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"Friendship is worthless. You have learned an important lesson, one that I could have never taught you. But I will teach you much more. There'll come a day when you'll be so powerful, you'll have no need for friends. And when that day comes, I promise you will never regret that you chose to be a warrior."
— Tigerstar to Lionpaw in Dark River, page 322

Tigerstar is a big, dark brown tabby tom with unusually long front claws,[3] and amber eyes.[28]

Tigerstar was a ShadowClan leader in the forest territories, formerly the ThunderClan deputy under Bluestar, who was exiled for his attempted murder of his leader. Tigerkit was born to Pinestar and Leopardfoot alongside his sisters, Nightkit and Mistkit, who died after birth. Tigerpaw was apprenticed to Thistleclaw, who nurtured his ambition, and after becoming a warrior, Tigerclaw yearned for leadership. He became the mentor of Darkstripe, and during a battle over Sunningrocks, Tigerclaw murdered Redtail, the Clan deputy, in hopes of receiving his position, though the act was witnessed by his apprentice, Ravenpaw. Following Lionheart's death, Tigerclaw achieved becoming deputy. He and his mate, Goldenflower, had two kits, Bramblekit and Tawnykit.

Tigerclaw was exiled after conspiring with Brokenstar and his rogues to murder Bluestar. After ShadowClan was weakened during Nightstar's leadership, Tigerclaw became leader as Tigerstar after Runningnose received an omen. He later met a former kittypet, Sasha, and although the two grew close, she chose not to join ShadowClan, and unbeknownst to him, she had his kits, Moth, Hawk, and Tadpole. Tigerstar later co-led TigerClan with Leopardstar; however, he took complete control when he ordered Blackfoot and Darkstripe to kill Stonefur, RiverClan's half-Clan deputy. Though he recruited Scourge to help him defeat the Clans, he was killed by the BloodClan leader, losing all of his nine lives. In the Dark Forest, Tigerstar trained cats in their dreams such as Hawkfrost, Brambleclaw, and Lionblaze in hopes to have them on his side. He eventually faded after being slain by Firestar in the Great Battle.


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The Prophecies Begin

Tigerstar forming TigerClan

"Keep your eyes open, Fireheart. Keep your ears pricked. Keep looking behind you. Because one day I'll find you, and then you'll be crow-food."
―Tigerclaw threatening Fireheart Forest of Secrets, page 324
Tigerclaw is a senior warrior of ThunderClan under the leadership of Bluestar. He has an apprentice named Ravenpaw. Tigerclaw is extremely scornful of Firepaw, a former kittypet, and constantly taunts him about his heritage. Firepaw initially respects Tigerclaw, but quickly realizes that he cannot trust him. It is revealed to Firepaw and Graypaw by Ravenpaw that Tigerclaw murdered Redtail, the ThunderClan deputy, in battle. To keep his terrible secret, Tigerclaw threatens to "quiet" Ravenpaw so that the truth will never be revealed. Firepaw and Graypaw bring Ravenpaw to Barley, a loner, so that he will be safe from Tigerclaw. Tigerclaw appears to mourn for Ravenpaw after he thinks he is dead, but is secretly relieved that the apprentice is gone. Around this time, he becomes mates with Goldenflower who gives birth to Bramblekit and Tawnykit.
Tigerclaw becomes Bluestar's deputy after Lionheart dies in battle. However, this position of power isn't enough to satisfy him, and he schemes to murder Bluestar so that he can become leader. He plots with Brokenstar, a ThunderClan prisoner at the time, and gets rogues to attack the camp. His treachery is finally revealed when he attempts to murder Bluestar himself, but Fireheart stops him. He is exiled, swearing vengeance against Fireheart and leaves ThunderClan behind.

Scourge killing Tigerstar

Tigerclaw takes over as leader of ShadowClan since they are left without a leader after Nightstar suddenly dies. He appoints the former rogue, Blackfoot, as his deputy. Although he is pleased with his leadership position, his quest for revenge is still unfulfilled. He leads a vicious dog pack to Sunningrocks and plans to use them to wipe out ThunderClan. He feeds them and eventually slaughters the ThunderClan queen, Brindleface, to give the dogs a taste for cat blood. However, his plan is thwarted after ThunderClan finds out about the dogs, and they lead the dogs over the edge of the gorge to drown.
His quest for revenge still unfulfilled, Tigerstar goes to Scourge and BloodClan to help him take over the whole forest and force every Clan into submission. They agree to help in exchange for territory and prey. ShadowClan unites with RiverClan during this time, becoming TigerClan, with Leopardstar and Tigerstar as co-leaders. Before the battle against BloodClan, Tigerstar is killed by Scourge with a devastating blow that rips all nine lives away from him at once.

The New Prophecy

"I have learned to walk in the paths of their dreams. And I have time. All the time in the world. When they have destroyed that mangy kittypet, I'll make them leaders of their Clans, and show them what true power is."
―Tigerstar to Darkstripe about his sons Sunset, pages 3-4
Tigerstar joins the Dark Forest for his treachery. He discovers a way to train other cats in their dreams, starting with his sons, Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost. Originally, he portrays himself as the father who had found redemption, but eventually shows his true nature by coaching them to take over the Clans. He orders Hawkfrost to help Brambleclaw kill Firestar, but Brambleclaw refuses and saves Firestar's life, turning his back on Tigerstar and his ways. Hawkfrost is killed by Brambleclaw and joins Tigerstar in the Dark Forest.

Power of Three

"It was Tigerstar's ambition that destroyed him. If he had been willing to wait for power to come to him, he would've been the greatest leader in the forest."
―Longtail about Tigerstar Outcast, page 28
Tigerstar continues to walk in the Dark Forest, this time, with his equally ambitious son for company. He attempts to train Jaypaw, Brambleclaw's son, but when he fails, he turns to train Lionpaw. This time, he succeeds, guiding Lionpaw through his training and preparing him for battle, until Lionblaze also turns his back on Tigerstar after realizing that he knew his true parentage all along.

Omen of the Stars

"Every moment. The moment Bluestar found you, I became nothing! I have waited all this time to have my revenge! When you're dead, I can rule the Clans or kill them."
―Tigerstar to Firestar The Last Hope, page chapter 27
As time passes, the Dark Forest recruits more trainees, and they plot to take over the Clans, seeking revenge on the cats who had wronged them. Tigerstar is shown to be a head figure of the Dark Forest army. The final conflict takes place during the Great Battle, Tigerstar against Firestar, which had been brewing ever since Firestar stepped into the forest as a kittypet. Tigerstar seemed to have gotten the advantage at the beginning of the battle, and Graystripe tries to intervene, but is stopped and told that it is "Firestar's fight". Firestar retaliates and snaps Tigerstar's neck, as he vanishes forever.

Super Editions

This section summarizes Tigerstar (TPB)'s significant Super Editions appearances. If you're looking for a full list, find one here!

Tigerpaw attacking Tiny

"That cat should not have survived. This was never meant to happen."
―Goosefeather about Tigerkit Bluestar's Prophecy, page 394
In Bluestar's Prophecy, Tigerkit is born to Leopardfoot and Pinestar alongside his sisters, Mistkit and Nightkit. The entire litter is extremely frail and sickly, and both of Tigerkit's sisters die shortly after birth. However, he grows strong and survives. Goosefeather receives a prophecy about the young kit and how dangerous he would become later in life, and after telling Pinestar, his father wishes he was never born. Pinestar later leaves his Clan to become a kittypet, causing Tigerkit to develop a bitter hatred for kittypets. Tigerpaw is apprenticed to Thistleclaw. As an apprentice, he is very aggressive and enjoys fighting. Thistleclaw nurtures the young tom's ambitions and hunger for power because he desires to become deputy himself. He even encourages Tigerpaw to attack a defenseless kit on ThunderClan territory. That kit would later grow up to be the fearsome BloodClan leader, Scourge.
"It's not always easy being deputy, is it? You must support your leader, but at the same time, you're your own cat. That's why your leader chose you, because you can make your own decisions. We have one paw in the present, supporting our leaders, and one paw in the future, planning for the day when we will be leader. I would only say, we understand each other—perhaps better than another cat could. I would never betray your confidence. I admire you, Leopardfur. Your intelligence, your ambition. I hope that someday we will work together as leaders. [...] I won't always be deputy, and neither will you. The day will come when our Clans will look to us for leadership. And I believe we can do it, Leopardstar. We just have to be ready. We can bring change for the first time in moons. Change is frightening. But you have the courage of your convictions. The Clans waste so much time fighting for the wrong things. I know you see that too. You love your Clan; that's obvious. But you can see it's weaknesses. You know how to make it better; you just haven't been given the chance yet. If we could plan together—"
―Tigerclaw at a Gathering to Leopardfur Leopardstar's Honor, pages 223-224
In Leopardstar's Honor, Tigerclaw, the ThunderClan deputy, admires the RiverClan deputy's, Leopardfur's, ambition and dedication to her Clan, even when she speaks about against Crookedstar. He hints at them possibly working together in the future when they become leaders, and Leopardfur is enticed by another cat who shares her ideals, though doesn't fully trust him. When he becomes leader of ShadowClan, Tigerstar speaks with Leopardfur how they can make the Clans great again, though warns that Fireheart and Graystripe stand in their way. When she becomes leader of RiverClan, Tigerstar insists she will always have ShadowClan as an ally against WindClan and ThunderClan. Tigerstar encourages her to join their Clans as co-leaders to secure prey as TigerClan, and the two plan to attack WindClan and ThunderClan to force them to join them. Tigerstar looks into gaining supporters from BloodClan and introduces Leopardstar to Scourge, BloodClan's leader. Tigerstar forces Leopardstar to handle the half-Clan cats in her Clan, including her deputy, Stonefur, to fear-mongor the rest into listening to them as co-leaders. Tigerstar orders Stonefur's death when he refuses to kill Featherpaw and Stormpaw, and Leopardstar doesn't intervene. As Tigerstar continues to take over her Clan, Leopardstar realizes she's made a mistake and is prepared to fight against Tigerstar when Scourge kills him.


This section summarizes Tigerstar (TPB)'s significant Novellas appearances. If you're looking for a full list, find one here!

Tigerclaw: "You were in my way, Redtail. It's nothing personal, but ThunderClan needs a real deputy. I'm just doing what I should have let that hawk do back when you were a 'paw."
Redtail: "But...you saved my life."
Tigerclaw: "And you should have been loyal from then on. But you weren't. So, better for me, better for the Clan, if you're not here."
—Tigerclaw killing Redtail at Sunningrocks Redtail's Debt, page chapter 10
In Redtail's Debt, as a new warrior, Tigerclaw saves Redpaw from a hawk. As payment for saving his life, Tigerclaw insists that Redpaw owes him his life. Later, while on a patrol, Tigerclaw and Redtail come across Sorrelpaw, a WindClan apprentice who accidentally strayed across the border. Tigerclaw orders Redtail to teach her a lesson, and after her mentor, Stagleap, reprimands them, Redtail begins to realize how dangerously aggressive Tigerclaw really is. The two continue to get into arguments as time progresses, and Tigerclaw resents Redtail for becoming deputy. He considers Redtail a weak deputy for refusing to get into conflicts with the other Clans. During an invasion of Sunningrocks, Tigerclaw kills Redtail in order to get him out of the way.
"You know already that I will kill you one day. Your last breath will be gasped beneath my paws. Your last drop of blood will be spilled on my fur. Stones will break and the sky will fall when we meet in our final battle."
―Tigerclaw about him and Fireheart Tigerclaw's Fury, page chapter 1
In Tigerclaw's Fury, after leaving ThunderClan, Tigerclaw becomes a rogue and befriends several others including Snag and Mowgli. With their help, Tigerclaw then begins to think about how he will get his revenge on ThunderClan. After learning about the sickness in ShadowClan from former warriors, Tigerclaw agrees to let his group assist the ailing Clan by providing food. During a hunting patrol on ThunderClan territory, he kills Runningwind. When a fire breaks out in ThunderClan's camp, Tigerclaw rushes over and witnesses Fireheart saving his son, Bramblekit. After Nightstar, the ill leader of ShadowClan, dies without naming a deputy, Tigerclaw urges Runningnose to trust in his instincts and choose a new leader. Runningnose chooses Tigerclaw after witnessing shadows like tiger stripes appear in the camp, and Tigerclaw gladly rises as the new leader of ShadowClan.

Tigerstar and Sasha

Sasha rejecting Tigerstar's offer to join ShadowClan

"The cats you're talking about poison the Clans with their impure blood! How can warriors be strong if they don't know where their loyalties lie?"
―Tigerstar to Sasha on half-Clan and non-Clanborn cats Escape from the Forest, page 3
Tigerstar meets Sasha, a rogue, while on a hunting patrol. Impressed, he offers to properly train her, and the two meet up night after night. He argues with her when he discovers she is a former kittypet and later saves her from foxes. Tigerstar is injured, and Sasha takes him to her den to rest. He lies about his past in ThunderClan and offers Sasha a place in ShadowClan. While she thinks about it, she overhears him plotting to take over all the Clans and realizes he lied to her. Sasha refuses to join ShadowClan, and Tigerstar, who truly loved her, scolds her coldly for throwing away her 'destiny' as his mate.
Unbeknownst to Tigerstar, Sasha bears his kits, Tadpole, Hawk, and Moth. Russetfur tells Sasha how Tigerstar was killed in a battle, and Sasha, despite being relieved he is gone forever, mourns for him. She leaves her kits with RiverClan, realizing their place is with the Clans, and makes the promise to never reveal who their father is.

Detailed description

Tigerstar is a massive,[29] tall,[30] sturdy,[31] heavy,[32] thick-furred,[33] dark brown tabby tom[3] with paler belly fur.[34] He has unusually long,[3] sharp[35] front claws,[3] a broad chest[36] and shoulders,[37] and wide,[14] pale[38] amber eyes.[28] His right ear[39][note 1] is split in a deep "V" shape near the top, along with a scar on the bridge of his nose,[40] and his pelt is crisscrossed with long battle scars.[41]

Character pixels

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Killed victims

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Leader info

Personality and traits

Tigerstar is described as ambitious, underhanded, influential, mighty, and manipulative.[56] Although genuinely fearless and courageous in battle, he is also extremely arrogant and allows his ruthless ambition to drive his actions. Tigerstar despises the weak and favors the strong. He refuses to back down from any challenge and desires to be respected and feared by every cat.
Tigerstar is a sneaky cat and a fierce warrior; he is cunning, ambitious, resourceful and powerful, able to both plan and improvise, and show enough physical brutality to strike fear into even the bravest cat.[source?] However, he is also an almost unspeakably hypocritical liar; he hates traitors, but he is one himself, as he betrayed his own Clan, kin, and allies in his quest for power. He also often criticizes and condemns those who break the warrior code, but has bent, broken and twisted it many times himself in order to make his ambition true. He despises kittypets and half-Clan cats, believing their "impure blood" makes them untrustworthy, and is willing to kill them in order to "purify" the Clans. Despite this, he himself mated with a rogue named Sasha, a former kittypet, accepted Tawnypelt, his daughter when she defected from ThunderClan,[57] and even trained his son Hawkfrost and grandson Tigerheart, despite them both being half-Clan.[25] He has also occasionally formed alliances with rogues or allowed them to join his entourage in order to complete his goals.[4][6]
Tigerstar is also perfectly willing to kill friends and innocents to get what he wants. He murdered his uncle, Redtail, a cat he had known since they were kits, just to obtain the position of deputy.[58] He attempted to murder Bluestar, his Clan leader, two times: first by leading her to the Thunderpath, though Cinderpelt fell into it instead, and again in her own den. He also killed Brindleface, a cat he had trained with, just to give the dog pack a taste for cat blood.[45] Furthermore, he publicly executed Gorsepaw, a defenseless apprentice, just to prove his strength and in an attempt to intimidate WindClan into joining TigerClan by telling them that if they didn't, that was what would happen to them.[48]
When things do not go Tigerstar's way, he often gets angry, as shown when Scourge refused to obey his order to battle with ThunderClan or WindClan. This led to an enraged Tigerstar attacking Scourge and hypocritically calling him a traitor, though this resulted in Tigerstar's unfortunate death at the claws of Scourge.[8]



Tigerstar’s vile personality can be traced back to Thistleclaw's vigorous training, as his brutal mentoring causes Tigerstar's more violent traits.[59] With the absence of Tigerstar's father, Pinestar, in his life, Thistleclaw is likely the cat Tigerstar sees as a fatherly figure and wants to be more like him. This is evidenced by the fact that as a kit, Tigerstar is happy and cheerful, but becomes significantly more brutal and violent under Thistleclaw's mentorship and influence.[59]


Tigerpaw: "This is going to be so easy."
Whitepaw: "Don't be so sure."
—Tigerpaw and Whitepaw bantering during training Spottedleaf's Heart, page chapter 6
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Tigerstar was the only surviving son of Pinestar and Leopardfoot. His sisters, Mistkit and Nightkit, died not long after birth. Tigerstar fathered Bramblestar and Tawnypelt with Goldenflower while in ThunderClan, and fathered Hawkfrost, Mothwing and Tadpole with Sasha while he was ShadowClan's leader. For more of Tigerstar's family, click here!



Toys and Plush

Tigerstar & Tawnypelt - Mini Collector Figures

Tigerstar and Tawnypelt

  • Series 1
  • Sturdy mini figure of Tigerstar and Tawnypelt, approximately 7cm in height.
  • Tigerstar's ruthless ambition and cunning sent shockwaves through the Clans, and his evil deeds will haunt future generations of warriors. But his daughter, Tawnypelt, looks to forge her own legacy—a legacy of honor, courage, and doing what's right
  • Also included in a three-pack bundle with the rest of Series 1: Firestar, Leafstar, Graystripe, and Jayfeather.
  • Approximate individual price is $12.99 USD, and the three-pack bundle is $38.97 USD.

Tigerstar Mini-Plush Head - Discontinued

Tigerstar.mini plush.jpg
  • Series 1
  • A stackable mini-plush head of Tigerstar. Approximately 7cm with an anti-stress bean filling.
  • Also included in a three-pack bundle with Bluestar and Firestar.
  • Approximate individual price is $9.99 USD, and the three-pack bundle is $27.99 USD.


Did you know Victoria Holmes intended to originally name him Hammerclaw instead of Tigerclaw? For more trivia about Tigerstar, click here!


"May StarClan walk your path! Thanks for rescuing me! ShadowClan will always be my friends! One day I'll help you, too!"
―Tigerkit to the ShadowClan patrol that saved him from a fox Code of the Clans, page 122

"And so many deaths. First Redtail, then Lionheart. I thank StarClan at least the warriors we have left are strong and loyal like them. At least with Tigerclaw as deputy, ThunderClan may still be able to defend itself. There was a time, when Tigerclaw was a young warrior, that I feared for the strength of his passion. Such energy can need careful channeling. But now I am proud to see how much respect the Clan has for him. I know he is ambitious, but his ambition makes him one of the bravest cats I have ever had the honor to fight alongside."
―Bluestar after naming Tigerclaw deputy Into the Wild, pages 228-229

Tigerclaw: "Remember me to StarClan, Bluestar."
Bluestar: "Tigerclaw, what is this? I'm the leader of your Clan, or have you forgotten?"
Tigerclaw: "Not for much longer. I'm going to kill you, and kill you again. As many times as it takes for you to join StarClan forever. It's time for me to lead this Clan!"
—Tigerclaw attempting to murder Bluestar Forest of Secrets, pages 273-274

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"Leopardfur had been unsettled by the news of Tigerclaw's disappearance. She remembered his behavior in the battle over WindClan—how ruthless he'd seemed, how manipulating. And yet she had once felt a true connection with him. He was the only cat she'd ever met who'd been willing to talk about a different future for the Clans, and what their places might be in. She'd quietly looked forward to seeing him at Gatherings, wondering each time what he would do or say, and while she hadn't fully trusted him in many moons, she'd still imagined herself becoming leader alongside him. IT was hard not to admire his forward-thinking determination. The Clans need fresh energy to sweep away old beliefs. She still agreed with that. But, now that he was gone, who would help her shake things up?"
―Leopardfur's thoughts on Tigerclaw's disappearance Leopardstar's Honor, pages 381-382

"If he had to fight every battle alone, he would not give up! Even with an army of shadows, he would still win!"
―Narrator about Tigerclaw Tigerclaw's Fury, page chapter 3

"If mercy is power, then I have never been more powerful."
―Tigerclaw about helping ShadowClan Tigerclaw's Fury, page chapter 4

"Don’t mistake this for caring about my former Clanmates. I want the satisfaction of destroying them myself, not watching them burn like trapped rabbits."
―Tigerclaw about ThunderClan and the forest fire Tigerclaw's Fury, page chapter 9

"We can't let cats like Fireheart and Graystripe call the shots. We must keep some pride, surely? It's humiliating to see the Clans being used by a kittypet. We are supposed to be warriors. We could be great. We could make the Clans so strong that no warrior ever goes hungry again. We can rise above petty battles, above borders, above prey. You can see that, can't you? You can see a day when there's enough prey for everyone. When the river and the moor and the forest provide enough for every cat, and no cat has to lift a claw against another. But that can't happen so long as Fireheart and Graystripe are using us. Our weakness is their strength, and they'll take advantage of it until we have enough pride to take back control. To bring true glory to the Clans—to make them what they were always meant to be."
―Tigerstar to Leopardfur Leopardstar's Honor, page 409

"You see, Firestar? I am even more powerful than StarClan, for I have changed the Clans in the forest from four to two. TigerClan and BloodClan will rule together."
―Tigerstar to Firestar the day he dies The Darkest Hour, page 227

"All traitors deserve to die!"
―Tigerstar to Lionblaze Long Shadows, page 50

Tigerstar: "Not yet. We will meet in battle. But not until you've watched every one of your Clan die."
Firestar: "The battle's over!"
Tigerstar: "The Dark Forest is endless. It has more warriors than you could ever imagine. The battle is just beginning."
Dovewing: "But Brokenstar and Hawkfrost are dead! Why would they fight now? They have no leader."
Tigerstar: "They have me."
Firestar: "You're no leader, Tigerstar. You never were."
Tigerstar: "I'm a better leader than you could ever be."
Firestar: "A leader puts his Clan first. Instead, your Clanmates are made to fight your battles, not theirs."
Tigerstar: "Real warriors love battle. I give them a chance to die for a cause."
Firestar: "And what have all your battles been for, Tigerstar? What cause is worth the lives of so many warriors?"
Tigerstar: "Defeating you, of course."
Firestar: "You haven't defeated me yet."
Tigerstar: "That's why I'm here."
Firestar: "The Dark Forest cats won't follow you. They know now they can't beat the Clans. They won't try again."
Tigerstar: "I don't need them. I only have to beat you. Then I can pick off your Clanmates one by one, moon after moon, till there's no one left."
Firestar: "I'm never going to let you harm another of my cats, not ever."
Tigerstar: "Then you're going to have to kill me."
Firestar: "Has it been worth it, Tigerstar? All the hate? All the death?"
Tigerstar: "Every moment. The moment Bluestar found you, I became nothing! I have waited all this time to have my revenge! When you're dead, I can rule the Clans or kill them."
Firestar: "I will not die until the forest is safe from you. You lived like a rogue. You can die like a rogue."
—Tigerstar and Firestar's final confrontation The Last Hope, page chapter 27

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  • Notes

    1. In every depiction of Tigerstar with his injured ear, it shows the right ear being the one with the V-split.[39]

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