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In The Prophecies Begin arc

Into the Wild

Tigerclaw fights in a battle against a RiverClan patrol, led by Oakheart, for control over Sunningrocks. In the center of the battle, he is seen pinning Oakheart to the ground and telling the RiverClan cats to leave ThunderClan territory. Oakheart responds that after the night, the territory will just be another RiverClan hunting ground. An unknown cat yowls that there are more RiverClan warriors arriving, causing Tigerclaw to witness the cats sliding out of the water. Tigerclaw stares down at Oakheart and states that the cats may swim like otters, but they do not belong in the forest. When Mousefur desperately calls out for help, Tigerclaw saves her and knocks over the RiverClan warrior that had pinned her down, telling her to run. The warrior then turns on him, scarring his muzzle. He argues with Redtail, the deputy, when he tells Tigerclaw that they should retreat. Tigerclaw hesitates before he following Redtail and the patrol back to the forest in defeat.
After Rusty, a kittypet, encounters Bluestar's patrol, Lionheart states that they shouldn't be wasting any more time as they must join Tigerclaw's patrol by moonhigh. He would be wondering where they were.
He is talked briefly about by Graypaw when Ravenpaw comes back alone from a special mission with Redtail and Tigerclaw around Sunningrocks. A little bit later, Tigerclaw enters the camp carrying the body of Redtail. He claims that Oakheart killed Redtail and in revenge, Tigerclaw took Oakheart's life, when really, Redtail got murdered by Tigerclaw. Tigerclaw hoped to become deputy after Redtail, but Lionheart becomes the next deputy instead.
When Rusty joins ThunderClan, Tigerclaw remarks that he will be interested in the kittypet's training as an apprentice. Later, during Firepaw, Graypaw, and Ravenpaw's hunting assessment, he watches all of them, and sees Firepaw talking to Smudge. When the cats return to camp, he reports Firepaw to Bluestar.
Tigerclaw accompanies Bluestar, Firepaw, Graypaw, and Ravenpaw to the Moonstone. He flees from the Moonstone before Bluestar speaks with StarClan. When rats attack, he believes that Barley sent them into a trap to kill Bluestar. He then asks Bluestar how many lives she has left, and she replies that she has four lives left, though she actually only has two lives left. Tigerclaw begins spreading malicious rumors about Ravenpaw, claiming that he is a traitor. This is an attempt to keep the Clan from trusting Ravenpaw so that Ravenpaw will not tell the Clan that Tigerclaw killed Redtail.
After the battle with ShadowClan, Lionheart, who becomes deputy after Redtail, dies, and Bluestar makes Tigerclaw the new deputy. Tigerclaw seems to be upset for a moment when Firepaw and Graypaw say that Ravenpaw was killed in the forest, which is not true. However, he tells the Clan that he believes that Ravenpaw could have made a fine warrior.
When Firepaw becomes a warrior, taking the name of Fireheart, Fireheart looks at Tigerclaw and realizes he had made an enemy out of the Clan deputy. He thinks that whatever challenge comes between him and Tigerclaw, he will be ready to face them.

Fire and Ice

Tigerclaw sets up a trap for Bluestar at the Thunderpath while she has greencough. Even though she had been told not to go, Cinderpaw goes instead. She is hit by a monster, and it twists her leg, crippling her for life and rendering her unable to become a warrior.
When Cloudkit is playing with a ball of moss, Tigerclaw growls that he wouldn't want to lose such a precious plaything. He seems to be talking about the kit himself.
When ThunderClan battles RiverClan, Tigerclaw watches while Fireheart is viciously attacked by the RiverClan deputy, Leopardfur, and makes no attempt to help him. Later, he accuses Fireheart of being disloyal for letting Silverstream go unharmed.

Forest of Secrets

Tigerclaw suspects that Fireheart knows the truth about Redtail's death. To keep him quiet, he tries to murder Fireheart when Bluestar asks Tigerclaw to head a patrol to look for a passageway to go to the Gathering in the floods. Tigerclaw orders Fireheart to try and walk across through a weak branch, hoping Fireheart will slip and fall into the water and drown, thereby making it look like an accident. The plan nearly works, but Longtail, who is part of the patrol, rescues Fireheart in time. Fireheart suspects Tigerclaw was trying to murder him, but Tigerclaw only looks slightly disappointed.
In camp, Tigerclaw orders several patrols to go out and either hunt or patrol the borders. He sends Fireheart to give Cloudpaw an assessment, and while Fireheart is watching Cloudpaw, Cloudpaw calls the alarm to Fireheart that rogues with Tigerclaw in the lead are heading towards the camp. Fireheart's misgivings about Tigerclaw rise up again as Tigerclaw leads the rogues into the camp, but then he pretends to attack the rogues, and then slips into Bluestar's den.
Tigerclaw tries to murder Bluestar in her den while a group of rogues and allies of Brokentail that he had arranged attack ThunderClan camp, saying he will make ThunderClan strong again. He plans to make it look like a rogue had killed her, so he would become leader without question. Fireheart, though, attacks him and Tigerclaw is defeated. Fireheart then tells the Clan all he knows about Tigerclaw, of how he had killed Redtail and blamed Oakheart for it, and tried to kill Bluestar twice. Furious, Bluestar exiles him for his treacherous actions. Tigerclaw offers Darkstripe, Dustpelt, and Longtail, his biggest supporters, to come with him, but they all reject him. Dustpelt is furious at him because Redtail was his mentor, and admits that he wanted to become just like Tigerclaw, but now that he knows the truth, he rejects him. Darkstripe rejects him because Tigerclaw never told him about his plans, and Longtail rejects him because he is loyal to ThunderClan and not Tigerclaw.

Rising Storm

Tigerclaw and a group of rogues attack a patrol consisting of Mousefur, Runningwind, and Thornpaw. Runningwind is killed, but the other two escape to warn the Clan. When Fireheart finds out, he, Whitestorm, and Mousefur go to find Runningwind. When they get there, they see Whitethroat standing over his body. Fireheart, thinking Whitethroat had killed Runningwind, chases him onto the Thunderpath, where he is hit by a monster. His last moments are of terror as he sees Tigerclaw over Fireheart's shoulder. Tigerclaw is caught by a surprise attack from Fireheart, and the rogues come to help him. Then Graystripe comes with a RiverClan patrol and drives away the rogues and Tigerclaw. Just before he leaves, Tigerclaw tells Fireheart that he plans on killing as many ThunderClan cats as he can.
At the very end of the book, Tigerclaw appears at the Gathering as the new leader of ShadowClan, Tigerstar, much to every cat's shock.

A Dangerous Path

Tigerstar is now the newly appointed leader of ShadowClan, that StarClan had asked for.
He meets the RiverClan elder, Graypool, during a trip to RiverClan territory to speak with Leopardstar. Graypool mistakes him for Oakheart, the former RiverClan deputy, and tells him about two kits from ThunderClan she had adopted. Tigerstar then demands who the two kits were, and who their real mother was. She suddenly realizes that he is not Oakheart and, startled, slips backwards down the slope, hitting her head on a rock and killing her instantly.
At one Gathering, Tigerstar demands that Bluestar turn his kits, Bramblepaw and Tawnypaw over to ShadowClan. Bluestar puts off her decision for another moon until the next Gathering, and surprisingly, Tigerstar agrees.
Tigerstar feeds a pack of dogs that have escaped into the forest, and take refuge at Snakerocks. He continuously feeds the dogs dead rabbits, and eventually sets a trail of dead rabbits leading to ThunderClan's camp. He kills Brindleface and leaves her body at the end of the trail to give the dogs a taste of a cat. He orders Darkstripe to bring his kits to him before the pack gets to the camp, but Darkstripe is stopped by Fireheart.
When Fireheart is about to lead the dogs over the edge of the gorge, Tigerstar pins him down. He prepares to kill Fireheart, but the dogs have caught up to them. Tigerstar releases his enemy and flees up into a tree. The pack leader attacks Fireheart, but Bluestar cannons into the dog's side, making him drop Fireheart. The cliff then crumbles and they fall off. They both plunge into a river below. Bluestar is pulled out of the river by Mistyfoot and Stonefur, who are her kits. Tigerstar watches as Bluestar begs the two RiverClan warriors for forgiveness, revealing that she is the mother of the kits Graypool spoke of. By his expression of shock, it's assumed that Tigerstar hadn't guessed that Bluestar had been the kits' mother. He watches Bluestar die before fleeing, leaving Fireheart in control of ThunderClan.

The Darkest Hour

Tigerstar takes control of RiverClan as well, merging them into a new Clan, TigerClan. When reporting this to ThunderClan and WindClan, Tallstar tells him that he can't take a name of the ancient Clans for his own greedy ambition. Although Tigerstar claims that he shares the power equally with Leopardstar, he actually has all of the power within the Clan.
During a Clan meeting, Tigerstar tries to kill Stonefur, Mistyfoot, Featherpaw, and Stormpaw because they are half-Clan, accusing them of being traitors and abominations. Stonefur is killed by Blackfoot and Darkstripe, but Featherpaw and Stormpaw escape into ThunderClan territory with Featherpaw's mentor, Mistyfoot. He tries to get WindClan to join TigerClan, and brutally kills Gorsepaw, Morningflower's son, in front of the entire Clan to show them what would happen if WindClan did not join TigerClan.
Tigerstar brings Scourge and BloodClan, a vicious group of rogues from Twolegplace, into the forest, in order to convince Tallstar and Firestar to submit to his leadership. When they still refuse, with even Bramblepaw rejecting his father, Tigerstar attempts to command BloodClan to attack the other two Clans, but they make no move to do so. Scourge says that only he can control BloodClan. As the two cats confront each other, Firestar launches into a long speech about Tigerstar's treacherous history. Enraged at Firestar for revealing this to everyone, Tigerstar attempts to convince Scourge to order BloodClan to attack the other two Clans. Scourge refuses to cooperate with Tigerstar, saying that he will think about what Firestar has said and that there will not be a battle today. Now even more furious, Tigerstar attacks Scourge, but Scourge dodges the attack and lands a blow on his shoulder, causing Tigerstar to lose his balance and fall on his side. Scourge then sinks his dog-teeth-reinforced claws into Tigerstar's throat and slices him open from chin to tail. This wound is so severe that even StarClan can not heal it, and Tigerstar dies nine times, one life after the other.

In The New Prophecy arc


Tigerstar appears to Brambleclaw in a dream and reveals that he does not walk with StarClan. According to him, there are hunting grounds that even StarClan doesn't know of. After telling him this, he promises Brambleclaw that they will meet again.


Leafpool has a startling dream in which she sees Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw talking with Tigerstar. She carefully watches Hawkfrost agree to follow close to his father's pawsteps, but she is unable to read Brambleclaw's expression because his back is turned towards her.


Tigerstar continues to train his sons to become powerful leaders. His plan to kill Firestar fails, for Brambleclaw refuses to end Firestar's remaining lives. Also, Brambleclaw kills his half-brother and has taken Squirrelflight, Firestar's daughter, as a mate. Nothing is known about how Tigerstar feels about Brambleclaw's decision to take a cat with Firestar's blood as a mate.

In the Power of Three arc

The Sight

Tigerstar and Hawkfrost try to persuade Jaypaw into going deeper into the Dark Forest , telling him that they can show him warrior techniques. He also expresses his displeasure of Hollypaw wasting her skills as a medicine cat. As they try to lure him into going with them, Jaypaw uses his special power to probe their minds, but only finds a misty darkness masking their emotions. Before Jaypaw listens, however, Spottedleaf intervenes and leads Jaypaw away.

Dark River

When Lionpaw leaves the tunnels, he finds Tigerstar and his son Hawkfrost. He finds out they have been watching him. Tigerstar starts showing Lionpaw some of his fighting moves. Lionpaw starts learning how to fight from him, and at the end promises Lionpaw that his ambition to become a great warrior is the only thing in life that is worth living for.


Tigerstar continues to teach Lionpaw skills to become a better warrior. He and Hawkfrost can not see Lionpaw when Lionpaw fights for the Tribe.
Longtail tells Icekit, Foxkit, and Lionpaw about Tigerstar, and gets uncomfortable when he says he wanted to be just like Tigerstar. He tells the three of them that it was Tigerstar's own ambition that killed him, and that if he had just waited for power to come to him, he would have become the greatest leader in the forest.


Tigerstar keeps training Lionpaw along with Hawkfrost. When Lionpaw tells him about the prophecy. At this Tigerstar just laughs, and says it was just a dream, and that Lionpaw is being too self-absorbed. He knocks him to the ground, telling Lionpaw that the prophecy doesn't make him strong, only that he needs more training. Lionpaw trains hard under him, and when Hawkfrost slashes him on the side, he says you can't assume a battle is won unless your opponent is dead. Lionpaw becomes enraged, wounding Hawkfrost and saying he was unstoppable in battle, and Tigerstar wasn't because he died in battle. The leader attacks his grandson and tells him that this wouldn't be the last of him.

Long Shadows

Tigerstar haunts Lionblaze in his dreams, taunting him about the prophecy and his fears of going to WindClan to get much-needed catmint for ThunderClan's greencough outbreak.


Lionblaze and Tigerstar fight , and Tigerstar reveals that he had known all along he was not Lionblaze's kin. Angry, they fight and Lionblaze has him pinned, but won't fight further because Tigerstar is already dead and cannot be killed again. Instead he leaves, and Tigerstar does not come back to his dreams.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

Tigerstar is seen looming over Poppyfrost's newborn kits with Brokentail and Hawkfrost at his side. It is later discovered that he will partake in the great battle between StarClan and the Dark Forest. Lionblaze and Jayfeather suspect that he, Hawkfrost, and Brokentail have already recruited Breezepelt for the battle, and they are fairly unhappy.

Fading Echoes

In the prologue, Tigerstar stops the battle training as Hawkfrost's jaws begin to close around Breezepelt's throat. After praising Hawkfrost for his good moves, Tigerstar is seen teaching Breezepelt in the Dark Forest. He is seen telling him to use his opponent's weight against them and use his own speed to win. Shortly after, Darkstripe is silenced by Tigerstar, who says that Hawkfrost knows his own strengths and there was always room for improvement. When Breezepelt informs him that he could already beat Harespring and Leaftail in training, Tigerstar's gaze darkens. He mentions that warriors fight harder when defending their lives, causing Breezepelt to say that he could fight harder and had more reason than most. Tigerstar goes on softly, saying that Breezepelt had been wronged by Crowfeather and Leafpool. When Breezepelt says that he was the only one to understand, Tigerstar reminds him that he would help Breezepelt seek vengeance on all of the cats. Breezepelt agrees, and says that he wanted to start with Crowfeather. As the Dark Forest cats speak of Crowfeather's flaws, Tigerstar shoos Darkstripe away with a flick of his tail, mentioning that he had tried to crush Breezepelt and make him weak. When Breezepelt spits that his father didn't succeed, Tigerstar mentions that the three kits should have never been born and that Breezepelt was suckled on lies and weakness of others and that he will make things right. After this, Tigerstar then sends Hawkfrost to visit a new apprentice, who is not named, saying that she has great power and is needed to make the battle even. He assures a departing Hawkfrost that he will have no trouble as she is ready.
Lionblaze thinks about his powers and remembers that Tigerstar drew blood the last time they fought.
When Leopardstar dies and Mistystar takes her place, there are whispers at the Gathering about Tigerstar and his relationship with Leopardstar. Sandstorm rebukes Dovepaw and Blossompaw when they start whispering about him, telling them that it was complicated.
Jayfeather and Lionblaze talk about who Tigerstar is visiting and decide that Breezepelt is definitely one. They also suspect he is meeting with Tigerheart. When Jayfeather goes to the Moonpool with the other medicine cats, he suspects Tigerstar of training Flametail too, but dismisses this because Flametail is a medicine cat. Tigerstar's training of living Clan cats is revealed by Jayfeather to Yellowfang. They visit the Dark Forest to try and find out Tigerstar's plans. Tigerstar bickers with Jayfeather and Spottedleaf until they leave.
Jayfeather and Lionblaze mention him when telling Dovepaw about the Dark Forest and Tigerstar's plans.
When Ivypaw is training with Hawkfrost, he visits them and tells her about his past. He then asks Hawkfrost how Ivypaw's training is going, and Hawkfrost orders Ivypaw to show him. Tigerstar tosses a stick and tells her to catch it; when she does so with ease, he pronounces her "ready." He then orchestrates a battle between ThunderClan and ShadowClan by telling Ivypaw about the strip of land Firestar gave up to ShadowClan before she was born. He convinces her that ThunderClan need to reclaim this land as a show of strength else ShadowClan would invade.
When Ivypaw succeeds in convincing Firestar to consider attacking ShadowClan, she is eager to tell Tigerstar the news.
Jayfeather visits ShadowClan with Firestar and Brambleclaw, he considers whether the attack is what Tigerstar wanted to happen, but says nothing.

Night Whispers

Tigerstar appears in the Dark Forest training cats for the battle with StarClan. He congratulates Ivypaw for her water fighting skills. At a Dark Forest Gathering, Tigerstar is talking to the cats of the Dark Forest preparing them for the battle.
When Brokenstar tells Ivypaw to kill Flametail, she refuses at first, then agrees and Tigerheart stops her. Tigerstar tells Tigerheart that he is very brave and that his blood runs in his veins. Brokenstar then asks whether or not to go ahead with killing Flametail and Tigerstar replies that he is no threat; he can only mix herbs. Brokenstar agrees but wonders what to do with Ivypaw as her loyalty is not certain; Tigerstar says he believes Ivypaw is loyal to the Dark Forest.

Sign of the Moon

Although he is not seen, it is mentioned by Ivypool that even Tigerstar seems to fear the vengeful Dark Forest warrior, Mapleshade.

The Forgotten Warrior

Tigerstar appears at a Gathering in the Dark Forest, and is also seen watching Ivypool's battle with Antpelt. He is surprised at what is happening; Tigerstar sees what she is doing. He tells her that she must defeat Antpelt in battle. She succeeds and kills Antpelt again, to prove her loyalty to the Dark Forest and become a Dark Forest warrior, making him fade into nothing. Tigerstar says he is very proud of Ivypool.

The Last Hope

As Ivypool is remembering Antpelt's death, it is said that she had been forced to kill the WindClan warrior to convince Tigerstar of her loyalty to the Dark Forest.
Tigerstar orders all of the visitors back to their nests because the Dark Forest cats were going to plan their attack, and told them that they needed their energy.
After Brambleclaw kills Hawkfrost, Tigerstar congratulates him on killing his half-brother. Firestar questions why the Dark Forest warriors are still battling; Hawkfrost and Brokenstar are both dead and they have no leader. Tigerstar responds by revealing that he is the mastermind behind the whole battle, and says he is leader, unsheathing his long claws so the moonlight grasps them. Firestar coldly tells Tigerstar that he isn't, and never truly was, a leader, because he forces the cats who follow him to fight his battles rather than putting their needs first. He asks him if everything was worth it - all the death, hate, and lust for the battle. Tigerstar snarls that every moment was worth it, and the two then engage in combat. Graystripe tries to help Firestar, but Whitestorm tells him that this battle is between Firestar and Tigerstar. As the fight goes on, Sandstorm also tries to help her mate, but is held back by Sorreltail. After Tigerstar fails to cut Firestar's throat, Firestar charges at him and sinks his teeth into his throat. Tigerstar tries to fight him off, but is unable to. Minutes later, Tigerstar collapses, dies, and fades away forever. However, already weakened from battle and the wounds Tigerstar inflicted, Firestar dies as well.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

Although not formally appearing, Bramblestar mentions him when talking to Alderpaw about his life achievements. Alderpaw thinks about how Tigerstar tried to murder his own leader and take over the whole forest when he was alive.

River of Fire

Upon learning that Tigerstar's grandson Tigerheart is now the leader of ShadowClan, under the name of Tigerstar, Bramblestar expresses great worry over his nephew now assuming leadership, claiming that there was something ominous about having another Tigerstar leading ShadowClan. This causes shock from Alderheart, who recalls that the first Tigerstar was Bramblestar's father, which makes the first Tigerstar the new Tigerstar's grandfather, and thinks to himself no wonder that Bramblestar has his doubts. Graystripe agrees with Bramblestar, saying that no cat will ever want to deal with another Tigerstar, and wonders what ShadowClan will even be. Dovewing refutes that the second Tigerstar is not like his grandfather, although Bramblestar and Graystripe still hold their doubts.

The Raging Storm

He is mentioned by Bristlekit, who says that Graystripe told her that he murdered Firestar, and that perhaps all cats named Tigerstar are murderers. Ivypool explains that the old Tigerstar and Firestar died in the same battle, and the current Tigerstar is nothing like the old one. Bristlekit asks how she would know, since Ivypool had never met him and Graystripe has met the previous Tigerstar since he was a kit. However, Bristlekit is unaware of her mother's past actions as a spy for the Place of No Stars and her personally meeting the former leader.

In The Broken Code arc

Lost Stars

Tigerstar is mentioned when Shadowpaw reflects how Tawnypelt left ThunderClan to be with her father.

Veil of Shadows

Bristlefrost recalls that Fernsong told her stories about Tigerstar and how he nearly destroyed the Clans many moons before she was born. When the rebels hypothesize who is possessing Bramblestar, Lionblaze suggests maybe the first Tigerstar, but Crowfeather objects since the Dark Forest is devoid of cats now.

In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

Although he is unnamed, Moth Flight has a vision in the prologue in which Tigerclaw is seen wrestling with Barley, assuming he had led them into a trap so rats could attack them. Moth Flight sees Bluestar dying, and notes that Tigerclaw didn't seem to react. When Bluestar comes back to life, Tigerclaw is expressionless, displaying no joy or relief.
Moth Flight opens her eyes in a dream to see the dark tabby and a gray tom approaching the Moonstone. She is frightened by the coldness in his eyes, and when Tigerclaw jerks his muzzle toward Runningnose, snarling, she wonders why they were there together. The dark tabby touches his nose to the Moonstone and falls asleep. Moth Flight enters Tigerclaw's dream and sees they are on ShadowClan territory, much to her surprise. Tigerclaw is seen gazing expectantly at the StarClan cats. They come up to him one after one to give him a life, and Moth Flight is disturbed by the disdain in his eyes and wonders if he respects their ancestors. After the leadership ceremony is over, his eyes blaze with pride and hunger. Moth Flight sees the StarClan cats gaze at the new leader with dread, and becomes afraid.

Firestar's Quest

He does not appear, but it is strongly suggested that he has SkyClan ancestry, being the descendant of Cloudstar's and Birdflight's kits, Spottedpelt and Gorseclaw, who were given away to ThunderClan when SkyClan was forced to leave. Tigerstar has a strong resemblance to Gorseclaw, and is a nephew to Spottedleaf.

Bluestar's Prophecy

Tigerkit is born to Pinestar and Leopardfoot along with Nightkit and Mistkit. Leopardfoot states that he started out as the weakest of the litter, but he is now the strongest. Tigerkit protested at this when brought up after he had overcome his weakness. Snowfur and Bluefur are worried that Tigerkit is a bad influence on Snowfur's kit, Whitekit.
Later on, Bluefur overhears Goosefeather muttering that he was sorry to StarClan that he let Tigerkit live, and that Tigerkit was not meant to live, but supposed to die with his siblings.
Thistleclaw is made Tigerpaw's mentor when he is six moons old. Tigerpaw, Thistleclaw, and Bluefur find a kittypet, Tiny, on ThunderClan territory. Bluefur notices he's only a kit and is no threat, but Thistleclaw insists that an intruder is an intruder, and then asks his apprentice what he thinks. Tigerpaw in return answers that they must teach the kit a lesson. The dark tabby brutally attacks the kit, wounding him. Realizing that Tigerpaw will kill the kit if he isn't stopped, Bluefur makes him stop, saying that the kit has learned its lesson and that warriors do not need to kill in order to win their battles. The apprentice simply replies that he was defending their territory, and snarls that the kit will never forget him.
After he becomes a warrior, Tigerclaw quickly establishes himself as a senior warrior, and places his nest in the middle of the warriors' den alongside Thistleclaw's, despite the standard of new warriors settling themselves on the outside of the den. He is also eager for a fight with RiverClan to win Sunningrocks back.
Near the end of the book, Bluestar states that she gave him Ravenpaw as an apprentice because the young cat needs the encouragement, and has been nervous ever since he was a kit.

Crowfeather's Trial

Tigerstar is mentioned by Onestar, when the WindClan leader brings up Bramblestar's heritage. In an attempt to make peace and help WindClan, Bramblestar offers to help them get rid of the stoats, who have already injured at least two cats and killed another. Onestar, not wanting the help of others, says that Bramblestar is a young leader, saying that he felt sorry for ThunderClan, knowing the blood that ran through Bramblestar.
Onestar goes on, saying that Tigerstar is responsible for the death of Firestar, and says that if it wasn't for Tigerstar's savage nature, Bramblestar might have never become leader. Onestar asks Bramblestar if it was Tigerstar's plan all along to make his son leader of ThunderClan. Bramblestar is shocked and furious at the accusations, and tries to prevent himself from attacking Onestar in retaliation.

Bramblestar's Storm

When Bramblestar is talking to Jessy about why Tawnypelt is in ShadowClan, he thinks he cannot explain about Tigerstar because it will take some time. Bramblestar later thinks that Tawnypelt and him share the same blood as they are kits of Tigerstar and Goldenflower.

In the Novellas

Pinestar's Choice

Tigerkit is born to Pinestar and Leopardfoot. Pinestar is very worried about him, as he had dreams about his son being extremely dangerous to the forest later on. While Tigerkit just wants to play with his father, Pinestar is worried and had thoughts about killing the kit.

Spottedleaf's Heart

Spottedkit announces that she's going to be Clan leader one day, and tells her mother she'll make Whitepaw her deputy, because he's kind, smart, and always tells Tigerpaw to stop showing off. Her mother, Swiftbreeze, tenses and thinks Tigerpaw shouldn't be learning so much moves, not when he's only spent two moons as an apprentice. She thinks about having a word with Leopardfoot, Tigerpaw's mom. Spottedkit replies Leopardfoot doesn't mind, and she said because Tigerpaw is the leader's son, he has to become the best warrior. She wonders how Tigerpaw feels, knowing his father left him to live in the Twolegplace and become a kittypet. Sunstar never let any cat tease the brown tabby about his father, but other cats talk about it when Sunstar's not around, and the spotted she-cat sees the apprentice glaring at them. Spottedkit tells her mother Tigerpaw better watch out, because she's going to be the best warrior ThunderClan has seen.
After Whitepaw cleans up the feathers to take to the elders' den, Tigerpaw comes bounding along, telling his mentor he practiced the backwards strike he was taught. He leaps into the air, landing on his forepaws and kicking out with his hind legs. Spottedkit asks Whitepaw why the tabby tom is such a show off, and the white apprentice merely shrugs. Bluefur is shocked and says Thistleclaw shouldn't be taught such an advanced move. The apprentice inquires why not, because his mentor told him he is as strong as a warrior. The spiky-furred tom cuffed him lightly and says he still has a lot to learn, then asks if he's checked the elders for ticks. His apprentice complains that's the worst job, and says lucky Whitepaw got to collect moss for Sunstar. Thistleclaw is mad because that means he hasn't done it, and tells him to go do it before they do more training. Tigerpaw stomps to the elders' den with his tail dragged on the ground.
Bluefur tells Thistleclaw he's too soft on his apprentice, as the dark brown tabby is lazy to do anything when it's not fighting. He asks if she was telling him how to mentor Tigerpaw, and she replies no, she's just pointing out what she saw. There's nothing wrong with fighting, but she says Tigerpaw should know there's more to being a good warrior than fighting and battles. Sliding out his claws, he says his apprentice is learning everything he needs to.
When Spottedpaw, Redpaw, and Willowpaw are being made apprentices, Tigerpaw is glowering at them and not shouting their names, unlike Whitepaw, Frostpaw, and Brindlepaw. Redpaw says he's just afraid they'll outpace him in learning everything, and Willowpaw argues he should be happy there are more apprentices. Now it won't be just him and Whitepaw doing everything. When they are about tour the forest with their mentors, Thistleclaw suggests he come along with Tigerpaw, who seems annoyed in doing so, but doesn't argue. As they trek through their territory, Tigerpaw keeps up a commentary, pointing out the Treecutplace.
As they continue patrolling, Thrushpelt says they'll be fine finishing the tour, as he doesn't want to keep Tigerpaw from his battle training. His mentor says there's no chance of that, saying Tigerpaw is the keenest apprentice he's ever seen. Spottedpaw retorts in her mind that she can be keen too, and will work harder than any cat to become a warrior.
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Redtail's Debt

Redpaw and Willowpaw believe Tigerclaw to be very arrogant now that he's a warrior. He, Sparrowpelt and Speckletail report to Sunstar about RiverClan invading Sunningrocks during their hunting patrol. Tigerclaw is eager to fight RiverClan, and Sunstar agrees, but allows Tigerclaw to remain on the second patrol to protect the apprentices. While traveling to RiverClan, a hawk attacks the patrol and Redpaw is separated. Tigerclaw fiercely saves him, and reassures the young apprentice it wasn't his fault the battle was lost. He states that Redpaw owes him everything, including his life.
Now a warrior, Redtail goes on a hunting patrol with Tigerclaw when Sorrelpaw rushes in and they lose their catch. He orders Redtail to attack her until Sorrelpaw's mentor, Stagleap, arrives to scold them for attacking an apprentice. Tigerclaw insists she needed to be taught a lesson for trespassing, and the two report to Sunstar what happened. However, Tigerclaw lies about what happened, making it seem the two WindClan cats rattled them into a fight and were eager to steal prey. At the Gathering, Tigerclaw remarks loudly that Heatherstar indirectly called Sunstar weak when the two discuss the fight.
Stagleap insists Tigerclaw is too eager to fight, and Redtail slowly finds himself agreeing. Tigerclaw speaks with Sunstar on the way back to camp, which convinces Sunstar to launch an attack on WindClan's camp. Redtail tries to convince Tigerclaw to let him tell their leader the truth, but Tigerclaw rebukes him, insisting WindClan wants to steal prey and they must defend their territory. During the fight, he slashes at the WindClan warriors, including Ryestalk as she tries to usher her kits away. He snaps at Redtail when he calls a retreat after Bluefur is gravely injured. He confronts Redtail, calling him a coward for fearing battle and reminds him of his debt. Redtail dismisses his debt, insisting he was loyal to ThunderClan only.
Tigerclaw continues to question Redtail when the latter is chosen as Bluestar's deputy, and challenges him about Sunningrocks. Bluestar agrees to send a patrol of just the two of them to mark Sunningrocks. Tigerclaw allows his apprentice, Ravenpaw, to come to the potentially dangerous mission, and insists to Redtail he'll keep his apprentice safe. On their way there, Redtail worries about Tigerclaw's influence on the younger apprentice.
When RiverClan attacks them, Tigerclaw refuses to let Ravenpaw leave when Redtail orders him to. He congratulates Redtail on killing Oakheart, not believing he could ever take a life. They both agree to let Ravenpaw fetch reinforcements and Redtail is surprised when Tigerclaw strikes him. Tigerclaw says that Redtail should've remained loyal to his debt and he was in the way of Tigerclaw's plans. In StarClan, Redtail wants to return to warn his Clan of Tigerclaw's treachery and watches as Tigerclaw boasts to his Clanmates.

Tigerclaw's Fury

After the failed murder attempt on Bluestar, Tigerclaw is left to listen to Bluestar asking if he has anything to say in his defense. Tigerclaw is glad to see although his plans have failed to kill Bluestar, it has left her mind broken. Tigerclaw calls Bluestar weak for helping the other Clans and claims he would have brought back the days of TigerClan. Bluestar retorts by asking how many cats would have died for it and banishes him. Tigerclaw threatens Fireheart before asking his supporters to follow but all three refuse, and he sees them as traitors and cowards. Dustpelt reminds him that he killed his mentor Redtail, and Tigerclaw instantly remembers the former deputy, thinking he was too much like Bluestar searching for peace and deserved to die. Tigerclaw promises to be back for revenge, and silently promises Fireheart a final battle. He hears the meows of his kits, and promises to be back for them too, thinking they don’t deserve to be raised by a weak Clan. He remembers the rogues that fled during the battle as he exits ThunderClan camp, and even remembers the former ShadowClan rogues fleeing too. He plans to train them again to be fiercer than when they were with Brokenstar. Tigerclaw collapses near the Twolegplace and finds dry leaf-mulch to cover his wound instead of moss, thinking the forest tried to deny him. He decides since there are more Clans, so they’ll be more chances to become leader of a Clan.
Tigerclaw forces himself to move to avoid an evening patrol as he doesn’t want ThunderClan’s pity. He doesn’t stop to hunt but collapses further away, a voice in his mind teasing about his nest and being too weak to hunt. Tigerclaw falls asleep and as much as he tries to wake up from feverish dreams, it keeps going. The voice in his head teases to not let Fireheart and Bluestar catch him or they’ll squash him. Tigerclaw roars never and wakes up. He follows the scent of prey and catches a mouse, before going to track down the rogues that fought for him. He thinks since he has no allegiance to ThunderClan, he can train them. He tracks them down, the former ShadowClan rogues and another rogue called Snag. All of them fear Tigerclaw, and the large tom knows that it will work perfectly to his advantage. He asks for Mowgli, another rogue who helped him attack ThunderClan, and Stumpytail explains they don’t know. Clawface offers a mouse and Tigerclaw wonders if it’s weak to admit his hunger and eat it or take advantage of these rogues. A voice whispers in his mind that Bluestar would find the weakest elder and give it to them, so Tigerclaw devours the mouse. Blackfoot admits Fireheart fought like a warrior, and Tigerclaw snaps he has no right to be in the forest.
The next day, the group moves away from ThunderClan territory and towards ShadowClan. Tigerclaw vows he will come back when he is stronger. They walk along ShadowClan territory and pass through a Twoleg hedge to a more wild part of the forest. They settle in and Blackfoot suggests a fresh-kill pile, but Tigerclaw cuts in this isn’t a game of mini-Clans. The voice whispers if they don’t believe they need him like food and shelter, he is nothing to them. Tigerclaw orders them to hunt and prepare nests as they will start battle training. Three sunrises later he supervises a training session before asking where Blackfoot and Tangleburr are. He discovers they are checking the ShadowClan border to see their old Clanmates due their worries of them. Tigerclaw immediately sets out for them and confronts them, willing them to admit their loyalties lie with their former Clan more. They explain a Carrionplace sickness is affecting the Clan and they are very worried. The voice warns Tigerclaw cannot challenge that loyalty but can use it to his advantage. Tigerclaw receives more information from another patrol before returning to camp. He dreams of fighting Fireheart and shadows fighting beside him. He wonders if it’s an omen to say that ShadowClan will help him destroy ThunderClan.
Tigerclaw waits at the ShadowClan border for a patrol before appearing. He explains he talks for his friends since they are too proud to beg for forgiveness. He asks to hunt for ShadowClan and in return forgiveness for the former ShadowClan cats. Flintfang asks why Tigerclaw wants to help ShadowClan, and Tigerclaw says he has a debt since ShadowClan helped him not so long ago. They agree, and the group spends two days hunting. They arrive at the border, and Tigerclaw goes back on his original word and pushes to take the prey to camp. Runningnose tells Tigerclaw he did a brave thing, and Tigerclaw explains his loyalty is to his friends. This is not courage, it’s the warrior code. Tigerclaw asks who the deputy is after hearing Cinderfur is dead but Runningnose explains that Nightstar is too sick to choose. Nightstar welcomes him to stay and eat from the fresh-kill pile but Tigerclaw politely refuses and asks to still hunt for the Clan. Nightstar states he is too kind. The next day, Tigerclaw still remembers Mowgli because of his eagerness for Clan life and hunger for battle. Tigerclaw searches for him, finding him at the Twolegplace. Tigerclaw tells the rogue mistakes belong in the past and he wants to know Mowgli won’t do it again. Mowgli immediately agrees to never fail him, and they return back to camp.
When they return, Tangleburr reports that ShadowClan wants them to hunt again. She agreed to meet a patrol at sunrise the next day, and Tigerclaw reminds her she was quick to make a promise without his permission. Clawface tries to nap before battle practice but Tigerclaw asks if he will nap before the enemy attacks. He orders him to train with the energy he has. The voice in his head urges Tigerclaw that he needs to not make decisions without him, otherwise they’ll feel more powerful than him. Tigerclaw promises never. The next day, Tigerclaw leads the hunting patrol and brings the catch to camp. Applefur asks why Tigerclaw left ThunderClan, and Tigerclaw says that she’ll hear enough rumors to make up stories. Applefur states that’s why she’s asking, and Tigerclaw explains he cannot be part of a Clan who listens to a kittypet over their deputy. They leave again and Runningnose asks them to hunt for ShadowClan again. The next day, Tigerclaw suggests to his patrol that they hunt of ThunderClan territory. Whitethroat is unsure, and Clawface explains it’s rumored he fled to ThunderClan when the sickness was at its worse. Tigerclaw is determined to test his loyalty. Tigerclaw is hunting perfectly again on ThunderClan territory until he sees a ThunderClan patrol. Not missing a chance for a little revenge, he orders ShadowClan to attack.
Tigerclaw jumps on Runningwind and kills him immediately. He claims there’s always a reason to attack another Clan as that means more territory, prey and chances to prove strength. The patrol convinces him to retreat, so he kicks Runningwind’s body as says it will be a clear sign that ShadowClan is stronger. He gives the signal to retreat just before the patrol runs, thinking for them to remember he gave the signal. Whitethroat refuses to leave Runningwind’s body, and Tigerclaw accuses him for treachery, promising him we will not be welcome in ShadowClan. He slips into an elder bush and watches as Whitethroat runs to the Thunderpath, and Tigerclaw thinks he is leading an attack. Whitethroat is killed by a monster, and Fireheart goes to see his body before looking straight at Tigerclaw. The large tom yowls if chasing puny cats to their death is defending the territory. Fireheart attacks Tigerclaw, and a battle between ShadowClan and ThunderClan begins as Blackfoot brings back-up. RiverClan comes to aid ThunderClan however, and ShadowClan is forced to retreat. Tigerclaw announces to the ShadowClan cats that they were attacked without reason, and Whitethroat gave his life trying to save them. Tigerclaw knows that now ShadowClan has a reason for revenge against ThunderClan, Fireheart and his Clanmates days will soon be over.
Tigerclaw finds himself in a dark place with rotten plants, and wonders if he is in StarClan. The voice that talks in his mind says he is in the Dark Forest. The she-cat says ShadowClan needs a fearless leader and powerful leader, Tigerclaw can be that. She reveals her name is Mapleshade, and says she walked with him since he was born, laying out his destiny. She tells him to be patient as much more lies ahead for them and he’ll find out everything. He wakes up and rushes the group to ShadowClan camp, where the Clan huddles in grief. Runningnose reveals Nightstar has died overnight. Tigerclaw wishes he walks in StarClan, and urges the medicine cat to stay strong as his Clan will look to him now. He promises he and his group will do everything to help them and help heal the Clan. Snag talks to Tigerclaw, noting ShadowClan will need a lot of support to get back on their paws, and Tigerclaw reassures they will be repaid. Runningnose calls for a Clan Meeting to reassure the Clan, but they protest they are being asked too much. Tigerclaw offers to help with border patrols and battle training. He urges that they are surrounded by Clans that when they spot weakness, they will take advantage of it. ShadowClan agrees and cheers for the Clan, and Mapleshade tells Tigerclaw that this is the feeling of power and to remember it.
Runningnose asks Tigerclaw to organize training and patrols, and Tigerclaw makes the patrols and asks Flintfang and Tallpoppy to show ShadowClan fighting techniques. They show the techniques until Tigerclaw tells them to fight claws unsheathed. Tallpoppy protests that’s what Brokenstar forced them to do, but Tigerclaw says if they are good now, they won’t be hurt. Flintfang launches himself at Tallpoppy but sheathes his claws at the last minute. Tigerclaw pushes forward and attacks Tallpoppy, using the same move with claws unsheathed. Tallpoppy is injured, but Tigerclaw insists she will move quicker next time. They return back to camp, where the fresh-kill pile is very full. Tigerclaw announces that every bite they take is for Nightstar, and his group is honored to grieve beside them. Runningnose thanks him, and invites him and his group to join ShadowClan. Tigerclaw wonders if he would wait until the whole Clan is desperate for him to join permanently, but Mapleshade says he’ll win them easily if he is among them. Tigerclaw accepts, and asks to give Snag and Mowgli warrior names. Runningnose accepts and Tigerclaw names them Jaggedtooth and Nightwhisper. After the ceremony, Tigerclaw announces they gather together to mourn Nightstar now, and thinks the Clan belongs to him and urges Nightstar to watch as he makes it strong.
Nightwhisper wakes up Tigerclaw to reveal there is a fire in ThunderClan territory. Tigerclaw asks to go alone, even when Nightwhisper persists to come. He bounds across the Thunderpath and goes to the ThunderClan camp. He watches as the Clan flees the forest fire. Some elders are noticed to be missing and Tigerclaw isn’t bothered until Goldenflower reveals Bramblekit, Tigerclaw’s son is missing. Tigerclaw is immediately alarmed. Fireheart decides to go immediately and Tigerclaw thinks play hero and run into the fire like a loyal little warrior. Yellowfang ends up going with him, and Tigerclaw thinks his son’s life depends on an arrogant kittypet and an ancient medicine cat. Tigerclaw goes to investigate himself and sees Bramblekit hanging on a branch of a burning tree and Fireheart goes to rescue him. Tigerclaw wants to help but knows trying to help will just break the branch, so watches and hopes. The branch starts to plunge and they both start to fall so Tigerclaw is ready to jump into the fire to save Bramblekit, but Fireheart just manages to hold on to a cliff and save himself and the kit. Tigerclaw trembles as he thanks StarClan for saving his son. He glares at Fireheart and thinks he may have saved his son but nothing has changed. He promises to still kill Fireheart when he has a chance.
Tigerclaw supervises a training session with the apprentices before Runningnose asks to talk to him. Runningnose reveals his fears of going to the Gathering without a leader, and Tigerclaw reassures that ShadowClan is stronger, and urges that he knows in his heart who should be leader. Tigerclaw states that as medicine cat he is guided by StarClan, so whoever he chooses as leader StarClan will make sure he chooses who they would have chosen. He advises Runningnose to listen to the voice in his head. After talking with him, Jaggedtooth claims the medicine cat should choose him, and Tigerclaw says he has been a good friend. The day before the night of the Gathering, the Clan panics on going to the Gathering without a leader. Runningnose tries to calm his Clan but hangs his head, and Tigerclaw urges him to stay strong. Runningnose spots a claw at the edge of the rock, and from the shadows like tiger stripes casting over it, he declares Tigerclaw leader. Tigerclaw thinks after all he has done challenging the weak leadership in ThunderClan, being driven out and proving his loyalty to ShadowClan worked. Jaggedtooth approaches Tigerclaw with a wound where his claw is supposed to be, and Tigerclaw warns he took a risk before jumping onto the rock. He prepares himself to face Bluestar as an equal soon, but is currently content in listening to ShadowClan cheer his new name: Tigerstar.

Mothwing's Secret

Hawkfrost and Mothwing fear what their Clanmates will do if they knew their father was Tigerstar. Later, Mothwing reflects how Sasha had to leave RiverClan out of the fear that ShadowClan, who is aware Tigerstar and Sasha were mates, would discover who their father was. Hawkfrost explains how he met up with Sasha and told Firestar the truth about their parentage. He believes Firestar may have always suspected Hawkfrost and Mothwing are Tigerstar's kits since Hawkfrost resembles his father.
When Sasha comes to take her kits, Sasha reveals to the Clans that Tigerstar is their father. The Clans are shocked and begin to protest. However, Firestar insists the Clans need all of Tigerstar's kits since their skills and courage for the coming trials. Later, Hawkfrost insists that Mistyfoot will chose Stormfur as deputy and not himself since Tigerstar kept Mistyfoot and Stormfur prisoner in the old forest. When Hawkfrost reveals he and Brambleclaw will rule the Clans, Mothwing wonders if he's following in Tigerstar's pawsteps. Later, she reflects that Tigerstar, among others, is in the Dark Forest.

Leafpool's Wish

Leafpool remembers seeing Brambleclaw being mentored by Tigerstar in the Dark Forest, training him in vicious ways to kill an enemy. She hopes that he decides to leave Tigerstar behind and learn from the Clan instead. It is mentioned that Hawkfrost is also a son of Tigerstar, and Leafpool blames Brambleclaw for it all as he trained in the Dark Forest with Tigerstar and Hawkfrost. Brambleclaw explains to Leafpool he knows she saw him with Tigerstar and Hawkfrost, and promises it won't happen again. After the birth of Leafpool's kits, she wonders if Tigerstar knows they have been born, and if he'll walk through Lionkit's dreams.

Mistystar's Omen

When Leopardstar is dying, Mistyfoot protests that she doesn't want to lose her. Leopardstar questions her opinion because of what she did to Mistyfoot's brother and all the other half-Clan cats. Mistyfoot remembers being in the rabbit hole when Tigerstar and Leopardstar had joined ShadowClan and RiverClan to create a modern TigerClan. Tigerstar had persecuted the half-Clan cats and eventually killed Stonefur via Darkstripe and Blackfoot in a fight. Leopardstar whispers that she never deserved Mistyfoot's forgiveness, but Mistyfoot thinks otherwise and tells her leader that it was all Tigerstar, Darkstripe, and Blackfoot's fault that her brother died.

Dovewing's Silence

Ivypool explains that she overheard Hawkfrost and Tigerstar planning to attack the Clans, so she became a spy.

Ravenpaw's Farewell

Ravenpaw goes to ThunderClan’s old camp, and recalls training with Tigerclaw. He stops himself, thinking there was a reason he left his old Clan. Ravenpaw also remembers once where he tracked down a Twoleg and a dog and Dustpaw dared him to attack. Graypaw however pointed out how angry Tigerclaw would be if they put a dog and a Twoleg on the fresh-kill pile. Barley reminds Ravenpaw why he left, that Tigerclaw would have killed him if he stayed in ThunderClan since Tigerclaw knew Ravenpaw saw him kill Redtail. Ravenpaw recalls more memories of his time in ThunderClan, including training with Tigerclaw. During a battle, Ravenpaw instantly remembers everything Tigerclaw taught him.

In the Tigerstar and Sasha arc

Into the Woods

Tigerstar meets Sasha on a patrol when she catches a frog and gives it to the patrol, saying she thought the frog slipped through his paws.
They meet again the next night, when Tigerstar catches a rabbit that was too fast for her, stating her by saying he thought the rabbit slipped through her paws, too. He tells her her hunting technique is bad, and that proper training would do her a world of good. When Sasha asks if he was going to mentor her, he says that maybe he will. They decide to meet again the next night, and many nights after that. He tells her all about Clanlife, and StarClan. One night, he fights off a fox. The night after that, he doesn't show up, which makes Sasha worry. When she returns to her den, she finds Tigerstar waiting for her there, saying it was a nice place, then asking her when she will be going back to her Twolegs, showing he found her collar. They argue, and Tigerstar leaves.
The two don't meet for a couple of days. After finding out Sasha left a pigeon on his territory, he wants to go thank her, only to find two foxes attacking her. He attacks the foxes, and is later joined by Sasha. They manage to chase the foxes away, but Tigerstar is hurt. Sasha then tells him she'll get him somewhere safe, and takes him to her den for the night. Before he leaves the next morning, Tigerstar asks if they can meet each other again. The next night, Sasha takes Tigerstar to her old home, which he insults. The next day, he shows Sasha his home because she showed him hers. He invites her to go on a border patrol, on which they find two ThunderClan cats. They chase the ThunderClan cats back to their own territory, but before they leave, they yowl that he was a traitor and that he'd pay for what he did to ThunderClan at Tigerstar, making Sasha ask him why. Tigerstar tells her he was once ThunderClan deputy, but was exiled by their former leader, Bluestar, because she was weak and envious of his strength. He then says that they are now led by Firestar and that they're a menace to the forest. Before Sasha leaves ShadowClan, he asks her if she wants to join them, and when she replies she's not sure, he tells her he will come to her den the next night for her answer.
He is seen later with other cats in his Clan by Sasha plotting to rule the forest. Sasha flees, realizing that he had lied to her all along. But when she gets back to her temporary den, Tigerstar appears, and asks her if she wants to join the Clan.

Escape from the Forest

Sasha declines joining ShadowClan. Tigerstar is shocked, citing all the power she would have with him and that every cat would fear them. Sasha wants neither of these things. Tigerstar is disappointed and claims he loves her, but had thought she understood his "destiny" to be leader and rule the forest.
When Sasha reveals she knows his plans for the half-Clan cats, his attitude changes abruptly. Tigerstar is scornful of her sympathy for them and insists these cats poison the Clans with their "impure blood". Sasha is furious and chastises his actions as not being for the Clans, but his own greed.
Tigerstar has heard enough. He coldly tells her she could've been more than a kittypet, but from now on all she'll ever be is nothing. He leaves and Sasha never sees him alive again.
At the end of the book, Sasha is revealed to be pregnant with Tigerstar's kits.

Return to the Clans

Sasha has given birth to Tigerstar's kits, Hawk, Moth, and Tadpole. He is seen in her dreams, but she doesn't talk to him because she knows of his true nature.
When Russetfur brings some prey to Sasha one day, she notices that Hawk looks a lot like Tigerstar, and that it must be his son. Sasha begs her not to tell Tigerstar, but Russetfur informs her that he was killed by the leader of BloodClan. Sasha is relieved and sad at the same time. That night, she tries talking to him in her dreams, but he leaves her.
After Tadpole dies, Sasha sees Tigerstar in a dream. He tells her that Tadpole is safe, then walks away.
Sasha tells her kits about their father after they are forced to leave the barn. She doesn't tell them anything bad about him, however.
When Sasha and her kits have joined RiverClan, Hawkpaw and Mothpaw are seen playing with some bones in the camp. The other cats are shocked by this and Leopardstar tells the kits that the bones are the remnants of the Bonehill, where Tigerstar forced half-Clan cats to fight each other. She tells them all the pain and suffering that he caused.
When Sasha decides to leave RiverClan and let her kits stay behind, she senses Tigerstar sitting beside her. She knows that her kits will be strong warriors because Tigerstar's blood runs through their veins.

In the Stand-Alone Manga

The Rise of Scourge

Tigerpaw is on a patrol made up of Thistleclaw, Bluefur, and himself, that runs into Tiny while patrolling their border. Thistleclaw thinks he should be chased out, but Bluefur defends him and says that he is only a kit. Thistleclaw says that she was being soft on him because he was a kittypet. He then asks his apprentice, Tigerpaw, what he thought, and Tigerpaw says that he should be taught a lesson. Thistleclaw commands him to attack, and Tigerpaw almost kills Tiny before being stopped by Bluefur, who says that a cat doesn't need to kill to win a battle. Tigerpaw says he was only defending his Clan.
He again appears when he and Boulder go to Scourge to make a deal to defeat his enemies which leads into The Darkest Hour. He is last seen when Scourge kills him with a single blow.

A Shadow in RiverClan

During her vigil, Feathertail reflects how Tigerstar convinced Leopardstar to join their Clans and form TigerClan, but took all the power for himself. He despised half-Clan cats and ordered Stonefur to kill Featherpaw and Stormpaw. However, when Stonefur refused, Tigerstar commanded Blackfoot and Darkstripe to kill him. Feathertail later describes Scourge as the cat who killed Tigerstar. However, Feathertail still struggles to find peace with Leopardstar and her Clanmates who allowed Tigerstar's atrocities.
When Feathertail befriends Sasha, she explains that she is distant with her Clanmates since they went along with Tigerstar's schemes. Sasha is surprised that Tigerstar was involved with RiverClan, but Feathertail reassures her that RiverClan is different. Sasha thanks her and hopes that Feathertail can learn to trust her Clanmates again. When Mosspelt chides two kits for playing too roughly that Tigerstar will get them if they don't behave, Feathertail notices Sasha look away and asks her what is wrong. Sasha reveals that Tigerstar is the father of Hawkpaw and Mothpaw and that she will always love him. Feathertail feels betrayed after revealing what Tigerstar did to her, but agrees to keep Sasha's secret since she knows how it feels to be judged for who your parents are. Later, Sasha leaves RiverClan out of fear that ShadowClan might discover the truth about her kits and worries her kits might either be driven away or killed. She once again asks Feathertail to keep her promise, and Feathertail angrily agrees.
Feathertail realizes that Hawkpaw is beginning to look more like his father, and wonders if he is just a skilled fighter or has inherited his father's ambition for battle. Later, Feathertail realizes she cannot judge Mothpaw and Hawkpaw for who their father was and befriends them again.

In the Field Guides

Cats of the Clans

Rock wonders aloud if Tigerstar would consider himself as a ShadowClan or ThunderClan cat, since he spent a far longer time in ThunderClan, and yet he was leader of ShadowClan. He realizes the kits already know how evil Tigerstar is, and says that he has added many cats to StarClan with his evil plotting. Tigerstar was killed by his own ambition; if he hadn't brought BloodClan to the forest in hopes of taking over then he wouldn't have been killed. Now, Tigerstar walks the Dark Forest with only his son Hawkfrost for company. Rock wonders if Tigerstar realizes that his son is half-Clan— after all, he did to try and eradicate half-Clan cats when he was leader of TigerClan. Rock ends by saying that Lionpaw should realize that these dark cats are not his allies.

Code of the Clans

Tigerkit is rescued from a fox by three ShadowClan warriors: Brackenfoot, Hollyflower, and Archeye. The three warriors ware on a hunting patrol along the Thunderpath when they spot the fox and the kit on the other side in ThunderClan territory. They scare away the fox, thanks to Hollyflower running across first, though the other two are reluctant to go. Brackenfoot scolds Tigerkit for being outside his camp, and he says he would've become fresh-kill for the fox if the ShadowClan patrol had not shown up. Tigerkit disregards him. As the ShadowClan cats crossed the Thunderpath back to their own territory, Tigerkit shouts after them that ShadowClan would always be his friends, and that one day he would help them too.
When his father, Pinestar, left ThunderClan to become a kittypet, it is noted that his other two littermates are weak and sickly-looking. As Pinestar leaves, Tigerkit pounced on his tail and growls up at his father. Pinestar tells his kit to be strong and to serve his Clan well.

Battles of the Clans

Tigerclaw appears in the border skirmish against ShadowClan. He listens to Dustpaw's idea of using the lightning strike and pretending that there are more cats than there are in the patrol. He is seen fighting hard in the battle and helps see Blackfoot and his invasion force off.
He is later seen giving a tour of the battlefields and describing his emotions and thoughts about killing Redtail, leading the rogue cats and leading the dogs into the ThunderClan camp. He says that he has no regrets.

The Ultimate Guide

He appears on Bluestar's page. He was Bluestar's murderous deputy and continued to rage against ThunderClan even after becoming the Clan leader of ShadowClan. Tigerstar set a pack of ravenous dogs to raid ThunderClan camp. He is mentioned on Pinestar's page. Pinestar’s greatest regret when he left the Clan to become a kittypet was leaving his mate and kits behind, especially fierce Tigerkit, who was bold and eager to fight.
He is mentioned on Goosefeather's and Featherwhisker's page. Goosefeather's final act of madness was his reacting of horror to Tigerkit, the sole remaining son of Leopardfoot and Pinestar. He confided in Bluefur that Tigerkit should never have been born. He is mentioned on Firestar's page. Fireheart's path was darkened by a feud with Tigerclaw, who was driven out of the Clan when Fireheart exposed his plan to kill Bluestar.
It is mentioned on Brightheart's and Cloudtail's page that Brightheart's ravaged face is a reminder to every cat of the attack from Tigerstar's half-trained pack of dogs. It is mentioned on Yellowfang's page that Yellowfang discovered that Brokenstar plotted with Tigerclaw and some rogues against the Clan that fed and sheltered him.
He appears on Brambleclaw's page. Brambleclaw is mentioned to be the son of Tigerstar and was always going to walk a path of light and shadow, torn between his father's inherited ambition and loyalty to the Clan Tigerstar tried to destroy. Brambleclaw walked with Tigerstar in his dreams and Tigerstar nurtured his ambition to lead his Clan, scheming with Hawkfrost to destroy the weaker Clans. Brambleclaw stepped close to the path of blood and vengeance that Tigerstar planned for so long, but Brambleclaw realized at the last moment that his loyalties lay with his Clan and leader.
Tigerstar appears on Lionblaze's page. Lionblaze was exceptionally strong, skilled in fighting and as brave as Tigerstar, which might explain why Tigerstar sought him out in his dreams. He walked beside him while Lionblaze slept, training him to be more fearless and ruthless in fighting. Lionblaze rejected Tigerstar after he realized he only was looking for revenge against Firestar. He didn’t need it anyway as he realized he had powers beyond normal cats.
He is mentioned on Ivypool's page. When Tigerstar gave away the true purpose of training cats in their dreams, to destroy the Clans from within, Ivypool swore never to return but then agreed to become a spy. He is mentioned on ShadowClan's introduction page. Strangers were not welcome to ShadowClan borders but Tigerstar was an exception since he was born and raised in ThunderClan and if StarClan were willing to give him nine lives, than that showed they wanted Tigerstar to lead ShadowClan.
He is mentioned on Brokenstar's page. When Brokenstar plotted with Tigerstar to launch an attack on ThunderClan camp from within, Yellowfang took upon herself to kill her own son. He is mentioned on Nightstar's page. Nightstar's death left ShadowClan lost, leaderless and ready for Tigerstar.
Tigerstar has his own page. He was born in ThunderClan to Pinestar and Leopardfoot. Soon after he was born, Pinestar left the Clan to become a kittypet. The shame of this stayed with Tigerstar his entire life, and he was desperate to prove his loyalty with the warrior code running through his veins. Mentored by Thistleclaw, Tigerpaw wanted to be the greatest warrior his Clan has ever seen. An easy skirmish with a young kittypet fueled his hunger for victory. In a clash over Sunningrocks, Tigerclaw saw his chance of a position of deputy in the Clan. He killed the current deputy Redtail, and blamed RiverClan for it.
He was eventually made deputy as he has hoped, but Bluestar's attention was already turned to Firepaw, who seemed to have taken the place in Bluestar's confidence, which Tigerclaw wanted for himself. Tigerclaw decided to hasten his promotion to leader as Bluestar declined into old age. He tried luring Bluestar to the Thunderpath, but Cinderpaw was hurt instead. Growing more desperate, he plotted with rogues that used to be in ShadowClan to launch a direct attack in ThunderClan camp. They were defeated and Tigerclaw was banished forever. He left swearing vengeance and joined up with rogues and charmed his way into ShadowClan. ShadowClan was desperate for a strong leader due to Nightstar's floundering leadership. They welcomed Tigerclaw and when Nightstar died, Tigerclaw was a natural successor.
He immediately began plotting against ThunderClan, laying a trail of dead rabbits to lure the dog pack to ThunderClan camp and then forming an allegiance with Scourge, leader of BloodClan. Little did Tigerstar know that this was the young kittypet he fought many moons ago. At the moment when the two-Clan formed TigerClan were poised to leap into battle with BloodClan against their neighbors, Scourge turned on Tigerstar and ripped all nine lives from him with one terrible blow. For Tigerstar, death was no obstacle in pursuit for revenge. He walked in his sons' dreams, training them in the Dark Forest and urging them to kill Firestar.
Hawkfrost was willing to do whatever it took to please Tigerstar, but Brambleclaw realized his loyalties lay with Firestar, not Tigerstar. Undaunted, Tigerstar walked in the dreams of more cats from all the Clans, raising an army of warriors. He finally led an onslaught of warriors, dead and alive, into the living world of the Clans. Face-to-face with Firestar, he dealt the final blow that took Firestar's final life but Firestar matched with a strike that ended Tigerstar's life in the Dark Forest, and ended his existence beyond revenge, influence and beyond a warrior’s darkest dreams once and for all.
He is mentioned on Blackstar's page. Blackstar had the task of taking over leadership of ShadowClan after Tigerstar’s damaging rule. He appears on Boulder’s page. Boulder was an outspoken supporter of Tigerstar when he came to ShadowClan. Boulder saw the leadership qualities that ShadowClan needed. When Tigerstar announced his plans to take power over the forest, Boulder suggested an alliance with BloodClan. He visited Scourge on Tigerstar's behalf, but he was too trusting. When Scourge came to the forest, he killed Tigerstar and took all four Clans into battle.
He appears on Tawnypelt's page. Tawnypelt is the daughter of Tigerstar and Goldenflower. She found herself judged more and more harshly by her Clanmates for her father's crimes. Pushed to the breaking point by a comparison of her father, Tawnypaw left and accepted Tigerstar's request to join ShadowClan. Even after Tigerstar's death, Tawnypaw stayed with ShadowClan. Tawnypelt was visited by Tigerstar in her dreams, but refused his offer of secret training because she knew her father would never help her achieve what she wanted most. Tawnypelt lived her life free of Tigerstar's influence and reputation with independence and a sense of purpose Tigerstar would have been proud of.
"Tigerstar's Nine Lives: StarClan Makes It's Choice", featured in The Ultimate Guide, reveals Tigerstar's nine lives. He follows Runningnose to the Mothermouth and halts. He notes that he has been there before as an apprentice, and now he is there as ShadowClan's leader. He also notes Nightstar, and what has happened to him and ShadowClan. He notes that he is on the brink of everything he wishes for. He tells Runningnose that StarClan will wait but Runningnose mentions dawn will not. Tigerclaw notes his frustrations of the medicine cat, and how difficult he was to Tigerclaw. He gives a warning to the medicine cat before entering the tunnel. His annoyance still stirred as he wondered how could anybody trust a medicine cat who can’t cure their own sickness.
Tigerclaw arrives at the Moonstone. He finds it in the darkness and notes his frustrations from Runningnose's orders. Runningnose describes how Nightpelt was not accepted as leader because Brokenstar was still alive. Tigerclaw insisted they know Brokenstar's dead and ShadowClan wants Tigerclaw as leader. Tigerclaw continues noting his frustrations to Runningnose's words before slipping into a dream. He is surprised to find himself in ShadowClan like territory, but is actually StarClan's version of ShadowClan. Cedarstar explains to Tigerclaw and welcomes him. Tigerclaw demands for others and more cats appeared. Littlebird comes forward first and gives the first life of compassion. Tigerclaw notes that it's his duty to lead and his followers' duty to follow. The next cat is Badgerfang. Tigerclaw tells him he is the smallest warrior he has ever seen. He gives the life of training young cats wisely.
Pinestar comes forward and Tigerclaw feels anger towards his father. Pinestar gives the life of being aware of what goes on beyond the borders. Pinestar states his pride in Tigerclaw and deserves a reward. Whitetail gives his third life of understanding size isn’t everything. Sedgestar is next and gives the life of pride in ShadowClan. Flowerstar gives his sixth life of Faith in StarClan, describing her significant moment in the past. The medicine cat that was there was next, Redscar gave the life trusting his own instincts, revealing his fake sign for his Clan that made Flowerstar leader. Mossheart introduces herself and gives a life of mercy, for the enemies to fight another day. Tigerclaw wonders what kind of victory is that, and thinks if his enemies lose, they deserve to die.
Cedarstar gave Tigerclaw his last life. He confesses his past mistakes and gives the life of farsightedness. Tigerclaw asks for lives of courage, strength in battle and revenge. Cedarstar tells him he has enough of it and StarClan only gives what he might lack. Tigerclaw notes that if StarClan trusts him to win battles without their help, who can argue? StarClan welcomes Tigerstar and Tigerstar bathes in it before waking. He mentions he has a Clan to lead, but is cautioned by Runningnose that if he doesn't respect what each life stands for, StarClan cannot help him. Tigerstar takes that as a threat and warns he is leader now. He whispers ShadowClan is his and he has nine lifetimes to make them remember him forever.
He appears on Leopardstar's page. When Tigerstar took over ShadowClan and offered Leopardstar to make the forest into one Clan with no fighting between them, Leopardstar accepted, possibly hoping that she would become his mate. She realized her mistake when Tigerstar combined their Clans into TigerClan and made himself leader, then made half-Clan cats fight to the death. Leopardstar regretted what she had done, but wouldn't speak out because she was too scared, not for her own safety, but of losing her reputation.
He is mentioned of Oakheart's page. Oakheart died before he saw Tigerstar's persecution of half-Clan cats. He appears on Mistystar's and Stonefur's page. When Tigerstar took control of RiverClan, Mistyfoot fled across the river, but Stonefur was captured and killed by Darkstripe and Blackfoot, both of whom have left their Clans and joined TigerClan under Tigerstar's command. He is mentioned on Feathertail's page. When Tigerstar gained power of RiverClan and unleashed his obsession with pure Clan blood in the forest, Featherpaw and Stormpaw were obvious targets.
He appears on Hawkfrost's page. Hawkfrost was Tigerstar's other son. He was born to Sasha who strayed in ThunderClan shortly after Tigerstar became leader. Even before Hawkfrost met his father, he wanted to take Leopardstar's place. Tigerstar saw the ambition and potential, and started walking in Hawkfrost's dreams, encouraging him to support Mudclaw's rebellion. It was Tigerstar's idea for Hawkfrost to plot with Brambleclaw's enemy, Ashfur, to lure Firestar into a trap. Tigerstar underestimated Brambleclaw's loyalty to Firestar, and instead of killing Firestar, he saved him and killed Hawkfrost instead. Hawkfrost joined Tigerstar in the Dark Forest, preying on living Clan cats and training them in their dreams.
He appears on Ravenpaw's and Barley's page. Ravenpaw's fate was sealed when Tigerclaw was made his mentor. Tigerclaw saw Ravenpaw's peace seeking ways as cowardice and pushed his apprentice too hard. Ravenpaw witnessed Tigerclaw killing Redtail and was put in serious danger for lying to his Clanmates. Firepaw saved Ravenpaw from Tigerclaw by taking him to Barley's barn to live there. Ravenpaw was missed by his ThunderClan friends, but no one would have forced him to return to the place where he was subjected to misery because of Tigerclaw.
He appears on Scourge's and Bone's page. Tigerpaw encountered Scourge on the border as a young kittypet. He won easily, but left a huge mark on Scourge. He went to Scourge, now leader of BloodClan, to ask for an alliance. Scourge recognized Tigerstar and agreed to help with no intentions of falling in for Tigerstar's plans. Tigerstar protested against Scourge's real aim to take over the forest so he was killed by Scourge, ripping out all nine lives with one blow.

In the Short stories and plays

The Elders' Concern

Smallear says that Fireheart shouldn't have been chosen as deputy, since he was neither the best fighter or the best hunter, and contrasts Tigerclaw's fighting skills to Fireheart's, calling Tigerclaw a "real warrior."
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