"At the Gathering tomorrow night, I'll suggest we add a new part to the warrior code: that all new warriors must spend one night in silent vigil so they understand how much their Clan needs them now."
— Troutstar in Code of the Clans, page 65-66

Troutstar is a gray tom.[2]


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Code of the Clans

Troutstar is an ancient RiverClan leader. When a RiverClan warrior, Snaketooth, is injured after being a made a warrior, Troutstar is the first to ask what happened. He then tells the medicine cat, Meadowpelt, to treat Snaketooth.
Later, Meadowpelt goes and wakes Troutstar from a nap and asks if they could speak for a moment. Meadowpelt asks if he can go to the Moonstone, to ask StarClan what he can do to stop the young warriors from doing ridiculously dangerous things. Troutstar doesn't think it is that serious, but lets Meadowpelt go after he hears that they plan to jump across the gorge.
When Troutstar hears Meadowpelt's idea of one night of silent vigil, he looks unconvinced. However, he listens to him, and tells the young warriors that they must sit a silent vigil and listen.
Later, after it is proved Meadowpelt was right; as the warriors chase off a fox, Troutstar sends a patrol of senior warriors after them. He then thanks Meadowpelt for his wisdom. He also says that he will suggest it to be part of the warrior code at the next Gathering, that a newly appointed warrior must sit a silent vigil for one night.

Leader info

Medicine cats
Name From To
Meadowpelt Before "A Night of Listening" Before "A Loss for All Clans"



"No, I didn't know that. Meadowpelt, if you think StarClan can help, then you must go. May StarClan be waiting for you with answers."
—Troutstar, after hearing about the warriors wanting to jump the gorge Code of the Clans, page 61

"One night? To think about being a warrior?"
—Troutstar, being told about the vigil Code of the Clans, page 63

Troutstar: "Thank you, Meadowpelt."
Meadowpelt: "Thank StarClan."
—Troutstar and Meadowpelt, after the warriors understand what it means to be a warrior Code of the Clans, page 65

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