"But as the moon had worn on, impatience had begun to itch benath his pelt. Rowanstar's message ran in his mind. Tell Rowanstar I'm sorry it's taking so long. Had StarClan known the journey would be this long when they'd sent Rowanstar's words to Spiresight? Would Tigerheart arrive too late to help his Clan? The tug of home grew strogner each day, and he realized that once more he was beginning to feel trapped, worrying more about ShadowClan with each passing sunset."
Tigerheart worried about ShadowClan in Tigerheart's Shadow, page 376
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Chapter Number: 33 (of 35)
Page Numbers: 374-386

Chapter description

Tigerheart, Cloverfoot, and Blaze are hunting for their group. As Tigerheart gets down into a hunting crouch, Cloverfoot comments how they don't need more prey, but Tigerheart responds that Berryheart still needs food, as her kits aren't completely weaned yet. He then hooks a mouse with his paws, and carries it back to the group. Cloverfoot asks if he enjoys hunting for his Clan again, and he tells her he never stopped. Scavenging has no honor, but hunting makes him feel as though he is bringing food worthy of them. They head towards their temporary camp, where they've stayed for the past moon. Tigerheart is the unofficial leader of their small group, although it was never declared.
They have an herb store, built up by Cinnamon with the help of Blaze. No cats have fallen ill, but Cinnamon cannot treat anything more than mild ailments. However, everyone is feeling rested after their break, and both Tigerheart and Dovewing are relieved that their kits are safe. Tigerheart still remembers Rowanstar's message, however, and apologizes silently to his father. He wonders if he'll arrive too late to save his Clan, and becomes restless once more. As he arrives at the camp, he hears the kits squealing, and watches with pleasure as Hollowkit and Spirekit launch themselves at Lightkit and Pouncekit respectively. The two she-kits pretend to lose, and Pouncekit announces dramatically that they trio has won. Lightkit pulls herself free and races towards her father when she sees he's brought a mouse, and asks if she can have it. Tigerheart drops it and tells her he needs to share with her brother, as it's his favorite too. He searches for Shadowkit, and asks where he is.
Lightkit responds that he's with Dovewing, talking about something, before sniffing the mouse. Hollowkit and Spirekit sniff at it too, but are a bit disgusted at the fur. Tigerheart, while watching them, sees Dovewing and Shadowkit talking a little bit away from the camp, and tells Lightkit to show Spirekit to strip the meat out, but also to leave some for Shadowkit. Lightkit nods, and Tigerheart leaps over the camp wall and pads towards his mate and son. Dovewing seems worried, and tells him Shadowkit had a dream. Shadowkit says he knows how to get back to the lake territories, explaining that he saw the Twolegplace, the moors, the lake, ShadowClan territory, and the other Clans' territories. Tigerheart remembers the words Spiresight spoke the day Shadowkit was born, that he would see into the shadows. He knows that his son must've had a vision, because there is no way he could've described their home so perfectly. Still in shock, he asks Dovewing if she's ever described the lake to him.
She tells him that she's never described it in such detail, and Tigerheart eagerly asks Shadowkit if he can lead them back home. Shadowkit responds that he dreamt the route home, and could see the path they had to take. The dream was sent to show the group back home. Tigerheart thanks his son, and says he'll discuss it with the others. Shadowkit adds that they need to leave soon, with urgency in his eyes. Tigerheart promises that they'll leave as soon as they can, then tells his son that there's a mouse in the camp, and he should go eat. Tigerheart then turns to Dovewing and asks if StarClan is really sharing with Shadowkit, and she tells him he thinks the dream is true and so does she. He thinks back to Spiresight's words, and asks if Shadowkit will be a medicine cat. They decide they'll talk it over when they get home.
Tigerheart watches Spirekit pounce on his father's tail, and wonders if Berryheart's kits are old enough to travel. Dovewing responds that they're still small, and that walking for only two days would tire them out. He then decides to consult the others, and calls them over to discuss Shadowkit's dream. Pouncekit is ordered to keep the other kits busy, and they cannot interrupt. Tigerheart then tells the group that Shadowkit dreamed of the lake. Cloverfoot asks if a kit can lead them home, and Tigerheart responds that StarClan must've chosen him to share with them. Berryheart tells him that her kits aren't ready to travel. Tigerheart tries to find ways that they can journey with the kits, but Berryheart insists they're not ready. Finally she agrees to travel after a quarter moon, but only if the weather is nice.
A hunting patrol is sent out to find food for their journey, as Tigerheart doesn't want them to start on empty bellies. Blaze and Cinnamon have left to search for herbs, and the kits are playing in the camp. Tigerheart tries to get Shadowkit to play with the other kits, but Shadowkit tells his father that he has a feeling that they shouldn't be here. Tigerheart promises that they'll leave in the morning, knowing that having dreams shared with him must be hard, but he can't help asking if he has seen Rowanclaw. Shadowkit, scared, asks if he was meant to, and Tigerheart assures him that he wasn't.
Dovewing's cry alerts him to an owl circling overhead, and he orders the kits to hide, although a few are rooted to the spot with fear. The owl reaches for Hollowkit, and Tigerheart darts forward to push him away before facing the owl. Dovewing reaches for the wing, but is batted away, and Tigerheart slashes at the bird’s chest. Suddenly, talons grasp him, and he is lifted into the air. The owl glides among the branches, and he fights desperately as his mate and kits cry in terror. Panicked, he slices the owl's belly, which releases him from its grasp. He falls, attempting to grab branches and failing, before slamming onto the earth, and slipping out of consciousness.





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