"Don't mistake this for caring about my former Clanmates. I want the satisfaction of destroying them myself, not watching them burn like trapped rabbits, that's all."
Tigerclaw's mental response to Mapleshade in Tigerclaw's Fury, chapter 9
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Chapter description

Someone hisses for Tigerclaw to wake up and he stretches and opens his eyes, confused to see brambles instead of a smooth gray trunk. After a few moments, he remembers that he's in ShadowClan's camp now, not ThunderClan's. Clawface tells the tom that there's a fire in ThunderClan territory. He bolts upright, sprinting out of the den and through the forest. He races through the pine trees and comes upon Nightwhisper, who is waiting at the Thunderpath. Tigerclaw asks to go alone, even when the warrior wants to come and try to help cats. He bounds across the Thunderpath and goes to ThunderClan's camp, smelling smoke as he nears. He watches as the Clan flees the forest fire, annoyed that Fireheart is acting as a hero.
Mapleshade's voice chastises the tabby in his head, accusing him of caring for those that cast him out. Tigerclaw ignores her, mentally responding that he wants to kill them fairly, not have them burn like rabbits. Meanwhile, Fireheart asks if any cat is missing, which makes most cats pause. A few elders are noticed to be missing, and Tigerclaw doesn't care. He scans the sea of fleeing cats, relieved to see Goldenflower has escaped with Tawnykit. However, the queen shrieks that Bramblekit is unaccounted for.
Tigerclaw is immediately alarmed, worrying fr his son. Fireheart decides to go back into camp to get more of their lost Clanmates to safety. Some protest against this, and Cinderpelt offers to come. Tigerclaw is annoyed at the ginger tom playing hero, running into the fire like a loyal little warrior. He watches as Yellowfang ends up going with him, and the tom thinks his son’s life depends on an arrogant kittypet and an ancient medicine cat. Tigerclaw goes to investigate himself, following their path as they go back down the ravine. He sees Bramblekit hanging on a branch of a burning tree and Fireheart goes to rescue him.
Tigerclaw wants to help, but knows trying to assist will just break the branch, so watches and hopes. The branch starts to break and both cats start to fall into the flames. Tigerclaw prepares to jump into the fire to save Bramblekit, but Fireheart manages to hold on to a cliff and save himself and the kit. Tigerclaw trembles as he thanks StarClan for saving his son. He glares at Fireheart and thinks he may have saved his son but nothing has changed. He promises to still kill Fireheart when he has a chance.





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