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Author statements

  • According to Kate, after the events of The Last Hope, Dovewing chose Bumblestripe as her mate over Tigerstar as Bumblestripe was the more sensible opinion, and loving a cat from another Clan wouldn't work out well.[1] In Bramblestar's Storm, Dovewing and Bumblestripe did break up, however, and Dovewing's unresolved feelings for Tigerstar played a role.[2]
  • Kate says that the reason Dovewing likes Tigerstar so much is that "he is naturally everything she wishes she was" as a loyal, kind-hearted, well-meaning warrior and wanting to do his best for the Clan and trying really hard too.[blog 1]
  • In response to Tigerstar's behavior towards SkyClan in The Raging Storm, Kate explained that Tigerstar acted tough "to make sure he's taken seriously". Furthermore, "ShadowClan have been through a difficult time [and] he has to make them seem formidable again".[blog 2]
  • Kate has said Tigerstar is the most interesting modern leader to her.[blog 3][blog 4]
    • She goes on to say she loves that "Tigerstar is so tough and yet so fallible" and gets the sense "that he is strong but always a little out of his death and putting on a tough front".[blog 4]

Interesting facts


  • Tigerstar was originally described as a golden tabby,[10] although this was changed in Sunrise to his current dark brown tabby appearance.[11] This description was accidentally used in The Fourth Apprentice,[12] despite his description being correct in the allegiances.[13]
  • He was mistakenly said to have green eyes.[14]
  • Either he or his brother, Flametail, were mentioned as female.[15]
  • He was mistakenly called Tigerstar prior to becoming leader.[16]
  • Tigerstar is said to have been too young to remember the Great Battle,[17] when he was shown to have fought in it and worked against the Dark Forest.[18]

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