"It comforts me to see you happy. I love you so much. You gave me such happiness when I was alive. And you raised my kits. I will always be grateful that they had you to take care of them. Leaving them was even harder than leaving you."
— Turtle Tail to Gray Wing in Path of Stars, page 12-13

Turtle Tail is a lithe,[9] sleek-furred,[10] predominantly white[11] tortoiseshell she-cat[3] with green eyes[3] and a stumpy tail.[12]

Turtle Tail was a member of the ancient Tribe of Rushing Water. She decided to follow the sun trail, and was deeply in love with Gray Wing. Upon reaching the new territory, she decided to become a kittypet with her friend Bumble, and Turtle Tail became pregnant with Tom's kits. She then chose to move back to the moor and reunite with Gray Wing to raise her kits among friends, where she gave birth to Owl Eyes, Sparrow Fur, and Pebble Heart, and became mates with Gray Wing, and he adopted the kits as his own. She later died trying to retrieve her kits from Tom, who had taken them away, and ascended to StarClan. She frequently visited the living cats as they formed the modern Clans, but visited her beloved Gray Wing most of all. She later gave Windstar a life for stubbornness.


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Dawn of the Clans

"Killing only ever leads to more killing. Let your mistakes teach you."
―Turtle Tail to Clear Sky The First Battle, page 282
Turtle Tail is a young member of the Ancient Tribe. She leaves the Tribe, along with Clear Sky, Shaded Moss, Rainswept Flower, Tall Shadow, Falling Feather, Jackdaw's Cry, Bright Stream, Hawk Swoop, Moon Shadow, and Quick Water to find the new home Stoneteller saw in her vision. Gray Wing stays behind, but later joins them after Jagged Peak runs off to find the group, and Turtle Tail is happy to have him with them and shows affection for the tom during the journey.
Upon reaching their new territories and making a camp on a moor, Gray Wing and Turtle Tail meet Bumble, whom Turtle Tail befriends, often visiting her in Twolegplace. When Gray Wing grows feelings for a rogue named Storm and tells Turtle Tail, she appears hurt and distrusting. This eventually drives her to leave to live with Bumble as a kittypet. Storm becomes mates with Clear Sky, but leaves him, disapproving of his leadership and goes to live in an abandoned Twoleg den with her kits. Turtle Tail rushes to Gray Wing for help, explaining Storm's den is under attack. Storm and two of her kits die, but one survives, which Turtle Tail names Thunder.
Moons later, Turtle Tail visits the moor and tells Gray Wing about Tom, a new kittypet who joined her and Bumble. Gray Wing realizes she's expecting kits and she reveals they're Tom's, but he shows no interest in making plans for them, and the Twolegs will take them once they no longer need her. Not wanting that life, Turtle Tail leaves the life of a kittypet and rejoins the moor cats. She soon gives birth to three healthy kits, Sparrow Fur, Pebble Heart, and Owl Eyes.
Later, Bumble comes to the moor, covered in cuts from Tom and blames Turtle Tail for it, which hurts her. After the fire, she comforts Gray Wing and spend much of their time together, soon becoming mates. She is furious with worry at Gray Wing for not taking care of himself after he collapses from his bad breathing multiple times and urges him to take time to recover. She joins a group to go and confront Clear Sky when they find Bumble dying. Turtle Tail blames Clear Sky for her death, but Clear Sky defends himself, saying a fox got her.
Tom wants to meet with Turtle Tail and urges her to come back and he wishes to meet his kits. She agrees, thinking it would be better than him finding where she lives. Turtle Tail refused to return with Tom and even attacks him during the meeting. Later, she helps Wind Runner with her kitting, and afterwards realizes her own kits are missing and goes out in search for them, fearing Tom has taken them. Lightning Tail and Thunder go after her, but discover her body on the Thunderpath. Unable to bury her, they push her beneath a flowery bush and go on to find her kits.
After the Great Battle, Turtle Tail appears with the spirit cats and delivers the message to unite or die, then bids farewell to Gray Wing.

Super Editions

This section summarizes Turtle Tail's significant Super Editions appearances. If you're looking for a full list, find one here!

"I always knew you were special. Take care of them all, my dear."
―Turtle Tail to Pebble Heart in a dream Moth Flight's Vision, page 96
In Moth Flight's Vision, Turtle Tail continues to provide support and advice while residing in StarClan with Gray Wing and her other former Clanmates. She is the first to suggest Pebble Heart for the role of ShadowClan medicine cat, and sends him signs to guide him along his new path. She also is one of the cats to gift Wind Runner with a new life, starting the tradition of giving all new Clan leaders nine lives. She encourages a newly named Windstar to embrace her stubbornness to forge a new path forward for WindClan.

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Gray Wing

"It comforts me to see you happy. I love you so much. You gave me such happiness when I was alive. And you raised my kits. I will always be grateful that they had you to take care of them. Leaving them was even harder than leaving you."
―Turtle Tail to Gray Wing Path of Stars, pages 12-13
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Sparrow Fur, Owl Eyes, and Pebble Heart

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Tom (formerly):[8] Deceased, residence unknown
Gray Wing (formerly):[8] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Owl Eyes:[8] Living (As of Shadowstar's Life)
Pebble Heart:[8] Living (As of Shadowstar's Life)


Sparrow Fur:[8] Living (As of Shadowstar's Life)


Gray Wing ♂Turtle Tail ♀Tom ♂
See MoreOwl Eyes ♂Pebble Heart ♂Sparrow Fur ♀

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



Interesting facts

  • She was named for her stumpy tail.[12]
  • Sparrow Fur has the same markings as Turtle Tail's tortoiseshell fur.[9]

Author statements

  • Kate said that she was "torn up" while writing Turtle Tail's death scene,[blog 1] and imagines that she was run over by a Ford Model T.[blog 2]
  • Kate would've made Turtle Tail's kittypet name Muffin.[blog 3]
  • Kate thinks that Gray Wing can live peacefully with Slate and Turtle Tail in StarClan without having to feel any jealousy.[blog 4]


"I'll never trust kittypets or Twolegs again. I've learned who my real friends are, and all I want is to come back to you all. Do you think the rest of them will have me?"
―Turtle Tail asking to come home Thunder Rising, page 20

"I'll do whatever I can. I should have never left. If I'd been here, I could have done more to help. And I can't believe Clear Sky is behaving like that!"
―Turtle Tail vowing to help with protecting the moor cats Thunder Rising, page 29

"I do. I believe you could do this. Since I returned to the moor, I've heard nothing but horrible stories about the way you treat other cats. You're power-mad, Clear Sky. You don't care who you hurt to get what you want. And now... you're not the cat I came down from the mountains with. You're...You're an apology for a cat."
―Turtle Tail to Clear Sky after Bumble is wounded Thunder Rising, page 280

"Innocent cats are being slaughtered— and for what? So Clear Sky and his cats can have enough to eat?"
―Turtle Tail Thunder Rising, page 286
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Tom: "Why did you mountain cats even have to come here? You've been nothing but trouble. Even Turtle Tail! She came to live with us, then ran away, carrying my kits."
Thunder: "She didn't just 'run away'. Turtle Tail came home. Where she belonged!"
Tom: "She stole what was mine. And Bumble followed her, the mouse-brain! She was worried about her. And it got her killed."
—Tom and Thunder about Turtle Tail The First Battle, pages 111-112

Thunder: "The kits are wild. They'll never choose your life. They'll always find their way back to the moor."
Tom: "Like their mother."
Lightning Tail: "She had the heart of a mountain cat."
Tom: "Had the heart of a mountain cat? Has something happened to her?"
Thunder: "She got killed by a monster, following you and her kits."
—Thunder and Lightning Tail to Tom about Turtle Tail's death The First Battle, page 208

"Turtle Tail, I know you'll always be with me. You waited a long time for our love to grow and it won't die now. I'll fight for you, Turtle Tail, and I'll make sure your kits have a future on the moor, safe among friends. I will not fail you."
―Gray Wing about Turtle Tail The First Battle, page chapter 15

Turtle Tail: "You fool, Clear Sky. When did you forget where you came from? When did you decide that it was okay to kill the cats you were raised beside?"
Clear Sky: "I only wanted to protect my own."
Turtle Tail: "Killing only ever leads to more killing. Let your mistakes teach you. Leave us now, I must speak with Gray Wing."
—Turtle Tail confronting Clear Sky The First Battle, pages 281-282

"I never thought you were a selfish cat, Gray Wing. Don't prove me wrong. Don't you realize I'm not just here for you? We came to tell all cats what they must know if they are to survive here."
―Turtle Tail scolding Gray Wing The First Battle, pages 282-283

"Cats can fight and fight and fight, but sometimes even the sharpest claw cannot make a wound."
―Turtle Tail giving advice to the living cats The Blazing Star, page 33

"Because now we can see everything you see, and more. Because we can help you. Are we really parted, when we can send you messages in your dreams?"
―Turtle Tail reading Thunder's thoughts on why their friends and family have died The Blazing Star, page 265

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