"Strangers will come to your home. They will need your help, just as we need it."
— An unknown tabby tom to Spire in Tigerheart's Shadow, page 3
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Chapter Number: Prologue (of 35)
Page Numbers: 1-4

Chapter description

Spire knows he is in the dream where he is standing in a clearing enclosed by bramble walls. cats squeeze in and out of woven dens, and some of them walk right by Spire without seeing him, since he can only see the cats, but they can't see him. A brown tom with white splotches pads over towards one of the dens, where a skinny tom awaits him. The old cat thanks him for coming, saying that an unknown cat has been coughing all night.
On the other side, a tortoiseshell she-cat is talking to a ginger tom anxiously. Three young cats sit by a pure white she-cat as well, all of them anxious. Anxiety flickers in Spire's belly, and he wonders why he dreams of this place and what it means. As he wonders, the ground blurs and seemingly falls away, and Spire lands on soft green grass.
He blinks when he sees starry ranks of cats standing before him. They stare directly at him, and he asks how they can see him. A black she-cat steps up and tells Spire not to be frightened, as they mean no harm. A broad-shouldered tom joins her, and says that they want something from Spire. Spire then asks how he can help, and the black she-cat asks him if he takes care of cats around him. The tom responds he tries to heal them however he can, and the she-cat says that a cat who cares for others is special, and that is why Spire is chosen to be a messenger.
The broad-shouldered tom chimes in, saying that strangers will come to his home, in need of help. Spire asks if he needs to give them a message, and the black she-cat says no, but let the strangers guide his paws. Spire's gaze drifts past the she-cat and looks at the other starry cats. All of their eyes were burning with need, and he slowly backs away, saying he doesn't understand. The black she-cat begs him to do it and says if he doesn't help, the she-cat trails off before she could say anything else.
Spire goes back to the forest clearing, and sees the tortoiseshell she-cat, blood oozing from her pelt and three young cats, one stumbling and falling, a gash across his belly. An old tom lay panting, while another with pale blue eyes looks desolately at the others. Then, with a jolt, Spire wakes up with a small tom-kit sleeping by his belly. Spire blinks and stares into the darkness and the kit whimpers. Spire leans down, telling the kit to rest before licking it. He remembers the black she-cat's words and wonders if she mean't something. He tells himself dreams are just dreams, but he can't dismiss the dream he just had.




  • Unknown black she-cat [2]
  • Unknown kit[3]

Notes and references

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