"Keep the dumb kits. Let them grow up wild. I don't care."
— Tom disowning his kits in The First Battle, page 208

Tom is a copper-colored[6] tom[7] with a thick pelt colored like autumn leaves.[8]

He was a former kittypet that lived with Turtle Tail and Bumble. After Turtle Tail discovered she was expecting his kits, Tom began abusing her and Bumble, forcing them to flee to their friends. She gave birth to Owl Eyes, Sparrow Fur, and Pebble Heart. He tried to steal his kits away, causing in Turtle Tail's death, and later disowned his kits when Thunder and Lightning Tail rescued them. Tom introduced One Eye to Clear Sky and his group, and died trying to defend Sparrow Fur from One Eye's violent assault.


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Dawn of the Clans

"Leave her alone! She's my kit!"
—Tom as he stops One Eye from attacking Sparrow Fur The Blazing Star, page 88
Tom was adopted by Turtle Tail and Bumble's Twolegs. He appeared friendly at first, but after Turtle Tail is expecting his kits, he changes. He physically abuses Bumble and Turtle Tail, causing both of them to seek refuge at Tall Shadow's camp. Turtle Tail gives birth to Owl Eyes, Sparrow Fur, and Pebble Heart, and her new mate, Gray Wing, fosters them. Tom steals the kits, and Turtle Tail is killed on a Thunderpath trying to find them. Thunder and Lightning Tail rescue the kits from Tom who was trying to entice them with the kittypet lifestyle.
He leaves to become a rogue and asks Clear Sky if he could join his group. Clear Sky hesitantly agrees if he could contribute to the group despite being a former kittypet. He also invites One Eye to join, as well, though One Eye slashes Tom for trying to upstage him. During a battle training session led by One Eye, Sparrow Fur arrives unexpectedly seeking her father. One Eye viciously attacks the intruder, and Tom breaks up the right. As Clear Sky and Acorn Fur treat Sparrow Fur's wounds, One Eye kills Tom in a fight.

Detailed description

Tom is a big,[7] ragged,[9] copper-colored[6] tom.[7] He has a broad face,[10] and shoulders[11] and a nick in his ear.[12] He has a thick pelt colored like autumn leaves,[8] a dark moleskin muzzle,[6] and a thick, feathery tail.[13]


Interesting facts

  • Kate has stated on her blog that Tom took the kits not necessarily to abuse them, although she thinks he possibly would have, but to continue having control over Turtle Tail.[14]
    • She also believes that Tom had a sense of ownership over his kits, rather than affection for them, and that meant letting One Eye hurt them was unacceptable.[15]
  • Kate says that Tom probably walks in a kittypet sky after his death, where gentler kittypets are teaching him to be kinder.[16]


  • He was mistakenly called ginger,[17] and orange.[18]

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Gray Wing: "So, how did that happen?"
Turtle Tail: "How do you think it happened? I made a mistake. I missed you all so much. Tom seemed strong and friendly, I thought I could move on and make a new life with him. But when I realized I was expecting kits, he...changed."
Gray Wing: "If he hurt you..."
Turtle Tail: "Oh, no! Tom was still friendly, but he didn't want to make any plans for the kits with me. And Bumble seemed uncomfortable any time I mentioned them. But neither of them would admit that anything was wrong."
—Turtle Tail on Tom after she became pregnant Thunder Rising, page 19

"It was Tom. He turned against me once you left, because he blamed me for telling you the truth. He's been bullying me; he swipes and scratches at me, but he's clever enough to do it where the Twolegs won't notice unless they look really hard."
—Bumble explaining to Turtle Tail and Gray Wing where her injuries came from Thunder Rising, page chapter 8

Thunder: "We came by ourselves. Turtle Tail and Gray Wing wanted us to bring you home."
Tom: "They are home."
Pebble Heart: "If this is home, is Turtle Tail coming to live here?"
Tom: "You don't need Turtle Tail. You're my kits and you're living with me."
Sparrow Fur: "But Turtle Tail promised I could see Wind Runner's kits!"
Tom: "I told you! You're my kits. This is where you belong!"
—Tom to his kits when Thunder and Lightning Tail try to take them back The First Battle, pages 181-182

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Lightning Tail: "Never come near the moor again. You'll regret it. Your kits will remember you as the cat who killed their mother. They won't follow you next time, and if any of us see you again, we'll shred you."
Thunder: "We'll shred you now, if you like."
—Lightning Tail and Thunder threatening Tom and warning him to never show his face again The First Battle, page 208

Tom: "All right, not 'returned' exactly. This is my first time living in the wild. But it feels like I'm my real home."
Clear Sky: "Oh, I feel so sorry for you! It must have been hard, living in the warm and dry of a Twoleg den when your spirit was craving the cold, wet, and hunger of the wild!"
—Tom and Clear Sky when the former asks to join the group The Blazing Star, page 41

"We've always been curious about our father. It's hard, only knowing about half your kin, especially when your mother is dead and you feel like an orphan."
—Owl Eyes about Tom The Blazing Star, page 110

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