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"Don't you care what I want? Having kits isn't just your choice. And just because I don't want to have kits now doesn't mean I never will. You're meant to love me. Not the family I might give you. If you won't wait until I'm ready, then I guess you weren't the cat I thought you were."
— Twigbranch reprimanding Finleap in The Raging Storm, page 195

Twigbranch is a slender,[13] gray she-cat[14] with green eyes.[15] She has fluffy[16] and glossy fur,[17] and her ear-tip is sliced.[18]

Twigbranch is a ThunderClan warrior who has served under Bramblestar's, the impostor's, Squirrelflight's, Lionblaze's, and Graystripe's leaderships in the lake territories. As orphaned kits, she and her sister were taken to the Clans after being found by Alderpaw and Needlepaw, who suspected that they could be part of a prophecy. Twigkit and Violetkit were separated, with Twigkit staying in ThunderClan while Violetkit went to ShadowClan. She gained three adoptive siblings, Larkkit, Leafkit, and Honeykit, but though Lilyheart raised her with love, Twigkit yearned to find her own kin. After being apprenticed to Ivypool, Twigpaw left ThunderClan to find her family, discovering SkyClan and her father, Hawkwing.

She led SkyClan to the lake and joined SkyClan to be with Violetpaw and Hawkwing, being mentored by Sandynose; however, Twigpaw discovered that her heart still lied with ThunderClan and decided to return, accompanied by Finpaw. While Bramblestar allowed her return, he extended her apprenticeship under Sparkpelt. Finally a warrior, Twigbranch mentored Flywhisker and led a patrol to rescue SkyClan when they fled the lake, where she made amends with her mate, Finleap. She was named a codebreaker by Bramblestar's impostor and was exiled, taking refuge in ShadowClan. She returned to ThunderClan after the impostor was exposed during a battle against the Clans, and advocated to spare Bramblestar's body despite Ashfur's possession.


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A Vision of Shadows

"Twigpaw has not made this decision lightly. I've seen her struggling to do the right thing. Her heart has been torn in two directions since she came. I'm proud she found the courage to decide. […] She's found where her true loyalty lies. That is not a waste of anyone's time. If she'd stayed here, with half her heart in ThunderClan, what use would she have been?"
―Sandynose defending Twigpaw's decision to leave SkyClan against Leafstar Darkest Night, pages 287-288
Twigkit and her sister, Violetkit, are discovered as newborns underneath a Thunderpath by Alderpaw and Needlepaw. With no trace of their mother, the kits are brought to the Clans and thought to be part of an important prophecy. At a Gathering, it is agreed that ThunderClan will take Twigkit, and ShadowClan will take Violetkit, which deeply saddened Twigkit. Eventually, Alderpaw and Needlepaw sneak out at night frequently for the two sisters to meet.
Twigkit is fostered and adopted by Lilyheart, while Alderpaw takes on a fatherly role. Twigpaw is apprenticed to Ivypool, and when patrols to find her mother prove unsuccessful, Twigpaw tries to find comfort in Violetpaw, who dismisses her concerns. Alderheart begins having visions about SkyClan and tells Twigpaw that he may have seen her kin among them, and Twigpaw becomes determined to find them. Twigpaw sneaks out of the camp and heads to where Alderheart had seen SkyClan. Twigpaw reaches a Thunderpath, where a tuft of her fur is found when a search patrol goes to find her, and she is believed to be dead. Twigpaw eventually finds SkyClan and her father, Hawkwing, who is also the SkyClan deputy.
Twigpaw decides that she wants to be a SkyClan apprentice, so she can live with Violetpaw and Hawkwing. Even though Twigpaw passed her ThunderClan warrior assessment, Leafstar wants her to learn SkyClan skills before she becomes a warrior. Twigpaw is then given Sandynose as her mentor. She becomes close friends with Finpaw, but decides to return to ThunderClan. Finpaw decides to follow her, and Bramblestar reluctantly allows this. After being mentored by Sparkpelt, Twigpaw earns her warrior name, Twigbranch, and becomes a mentor to Flypaw. While Finleap hopes they will start a family, Twigbranch doesn't feel ready and the two argue. Meanwhile, she leads a patrol to bring SkyClan home after they decide to leave the lake and meets her mother, Pebbleshine, when Tree summons her ghost. Soon after, Twigbranch and Finleap reconcile their relationship.

The Broken Code

"I wish I knew exactly what I've done wrong, I'd happily own up to it if I did. I've only ever wanted to be a loyal warrior."
―Twigbranch at the secret meeting The Silent Thaw, page 224
Twigbranch is revealed to be a codebreaker by Bramblestar, though Twigbranch is unsure of what code she broke. She attends the secret meeting between the Clans and learns that her leader is an impostor, voicing support to take action against him. She later takes an oath of loyalty to ThunderClan, alongside Lionblaze and Jayfeather. She and Finleap are punished by the impostor when they forget to thank StarClan for their prey and are forced to dig up a stubborn thorn bush.
Twigbranch, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather were exiled by the impostor, and all three took refuge in ShadowClan, but the impostor allowed Twigbranch to atone and be allowed back to ThunderClan. She was forced to catch twenty pieces of prey for the Clan as a punishment for a quarter-moon exile. After her exile was done, the impostor refused her entry back into ThunderClan, whereas Finleap and Alderheart decided to be exiled with her and she took them to the rebel group. After the impostor was deposed of, she returned to ThunderClan under Squirrelflight's temporary leadership along with the other exiles. When the impostor is revealed to be Ashfur, Twigbranch and a few other warriors agree to withhold killing him as Bramblestar's ghost might be around.

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Twigbranch's parents are Pebbleshine and Hawkwing, and her sister is Violetshine. Her mate is Finleap. For more of Twigbranch's family, click here!



Did you know that Twigbranch shares a pelt color with her father, Hawkwing? For more trivia about Twigbranch, click here!


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