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In the Dawn of the Clans arc

The Sun Trail

Turtle Tail is a young, energetic she-cat who lives in the mountains with Gray Wing and the rest of her Tribemates. When Gray Wing and his brother, Clear Sky, return from hunting, Turtle Tail is extremely shocked; her eyes widen when she sees the hawk, and she can't believe it.
When Gray Wing comments on how close his brother and Bright Stream are, Silver Frost says that there might be kits soon. The elder jokes around and says that there might be more than one litter, and shoves Gray Wing playfully, teasing him about Turtle Tail, saying she's a beautiful cat.
When Stoneteller decides to send Shaded Moss and some of the other cats away to find a better place to live, Turtle Tail is enthusiastic about it, and excitedly asks Gray Wing if he plans on going. Before he can answer, however, Clear Sky speaks up, saying that both he and Bright Stream are going. He says that it will be a tough journey, but it would be worth it. Turtle Tail agrees, and says it will be wonderful. She turns her attention back to Gray Wing, and asks again if he's going. Gray Wing doesn't know, and he doesn't answer the she-cat's question.
Turtle Tail is part of the group of cats who scouts out the best ways to leave the mountains. She is joined by Shaded Moss, Tall Shadow, Dappled Pelt, Rainswept Flower, and Clear Sky. She asks Gray Wing if he wants to join the patrol, and he declines, saying he's exhausted from hunting. After they return and make their report, Clear Sky and Shaded Moss explain that they have found a path to take, although they will need to be careful. Turtle Tail waves her tail, saying that it's still the quickest route, and Shaded Moss agrees with her.
When Gray Wing says that he's considering leaving with Shaded Moss and his group, Turtle Tail is happy, and says that she's pleased he's coming with them. Soon after their talk, Dewy Leaf comes storming over, and demands to know why Moon Shadow, another of the cats, is leaving. Turtle Tail leans over towards Gray Wing and whispers that there's going to be trouble.
Because of the conflicting interests within the group of cats of the mountains, there are often arguments over whether or not to let Shaded Moss lead the group of cats chosen away. To settle this, Stoneteller decides to hold a vote, and they cast stones to decide whether or not to leave. Along with Lion's Roar, and many others, Turtle Tail votes to leave the mountains. Later on, she leaves with Tall Shadow, Shaded Moss, Clear Sky, Moon Shadow, Bright Stream, Quick WaterFalling Feather, Hawk Swoop, Jackdaw's Cry, and Rainswept Flower.
Throughout the journey, Turtle Tail seems to show affection for Gray Wing, who came because of his runaway brother, Jagged Peak. At their destination, Turtle Tail and Gray Wing find a kittypet, Bumble. Turtle Tail appears to have grown friendly with Bumble, and often visits her from time to time, even going into her Twoleg nest.
Gray Wing confronts her over going into the nest, and the two have a minor argument over it. Gray Wing wonders if she knows what she's doing, and Turtle Tail dismisses Gray Wing's comments, saying it's ridiculous. Gray Wing walks off without Turtle Tail, remarking that she can find her own way home, remarking that Turtle Tail appears to have forgotten where she belongs.
Turtle Tail and Gray Wing meet yet again, and this time Gray Wing feels remorse over his argument with Turtle Tail. When the gray tom asks Turtle Tail to hunt with him, she eagerly replies yes and joins Gray Wing. The joy doesn't last long, however. A failed attempt to catch a hare results in Gray Wing and Turtle Tail getting into yet another argument, with Turtle Tail storming off to find another cat who wouldn't judge her for one missed catch.
When Gray Wing confides in Turtle Tail that he likes Storm and wants her to come and live with them, Turtle Tail shows distress and hurt in her eyes. Gray Wing appears to have been surprised with the emotion that Turtle Tail had shown, and with Gray Wing's comment, Turtle Tail once again leaves camp. Gray Wing soon finds her empty-pawed, and they get into another quarrel. This time, Turtle Tail confronts Gray Wing on his feelings for Storm, saying that if she had silver fur, Gray Wing would spend more time with her.
Later that night, Gray Wing and Turtle Tail leave camp to talk, and it's during this discussion that Turtle Tail admits that she is going to live with Bumble. She promises to visit, and asks Gray Wing to tell the other cats where she's gone. Gray Wing tells everyone the news, and he finds himself missing Turtle Tail more and more as the days go by.
Soon, Gray Wing reunites with Turtle Tail, who saves him from a dog when the gray tom is looking for a way around Twolegplace. She hisses at the dog, calling him a flea-pelt, and takes Gray Wing away from the animal. Turtle Tail wonders what Gray Wing is doing in Twolegplace, and seems genuinely happy to see Gray Wing, although the light in her eyes dies when Gray Wing confesses that he is here to see Storm and wanted to know if Turtle Tail had seen where she lived.
Initially trying to lie her way out of admitting where Storm lives, her plan is cut short by Bumble, who says that she and Turtle Tail do know where Storm lives. Gray Wing asks Bumble if she could show him the way, and gazes at Turtle Tail. This prompts Turtle Tail to leave Gray Wing and go elsewhere.
The next morning, Turtle Tail spots Gray Wing and comes to him for help. She exclaims that Storm's den is under attack. Gray Wing tries to go in to help Storm, but he is stopped by Turtle Tail. The pair of cats watch as Storm's den is attacked, and soon they see that the silver she-cat and two of her kits have died. Turtle Tail notices a young ginger tom, however, and yowls that he is still alive and they try to save him. They are successful, and the pair begin to debate what to name the tiny kit. Turtle Tail speaks up and decides on the name Thunder. Gray Wing takes Thunder to meet his father, Clear Sky, and Turtle Tail opts not to join him. She bids goodbye to Gray Wing, and goes back to her Twoleg nest.
When Gray Wing explains to Clear Sky what happened to Storm, he introduces Thunder and says that both he and Turtle Tail were the cats to save the young kit after the death of his mother and littermates.

Thunder Rising

As Gray Wing is thinking of Thunder and Clear Sky, he is unexpectedly greeted with a meow, and he turns to see Turtle Tail before him. Turtle Tail, a kittypet, had been part of the mountain cats' group, before leaving to live with her friend Bumble. Gray Wing asks Turtle Tail how she found them, and she replies that she hadn't found them at first at their old home, so she first through they had been eaten by foxes. However, she wouldn't let pessimism get the better of her, so she continued to search, eventually finding a scent. She follows this scent, and soon finds Gray Wing. She sees Thunder and notes how Gray Wing must have his paws full, and he nods. Although Gray Wing was slightly hurt by Turtle Tail's betrayal, he puts this behind him and welcomes his friend to the moor.
Upon seeing Thunder again for the first time in moons, Turtle Tail praises his size and his catch, saying he'll be an excellent hunter. Gray Wing notes to himself how well Turtle Tail must have known him, as her comment about Thunder had jolted him from his thoughts. Turtle Tail soon meets Acorn Fur and Lightning Tail, who she guesses are the kits of Hawk Swoop. Gray Wing replies that he thinks Turtle Tail has been away for far longer than she realizes, and tells the tortoiseshell that he missed her. Turtle Tail replies that she missed Gray Wing too. In order to spend more time alone with Turtle Tail, Gray Wing sends the three kits away and he proceeds to ask Turtle Tail how she was doing.
Turtle Tail explains what happened, and says that Twolegplace was nice. She says that she and Bumble weren't alone for very long, as they were joined by Tom, a cat who was adopted by Twolegs. Gray Wing asks if Tom was nice, and Turtle Tail hesitates, only saying that he was friendly enough and they got along okay. Turtle Tail gives her pelt a shake, and says that it was time to leave her Twolegs, since she missed her friends on the moor.
She doesn't get a chance to continue her story, however, as she is plowed into by Lightning Tail. She howls in discomfort, and Gray Wing soon realizes that she is expecting kits. She soon reveals they are Tom's, but he showed no interest in making plans for them with her, and she goes on to say that she soon learned that Twolegs would take her kits, as soon as they didn't need her anymore.
Turtle Tail didn't want that life, and soon leaves to return to Gray Wing, who welcomes her home. Although Gray Wing is pleased to have her back, not every cat is. Shattered Ice shows distrust in Turtle Tail, but is soon rebuked by Rainswept Flower and Hawk Swoop, both cats who seem delighted to have Turtle Tail back. Tall Shadow also welcomes Turtle Tail back, and seems genuinely curious as to why she has returned, even though she reveals she is expecting kits. Although baffled with Clear Sky's actions, she, along with young Jagged Peak, offer to help keep an eye on the camp. When Tall Shadow rejects Jagged Peak's offer to help, he is dismayed, and Turtle Tail rests her tail on him for comfort. Tall Shadow soon leaves them, and Gray Wing gives Turtle Tail a tour of the camp.
Turtle Tail soon meets two other rogues, Gorse and Wind, who offer to help Turtle Tail settle in and show her the best hunting spots. Initially baffled by the request, she accepts their offer. Wind notes that Turtle Tail is carrying some extra weight, and shows her some of the easier hunting spots. She soon spots prey, and Gray Wing praises her sharp eyesight. While out hunting, the group soon meets River Ripple, although their meeting is cut short. They soon realize there are dogs loose. Although she has slight trouble keeping up, Gray Wing stays by her side the entire time and vows to not leave her, protecting her from the dogs should they choose to attack. Not long after the dogs leave, Turtle Tail notices that Jagged Peak is missing, alongside Thunder.
Turtle Tail is a very comforting cat, and she often reassures Gray Wing when he feels dismayed. She does the same to Gorse and Wind, who worry they won't be accepted into Tall Shadow's group. She admits that she wasn't sure that Tall Shadow would welcome her back at first either, but soon says that here she is. Although Gray Wing is persistent to find out why Turtle Tail left, she won't tell him. She admits that the moor is a great place for her and her kits. Gray Wing admits to himself that Turtle Tail is right, the moor is home, and settles down besides Turtle Tail.
During a scuffle with Shattered Ice, Turtle Tail feels threatened and unwelcome, and says that she might as well leave- she is soon stopped by Gray Wing, however, who tries to reassure her, and she decides to stay, although slightly hurt by Shattered Ice's kittypet comment.
Soon, Turtle Tail gives birth to three healthy kits; two toms and a she-kit. Gray Wing remarks that they're small kits, but they're fighters. Turtle Tail whispers quietly to herself about the kits having a father, and this causes Gray Wing to awkwardly back out of the den where Turtle Tail is resting. He returns later, however, with Thunder and some prey for her, and Turtle Tail praises Thunder's hunting.
A moon passes, and Turtle Tail's kits are as lively and healthy as ever, and Turtle Tail announces that she has finally picked names for her kits; the gray tom is named Owl Eyes, the tabby tom is Pebble Heart, and the tortoiseshell she-kit is named Sparrow Fur. Gray Wing and Turtle Tail take the kits out onto the moor, where they explore the area around the entrance to their camp. Soon, Turtle Tail's kittypet friend Bumble appears, with scratches on her pelt from Tom, and she asks for shelter with Gray Wing's group. Turtle Tail reluctantly agrees, and they make their way back to the hollow. Turtle Tail doesn't stay for the discussion regarding Bumble, however. She is hurt by Bumble's words, and Gray Wing thinks that she is accusing Turtle Tail of being the reason Tom hurt her. She ushers her kits off to take a nap, and she follows- although Bumble screeches unhappily at her before the kittypet leaves, as she is not welcome. She blames Turtle Tail for her unhappiness, and says that she'll never forgive her.
Turtle Tail comforts Gray Wing after the fire, and lets Gray Wing get his concerns out about what happened and how he feels. She spends a lot of time with Gray Wing, showing her support and love, and seems genuinely worried about him and his health due to how exhausted and beat up he is. When Gray Wing asks about her kits, she says they're fine, and she's glad to have some time alone with Gray Wing.
Gray Wing and Turtle Tail share a den, and Gray Wing often spends time and plays with her kits, treating them as if they were his own. Although he gets exhausted easily, and collapses, much to Turtle Tail's worry. The gray cat recovers a bit of his energy, though, and Turtle Tail jokingly tells Gray Wing to hunt for her. He ends up taking the kits out for their first hunt, although Turtle Tail is furious when she finds out Gray Wing was having trouble with his breathing again.
She and Gray Wing go out for a walk, and Turtle Tail demands to know what is going on with Gray Wing, and why he's having so many problems with his breathing, to the point he can't even take the kits out for hunting practice. Turtle Tail snaps at Gray Wing, asking him if he knew what he was thinking, exhausting himself like he is. Gray Wing bites right back, and asks stops when he sees that the anger has faded from Turtle Tail's eyes. She says that she's asking because she cares, and she doesn't want to see him get even sicker than he already is. The pair apologize to one another, and turn back to camp. Although, they don't get very far before they hear a dog, and the two hide in a nearby stunted tree. Turtle Tail, sensing Gray Wing's fear, pushes herself closer to Gray Wing, to try and comfort him. The dogs soon get called away by their Twolegs, and the two continue their trek back to camp, but not before Turtle Tail kindly reminds Gray Wing that she never promised to keep Gray Wing's health a secret.
After they return to camp, Turtle Tail splits from Gray Wing's company, although not for long. She only momentarily vanishes to check on her kits, and returns soon after Gray Wing reports to Tall Shadow and explains that he and Turtle Tail had found dogs on the moor. He is soon approached by young Pebble Heart, who asks if Gray Wing is okay. Turtle Tail admits that her son had been keeping an eye on Gray Wing, although the older tom wants to hear nothing of sickness at present moment. Soon after, they awaken to find Moon Shadow has died. With the help of Jagged Peak, she is able to shoo her kits away, and agrees with Gray Wing when he says that there are some things that kits should not see- this includes the death of a cat. Turtle Tail is one of the cats who helps Tall Shadow bury Moon Shadow, and she's also the one who provides comfort and tender words to the elder she-cat— who seemed miserable that she had to bury her own brother.
Soon after Moon Shadow's funeral, Jagged Peak appears and says that he can't find Owl Eyes. Although Gray Wing reprimands Jagged Peak, Turtle Tail is calm and says that this isn't Jagged Peak's fault. Although Pebble Heart denies knowing anything of his brother's whereabouts, Sparrow Fur does know, and after a sharp comment from her mother, speaks up. Turtle Tail is shocked and worried that Owl Eyes would try going hunting on his own, especially after an animal that he isn't big enough to tackle yet. While Gray Wing and the others go to search for Owl Eyes, Turtle Tail stays with Wind Runner to keep an eye on the remaining kits.
They return soon after departing, with Owl Eyes in tow. Turtle Tail is furious, and gets angry at her son; she doesn't even want to hear how he caught a vole. In the middle of a debate with Turtle Tail, in which she blames Gray Wing for what happened, she notices that Gray Wing is having trouble breathing again, and this causes Turtle Tail to snap. She yells at the group of cats on the moor, exclaiming that Gray Wing is ill. She wonders if anyone else other than her actually has eyes in their head, and goes on to say that Gray Wing is not fit to lead any cat if he's not well enough to take care of himself. She continues to stay angry with him and keeps a close and watchful eye on Gray Wing.
When Wind Runner reports that Thunder has been spotted with Clear Sky's cats and stood by as she was attacked, Gray Wing is shocked. Seeing this, Turtle Tail stares hard at Gray Wing, who ends up sinking to the ground from dismay. Being one of the few cats able to speak, Turtle Tail asks Wind Runner if Thunder was actually there- finding it hard to believe he would do such a thing. She seems even more appalled when Wind Runner confirms this, and also tells the cats of Misty, a rogue whom Clear Sky had killed, also taking her kits.
When they go and confront Clear Sky of this newest incident, Turtle Tail is one of the cats to join Gray Wing, leaving her kits with Rainswept Flower. On the way, Gray Wing tells Turtle Tail that he thinks he's finally getting over his sickness. Turtle Tail thinks this is good, but tells her mate to never hide such a secret from her again. On the way, they run into Bumble, who Turtle Tail is shocked to see in the forest. She hisses, furious that Clear Sky would attack her friend. Turtle Tail lashes out at Clear Sky, standing up to him and saying he is nothing like the cat she came down from the mountains with. She calls him an apology of a cat, and when Clear Sky says he was only warning Bumble, she also calls him a liar. Bumble dies soon after, and Turtle Tail's wail can be heard by all cats present, including Clear Sky. She mourns the death of her friend, and when Tall Shadow expresses interest in thinking before attacking Clear Sky, Turtle Tail spats out that Bumble was her friend.
After returning home, Turtle Tail tells the kits of Bumble's death. Each of the kits were upset, she notes, especially Pebble Heart. Gray Wing comforts his mate, saying he wasn't sure that Clear Sky was the cat who killed Bumble, and remarks that it could have been a fox. Although Turtle Tail seems a little upset, she understands that the cat needing to get to the bottom of the problem with Clear Sky is Gray Wing.

The First Battle

When Stoneteller asks Gray Wing how things are in a dream, she mentions Turtle Tail, and seems curious as to how she is doing. Gray Wing purrs that she is happy, and Stoneteller remarks that Gray Wing had finally seen the strength of her love at last. Gray Wing imagines Turtle Tail and her kits curled up next to him. Although her kits were the children of a kittypet, Gray Wing says that he loved those kits as his own, and they loved him back, as much as Turtle Tail loved him.
Back in the world of the living, Turtle Tail frets over her kits, who want to play in the brambles. As she goes to watch over them, her path is blocked by Gray Wing, who says that their claws are more than strong enough for them to hang on to the branches of the bush. As her kits scamper away, the argument over what to do about Clear Sky resumes, with Turtle Tail hissing that Clear Sky killed her friend, Bumble. She also believes that the same cat who murdered her friend had a guilty conscious over killing Misty, and that's why he took her kits.
Cloud Spots suggests hunting for the moor cats, and Sparrow Fur asks if it's time to eat yet. Turtle Tail pads towards her daughter and says not quite yet, and explains to her kit that Shattered Ice is going hunting, along with Hawk Swoop and Jackdaw's Cry. After the hunting cats leave, Turtle Tail asks Gray Wing what his plan is, and he looks to others for ideas- one of them being Wind Runner, who suggests sending spies. Although Gray Wing thinks it's too dangerous, Turtle Tail looks on with a curious gaze.
After the return of Gray Wing's foster son, Thunder, many of the cats seem hesitant to accept him. One of the very few cats who welcome him back is Turtle Tail, who looks at Thunder with nothing but warmth and fondness in her eyes. After Gray Wing and Tall Shadow agree to visit with Clear Sky, Turtle Tail is one of the cats who doesn't seem all that pleased with the decision, and she goes to fetch her kits, remarking that she needs to keep them safe. Although frustrated with Gray Wing's decision to confront Clear Sky with words instead of actions, she curls up next to Gray Wing when she decides it is time for bed, and ushers her kits into the nest with her and Gray Wing. Pebble Heart doesn't stay asleep for long, however. His dream wakes him up, and he says to Gray Wing that Turtle Tail and the elder tom were gone, leaving only him and his siblings.
Turtle Tail is one of the cats who fully supports Thunder's return to the moor, and after the argument between he and Wind Runner, she takes the younger tom by himself and speaks to him in an effort to calm him down. Although she realizes that Thunder is angry about every cat's willingness to fight, she explains that they are worried. She doesn't want to see her own kits fight, but she'd rather they be able to defend themselves should the time arise. Thunder asks Turtle Tail if she thinks Clear Sky would attack kits, she replies that she and the others will know more once her mate has spoken to Clear Sky. When Turtle Tail asks Thunder what will happen if they can't persuade Clear Sky, Thunder realizes that they'll have to fight, and tells Turtle Tail that he will help if necessary.
When Tall Shadow formally invites Gorse Fur and Wind Runner to join their group, Turtle Tail and her kits are present. Turtle Tail shows support for the wiry she-cat and her mate, even when Gray Wing announces that Wind Runner is expecting kits. She welcomes Wind Runner, and praises her, saying that when she was new to the camp, Wind Runner helped her find the best places to hunt—not being used to it due to her time in Twolegplace.
As Gray Wing speaks to Thunder and Jackdaw's Cry, she wonders if they've agreed to speak to Clear Sky about the meeting at the four trees. Although she doesn't speak when Jackdaw's Cry assures her that they'll be back, and just stares at the three cats. While out, Thunder runs into Tom, who explains that he is looking for Bumble. He appears shocked and angered that Bumble has died, blaming the rogue cats for her death, and the reason that Turtle Tail ran away. Thunder jumps to her defense, even though she is not present, saying that Turtle Tail came home, where she belonged. When Tom asks about Turtle Tail, Thunder replies that he will tell her that he saw Tom. The kittypet doesn't seem content with that, and presses to see Turtle Tail, saying that he will wait. Thunder is concerned, thinking to himself that leading Tom to where Turtle Tail lives is a bad idea.
Gray Wing's sickness still wracks him, and Turtle Tail often supports him and makes sure that he gets enough rest. When Sparrow Fur presets to her short play badger ride, Turtle Tail says that one time around the camp is enough, and sends her kit away to go assist Owl Eyes, who was having a play fight with Jagged Peak and needed help. Gray Wing asks Turtle Tail where Pebble Heart is, and she replies that her son is with Cloud Spots. Not long after asking, Turtle Tail notices that Gray Wing is wheezing again, and reassures Gray Wing that Thunder and Jackdaw's Cry will be alright. Not long after she says this, Thunder returns alone, with news that the black tom he was with had been taken hostage. Turtle Tail hisses, and says that they must fetch Jackdaw's Cry from Clear Sky.
When Thunder reports meeting Tom, Gray Wing wishes to chase him from the territory and blames Tom for everything that happened to Turtle Tail. The she-cat protests, saying that she must meet him, or else Tom will find the camp — and his kits, which no cat wants to happen. Gray Wing and Tall Shadow go with Thunder and Turtle Tail to meet Tom, who tries to convince Turtle Tail to return with him. This is met with protests from Turtle Tail and Gray Wing, the latter of which tries to defend his mate, but is stopped by Tall Shadow. Turtle Tail attacks Tom, lunging at him and clawing his muzzle. Gray Wing assists Turtle Tail, and the two almost beat Tom, until Tall Shadow stops them, as they were fighting over Bumble's grave site. Turtle Tail is asked by Gray Wing is she is okay, and she replies that she is. Tom tries to butt into Turtle Tail's life yet again, and this time asks about the kits. Turtle Tail lies to Tom, telling him that his kits must have been born with kittypet softness, calling them scrawny and weak and saying that she should have drowned them. Tall Shadow joins Turtle Tail, although this does not deter Tom from wanting to meet his kits.
Turtle Tail awakens Gray Wing to inform him of Wind Runner's kitting, although she is anxious and worried, as Wind Runner wasn't supposed to kit for another moon. When Thunder asks Gray Wing how he's doing, Turtle Tail replies that he is going to rest for a while, and sends her kits away after they offer to help, saying that the best thing they could do to help is go play in the grass. She does tell her kits, however, to check on Gray Wing every now and again, and if he gets worse, to come and get her. Turtle Tail begs Thunder to sit with Gray Wing for a bit, and dashes off to check on Wind Runner, who's wails can be heard throughout the hollow. She comes back not long after, and sends Thunder to find a stick for Wind Runner to bite down on. Thunder returns and gives the stick to Turtle Tail, who gets an approving glance from Cloud Spots, who declares that biting down on the stick could take away some of the pain.
Turtle Tail is one of the cats to help Wind Runner's newborns. She licks a tiny gray kit, trying to keep it warm. She notes that it's a tom, and tells Thunder to come and meet the newborn. As Cloud Spots announces a total of four kits, Turtle Tail purrs happily and says that four is plenty, with amusement in her voice. She starts to grow concerned, however, when she calls for her kits and they don't respond to her. As she looks around, she notices that they are missing from camp. Multiple cats offer to help search for the kits, and Jagged Peak goes with Turtle Tail. Jagged Peak isn't gone for long, and brings news; Turtle Tail has gone after Tom, who has stolen Turtle Tail's kits. Lightning Tail and Thunder go after Turtle Tail and Tom, worried what would happen to both the kits and Turtle Tail should she reach Tom before Thunder and Lightning Tail.
Soon, Lightning Tail and Thunder meet up with Turtle Tail, although the results are not what they had expected. Lightning Tail whispers to Thunder, trying to get his attention- lying on the ground is a orange, brown, black, and white shape— it turns out to be the body of Turtle Tail, who was killed by a monster. Turtle Tail's death shocks Tom, Lightning Tail, and Thunder. Tom blames Lightning Tail and Thunder for Turtle Tail's death, and Lightning Tail and Thunder take the other route, saying that she would have never died had Tom not stolen her kits.
The news of Turtle Tail's death devastates Gray Wing and the kits. Gray Wing initially doesn't believe Lightning Tail and Thunder, and offers to go find Turtle Tail. Owl Eyes and Sparrow Fur are upset, and yell at Thunder, wanting to know why they brought them back if they knew their mother was dead. This shocks Gray Wing, who says that he'll look over the kits just as Turtle Tail had. Rainswept Flower notes that Turtle Tail was happy that Gray Wing loved her, but Gray Wing only wishes he'd realized it much sooner.
As they bury Emberkit, Wind Runner says that it could serve as a dual goodbye to Turtle Tail, whose body was left in Twolegplace. Gray Wing and the others wish they could bury Turtle Tail alongside Emberkit, but Rainswept Flower says that maybe another cat or Twoleg will come by to bury her and give her a proper sendoff.
Gray Wing often thinks of Turtle Tail after her death, wondering to himself what his mate would tell him in times of need and worry. He imagines that Turtle Tail would be the one to tell him that only he can stop Clear Sky from dragging each and every forest and moor cat into war.
After the battle, Turtle Tail appears, alongside the many cats who have died since their journey began. She is joined by Emberkit, Storm, Rainswept Flower, and many others. She thanks River Ripple for helping Lightning Tail and Thunder, saying that her kits might have been lost forever had he not helped. She praises River Ripple, saying that he isn't just a rogue; he has an old soul and seen much more of life than the mountain cats think. She calls Clear Sky a fool as well, not hearing his pleas, and dismisses him, wishing to speak with Gray Wing.
Gray Wing tries to touch Turtle Tail, but to no avail. He asks Turtle Tail to stay, saying that the kits will want to see her, and says that he doesn't know if he can go on without her. Turtle Tail says that Gray Wing isn't foolish enough to believe such a thing, saying that he can go on, telling him that the kits and his campmates need him. Gray Wing protests, asking yet again if she can stay, to which she says no, and says that she never once thought that Gray Wing was a selfish cat, and wishes for him to not prove her wrong.
She, Shaded Moss, Storm, and the others all have a message for the surviving cats. The message is delivered mainly by Shaded Moss; he tells the cats to unite or they will die. After their cryptic message, Turtle Tail bids a kind farewell to Gray Wing, and she walks away, with little Emberkit trotting at her heels.

The Blazing Star

When Gray Wing vows to remember the memory of their fallen friends and family, Turtle Tail is mentioned as well. The gray tom think to himself that his mate should not have died along in Twolegplace alone. He thinks to himself that some of the cats would want him to take up leadership of Tall Shadow's group, but he rejects this in his mind-saying he wouldn't do any of that anymore, because he no longer has Turtle Tail's support. He recalls the others who have fallen, and remarks that she, Bright Stream, Moon Shadow, and the rest of his friends were killed as a result of the journey to the forest.
Turtle Tail appears with Rainswept Flower, Bright Stream, and many others, a moon after the battle. She and the others congratulate the living cats, saying they have done well to live in peace for the past moon. Rainswept Flower tells the other cats present that a claw still blights the forest, despite their efforts to keep peace. Padding forward, Turtle Tail explains that they will know what it means in time.
When Gray Wing questions the battle and why it had to happen, he says that he made the choices to leave the mountains and come with the other cats. Turtle Tail faces Gray Wing, and gently asks him if he himself really made that choice, or if he was just following his brother, Jagged Peak, who ran off. She tells Gray Wing that he shouldn't worry, he isn't powerless, and he was brought to the forest with the others for a good reason. She and the other decease cats soon vanish, their warnings heard by all living cats.
When Clear Sky accepts Tom's request to join, they run into Gray Wing and Thunder. Seeing Tom, he hisses at Clear Sky, asking if he knows who Tom really is. He explains that he is the cat responsible for taking Turtle Tail's kits, and asks Clear Sky if he remembers who Turtle Tail is. Gray Wing thinks to himself later on that he would never forget Turtle Tail's death, and how it was caused by Tom kidnapping the kits, and he and Thunder both miss the tortoiseshell she-cat terribly.
When one of Turtle Tail's kits, Sparrow Fur, winds up in Clear Sky's group to see Tom, the young kit is challenged by One Eye, a dangerous and vicious rogue. Clear Sky sees the blazing rage in Sparrow Fur's eyes, and is reminded of Turtle Tail, who was determined and fiery-tempered until the end.
After Gray Wing goes missing, Thunder says that he misses the elder cat, and wishes that he hadn't taken them for granted. The younger tom says that after Turtle Tail's death, Gray Wing had just turned in on himself. Thunder constantly regrets not supporting Gray Wing more, and realizes just how important each cat is to their group.
A memory of Turtle Tail flashes before Gray Wing's eyes, along with the kits he helped raise with her, and wonders to himself if that will be the last thing he sees before he dies. Fortunately for Gray Wing, he doesn't have to worry, as he is saved by a she-cat named Slate.
Turtle Tail and Rainswept Flower appear after One Eye's defeat, and Thunder is overjoyed that the starry cats heard their calls for their deceased friends and family. Turtle Tail comforts Thunder, saying that she and the other deceased cats can see everything the living cats can see, and even more. The she-cat goes on and explains that they aren't really parted, since the spirit cats can send messages to the living in their dreams.
Turtle Tail warns Gray Wing, River Ripple, and the other cats present not to get too excited, and she asks each of the cats if they remember what they were told the last time the spirit cats visited. Thunder replies that they were told to unite or face death, and Gray Wing adds that the mountain cats must grow and spread like The Blazing Star, a plant that brings health and chases away sickness. Turtle Tail and Rainswept Flower tell the cats present, including Tall Shadow and Wind Runner, that they must grow and spread just like the plant. Thunder yowls as the starry cats begin to fade, wanting more of an answer, but Turtle Tail and Rainswept Flower vanish, their voices growing fainter and fainter as they continue to fade.
Turtle Tail visits Stoneteller before she is about to die, and she is joined by Fluttering Bird, Bright Stream, and Shaded Moss. Although Sun Shadow, Moon Shadow's son, is confused as to why Turtle Tail and the others are here, once he realizes who they are, he is worried that Stoneteller will join her friends in the afterlife soon.

A Forest Divided

When Clear Sky, Thunder, and the various other group leaders visit the ancient cats, Turtle Tail is seen sitting with Gray Wing and Shaded Moss, deep in conversation with her former Tribemates. She is later mentioned by Gray Wing when her daughter, Sparrow Fur, considers where she wants to live. The gray cat tells his foster daughter that Turtle Tail had said that each cat must follow their heart, allowing her to pick where she lives. Gray Wing feels the pain of losing Turtle Tail again when Sparrow Fur chooses to live with Clear Sky, joined by Owl Eyes and Thunder. Although slightly angered at the young cats' choices, saying the kits were all he had left of his former mate, Pebble Heart reminds Gray Wing that he is still with him, even if his siblings are not. He chooses to leave as well, but choosing to go with Tall Shadow- he remarks that the hollow felt like home, and remembers the nest he made with Turtle Tail and where they raised Owl Eyes, Pebble Heart, and Sparrow Fur. Gray Wing asks if her kits will remember their mother, and Sparrow Fur sharply replies that they will.
Turtle Tail and her former mate, Tom, are remembered by Thunder after Clear Sky decides to take Fluttering Bird's words to heart. Thunder is reluctant to recruit kittypets, remembering how the tortoiseshell met her death- chasing after Tom, who had kidnapped her kits just to make the she-cat suffer. She did, and paid the highest price, losing her life to a Twoleg monster on the Thunderpath.
Turtle Tail's son, Pebble Heart, has become an important member of Tall Shadow's group of cats, and Gray Wing often wonders if Turtle Tail can see her son and everything he has become. Gray Wing is shown to still be upset over the death of Turtle Tail, and although he misses her, he realizes that life goes on.
After Quiet Rain arrives with Moon Shadow's son, Sun Shadow, Gray Wing explains to his mother that he and Turtle Tail had become mates. Quiet Rain purrs, happy that her son and Turtle Tail had come together. She asks Gray Wing if the two had kits, and Gray Wing replies that Turtle Tail was already pregnant with a kittypet's kits, but the two mates raised the kits as their own.
Pebble Heart remains a constant reminder of Turtle Tail, and a source of comfort for Gray Wing and helps him move on from the she-cat's death. After seeing how Star Flower stands beside Clear Sky, confident and proud, he is reminded how Turtle Tail once stood beside him, and finally makes the decision to leave Tall Shadow's group. He decides not to spend the rest of his days mourning Turtle Tail's death and chooses to go with Wind Runner and Slate.

Path of Stars

Turtle Tail appears to Gray Wing in his dreams, and the two are affectionate with one another. When Gray Wing mentions that he could be in his dreams forever with Turtle Tail, the starry-furred she-cat stiffens, disturbed by Gray Wing's words. She wistfully tells Gray Wing that his life has already changed, reminding him that Slate is Gray Wing's mate in the living world now, not Turtle Tail. Grief still fresh in his mind, Turtle Tail presses up against Gray Wing, comforting him.
Gray Wing says that he still misses Turtle Tail, and the she-cat replies that she does as well. Turtle Tail is very happy for Gray Wing, and tells him that she is content, knowing that her former mate has a new mate and has moved on. Gray Wing asks Turtle Tail if she minds, and she tells him no, and that Gray Wing made her extremely happy when she was alive. She tells Gray Wing that she was glad that he was there to help raise her kits, and that leaving her kits was even harder than leaving Gray Wing himself.
Turtle Tail tells Gray Wing that he has been like a father to many, and not only Turtle Tail's kits. She mentions Thunder in particular, and any other cat that had been in need of comfort and advice. She tells Gray Wing that no other cat is as loved as he is, and that he will be remembered. She starts to say something else, but she is cut off by the screech of an owl, and Gray Wing's dream is cut short. Turtle Tail's words linger in Gray Wing's mind, and her memory mixes with Slate's scent as the tom curls up next to his mate and drifts back to sleep.
Gray Wing misses Turtle Tail, and constantly thinks of her. With Turtle Tail's kits in their own groups, Gray Wing often missed the closeness of family. He felt lucky to have Slate in his life, even though he still misses the she-cat he loved. He is again pained with memories of Turtle Tail when he sees Reed crouched over Star Flower's body in a patch of grass, and is concerned that the pregnant she-cat got hit, just like Turtle Tail.
After the birth of Slate and Gray Wing's kits, he recalls memories of the journey here when talking to his brother, Jagged Peak. He says that without Jagged Peak leaving, he would have never realized his love for Turtle Tail, or met Slate. He remembers the taste of his first grouse, and pain stabs his heart as he recalls that he shared that meal with Turtle Tail. He also remembers when Turtle Tail's kits were young, playing with Owl Eyes as the green eyed queen looks fondly at Gray Wing and her kit.
As he waits for Slate to return after the abduction of Black Ear, his kit, Gray Wing remembers waiting for Turtle Tail to return from Twolegplace, and his heart aches as he thinks that the tortoiseshell queen will never return home. He continues to hope for Slate and Black Ear's safety, hoping they don't meet Turtle Tail's fate. They soon return, with Owl Eyes in tow, and Gray Wing thinks that Turtle Tail would be proud of her son.
As Gray Wing lies dying, he is surrounded by cats he has known and loved. Turtle Tail is among them, with Wind Runner's tiny kits pressing close to her.

In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

Moth Flight sees Turtle Tail during one of her many visits to StarClan. As the future medicine cats are chosen, Moth Flight spots the tortoiseshell she-cat approach a gray tabby tom, and notices that the cat in question is Pebble Heart. Moth Flight takes a guess at Turtle Tail's name before Half Moon is able to speak, and is proven right when the old Healer tells Turtle Tail to be quick.
Moth Flight recalls Turtle Tail being killed on the Thunderpath the day she and her siblings were born, and she feels weak as she sees the raw emotion in Turtle Tail's eyes. Bending down, she whispers to her son that she always knew that Pebble Heart was special. Her green eyes filled with joy and grief, she is lead away by Gray Wing, his tail curled around her protectively.
After Moth Flight awakens and meets the other cats, Pebble Heart tells Moth Flight that he dreamed of his mother, but that was the only dream he's had. Pebble Heart says that his mother said that he was special, and Moth Flight finishes the sentence, by asking Pebble Heart if his mother also told him to take care of everyone. Excited, Pebble Heart says yes, that's exactly what was told to him.
Turtle Tail appears during a gathering of the Clans, and she and Gray Wing are more than excited and happy to see Pebble Heart. Her eyes filled with joy, Turtle Tail touches her nose to Pebble Heart's head, and the two kin share a calming moment. She and Gray Wing stay side-by-side, and depart for StarClan together after their meeting is done.
Turtle Tail is one of the cats present during Wind Runner's leadership ceremony, and she soothes the new leader's pain as she recovers from her previous life, given to her by Petal. Turtle Tail tells Wind Runner to not fear, and that they are giving her and the other leaders a gift from all Clans. Turtle Tail gives Wind Runner the gift of stubbornness to keep going in the face of any future troubles she and WindClan might face.

In the Novellas

Thunderstar's Echo

Turtle Tail is briefly mentioned by Thunderstar, when he thinks about how she had died along the Thunderpath. Thunderstar worries for the future of his unborn kits, wanting to protect them from everything that could bring them harm.

In the Field Guides

The Ultimate Guide

Secretly hoping to one day become Gray Wing's mate, Turtle Tail is overjoyed when she finds out that Gray Wing will be joining her and the other mountain cats on their way to new territory. Although, at the time, she had no idea whatsoever that the cat she was in love with, loved another cat, Bright Stream, who was mates with Gray Wing's brother, Clear Sky. Although his heart ached with pain when his foster son, Thunder, left to live with his real father, Gray Wing soon found love with Turtle Tail, and he became a father figure to her three kits.
Turtle Tail was named for her stumpy tail, and it is mentioned that she, along with Clear Sky and the others, was part of the group of mountain cats who wished to find a new home. She and the others were chosen to leave the mountains to follow the Sun Trail, in hopes of finding a better life, outside the territory they'd known all their lives. Naturally optimistic, this was tested when she fell in love with Gray Wing, who originally only saw her as a very good friend. She left the moor cats, however, when she was hurt by Gray Wing, who fell in love with Storm, a rogue cat who eventually became Clear Sky's mate. She went to live with Bumble, her kittypet friend, and her Twolegs.
When those same Twolegs brought home another cat, named Tom, she thought that she could be happy, and tried to make a life with him- and soon learned that she was carrying his kits. Originally happy, she was soon hit with fear when she found out that her Twolegs would take her kits, so she fled to the moor. She was unsure of whether or not her old denmates would welcome her back, as some of them were initially hostile towards her. Her worries are soon proven false, however, when Gray Wing speaks up for her, and gives her the life she wanted all along.
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