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Although this article is based on canonical information, the title of this subject is conjecture.

Warning: Rippletail’s appearances in Tigerheart’s Shadow are a mistake as confirmed by Kate Cary and further installments in the canon. Slatefur was meant to be in the patrol traveling with Tigerheart.

Tigerheart's patrol was a large group of cats led by the former ShadowClan deputy Tigerheart[1] on his trek back to ShadowClan.[2]


The patrol was formed by Tigerheart and his family, with the accompanying four guardian cats of Ant, Blaze, Cinnamon and Spire. After they leave the city and countless days of traveling, Tigerheart encounters Berryheart, Slatefur, Cloverfoot, and Sparrowtail in an abandoned twoleg nest, with Berryheart heavily pregnant. While Tigerheart initially resents them as traitors, he realizes his hypocrisy and offers them to join his patrol back to ShadowClan, which they readily accept.[2]
Spire is killed saving Pouncekit,[3] and the patrol mourns the loss of their friend. Tigerheart decides to give him a warrior name in honor of his memory, naming him Spiresight. Berryheart later goes into labor and gives birth to Sunkit, Hollowkit, and Spirekit, the latter being named after Spiresight. The patrol is forced to stop their journey temporarily as Berryheart's kits are too young to travel. Tigerheart bonds with the four ex-ShadowClan cats and realizes why they had not returned to ShadowClan and begins forming a friendship with them.[1] When the three kits get older, Tigerheart decides to lead his patrol home. While on their way, an owl tries to prey on the six young kits and nearly takes Hollowkit, but Tigerheart intervenes and the owl tries to take him instead. The owl then drops him, and Tigerheart suffers severe internal injuries and cannot properly walk. The patrol is unsure how to treat him, and they decide to make their way back to Clan territory so Tigerheart can see Puddleshine. However, Tigerheart succumbs to his injuries on the way, ascending to StarClan. In spite of his death though, the patrol continues on, carrying his body back to Clan territory, where Puddleshine places his corpse at the Moonpool so StarClan can try and help him.[4]
StarClan revives Tigerheart as Tigerstar, the new leader of the reinstated ShadowClan and receives nine lives. When he is resurrected, Tigerstar revives ShadowClan and merges his patrol into ShadowClan.[2]



  1. While Rippletail was the one to appear in Tigerheart's Shadow, Slatefur was the one intended to take his place and has appeared in further books.[8]

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