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Personality and traits

Turtle Tail is a sweet, caring, curious and energetic she-cat. She is good at comforting others, and tries her best to make others feel welcomed.[1]


Gray Wing

Gray Wing was fond of Turtle Tail, and he enjoyed being around her bouncy and bubbly attitude. She didn’t notice his love and considered him a good friend, and Gray Wing was dismayed when she went to live in Twolegplace.[2] However, she comes back and she and Gray Wing spend more time together, and seem to grow close.[3] Turtle Tail is a soothing presence for Gray Wing, and she comforts him when he is worried. But before anything can develop, Turtle Tail is killed on the Thunderpath, and Gray Wing is devastated. Turtle Tail later visits Gray Wing from StarClan.[4]


Bumble was one of Turtle Tail’s closest friends, and she gives up life among the mountain cats to live with her in Twolegplace.[2] However, after Tom starts to bully both she-cats, Bumble leaves, but Turtle Tail stays, which makes Bumble feel betrayed. Bumble is killed on Clear Sky’s territory shortly afterward.[3]


When Turtle Tail becomes a kittypet with Bumble, she and Tom begin to grow close. Tom is kind and gentle, and Turtle Tail soon become pregnant with his kits. However, when she does, Tom becomes cruel and possessive, and he physically harms Turtle Tail on multiple occasions. Turtle Tail flees Twolegplace to get away from him, and gives birth in Tall Shadow’s camp. But Tom follows and kidnaps their kits, taking them back to Twolegplace. Turtle Tail tries to rescue them, but is hit by a monster and killed.[4]

Sparrow Fur, Owl Eyes, and Pebble Heart

Turtle Tail loves her kits, and sacrifices herself trying to protect them.[4]

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