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Before Turtle Tail was expecting kits, Tom was a kind and gentle cat. But as soon as he found out about Turtle Tail’s pregnancy, he became cruel, controlling, and violent.[1] He scratched Turtle Tail when the housefolk weren’t looking, and tried to steal the kits after they are born.[2] He is eventually killed by One Eye while defending Sparrow Fur from the rogue leader.[3]


Turtle Tail

"I made a mistake. I missed you all so much. Tom seemed strong and friendly, I thought I could move on and make a new life with him. But when I realized I was expecting kits, he . . . he changed."
—Turtle Tail about Tom Thunder Rising, page 21
At first, Turtle Tail and Tom had a loving relationship, and Turtle Tail harbored affection for him. However, after Tom discovered that she was expecting kits, he completely changed, abusing Turtle Tail and physically harming her.[1] Eventually, Turtle Tail runs away from him, but Tom comes back and steals her kits.[2] Turtle Tail dies on the Thunderpath while trying to rescue her kits in Twolegplace.[2]

Sparrow Fur, Pebble Heart, and Owl Eyes

Thunder: "We came by ourselves. Turtle Tail and Gray Wing wanted us to bring you home."
Tom: "They are home."
Pebble Heart: "If this is home, is Turtle Tail coming to live here?"
Tom: "You don't need Turtle Tail. You're my kits and you're living with me."
Sparrow Fur: "But Turtle Tail promised I could see Wind Runner's kits!"
Tom: "I told you! You're my kits. This is where you belong!"
—Tom to his kits when Thunder and Lightning Tail try to take them back The First Battle, pages 181-182
Tom becomes cold when he hears about Turtle Tail’s kits, and won’t help her make any plans for them.[4] He tells Bumble not to tell Turtle Tail about how her kits will be taken away from her by the Twolegs, and when Turtle Tail finds out, she runs away back to Gray Wing and has her kits on the moor.[1] Tom follows her and steals the kits, bringing them back to Twolegplace to live as kittypets with him.[2] When they are saved by Thunder, River Ripple, and Lightning Tail, Tom says that the kits are worthless anyways and that he doesn’t want them.[2] However, Tom returns and sacrifices himself to save Sparrow Fur from One Eye.[3]

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