet Rain had found her sons united in a prey rich land, and doesn't know what will happen if Quiet Rain finds out the truth. He is afraid that Quiet Rain might die, finding it unfair that she would expire after traveling this far just to see her sons. When Star Flower scolds Jagged Peak and Clear Sky for squabbling in front of Quiet Rain, Thunder realizes that Star Flower may not be the right mate for him after all. In the camp, Holly wails out that her kits are missing. Clear Sky and Star Flower join patrols to go find them. After the kits are found, Thunder wakens Clear Sky, telling him that Pebble Heart had sent him to fetch him as Quiet Rain is getting worse. Clear Sky, Gray Wing, and Jagged Peak go to talk to Quiet Rain, and she later dies.
The next day, they bury Quiet Rain at the four trees. After she is buried, Clear Sky then again tries to convince all the cats that they must join together. Thunder tells Clear Sky that he has his own camp now, and his loyalty is to his own cats, not Clear Sky. He adds on that Clear Sky will always be his father, but he cannot let Thunder be the cat he does not want to be and he has to find his own path. Star Flower tells Thunder that Clear Sky knows this, and Thunder tells the two to take care of each other. He goes back to his camp in the woods, and Lightning Tail gives him a report on what had happened after he left. Satisfied that everything is well, Thunder thinks that the next day, he will go hunting to bring fresh-kill back for his cats.

Path of Stars

Thunder is in the woods, hunting with Lightning Tail. He remembers the other day - Quiet Rain's tragic death, and Gray Wing's decision to leave the pines. He hopes Gray Wing is happy in his own camp, and is happy he set up his own camp. He knows that Gray Wing's love and affection for him had never really substituted as a craving for his own father's. He reflects on how he had never been accepted in Clear Sky's group, but was glad he was now a leader. He hears Clear Sky coming, and Lightning Tail wonders if he is going to start another fight. Pink Eyes adds that there is nothing to fight about, and Lightning Tail snorts that Clear Sky will always find something to fight about. Thunder carefully suggests that Clear Sky might just be bringing news. Clear Sky explains to Thunder how Star Flower had been taken hostage, and asks for his son's help. Clear Sky explains that in order for Slash, the cat who had kidnapped his mate, to give Star Flower back to him, he wants their prey, and Thunder tells his father that he can't help, as he cannot give his prey away to Slash. He adds that he needs to think of his campmates before Clear Sky's, and Clear Sky is furious, asking what kind of son he is. Clear Sky tells his son that if his kits die, he will never forgive him, asking how long Thunder will resent him just because Star Flower took Clear Sky as a mate rather than him. Thunder tells Clear Sky that he is punishing no one, repeating that he cannot sacrifice his campmates for Clear Sky. He tells Clear Sky that Star Flower is his problem, and he needs to work it out himself. Clear Sky leaves his camp, furious. Thunder guiltily thinks if he should have helped Clear Sky. He wonders if his refusal to help Clear Sky would lead into a second Great Battle.
Clear Sky is at the four trees, due to Slash wanting to meet there, and wonders if Thunder will come, asking himself if Gray Wing talked to him. To his relief, Thunder ends up appearing, along with the other leaders. Slash emerges, asking Clear Sky if the other leaders care if Star Flower never returned. Clear Sky tells him that he brought them due to Slash's commands, and Slash snorts, saying he just wanted to see if they appeared. Wind Runner asks Slash what he would've done if Clear Sky hadn't brought them, and Slash simply tells her that he would've found another way to deal with Star Flower and make the leaders share their prey, angering Thunder. Thunder demands how dare he threatens them, and Slash asks if he really wants to argue with him. Thunder asks Slash what makes him so sure that they will share their prey, and Slash tells him that he wouldn't want to see Clear Sky lose his kits. Slash scowls at the leaders after they tell Slash they will not give him his prey, and he leaves, still having Star Flower as his hostage. Clear Sky is outraged with the other leaders, thinking that they had let his mate die. Wind Runner, who had come to the meeting as well, tells Clear Sky that they have something to show to him.
The heroic Gray Wing is able to save Star Flower and bring her to Tall Shadow's camp so she can give birth successfully. The next day, Thunder visits Clear Sky to see his children, and realizes that his father is strangely happy to see him. Thunder asks how the kits are, and as Clear Sky lovingly displays his affection for his kits during his report, Thunder is envious, wondering why Clear Sky didn't treat him with the same love that his new kits were receiving. He realizes that the only reason he was alive was because Gray Wing had saved him, thinking his life would be very different if Clear Sky had come to rescue him instead. Thunder promises to visit Clear Sky again, and leaves, thinking that Slash will cause trouble, but doesn't know when or where. At camp, Lightning Tail tells Thunder that they were attacked by five rogues near a sycamore. Thunder wonders if these are the same rogues from Slash's army, and Lightning Tail proposes that they should train for battle. As other cats chirp in ideas for training, Lightning Tail declares that they must all practice battle moves. Watching this, Thunder realizes that if anything were to happen to him, Lightning Tail would be the next leader of the group. He scans his camp, seeing determination in his campmates' eyes and knowing that they are ready to fight.
After a meeting at the four trees, Thunder and Lightning Tail decide to raid Slash's camp. They hear Slash seducing a female, named Violet. Thunder studies Violet, awing at her beauty. They decide to leave, and the next day, Thunder is insistent on visiting the camp once more, due to wanting to see Violet. As they trek into the rogues' territory, they see a patrol of cats complaining why they are hunting when there is food rotting in the camp. Thunder suggests they check Slash's camp once more, telling Lightning Tail that Slash was teaching his rogues how to fight and they needed to find out what moves they were using. Lightning Tail warns Thunder that he is pushing his luck, but Thunder ignores him. As they go into the camp, they see Slash teaching his cats brutal battle moves. A cat called Red leaps into camp with fear, having dogs chasing him. The dogs attack the camp, killing a cat named Beech and Frog. Thunder and Lightning Tail instantly leap into the camp to help, and they are able to drive the dogs away. After the dogs are defeated, Slash accuses Thunder of being a spy. Slash decides to leave his cats and brings only the ones who decide to go with him, and the remaining cats join the new groups. Violet goes with Thunder, while the other rogues to with Gray Wing to Wind Runner's camp and join various groups.
Clear Sky calls a meeting at the four trees to ask each cat how the new rogues are developing in their groups. Thunder reports that Violet is doing well, however, the other cats do not have the same luck. Due to Clear Sky bringing Red in, Thunder informs his father that Red was the cat who led the dogs into Slash's camp which killed cats. He warns Clear Sky to keep an eye on him. Clear Sky bursts out that being a father to his kits realized just how much he had failed Thunder and apologizes for failing Thunder, but expresses hope that Thunder come to him whenever he needs him. After a brief hesitasion, Thunder nonchalantly mutters thanks and walks away. Clear Sky sadly realizes that Thunder may never be able to confide in him, knowing he had let his firstborn son down and no matter how hard he tried, he could never make it up to him.
Thunder is helping Violet reinforce the camp walls. Thunder turns to ask Violet something, but is lost for words. Thunder worries about River Ripple, and wonders how he is getting along with the rogues in the group. He decides to travel over to his island home to find out, and Lightning Tail tries to tag on. Violet tells Lightning Tail that she would like her and Thunder to go alone, and as they travel upstream, Violet asks Thunder what he was going to say. Thunder asks her if they can be friends, and Violet replies that she thought they already were. Thunder confesses that he thought Violet was special from the moment he saw her, and tells her that he loves her, and when they know each other a little better, he would like them to become mates. Violet states that she would love that more than anything, and suggests that they visit River Ripple before they can discuss their future in-depth. Violet adds that she had thought Lightning Tail would have to ask her for him, and Thunder thinks that he probably would've. Thunder reflects on his friendship with Lightning Tail, valuing it dearly and hopes Violet approves of it as well. Thunder states that if anything would happen to him as leader of the group, Lightning Tail would be his successor, appointing his first unofficial deputy. Violet asks if anything will happen to him, and Thunder adds that it might. Violet snaps that she would not let anything happen to him, as he is going to father her kits, and she would need him. Thunder tells her he needs her as well.
Once more, a meeting is suggested at the four trees. This time, it is to formally welcome the rogues into the groups. The rogues take official Tribe names, and Violet becomes Violet Dawn, a name that Thunder thinks is beautiful. Ember however, does not want to change his name. Ember hisses that Slash never asked for anything from them, and Slash emerges up in front of them. Slash snaps that he never made his cats do anything. Slash tells the cats that they will learn the price for defying him, and Gray Wing, instantly thinking of his brother before himself, asks if he had done anything to Clear Sky and Star Flower's kits. Slash tells Gray Wing that he has had enough of making Clear Sky suffer, and blames Gray Wing for taking his cats away. Wind Runner instantly worries about Slate, Gray Wing's mate, and her kits. Wind Runner and her cats rush back to the moor camp, accompanied by Thunder. They find that her camp was attacked, and Slash had managed to take Gray Wing's son, Black Ear. Gray Wing is grief-stricken, and Thunder promises that he will find Black Ear and bring him home safe.
Thunder leaves the camp to find Black Ear after Pebble Heart sends him away so he can take care of Gray Wing. Thunder, thinking carefully, realizes that one cat was not with Slash at the four trees, so that cat must've taken Black Ear. Thunder, along with a patrol, find a cave between boulders with Black Ear's scent, however the small kit is not there. Clear Sky joins them, and they see a group of rogues along the Thunderpath, with Black Ear hanging from one of the cats' jaws. They attempt to attack Slash from the Thunderpath, but the rogue holding Black Ear drops him in the middle of the path, darting to the other side. The cats stand in horror as they see a monster roaring towards the kitten. Clear Sky ends up saving Black Ear, but his tail is run over. Thunder brings Clear Sky to Tall Shadow's camp, as he is hurt and cannot travel all the way back to his own camp. Together, as Clear Sky rests, Clear Sky tells Thunder that he had to rescue Black Ear as Gray Wing had saved his own kits - not just Tiny Branch, Flower Foot, or Dew Petal, but Thunder as well. Clear Sky states that he didn't look after Thunder as well as Gray Wing had done, and he is grateful for that. When Slate reveals that Gray Wing is sick again, Thunder adds that he thinks he will not recover this time. Clear Sky is shocked that his brother is dying, and Thunder brings him to the moor to say goodbye.
At Wind Runner's camp, Thunder asks to come in Gray Wing's den. Pebble Heart, Jagged Peak, and Clear Sky come as well, as Gray Wing wanted to see the most important cats in his life to him. Gray Wing decides to name the groups Clans, and Silver Stripe names Thunder's group ThunderClan. As his kits and his kin gather around to watch Gray Wing take his final moments, Thunder grieves for Gray Wing as he was Thunder's father figure.

In the Power of Three arc

Long Shadows

Thunder, River, Wind, and Shadow meet with Midnight to discuss the loner, Sol, who convinced ShadowClan to lose faith in StarClan and the warrior code. The other founders express hostility towards each other, but Thunder continues to ask questions carefully, obviously trying to avoid a fight.

In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

When Moth Flight first discovers the Moonstone, a sacred rock in which cats share tongues with their warrior ancestors, she is told by Half Moon that she needs to tell every single cat about the Moonstone. Moth Flight cringes with anxiety, imagining her telling all of the Clans at a Gathering. She thinks about Thunder being there, noting that he was the most powerful tom she had ever seen.
At the Gathering, Moth Flight points out Thunder to Micah, a rogue that had recently joined WindClan. She tells him that Thunder is the big tom next to Jagged Peak, and Micah meows that he is the leader of ThunderClan. Moth Flight adds that he is Clear Sky's son, and Micah stares at her, asking why they lived in different Clans even though they shared the same blood. Moth Flight tells him that Clan connections are stronger than blood ties. When the Gathering starts, Wind Runner asks the four leaders of the Clans, Tall Shadow, River Ripple, and Clear Sky what news they have to share. Clear Sky meows that newleaf has brought prey to their forest, and Thunder quickly echoes him. Some time later, Moth Flight takes the opportunity to talk about the Moonstone and the prospect of medicine cats, a cat who is gifted in the way of healing. She introduces Micah, who had saved her from a dog, and Thunder watches Micah through slitted eyes. 
The spirit cats descend into the hollow that holds the four oaks, agreeing with Moth Flight about the idea of medicine cats. Thunder lifts his tail, his orange pelt turning pale in the moonlight. He declares that the spirit cats have spoken, and each Clan will have a medicine cat. Thunder states that per Moth Flight's words, Cloud Spots will be the medicine cat of ThunderClan. When the Gathering is over, Moth Flight spots Thunder leading his Clan away into the trees and towards camp.
When at the Moonstone, the spirit cats suggest that each medicine cat should try to learn as much as they can from each other. Moth Flight and Micah, the new WindClan and SkyClan medicine cats, go to ThunderClan's camp, to learn from Cloud Spots. On the way there, Moth Flight wonders if Cloud Spots had told Thunder that the spirit cats wanted them to share their knowledge. She recalls that Thunder was the SkyClan leader's son, and wonders if Thunder is just as suspicious of every cat as Clear Sky was. Micah and Moth Flight eventually see Cloud Spots, and they ask him if Thunder will be okay with letting them stay. Cloud Spots tells them that of course he would. 
While Cloud Spots shows the two medicine cats around the camp, he tells them that Violet Dawn would eventually be moving into Thunder's den, due to the two being mates. Thunder comes into camp, holding a rabbit, as Cloud Spots continues to teach the two cats. Thunder's orange pelt is dappled by sunlight as Lightning Tail walks in after him. Cloud Spots ask them if there was good hunting, and Thunder replies that only until greenleaf. Thunder's gaze slides towards Micah, who meows that he hopes he doe not mind that he is in camp, but Thunder says that he is welcome there, and ThunderClan is honored to have him. He asks Micah how Clear Sky is, and Micah replies that he is fine. Lightning Tail asks if he still thinks he is the best cat in the forest, and Micah replies that he knows his strengths. Thunder snorts that he bets he likes him.
Thistle and Clover push their way through camp, with a very heavy wood pigeon in their jaws. Thunder swishes his tail, surprised that they managed to get such a big piece of prey down the cliff. The next morning, Spotted Fur hurries into their camp, calling for Moth Flight and Micah. Thunder is annoyed, telling Spotted Fur that he is disturbing his Clan. Moth Flight wonders crossly if Spotted Fur had to be so rude, as Thunder and his Clanmates had been kind and generous while Moth Flight was in their camp. Moth Flight asks if it is okay to leave, and when Thunder says yes, Moth Flight thanks him for letting them say. Thunder's eyes glow with warmth as he tells the young cat to send his regards to Wind Runner and Gorse Fur.
At the next Gathering, Moth Flight hears Wind Runner's angry meow at Thunder, stating that of course he would defend "him". Moth Flight realizes that by "him", she means Clear Sky. There is an open debate of Clear Sky send hunting patrols on their land, which causes a rift at the Gathering. When Clear Sky does not show up, Wind Runner looks at all the leaders, including Thunder, saying that they should start without him. Thunder hesitates, looking at the SkyClan slope. Wind Runner hisses that they should turn their tails on Clear Sky, as he obviously does not care and respect the other Clans. Thunder gazes at her, asking what she means. Wind Runner retorts that they should ignore SkyClan as another Clan, and they must survive alone. Thunder instantly says no, and states that SkyClan must have closed their borders for a reason. He asks Wind Runner where her proof was that Clear Sky's cats were stealing prey, and adds that he was not even here to defend himself. River Ripple says that Clear Sky should be given a fair hearing, but Tall Shadow narrows her eyes, disagreeing. She tells Thunder that of course he would defend him, as he was his father, but says that Wind Runner could be right. Other cats disagree with her, and Thunder yowls that they must "unite or die". He states that if they were to survive, they must act together, adding that the dispute must be solved with words and not deeds. River Ripple meows that the ancestors know better than they do, and Thunder glances gratefully at him. He meows that they cannot make hasty decisions without talking to Clear Sky. Moth Flight struggles to leave the Gathering, as Dust Muzzle bursts in and states that Tiny Branch, Clear Sky's son, is in trouble. However, Shattered Ice stops Moth Flight from leaving, saying that they should ignore SkyClan. Thunder growls at Shattered Ice to let her go, and Shattered Ice snaps that he is not his leader. River Ripple repeats Thunder's words, and this time, Shattered Ice obeys, as River Ripple is his leader. 
After an attack that brutally hurts Wind Runner, Moth Flight takes her to the Moonstone, in which Wind Runner is granted nine lives and is renamed Windstar. The spirit cats tell Moth Flight that every leader will get nine lives, and Moth Flight goes to each camp, including Thunder's, to share the news. At the next half-moon Moonstone meeting, Cloud Spots announces that Thunder is now Thunderstar, and he has nine lives. 
When Moth Flight has to give up her kits due to her not being able to properly take care of them, she gives Blue Whisker to ThunderClan. Blue Whisker wonders if ThunderClan cats climb trees, and Honey Pelt says he bets Thunderstar is always climbing trees, and that it will probably be the first thing he teaches Blue Whisker. Thunderstar goes to meet the kits, and exclaims that they look so much like Micah. The ginger tom asks which one is Blue Whisker, and Blue Whisker replies that she is, stepping in front of the ThunderClan leader. Moth Flight notes that she is trying not to tremble due to Thunderstar's large appearance. Thunderstar tells her that Violet Dawn had prepared her a nest. Blue Whisker whispers that she has never slept by herself, and Thunderstar mews gently that she can share a nest with Milkweed's kits, saying that they are not much older than she is, though he adds that they fidget like rabbits in burrows. Blue Whisker says that Bubbling Stream fidgets too, so she would not mind. Thunderstar points his nose in the trees, asking Blue Whisker if she is ready to go. Blue Whisker follows Thunderstar through the trees, after a tearful goodbye to Moth Flight. 
In the manga at the end of the book, which appears to take place many seasons later, Moth Flight is helping Blue Whisker give birth to her kits, after Thunderstar's request, saying that it will help her feel better. Moth Flight tells him that she will be happy to help.

In the Novellas

Thunderstar's Echo

Thunderstar watches approvingly as Snail Shell catches a fat vole. He praises the young tom, and tells Owl Eyes that he did well in training him. Snail Shell explains that he always used to land a little short of the prey, so his told him to land just in front, so his paws would catch the prey. Apple Blossom brags that she never had to be taught that skill because her leaping was always good. Her mentor, Lightning Tail, brings up the fact that her prey scenting needed work, so he assesses her. She says she smells a mouse and a rabbit, so Thunderstar asks her what she would catch. The tabby responds that the mouse would be easier to catch, but the rabbit would feed more cats. Thunderstar approves, saying that Apple Blossom team up with her brother to catch it, because that's how WindClan catches them. She chases the rabbit towards Snail Shell, and returns with the rabbit in her jaws. Impressed, the leader compliments the pair. They bury the rabbit and the vole, and head towards the RiverClan border.
Thunderstar ponders about the last leaf-bare, and how they managed to catch enough prey to survive. Suddenly, Apple Blossom spots Moss Tail on the border and greets him. Snail Shell asks Owl Eyes if RiverClan cats really swim. Owl Eyes responds to wait and see. Moss Tail looks around before diving into the river and resurfacing with a fish. Apple Blossom says it's weird that RiverClan cats swim. Lightning Tail tells her fish isn't so bad, and offers for the young she-cat to try some. Apple Blossom wrinkles her nose, saying that she would prefer squirrel instead. They dip their head in farewell and continue.
As they make their way back to camp, the ginger tom reflects how the Clans have changed. Before, no Clan would've allowed another cat so close to their borders, and Lightning Tail wouldn't have dared take an apprentice to visit RiverClan's camp. Now, however, the Clans were at peace, and there was no reason to fight. After they rescued Gray Wing's kits from the Thunderpath and the vicious rogue Slash, cats like Apple Blossom and Snail Shell were able to roam freely without worrying about the danger. Owl Eyes interrupts his thoughts by asking what kind of prey they should look for when close to the river, but Snail Shell complains that they've been hunting all day and that they should take a break.
Thunderstar lets them, and the gray tom dramatically sinks to the ground while his sister simply sits down next to him. Lightning Tail dryly comments that when he and the leader were their age they saved Pebble Heart, Owl Eyes, and Sparrow Fur from the Twolegplace. They had no time to be tired. Apple Blossom asks Owl Eyes if that was really true, and he replies that it was. He was scared when a Twoleg picked up Lightning Tail but Thunderstar made it drop him. The deputy continues with the fact that on the way there he fell into the river. If not for Riverstar he wouldn't be here now. Eagerly, the gray tom asks them to tell the apprentices about the battle with One Eye, as he and Sparrow Fur fought in that one.
The speckled tom, tiredness forgotten, asks if that's when Skystar was kicked out of his Clan by rogues. As Lightning Tail begins the story, his friend thinks about how the tom is so good with apprentices, always knowing what to do and say to get their interest. Both apprentices are fascinated and look ready to practice their battle moves, all complaint forgotten. He sighs with satisfaction and is sure he has chosen the right deputy. If anything happens to him, Lightning Tail could protect the Clan.
His mood only lasts until he enters the Clan, and his heart sinks. Arguments are always happening in the Clan, and everyone expects Thunderstar to settle their arguments. The peace seems to have let everyone squabble about petty things. As he gets closer, the voices become clearer. Clover and Thistle are yowling about how they got the wrong leaves for Shivering Rose, who is mad that they didn't even get the right leaves for her to practice with. As they're arguing, Blue Whisker is listening in, and making her own comments. The ginger tom flicks his ears disapprovingly at her, as she was making trouble for trouble's sake.
Hoping to avoid being dragged in, he heads towards his den in hopes that Violet Dawn will be there. Thunderstar almost makes it before Clover yowls at him to solve their argument. He sighs and asks what the matter is, pretending to look interested, and Shivering Rose points out that Clover and Thistle were supposed to bring back dock leaves for her to practice with, but instead they brought back beech leaves. Thistle defensively points out that they look the same, which causes the apprentice to yowl in disbelief. As they continue bickering about whose fault it was, Thunderstar's mind wanders, thinking about the days where he and Gray Wing were making plans, charging into battle with Lightning Tail, and when they relied desperately on hunting. He doesn't miss those days, but he remembers no petty squabbling, because there was no time. Scarce prey and making a home were the more important things.
His thoughts are interrupted as the argument continues, when Thistle says his sister's nose did them no good while finding the beech leaves. Shivering Rose groans that they were meant to find dock leaves, not beech. Before the situation can get more heated, Thunderstar steps in and asks the two hunters to apologize for bringing the wrong leaves, and tells the black-and-white she-cat to show them what dock leaves look like tomorrow. All three cats begin to argue but he silences them, saying they shouldn't be arguing like a litter of kits. He begins walking away but is again interrupted by Pink Eye yelling that prey should go on the prey pile. Leaf had been hunting for his mate and new litter, and the tom insists that the prey is meant to feed everyone, not just his kin.
Leaf hisses that he wasn't on a hunting patrol; he was just giving Milkweed something extra for her kits. Pink Eye retorts that his kits are all he thinks of, but he should be feeding the whole Clan. The black-and-white tom spats that he's one to talk; he probably can't see, and even if he could, he'd be out of breath. Pink Eye jerks back, with a look of hurt in his eye, and Thunderstar intercepts. He tells Leaf it's not fair to say that, because the white tom can look after his kits after they come out of the nursery, and then tells Pink Eyes to leave the other cat alone. They can always send the black-and-white tom out on patrols if he's not hunting enough.
Both toms start to argue, but he retorts that they're too old to be agruing like this; no wonder the younger cats are acting the same way. He then threatens them with making them pick ticks off Gooseberry if they continue squabbling. With that, he walks away, searching for his mate. The ginger tom wonders why his Clanmates have to bother him with every single dispute they have, but he thinks that this is part of what being a leader means. He finally reaches his den in Highrock, but doesn't find Violet Dawn. So, he looks out on the Clan on Highrock, searching for his mate. After looking through the Clan, he spots a familar gray cat going into the medicine cat den. He finds Cloud Spots and his mate sitting together, and so the medicine cat leaves to give them time to talk.
Violet Dawn reveals that she's expecting his kits, and he is stunned and thrilled. He worries about them later that night, but Lightning Tail calms him. The next day, Violet Dawn and Milkweed sit in the nursery, making idle conversation while the rain pours down. Thunderstar reflects that it's been raining so much that it's been hard to catch prey in the past few days. A hunting patrol returns with a meager catch, and Thunderstar decides to take out another hunting party. They are skeptical of their chances, but Lightning Tail rallies them to excitement. During the hunt, they manage to catch a nest full of mice, and Thunderstar catches a fat pigeon from under a bush. The cats at camp welcome them back, and each come forward to take their share.
Milkweed walks closer, but freezes mid-step upon scenting something. She asks Thunderstar if he smells it too, but before any cat can move, the sound of barking erupts outside camp. The cats scatter into trees, and the dogs soon thunder into camp. Thunderstar hears a frightened yowl from down below and sees Clover, Snail Shell, Violet Dawn, and Owl Eyes huddled by the warriors' den. As the dogs enter camp, Thunderstar jumps down from the tree and has them chase him. He races away before finally scrambling up onto a branch out of reach. The leader glances back at camp and sees Clover halfway up the tree with the others still on the ground. The last dog attacks Violet Dawn, but she swipes at it enough to stun it.
The other cats make it to safety, and they wait until the dogs leave. Though the prey is ruined, Thunderstar reassures his Clanmates. Thunderstar worries for the safety of his kits in this environment, but Violet Dawn says they'll be okay. They decide to send messengers about the dogs to each Clan. Thunderstar travels into SkyClan territory, and Dew Petal and Honey Pelt lead him to camp. Skystar greets his son, asking what he's come here for. Thunderstar tells his father about the dogs, and the ThunderClan tom finds out that Skystar already knew about them. They both agree that they must've come from far away, because of their acrid scent that resembles a Thunderpath. The two cats decide to track the scent, and follow it to a lot of dead monsters, where the dogs reside.
Thunderstar reports this, and he and Lightning Tail go to investigate. They come across the camp, and bury a rogue the dogs had killed. The pair try to cover the gap the dogs escape from, but they're let loose and chase the cats. Thunderstar and Lightning Tail race away, but are attacked by the dogs. They fight back long enough to escape, but die from their injuries. Thunderstar loses a life, while Lightning Tail remains dead and goes to StarClan. The leader buries his friend and sits vigil for him.
Thunderstar notices the Twolegs moving around in their dwelling, and yowls at the Twolegs when he comes close. He manages to get the Twolegs to notice the gap, and safely makes it away. He says his last respects to Lightning Tail's grave and walks back to camp. He informs Violet Dawn, and then the rest of the Clan, about the deputy's death. The camp remains somber for two days, and Violet Dawn suggests to her mate that he pick a new deputy. Thunderstar is wary, but the queen's kits start to come before he can think it over.
Violet Dawn complains about the pain, so they quickly transfer her to the nursery. They begin to give her chervil juice to help, while Thunderstar hunches outside the nursery, feeling useless. Owl Eyes reassures him that everything will be fine, and that his kits will be healthy and well cared for. Violet Dawn calls for Thunderstar, and he bolts into the den. Cloud Spots comments that sometimes it's better for the father to wait outside, but the queen insists that he stay. Four healthy kits are born, and their parents crowd around them.
The night of the Gathering, the Clan leaders gather. Thunderstar announces the birth of his kits, and makes Owl Eyes deputy. After the meeting, Thunderstar apologizes to Owl Eyes for springing that on him. Back at camp, Thunderstar lies down with Violet Dawn and tells her that Owl Eyes has been appointed deputy. She is pleased with the choice, and then quickly reminds him that he needs to name two of their kits. Thunderstar names his kits, and is reminded that he hasn't lost Lightning Tail forever, and that he'll always be watching over ThunderClan.

Shadowstar's Life

During the Gathering, Thunderstar notes that Shadowstar hasn't picked a new deputy since the death of Sun Shadow and reveals how difficult it was for him after Lightning Tail's death. He backs up Skystar when his father is insistent about the number of Twolegs and their monsters on SkyClan's territory, and wonders if they plan on building new dens. He suggests they should discuss it and perhaps redraw the borders, an idea that does not go over well with the others Clans. Riverstar asks Thunderstar that his Clan should give up territory since they're neighbors, but Thunderstar insists every Clan must participate. WindClan and RiverClan refuse to give up territory, but Shadowstar reveals she needs more time to decide.
After scoping out potential territory for SkyClan near Highstones, Shadowstar leads a patrol to report to Thunderstar. However, she detects Quick Water's scent; the SkyClan warrior had tried to kill Shadowstar twice and Skystar exiled her from the Clan. Shadowstar asks Thunderstar this, and he indirectly confirms they are sheltering Quick Water, frustrated that his father would abandon a Clanmate without listening to her side of the story. Despite Shadowstar and Raven Pelt's objections, Thunderstar refuses to exile her and vows to protect her.
At the next Gathering, Thunderstar brings Quick Water, making a very clear statement about who he believes. Shadowstar wonders if Skystar and Thunderstar were conspiring together. He refuses to get rid of a cat because another Clan told him to, and accuses his father of abandoning a Clanmate. Eventually, Skystar believes his son and allows Quick Water to return to SkyClan. WindClan sides with ShadowClan, and they fight ThunderClan and SkyClan over Quick Water. Thunderstar tries reasoning with them, but Windstar accuses him of being blinded by his affection for Quick Water.

Pinestar's Choice

Thunderstar is one of the cats who give Pinestar his nine lives. He quietly introduces himself and tells the new leader that he will face the most difficult choice of all.
Pinestar hears a voice tell him that the time to choose is near as he loses a life. He recognizes the ancient voice as Thunderstar. Later, when Pinestar is confronted by Lionpaw in Twolegplace, Pinestar remembers that Thunderstar told him he'd have to face the most difficult choice of all.

In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

Thunder is mentioned briefly, along with Wind, River, Shadow, and Sky after the great battle at the dawn of Clans. The spirits of those killed in the battle compel the remaining cats to be at peace. He, along with the other four new leaders, vow to create their Clans and find ways to stop the fighting.

The Ultimate Guide

He appears on Gray Wing’s page. Gray Wing went to find Storm but found her just as an abandoned Twoleg nest collapsed and Gray Wing risked his life saving one of three of Storm's kits, but he couldn't save anybody else. He named the kit Thunder and took him to the moor after Clear Sky refused to have anything to do with his son. Gray Wing's heart ached when Thunder decided to leave the moor to live with Clear Sky.
He appears on Clear Sky's page. Storm bore Clear Sky's three kits but only one survived. When Gray Wing took Thunder to Clear Sky, he rejected him. After the fire in the forest, Clear Sky rekindled with Thunder and encouraged to come with him to the forest. Thunder left after seeing for himself Clear Sky's fierceness towards cats outside the group and even his own cats.
Thunder has his own page. Thunder was born in the Twolegplace, rescued by Gray Wing from a collapsing Twoleg den. Gray Wing took him to Clear Sky but Clear Sky rejected him, and he was taken to the moor instead. Though raised on the moor, his instincts where to hunt in the forest but he worked hard to make Gray Wing proud. He was the first cat to leap over the flames after learning a technique from River Ripple and returning to rescue Moon Shadow. After the fire, Clear Sky and his cats were temporarily taken to the moor where he and Thunder rekindled and both moved back to the forest. Clear Sky's aggression didn't match with Thunder's compassion and when Clear Sky drove out Frost, Thunder took him and both cats joined the moor group. He struggled to find his place but Thunder was always strong and determined. He fought bravely in the Great Battle and in the end became the first leader of ThunderClan.
He appears on Storm's and Turtle Tail's page. Storm made a nest in an abandoned Twoleg nest that collapsed and Gray Wing rescued only one. Naming him Thunder, he took him to his father but Clear Sky never forgave himself for driving Storm away, so rejected Thunder. Thunder always yearned for the mother he could barely remember. He is lastly mentioned on Dappled Pelt's and Cloud Spots' page. Cloud Spots went with Thunder to the forest after the Great Battle.
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