"ThunderClan is lucky to have them."
Firepaw about Tulipkit and his siblings in Into the Wild, page 227

Tulipkit is a pale gray[1] tom[3] with darker flecks.[4]


In The Prophecies Begin arc

Into the Wild

It is mentioned that Brindleface fights bitterly against ShadowClan's attack to protect her unborn kits.
Tulipkit is born to Brindleface and Whitestorm of ThunderClan alongside Elderkit, his other brother and sister. Graypaw tells Firepaw this, declaring to go see them. Whitestorm asks the apprentices if they are coming to see the new kits as they approach the nursery. Firepaw tells Graypaw to go see the kits first and he talks to Yellowfang. The apprentice asks the she-cat if she'll see Brindleface's new kits but the cat refuses. Firepaw declares he is seeing them anyway and it must be a good sign having new kits in the camp.
Bluestar asks Firepaw if he has come to see the new kits, referring to them as ThunderClan's newest warriors. Firepaw is suprised by her tiredness, thinking that the kits are supposed to be good news for the Clan. Firepaw replies he has and Bluestar tells him to see her when he has finished seeing the kits.
Graypaw remarks the kits are really cute before Firepaw sees the them. They are warmly huddled in a nest, and it's noted that most have pale gray fur with darker flecks. All kits' eyes are tight shut and they squirm and mewl against their mother. Brindleface is looking proudly at her kits, declaring they are strong and healthy. Firepaw agrees that the Clan is lucky to have them and remarks he was just talking about them with Yellowfang.
Firepaw comments to Bluestar that the kits are lovely. Bluestar notes although they are lovely, they're more mouths to feed before dismissing her words.

Fire and Ice

Tulipkit is seen with his remaining siblings, following Brindleface out of the nursery. Elderkit had died, which has caused Brindleface to love Tulipkit and his siblings even more fiercely.
Speckletail mentions that greencough is in the nursery, and Tulipkit and one his siblings are infected. Fireheart asks if they will die. Speckletail admits they might, but points out leaf-bare always brings the disease.
Tulipkit and his sick sibling are spotted by Fireheart right away in the medicine den. They are quiet as they lay in a bracken nest, noses and eyes streaming as they cough. Later, Yellowfang curls up around the kits. Their eyes are closed as they squirm in their nest.
Frostfur reveals that Tulipkit had died the previous night. Fireheart remembers the kit and his sick sibling and not knowing it was him, wonders which kit had died.
When Fireheart brings his sister's son for Brindleface to care for, Frostfur appeals to Brindleface's grief for Tulipkit. She explains she knows the white kit will not replace her son, but he needs her care. Brindleface agrees to foster the kit.


Interesting Facts

  • It can be deduced that Tulipkit is the one of Brindleface's kits that died of greencough[3] as he is seen as alive after Elderkit died.[5]


  • He is mistakenly shown without darker flecks.[1]

Official art

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Whitestorm:[1] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Brindleface:[6] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Ashfur:[6] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Elderkit:[1] Deceased, residence unknown


Ferncloud:[6] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Sorreltail:[7] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Rainwhisker:[7] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Sootfur:[7] Deceased, verified StarClan member
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Fuzzypelt:[1] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Thistleclaw:[8] Deceased, verified Place of No Stars member


Robinwing:[9] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Snowfur:[8] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Moonflower:[10] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Poppydawn:[11] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Stormtail:[12] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Windflight:[13] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Rooktail:[14] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Eaglestorm:[15] Status unknown


Fallowsong:[16] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Daisytoe:[17] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Squirrelwhisker:[15] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Dustpelt:[1] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Ravenpaw:[1] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Frostfur:[9] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Cherrypaw:[1] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Chestnutkit:[1] Status unknown


Longtail:[18] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Shrewpaw:[19] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Spiderleg:[19] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Birchfall:[20] Living (As of Lost Stars)
Foxleap:[21] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Hollykit:[20] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Larchkit:[20] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Icecloud:[21] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Squirrelflight:[22] Living (As of Lost Stars)
Leafpool:[22] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Toadstep:[23] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Rosepetal:[23] Living (As of Lost Stars)
Ivypool:[24] Living (As of Lost Stars)
Dovewing:[24] Living (As of Lost Stars)


Lightleap:[25] Living (As of Lost Stars)
Pouncestep:[25] Living (As of Lost Stars)
Thriftear:[26] Living (As of Lost Stars)
Bristlefrost:[26] Living (As of Lost Stars)


Shadowpaw:[25] Living (As of Lost Stars)
Flipclaw:[26] Living (As of Lost Stars)

First cousins:

Cinderpelt[27] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Brightheart[28] Living (As of Lost Stars)
Thornclaw[28] Living (As of Lost Stars)
Brackenfur:[27] Living (As of Lost Stars)
Shrewpaw:[29] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Spiderleg:[29] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Birchfall:[30] Living (As of Lost Stars)
Hollykit:[30] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Larchkit:[30] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Icecloud:[31] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Foxleap:[31] Deceased, verified StarClan member

Second cousins:

Stonefur:[32] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Mosskit:[32] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Mistystar:[32] Living (As of Lost Stars)


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"As you wish. But I’m going to see them. It must be a good sign, having new kits in the camp."
—Firepaw to Yellowfang about Tulipkit and his siblings Into the Wild, page 226

"Surely the kits were good news for ThunderClan?"
—Firepaw's thoughts on Tulipkit and his siblings Into the Wild, page 226

"They’re really cute."
—Graypaw about Tulipkit and his siblings Into the Wild, page 227

Firepaw: "How are you feeling?"
Brindleface: "A little tired. But the kits are all strong and healthy."
Firepaw: "ThunderClan is lucky to have them."
—Firepaw and Brindleface about Tulipkit and his siblings Into the Wild, page 227

Firepaw: "Brindleface’s kits are lovely."
Bluestar: "Lovely they may be, but they mean more mouths to feed."
—Firepaw and Bluestar about Tulipkit and his siblings Into the Wild, page 228

Speckletail: "There’s greencough in the nursery. Two of Brindleface’s kits are sick."
Fireheart: "Greencough! Will they die?"
Speckletail: "They might. But leaf-bare always brings greencough."
—Speckletail and Fireheart about Tulipkit and his sick sibling Fire and Ice, page 188

"[Fireheart] spotted Brindleface’s poor kits straightaway. They lay quietly in a bracken nest, coughing, their noses and eyes streaming."
—narrator on Tulipkit and his sick sibling Fire and Ice, page 196

"One of Brindleface’s kits died last night."
—Frostfur to Fireheart about Tulipkit Fire and Ice, page 227

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