These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in Tigerclaw's Fury that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading and the book discussions.

  • Tigerclaw is being exiled from ThunderClan by Bluestar.
    • When asked to explain himself, Tigerclaw calls Bluestar weak and claims that he would have made ThunderClan strong.
    • Bluestar questions how many would have died for it and orders him to be killed should he ever set foot in the territory again.
  • He asks Darkstripe, Longtail, and Dustpelt to join him in his quest to become leader.
    • All three refuse, horrified by his past actions and disloyalty.
  • Tigerclaw leaves, vowing revenge on all of the ThunderClan cats.
  • A voice in his head mocks him for being defeated and disappointing his mentor, Thistleclaw.
    • He thinks of the ways the battle went wrong, blaming his allies and RiverClan's intervention.
  • He settles in a patch of moss and tends to his belly wound, thinking that ThunderClan is weak and doesn't deserve his leadership.
    • The voice in his head returns and reminds him how his father Pinestar had betrayed the Clan to live as a kittypet.
  • He packs his wound with leaf mulch and sets out, scheming.
    • Tigerclaw decides that his destiny lay in another Clan, and that he would crush his former Clanmates the next time he battled them.

  • Tigerclaw feels the air becoming colder around him and continues moving, not wanting to see ThunderClan's pity when they saw him still within the territory during evening patrol.
  • He heads for the Treecut Place and crawls inside a wooden den.
    • He falls asleep, despite the rumbling in his belly.
    • He has a nightmare, where he was burning with Fireheart and Bluestar chasing him.
  • He awakes, and drinks before spotting a blackbird and trying to hunt.
    • He fails at catching the bird, but does manage to catch a mouse.
  • He exits the den, trots along the border and catches the scent of his allies that had fled during the battle.
  • Tigerclaw notices a blood trail of the rogues that had attacked ThunderClan earlier, and follows it. His tracking leads him to Clawface, Blackfoot, Tangleburr, Stumpytail, and Snag.
    • They greet him fearfully and Tigerclaw feels satisfied that they would do anything he asked.
    • They tell him Mowgli fled, and Tigerclaw hopes his hadn't misplaced his faith in him.
  • Clawface offers Tigerclaw a mouse loin, which he devours, relishing in his power.
  • Seeing that they needed more prey, Tigerclaw sends his strongest warriors, Tangleburr and Snag, on a hunting patrol.
  • Blackfoot asks about his belly wound, but Tigerclaw snaps at him.
  • Blackfoot also adds that ThunderClan had fought much fiercer than he had expected, especially Fireheart.
    • Tigerclaw becomes angry and promises to train more cats to take on ThunderClan again and kill Fireheart once and for all.

  • Tigerclaw wakes up and carefully steps out of the thicket where he had slept the night before with the other cats.
  • Snag appears and asks about the morning patrol, to which Tigerclaw replies that it had not come back yet, but the group needed to move.
  • Tangleburr exits the thicket and Tigerclaw tells her that they were going to enter ShadowClan territory.
  • Tigerclaw and his group cross the Thunderpath onto the edge of ShadowClan territory.
    • They face a clump of trees that according to Clawface are impenetrable, but Blackfoot shows them a way through.
  • They find that the territory on the other side looks much like ThunderClan territory.
    • They begin to make nests and a new camp.
    • Tigerclaw worries if they see him as their real leader, and orders them to hurry up with the camp, as they were beginning training the next day.
  • Tigerclaw trains with Snag, Stumpytail, and Clawface.
  • Blackfoot and Tangleburr have been missing, and Tigerclaw questions their whereabouts.
    • Stumpytail admits that they had been taking turns watching ShadowClan, and defends them when Tigerclaw protests that they are no longer his Clanmates.
  • Tigerclaw goes after Blackfoot and Tangleburr and spots the two near the ShadowClan border.
  • The two admit to have been checking on their former Clanmates from ShadowClan.
    • ShadowClan is revealed to have undergone a terrible sickness and that the warriors are too weak to hunt.
    • He takes advantage of their loyalty to their former Clanmates and waits for the next patrol.
  • A patrol consisting of Fernshade, Deerfoot, and Boulder appear from the bushes, confronting the rogues.
    • Tangleburr tells them of the group, but when questioned about the attack, Blackfoot steers the conversation to the sickness.
    • Fernshade tells them about the terrible sickness, and Deerfoot interrupts her, wary of the group.
    • Tangleburr suggests hunting for ShadowClan, but Tigerclaw and Deerfoot both protest, the former taking the Tangleburr and Blackfoot back to their camp.
  • Tigerclaw dreams of fighting Fireheart with shadowy cats fighting alongside him.
  • He takes this as an omen from StarClan, predicting that ShadowClan would be the one help him destroy Fireheart.

  • Tigerclaw interrupts a ShadowClan patrol consisting of Rowanberry, Dawncloud, and Flintfang to offer helping ShadowClan catch food.
    • The cats are uncertain, but accept his offer.
    • The rogues immediately begin to hunt for ShadowClan.
  • Tigerclaw's band of rogues are lead by Boulder to ShadowClan's camp, which reeks of sickness.
  • It is revealed that the former ShadowClan deputy, Cinderfur, died from an infected rat.
    • Cinderfur was also revealed to be the cause of the spreading sickness throughout the Clan.
  • Runningnose states that he is the new deputy since Nightstar is too weak to appoint a new one.
  • Tigerclaw thinks of the power he has gained from helping ShadowClan as the rogues leave the camp
  • The next day, Tigerclaw sets out to find Mowgli in the Twolegplace.
    • Mowgli is finally found and he swears his loyalty to Tigerclaw.
    • Tigerclaw brings him back to the rest of the rogues.

  • The rogues become cautious at the appearance of Mowgli.
  • Tangleburr reveals that the group was invited by a ShadowClan to hunt with them the next day.
    • Tigerclaw feels pleased at ShadowClan's mercy and accepts the offer.
  • Tigerclaw leads a hunting patrol consisting of Webfoot, Oakpaw, Russetfur, and Darkflower and Tangleburr.
  • They return to ShadowClan camp.
    • Tigerclaw is questioned by some ShadowClan warriors about his decision to leave ThunderClan
  • Tigerclaw calls his group to leave. Many cats, including Runningnose and Cedarheart, are sad to see them go and insist they return the next day.
    • He congratulates himself on winning their dependence
  • Another patrol consisting of Russetfur, Ratscar, Clawface, and Whitethroat is organized.
    • Tigerclaw suggests that the patrol goes hunting different prey— from ThunderClan.
      • Whitethroat is appalled and is reluctant to go
      • Clawface tells Tigerclaw of the rumour that Whitethroat and Littlecloud had been sheltered in ThunderClan
  • They enter ThunderClan territory via the tunnel
  • Tigerclaw catches a mouse and his patrol is shocked at his speed.
  • Mousefur, Runningwind, and Thornclaw are patrolling the border.
    • Tigerclaw orders his group to attack them.

  • Tigerclaw attacks Runningwind and kills him instantly.
    • Mousefur and Thornclaw run back to their camp to fetch help.
    • The rest of the patrol is horrified that Tigerclaw killed Runningwind.
  • Tigerclaw notices that Whitethroat stays back to grieve for Runningwind.
    • Tigerclaw warns him that he is no longer trusted.
  • Whitethroat begins crossing the Thunderpath where a monster runs him over.
    • Fireheart is devastated, and attacks Tigerclaw.
  • Blackfoot appears with many healthy ShadowClan cats, including Russetfur and Ratscar.
    • Mowgli attacks Fireheart, who has wriggled free from Tigerclaw's grasp.
  • Graystripe rips into Tigerclaw's belly while he is unaware. Tigerclaw is baffled, as Graystripe is a RiverClan cat.
    • Tigerclaw realizes that RiverClan is allying with ThunderClan against them.
    • Fireheart and Graystripe attack Tigerclaw together, but he manages to free himself.
  • Tigerclaw runs toward Clawface and Russetfur, who had already retreated to the edge of the Thunderpath.
  • He claims that they were attacked without provocation and to tell the rest of ShadowClan to avenge Whitethroat.
    • ShadowClan agrees to destroy ThunderClan.

  • Tigerclaw finds himself in the Place of No Stars.
    • He meets a she-cat named Mapleshade, who reveals to have been the one speaking to him in his thoughts.
      • She explains that ShadowClan needs a powerful leader, and Tigerclaw is the best one to fulfil that role.
      • Tigerclaw tries to run after her to get more answers, but she disappears.
  • He wakes up to see Stumpytail and Blackfoot and immediately leads the group to the ShadowClan camp
  • Runningnose reveals to Tigerclaw that Nightstar had died the night before.
    • Mapleshade warns Tigerclaw that this is his moment to start becoming leader and to be careful.
  • Tigerclaw states that Runningnose should wait until he receives a message from StarClan before picking a new leader, and he agrees.
    • Runningnose starts a Clan meeting to inform the Clan about a vigil for Nightstar and that he will take place as leader until StarClan gives him a sign.
  • Tigerclaw proposes to work within ShadowClan's camp to hunt and train with them.
    • ShadowClan agrees and Mapleshade tells Tigerclaw to remember the feeling of power.

  • Tigerclaw organizes cats to battle train and hunting patrols.
    • Many ShadowClan cats are reluctant to follow his orders.
  • He goes with the cats who are battle training to observe their fighting skills
    • Tigerclaw tells Tallpoppy and Flintfang to train with their claws unsheathed.
      • Tallpoppy notes that Brokenstar made them train the same way.
      • Tigerclaw becomes irritated and injures her leg when they don't unsheathe their claws
  • Tigerclaw tells the Clan that he shares his grief of Nightstar with them.
  • Flattered, Runningnose asks Tigerclaw's group to join them in ShadowClan and he accepts.
  • Tigerclaw gives Snag and Mowgli their warriors names; Jaggedtooth and Nightwhisper.
  • He sits vigil with ShadowClan and scorns Nightstar in his thoughts, promising to make ShadowClan strong once again.

  • Clawface informs Tigerclaw that the forest on the other side of the Thunderpath is on fire.
    • He runs to the border and orders Nightwhisper to stay while he goes to check out the damage
  • Tigerclaw goes near the ThunderClan camp to see the fire's damage.
    • He is disgusted that Fireheart is leading the Clan to safety and hopes that he hadn't become deputy.
    • He is relieved to see that Goldenflower and Tawnykit were unharmed.
  • The ThunderClan cats are in a state of panic, and they soon discover that Bramblekit, Patchpelt, and Halftail are missing.
    • Fireheart and Yellowfang go back to camp to save them.
    • Tigerclaw watches in distress as Fireheart saves Bramblekit.
      • He notes that Fireheart's saving Bramblekit changes nothing, and that he will still kill him.

  • Tigerclaw is training some apprentices and Runningnose thanks him for his loyalty.
  • Runningnose discusses with Tigerclaw that he is worried about the Gathering since ShadowClan is leaderless.
    • Tigerclaw insists to keep an eye out for anything that might be considered a sign.
  • ShadowClan worries about finding a leader before the Gathering.
  • Runningnose notices a claw at the bottom of a rock and states that the moon seems to have made stripes on it like a tiger's pelt.
    • He names Tigerclaw the new leader of ShadowClan.
  • Tigerclaw returns to Jaggedtooth, whose paw is bleeding where a claw had been pulled.
    • Tigerclaw decides that he owes Jaggedtooth nothing and will not make him deputy.
  • Tigerclaw is satisfied to hear the chanting of his new name, Tigerstar.
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