"Runningnose, you must lead your Clan until StarClan makes its wishes known. And until that time, my cats and I will do everything we can to help you. I know your Clanmates have been doubly wonded, by Brokenstar and by the sickness from the rats. If you let me, I will help you heal them."
Tigerclaw to Runningnose in Tigerclaw's Fury, chapter 7
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Chapter description

Tigerclaw finds himself in a dark place, the sky being pitch-black. There are rotting trees surrounding him, and a greasy mist floating through the air. He wonders where he is, and if it's StarClan. The voice that talks in his mind informs him that he is in the Dark Forest. A she-cat appears, scorning StarClan and how weak and pathetic they are. She says ShadowClan needs a fearless and powerful leader, and that Tigerclaw can be that for them. The she-cat reveals that her name is Mapleshade, and says she has walked with him since he was born, laying out his destiny. She tells him to be patient as much more lies ahead for them and he’ll soon find out everything.
He tries to move closer to her, but tendrils around his paws trap the tom in place. Tigerclaw abruptly wakes up, smelling like dead things. Stumpytail wrinkles his nose, asking if he rolled in something smelly. Tigerclaw snaps of course not, and rushes the group to ShadowClan camp. They question why, but follow him anyways. As the group approaches camp, they can hear a collective keening sound. Tigerclaw enters to see the Clan huddled in grief, with Runningnose in the center. The medicine cat spots him and pulls him to the side, revealing that Nightstar died last night.
Tigerclaw wishes he walks in StarClan, saying he's sorry for the loss. Runningnose worries about the Clan, who feel as if their ancestors have abandoned them. The gray and white tom says that everyone is terrified, and that the Clan might not ever recover from what Brokenstar did. Tigerclaw urges the medicine cat to stay strong, as his Clan will look to him now. He promises he and his group will do everything to help them and help heal the Clan. Snag talks to Tigerclaw, noting ShadowClan will need a lot of support to get back on their paws. The tom glances at Runningnose, who is old and frail, and desperately trying to keep ShadowClan together.
Tigerclaw reassures they will be repaid for it, which earns him a nod. Runningnose calls for a Clan Meeting to reassure the Clan, but they protest they are being asked too much. Tigerclaw offers to help with border patrols and battle training, if the medicine cat approves. Deerfoot expresses her concerns, as ShadowClan has always been independent. Tigerclaw insists that they aren't taking over the Clan, and only want to work alongside them to help regain strength. He urges that they are surrounded by Clans will take advantage of their weaknesses in a heartbeat. ShadowClan agrees and cheers for the Clan, and Mapleshade tells Tigerclaw that this is the feeling of power, and to remember it.





Important events


  • Nightstar: Revealed to have died of Carrionplace disease[1]

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