"Warriors believe that some things are worth fighting for."
Tigerheart to Fierce in Tigerheart's Shadow, page 229
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Chapter Number: 21 (of 35)
Page Numbers: 217-229

Chapter description

Lightkit asks Tigerheart why there are more nests being built in the abandoned basement of a Twoleg nest where the guardian cats have made their homes. Tigerheart tells her that it’s because there are more sick cats being brought to the nest by the day, and the medicine cats need the space to take care of them. Lightkit ponders why her father calls them medicine cats instead of healers like everyone else, and he explains that that’s what they’re called by the lake. Lightkit asks if they’ll ever go there, and Shadowkit pipes in that the forests there are dark. Tigerheart is somewhat surprised that Shadowkit knows that the forest is dark, despite the kit never having been there. He silently thinks to himself that Shadowkit may be meant for something special. Meanwhile, Fierce and the other cats are talking about a special patrol that will raid a Twoleg gathering, also referred to as an outdoor gathering. The Twolegs there cook food over a big fire, and they leave a lot of waste, making it easy to scavenge off the remains. Tigerheart decides to go with the patrol to bring home meat for his kits and Dovewing. Despite Pouncekit, Lightkit and Shadowkit's eager requests to go outside, Tigerheart denies them. After some convincing, Blaze is permitted to come on the patrol as well.
When the patrol gets there, after weaving through the Twoleg infastructure, the gathering is just as described; piled with food, with only a faint whiff of smoke. Despite the many Twolegs in the area, the food smells delicious, making Tigerheart nostalgic for the forest's prey. The patrol splits up; Tigerheart, Fierce and Cobweb are in one group, and the other patrol consists of Mittens, Rascal and Ant. Blaze and Dotty stay behind. Fierce finds a grouse, which stuns Tigerheart, and delights him at the thought of his kits tasting real prey.
After a while of collecting food, Rascal sees that Fog and her gang are also scavenging. Tigerheart alerts Fierce of their presence and says that they need to leave quickly, but Fierce is puzzled, saying that Fog and her cats need to eat to and there’s enough food for everyone to share. Tigerheart insists that Fog may try to be stealing the guardian cats’ food, but Fierce is reluctant to try and claim territory for themselves. Tigerheart argues that they need to intimidate Fog so she stops antagonising the guardian cats, but as they talk, Fog, Tuna, and a stout black-and-white tom pad up to them. Tigerheart tells Fierce and Cobweb to take what they can back to Dotty, and they do, leaving a rabbit at Tigerheart’s paws. Tigerheart growls that he’ll defend his catch, but Fog speedily hooks the rabbit out from beneath Tigerheart.
Despite Tigerheart's efforts to peacefully resolve potential conflict, a fight breaks out between Fog, Growler, Tuna and Tigerheart. Even though the three cats dominate him in numbers, Tigerheart is able to win by sheer force and superior tactics. The commotion attracts the attention of Twolegs, and the group hurriedly exits the area before they can be captured. After they get away, Fierce and Tigerheart argue about the integrity of his actions, with her in denial about Fog's selfishness. Tigerheart resents Fierce for her lack of will to fight for her own property.





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