"You're the best at fighting. ThunderClan's so lucky to have you. I don't think you'll ever get hurt! I'm going to be like that one day. I'll defend my Clan and none of my enemies will be able to touch me!"
— Toadstep to Lionblaze in Sign of the Moon, page 160

Toadstep is a black-and-white tom.[7]

Toadstep was a ThunderClan warrior who served under the leaderships of Firestar and Bramblestar. He was born as Toadkit to Daisy and Spiderleg, along with his sister Rosepetal. He later became an apprentice, his mentor being Cloudtail, and later a warrior, Toadstep. He fought in Great Battle and survived, but a while after the battle ended, Toadstep died from a greencough outbreak along with his half-sister Hazeltail and Icecloud.


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Power of Three

Toadkit: ""H-how did you know what I was doing?""
Jaypaw: "I'm not as blind as you think.""
—Toadkit being surprised by Jaypaw Eclipse, page 52
Toadkit and Rosekit are the kits of Daisy and Spiderleg. He is squeamish when Jaypaw attempts to treat him for a scratch but accepts the medicine, and is disappointed when he doesn't see anything he wants to see. Daisy is very protective of her kits, unlike Spiderleg, who often doesn't play with them. Toadkit is protected in the battle against WindClan and shows great interest when Sol arrives in camp. He is later mentioned to have been weaned off milk, and he and Rosekit are now eating prey.

Omen of the Stars

"But you're so good, why wouldn't I want to fight like you?"
—Toadstep to Lionblaze Sign of the Moon, page 160
Toadkit has now become a warrior, Toadstep, and his previous mentor is noted to have been Cloudtail. He survives a drought, and helps repair dens after a tree crushes them. He participates in a battle with ShadowClan and successfully drives off Crowfrost and Tigerheart. Toadstep appears on several hunting patrols and helps to drive a fox out of camp. He greatly admires Lionblaze and wishes to fight like him. Hollyleaf trains him in the tunnels for an upcoming fight with WindClan, where Toadstep is generally uncomfortable.


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"The other Clans have managed to kill most of their traitors. Maybe we should have done the same!"
—Toadstep about the former Dark Forest trainees Dovewing's Silence, page Chapter 6
In Dovewing's Silence, Toadstep has survived and is recovering from the Great Battle. He is distrustful of cats that trained in the Place of No Stars, even after they swear an oath of loyalty. Toadstep catches whitecough and is moved to the apprentice's den with Sandstorm to prevent anyone else from getting sick. His whitecough eventually turns to greencough and he later dies from it.

Detailed description

Toadstep is a heavy,[8] thick-furred[9] black-and-white tom[3] with a black-and-white tail.[10]


Interesting facts

  • He has loner blood through Daisy.[3]


  • He has been mistakenly described with gray paws.[11]

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"Is there any blood?"
—Toadkit asking about Millie's kitting Eclipse, page 154

Toadkit: "You should have called Blossomkit Squealkit, because that's all she does!"
Rosekit: "Don't be mean!"
—Rosekit scolding Toadkit for his rude comment about Blossomkit Eclipse, page 160

"But he just got here! Who are you?"
—Toadkit curiously asking Sol who he is Eclipse, page 164

"The two new ThunderClan warriors ducked their heads in embarrassment, though their eyes shone as they were welcomed by the Clans."
—Narrator about Toadstep and Rosepetal The Fourth Apprentice, page 7

"Let them come!... We are ready!"
—Toadstep towards the WindClan border The Forgotten Warrior, page 265

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