These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in Tree's Roots that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading and the book discussions.

  • Earth and Stream are trying to talk to the earth
    • They don't seem to get the hold of it and get distracted
  • Both try to meditate again
    • Stream seems to actually get the hang of it
  • Earth's sisters tease him
  • Moonlight performs the ceremony to send Snail and Chestnut away
  • Everyone goes to sleep before Moonlight wakes them up during the night

  • To look for Moonlight, Stream runs off
  • Moonlight calls the Sisters to her, before spotting Earth
    • She calls the other kits out and leads them to a rock
  • However Earth heads off to look for his friend
    • He finds him in a valley
    • Stream is struck by a lightning bolt and killed
  • The Sisters mourn Haze
    • Earth angrily asks his mother why they will not sing for Stream
    • She answers that Stream was a tom and was destined to return to the earth. She insists that singing for him is unnecessary.
    • Moonlight also chastises him for disobeying her
  • She then reassures him that she will still care for him
  • The Sisters sing for Haze, and communicate with her ghost
    • They also communicate with Stream
  • Earth can't see his friend

  • Earth tries to hunt, but is distracted by the thought of wandering
    • Hawk scolds him
  • He protests that he's not ready to leave, but Hawk shuts him down
  • They try to hunt in the tall grass but encounter rogues
    • Earth freezes while Hawk fights
  • Moonlight is angry with Earth for not being able to fight
  • Later, Ice falls ill.
  • Earth tries to convince Moonlight that he can't leave
    • His mother refuses and tells him the tale of a tom who was allowed to stay longer than usual. Supposedly as a result of this, misfortune struck the Sisters, and after the tom finally left, he stayed with Twopaws
  • Again, Moonlight tells Earth that he will grow to be strong and capable
  • Earth doubts it, wishing his mother loved him as much as his sisters

  • The ceremony is performed, and Earth is sent away
  • He makes a nest under a bush, trying to communicate with his ancestors, but receives no answer
  • Earth eavesdrops on the Sisters as they get read to leave
  • He feels hurt that they didn't wait longer to make sure he was all right.
  • He watches them until they pad out of sight

  • Earth eats a shrew, imagining life back with the Sisters
    • He thinks of Stream and suddenly his appetite is gone
  • Resentment grows in him as he thinks of the Sisters' traditions
  • He tries once more to see spirits, but fails
  • Earth follows the Sisters' scent to their new camp

  • Earth is afraid to meet the Sisters, which makes him angry
    • he wonders why they send only toms away
  • He meets Ice, who seems healthy again
    • They converse for a short while, and Earth spits that the Sisters don't care about toms
    • Ice tries to assure him that they do, but sending away toms is tradition
    • She offers to help him, but he declines, knowing it won't help
  • They part ways
  • He suddenly is surrounded by dogs
    • Before he can react another loner attacks the dogs and orders him to run

  • Both of them run until they are out of range
    • Earth gets a look at this newcomer, who is yellow just like him
  • The newcomer introduces himself as Root
  • Root walks off, but Earth follows him
    • The loner asks him if he's lost
  • Root agrees to let Earth stay with him for the night
  • They make a nest in a tree
  • Earth wakes up and tries to talk to Stream once more
    • Root overhears him and asks if he knows of the Sisters
    • He mentions that he was mated to Moonlight, but they left him
  • They figure out that Earth is Root's son
    • He agrees to let Earth stay with him for a moon
  • Earth renames himself Tree

  • Root is teaching Tree how to hunt
    • His technique is pretending to be a bush before striking at the right moment
  • He once again tries to talk to the earth
    • Root reminds him that he is not a Sister and does not have to partake in their traditions
  • Tree expresses his gratitude at being taught, but knows it'll come to an end soon
    • His father stammers that they should stay together for a bit
    • Tree realizes that they would miss each other
  • A couple days later, they hunt rabbits
    • They are about to eat one they caught when they scent fox
  • They attack the fox
    • Tree momentarily freezes
    • Root saves him
    • They chase off the fox
  • Root dies
    • Tree decides to wander alone

  • Tree is wandering through Twolegplace
  • A cat senses him and he emerges from his hiding spot
  • He offers the cat food he was eating
    • She refuses, before hunting for herself
  • They eat together and she introduces herself as Pebbleshine
    • She mentions her Clan, SkyClan, and talks about them
  • Pebbleshine expresses her desire to rejoin her Clan as soon as possible
    • She also asks if he wants to come with him, but he turns her down
    • He lies about his past in response to a question
  • Tree sleeps for a bit before Root wakes him up

  • He asks his father how he's seeing his ghost
    • Root impatiently orders him to get both himself and Pebbleshine out
  • Tree obeys, shaking Pebbleshine awake and telling her they need to evacuate
    • They both wonder where to go, before Tree catches the scent of fox
  • Both of them decide to cross the Thunderpath
  • The fox catches up with them, and Tree orders Pebbleshine to go
    • She refuses, choosing to fight instead
  • Tree falls, remembering how this happened last time
    • Instead of freezing, he launches himself at the fox
  • They successfully drive the fox off
  • Pebbleshine thanks Tree for waking her
  • She asks again if he wants to join SkyClan
    • Again, Tree turns her down
  • Tree talks with his father, apologizing for his death
    • Root tells him not to feel guilty
    • He tells his son that it's better to be with someone else
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