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In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

When Alderpaw and Needlepaw are separated from the group, they enter a tunnel, where they hear soft cries. Alderpaw pads toward the nest he spots in the dim light, and picks up the milky scent of kits. He sees two kits inside, one black-and-white kit, and a gray one next to it. Needlepaw asks Alderpaw what the problem is and begins to ask another question. She stops when she sees the kits in the nest and shakes her head in disbelief, asking where their mother is. She also notes that the two kits can't be more than a few days old because their eyes aren't open yet. She goes to look for their mother, but as Alderpaw takes a closer look at the kits, he notices that the two—who are both she-cats—are practically skin-and-bone. He tells Needlepaw to catch something quickly and to forget about finding the mother, and she soon comes back with a vole. He and Needlepaw feed them tiny pieces that they chewed up, but the gray kit chokes it up. Needlepaw says the kits need milk, and Alderpaw says that unless she has any, the vole would have to do.
They eventually get the kits to eat the vole, and once the kits finish eating, the two apprentices curl up with them to make them warm. The gray kit swats Alderpaw's nose, who exclaims that her claws are sharp. Alderpaw licks the gray she-kit from head to tail to help warm her up, and soon both kits are asleep. Alderpaw tells Needlepaw they were lucky to have found the kits when they did because they wouldn't have lasted much longer without protection. Needlepaw wonders where their mother went, then asks Alderpaw if he thought she'd been hit by a monster. Alderpaw says that he isn't sure, and suggests they get the kits back to camp. Needlepaw agrees and meows that they should name the kits. Needlepaw names the black-and-white she-kit Violetkit because she smells like violets, which she says must be from the nest's lining. Alderpaw names the gray she-kit Twigkit, stating she's tiny like a twig. They pick the kits up to take them back to the lake, and Needlepaw says that Alderpaw should thank her for leading him into the tunnel because the kits are found in the shadows, connecting the kits to the prophecy that Firestar had delivered to the Clans.
The two apprentices journey through the night, making a temporary den to rest in. They'd fed the kits mice when they were resting in the make-shift den. Alderpaw says that they're almost home, setting the squirming and squealing Twigkit down. Needlpaw comes to stand next to him, setting Violetkit next to Twigkit. The two apprentices say their goodbyes, and Alderpaw asks Needlepaw to put Violetkit on his back. The other apprentice says that she's not leaving the "shadow" kits, because she helped find them, and asks who says the kits are to go to ThunderClan. Alderpaw protests that if it wasn't for what Sandstorm had told him, and his dream, the kits never would have been found. The two continue to bicker over who holds more credit for finding the kits, but eventually, Twigkit and Violetkit's mewling neutralizes the anger the apprentices are feeling toward the other, replacing it with concern for the kits. Needlepaw suggests they split the kits up, and take one to each of their Clans, but Alderpaw says they can't do that, because they only have each other, like his own relationship with his sister, Sparkpaw. He sees that Needlepaw keeps quiet, and wonders if she has anyone like he has Sparkpaw, and the kits have each other.
The yowling of a cat from down the slope breaks the silence, and Alderpaw and Needlepaw step instinctively in front of the kits. Alderpaw sees that it's a group of his Clanmates, consisting of Birchfall, Poppyfrost, Berrynose, and Molewhisker, and he meets up with them, leaving Needlepaw and the kits on the ridge. The group talks for a few moments, then Alderpaw leads them up to Needlepaw. The ShadowClan apprentice motions to the kits, who are now sleeping, and tells the ThunderClan patrol that they've brought company. Poppyfrost exclaims that the kits are adorable, while Berrynose asks who they are, and where they found them, giving them a suspicious sniff. Alderpaw says he'll explain that later, but the kits need care because they're unwell, so they need to be taken to ThunderClan's camp. Needlepaw begins to protest, but Birchfall cuts her off, asserting his authority as leader of the patrol, saying that Alderpaw can help take care of them, as the medicine cat apprentice.
Needlepaw says that she helped to find them and that she thinks they're what StarClan wanted them to find. The ThunderClan cats exchange surprised glances, and Birchfall asks Alderpaw if he believes what Needlepaw said. The ThunderClan apprentice says he thinks it's possible that they are, but he isn't certain. Birchfall says they'll take them to ThunderClan so they can be cared for, and Needlepaw interrupts, saying ShadowClan can take care of them just as well. Birchfall tells her to let him finish and says that the next Gathering is in a few days time, and the kits can come along, and their fates will be decided there because getting the kits well again is the most important problem. Needlepaw agrees, and heads back to ShadowClan. Molewhisker says he can't wait to hear what Cherryfall will say when she sees Twigkit and Violetkit.
Back at camp, Twigkit and Violetkit are in the nursery with Lilyheart and her kits, Leafkit, Larkkit, and Honeykit. Twigkit and Violetkit are watching Lilyheart's litter roll around the nursery's floor as they play-fight. Lilyheart tells the younger kits that that's how they'll learn to fight when they're apprentices. Twigkit asks her what an apprentice is, and Larkkit answers, explaining the basics to her; when a kit reaches six moons old, and they have a mentor that teaches them how to become a warrior. Honeykit tells Twigkit that they get to fight foxes and badgers, and rival cats, after which she pounces on her brother, Larkkit. Alderpaw comments that Lilyheart has her paws full, and she says that she likes it. The apprentice moves on to greet Violetkit and Twigkit, touching his nose to theirs, asking how they are doing. Violetkit says that they are doing fine, and Alderpaw observes the two as being plumper and their fur being glossier than when he and Needlepaw had found them. He notices that their eyes are wide and bright, now that they're open. Twigkit says that it's nice to be with their mother, and leans against Lilyheart. Leafkit says that Lilyheart isn't their mother, telling Twigkit and Violetkit that they came from a long way away, and the two younger kits glance at each other, confused and hurt, but Lilyheart tells them she loves them as if she were their real mother. The kits begin to purr, and Lilyheart tells Alderpaw that she'd be happy to have them in her family, and that her kits love them as well. 
Alderpaw is gathered by Jayfeather to the leader's den to talk about the Violetkit and Twigkit with Bramblestar, Squirrelflight, and Leafpool. Alderpaw tells Bramblestar, Leafpool, and Jayfeather what he knows about the kits, starting with the dream Sandstorm had sent him, giving him a clue to help find the kits in the tunnel with Needlepaw. He explains how Needlepaw helped care for them, and how gentle she was with them. Bramblestar asks Jayfeather if he thinks the kits are related to the prophecy, and the latter replies that he isn't sure, because they could just have been abandoned by their mother. Leafpool points out that Sandstorm had told Alderpaw there was time for him to complete the quest, followed by the clue to the kits, relating them again to the prophecy. Squirrelflight asks Alderpaw what he thinks about the matter, to which he answers that he thinks it's possible that the kits are related to his quest, but thinks they should wait until the kits are older to come to any conclusions. Bramblestar says that he thinks they shouldn't give the kits up, but Jayfeather doubts ShadowClan will let their claim to the kits go, because of Needlepaw's involvement. Bramblestar says that they'll find out at the Gathering.
Soon after, a Gathering is held, and both Twigkit and Violetkit attend, and both are very nervous about meeting so many cats. Sparkpaw tells the two about the Clans on the way to the island. Once the Gathering begins, Rowanstar and Bramblestar argue briefly about the significance of the kits, and which of the two Clans they should go to; ThunderClan, because Alderpaw helped find them, or to ShadowClan, because Needlepaw helped find them. Mistystar suggests that one kit should go to each Clan. Bramblestar agrees to her suggestion, albeit reluctantly. Onestar argues that that isn't good enough, protesting that WindClan and RiverClan should also have a part in raising the kits. His outburst is met with silence, and Mistystar declares the end of the Gathering. The leaders jump down from the tree, and the ThunderClan and ShadowClan leaders go to the bush where Alderpaw, Sparkpaw, and the two kits are waiting. Bramblestar, despite protest from Alderpaw, tells Rowanstar to choose a kit to take to ShadowClan. Rowanstar picks Violetkit and takes her with him, promising to take very good care of her. Twigkit is distraught that her sister was pulled away from her, so she screeches and attacks Rowanstar, flinging herself against the leader and clawing him.
Alderpaw gets briefly lost in his thoughts, imagining how the kits feel, knowing he would be crushed if he and Sparkpaw were separated. Sparkpaw nudges him, and tells him that Twigkit needs him. Twigkit has collapsed into a heap of mewling gray fur, and Alderpaw licks her head and ears, telling her not to be sad, because she'll be able to see Violetkit again when they're old enough to go to more Gatherings. Twigkit whimpers, saying that it won't be the same, and that she wants her sister now. The kit also asks Alderpaw what Violetkit will do without Lilyheart. Sparkpaw answers the kit, promising that a nice ShadowClan cat will look after her. Alderpaw and Sparkpaw try to comfort the kit, the former stroking her gently with his tail, and the latter nuzzling the kit's other side, but Twigkit simply cannot be comforted. Sparkpaw notices the others are leaving, and says they should go too. Alderpaw notices Needlepaw with Violetkit on her back, recalling the loneliness he'd sensed in her, and wonders if the same will befall Twigkit's sister. He knows there's nothing he can do for Violetkit, but he silently promises to always take care of Twigkit, and that he'll do everything he can to keep her happy. Alderpaw touches his nose to Twigkit's, thinking that if nothing else comes of his quest, he can always make sure Twigkit has a good life.

Thunder and Shadow

Jayfeather complains about Twigkit being in the medicine den while she's playing with a leaf. Alderheart defends Twigkit explaining that she is just a kit. Jayfeather thinks Twigkit should play with Lilyheart's kits, but Leafpool replies that they're getting too old for it and wouldn't want to play with Twigkit. Alderpaw feels thankful for Lilyheart raising Twigkit with her own kits, but he hates Rowanstar for taking Twigkit's sister, Violetkit. He thinks about how he'd feel if he was separated from his mother and family.
Alderpaw suggests that Twigkit play with Briarlight, saying how the exercise would be good for the disabled she-cat. Jayfeather is about to object, but Leafpool agrees with Alderpaw, saying it's a great idea. She asks Twigkit if she would like to play with Briarlight, and the she-kit is delighted. The two begin to play around in the medicine den, when Graystripe enters and asks for herbs for Millie, offhandedly mentioning that Bramblestar had come with Rowanstar. Jayfeather panics and instructs Twigkit to stay inside with Briarlight.
When Alderpaw, Leafpool, and Jayfeather are talking with Rowanstar, Alderpaw thinks about how Rowanstar is expressing concern for his Clanmates and considers that it is possible Violetkit is being treated in ShadowClan just as well as Twigkit is in ThunderClan. Later, Twigkit asks Alderpaw if she can come along the trip to ShadowClan. Alderpaw considers it for a moment, but after thinking of how Jayfeather would react, he declines. Twigkit looks upset over it, but quickly runs off to the nursery and returns with a feather to give to Violetkit, explaining how Violetkit used to think feathers were pretty and how she had one in her old nest. Alderpaw licks the top of Twigkit's head and says he'll give the feather to Violetkit.
Alderpaw recognizes Sleekpaw standing next to the patrol. He remembers her as a feisty she-cat from his first Gathering. Twigkit's feather is tickling his nose, sticking out the wad of rolled leaves Alderpaw is carrying between his jaws. Alderpaw sneezes, Tawnypelt takes the leaves from him gently, tugging them with her teeth. Twigkit's feather flutters to the ground, and Alderpaw snatches it up quickly. After getting into ShadowClan's Camp, Alderpaw asks Needlepaw, how Violetkit is and if she has settled in. Needlepaw doesn't know and says that Violetkit is in the nursery most of the time with Pinenose and her kits.
Needlepaw asks Alderpaw if he plays with Twigkit, and Alderpaw says if he is not busy with his apprentice duties. Afterwards, Needlepaw asks Alderpaw if he would like to see Violetkit. He agrees and suddenly remembers Twigkit's feather. He runs back to Needlepaw, feather fluttering against his nose. Alderpaw calls to Violetkit, and tells her that he brought a present from her sister. Violetkit blinks at him, confused. Thinking that he meant Lionkit, Pinenose corrects her and Alderpaw says that it's from Twigkit and pushes the feather gently towards her. Alderpaw explains that the feather is the red one that she used to play with when she shared a nest with Twigkit. Violetkit's eyes light up and she asks if this was the same one, Alderpaw shakes his head, explaining that the old one got dirty, so Twigkit found her a new one. Violetkit asks him to tell Twigkit that she loves the feather and asks loads of questions about Twigkit.
Twigkit is then briefly mentioned by Violetkit when she tries not to remember the night of the Gathering where without warning, the ShadowClan leader had plucked her by her scruff and carried her away from Twigkit. She is mentioned again by Violetkit when she buries her nose in the red feather Twigkit gave her. She wonders if it's Twigkit scent that she can smell and imagines her sister sleeping beside her. Alderpaw and Needlepaw sneak out of their camps, taking Violetkit and Twigkit to meet, and the sisters are delighted to see each other and play. Violetkit is upset when they have to go home, but Twigkit promises they will see each other again soon.
Twigkit later brings Briarlight a mouse, then asks Honeykit if she can join her siblings to explore, but the older kit objects against it. Instead, Twigkit goes out to get herself some prey with Briarlight. When Bramblestar sends out patrols to warn the other Clans about the dangerous rogues in the forest, Twigkit eagerly wants to join them, wanting to make sure her sister is safe. Alderpaw goes in Twigkit's place to check up on Violetkit, much to the kit's gratitude.
Twigkit makes her way to the medicine den, when she overhears Rosepetal and Mousewhisker voicing their doubt on whether Twigkit is the cat StarClan told them would clear the sky, and seemed ordinary, just another belly to fill. This makes Twigkit anxious, wondering if the Clan would make her leave if she wasn't special, and she becomes determined to prove to them that she is special. She goes to the medicine den, where Jayfeather gives Whitewing watermint and mentions they have to collect more. Twigkit gets the idea that she will prove that she is special by collecting more of the herb from the lake.
When she finds the watermint, she falls into the lake and is visited by her mother, who urges her to swim. Sparkpaw pulls Twigkit out and is taken to the medicine den, where she is scolded by Jayfeather. Alderpaw comforts her, and Sparkpaw is made into a warrior for saving her. Alderpaw later takes Twigkit to meet Needlepaw and Violetkit again. They run into a ShadowClan patrol, and Tigerheart tells them that Needlepaw and Violetkit were previously caught sneaking out. After they leave, Twigkit worries if she and her sister are special, and tells Alderpaw he's special, and she's going to become a nice medicine cat like him and Leafpool. Alderpaw meows that she's too young to be deciding what to do with her future, and Twigkit protests that she wants to be important. Alderpaw assures her that he's certain she will be. At a Gathering, Rowanstar announces that some of the apprentices and Violetkit have joined the rogues, and they were wrong about Twigkit and her sister, they are just ordinary cats.
Twigkit is made into an apprentice, and given Ivypool as her mentor. While they practice hunting, Ivypool praises Twigpaw for being a fast learner, saying that Lilyheart will be proud, and later adds that her real mother would be too, and mentions Squirrelflight led a patrol to search for her. Twigpaw is shocked, never knowing this and talks to Alderpaw about it, who reveals they were never looking for her mother, they were looking for something else and Bramblestar didn't think there was a point in searching for her since she was probably dead. Twigpaw is angry, thinking their mother could still be out there, and goes to find her sister with the rogues, who has been renamed to Violetpaw. She tells Violetpaw everything, who does not appear to care, as she always assumed their mother was dead. Twigpaw wants her to come help look for her, but Violetpaw declines, wanting to stay with the rogues and Needletail.
Violetpaw rejoins ShadowClan and is part of a patrol that find Twigpaw and Dovewing by the border. Violetpaw tries to talk to her sister, but Twigpaw remains fixated on her paws. Twigpaw remains distant with Alderpaw, resenting him for lying, but their relationship rekindles when he joins her, Ivypool, and Fernsong to search for her mother. When they reach the thunderpath where she and Violetpaw were found, she sees a white cat on the path and attempts to save her, but the cat disappears after a monster goes over it, and she realizes the cat wasn't real. Twigpaw comes to terms with the fact that they won't be finding her mother and that she is dead. After returning to the lake, she goes to ShadowClan to tell Violetpaw. ShadowClan warriors discover Twigpaw, then hold her hostage to make ThunderClan help them get herbs for their sick. While there, she helps Puddleshine tend to the cats ill with yellowcough and spends time with Violetpaw. Twigpaw leaves with her Clan when they come to rescue her, which upsets Violetpaw, who wanted to stay close to her kin. After Darktail's rogues take over ShadowClan, Violetpaw stays with them. Twigpaw goes with Ivypool to check on her sister, and Violetpaw is distant with Twigpaw when they find her. Needletail orders them to leave and slices Twigpaw's ear, and Violetpaw urges them to run before they get hurt.

Shattered Sky

Twigpaw is talking to Ivypool, asking her about the upcoming battle. Ivypool reassures Twigpaw she'll be fine. In the battle, Twigpaw encounters Violetpaw, and after staring at her for a few moments, Needletail and Rain approach and command Violetpaw to attack Twigpaw. Violetpaw does this, and Twigpaw is heartbroken.
Later, after Alderheart has another vision about SkyClan, Twigpaw is heartbroken again when Bramblestar denies Dovewing and Tigerheart to go try and find them and when Ivypool and Lilyheart tell her it's for the best. Twigpaw rashly decides to go by herself, and piles up her bedding to make it look like she was sleeping.
After wandering around in the woods for a while, Twigpaw is chased by some dogs and after getting away from them, is hit by a monster. She is healed by the cutter and soon escapes from the Twolegs. She eventually finds SkyClan, and excitedly tells them who she is and where she comes from, although she is horrified when they tell her a group of rogues drove them out, as the same rogue group also drove out ShadowClan and RiverClan. She tells them she was seemingly abandoned by her mother, but later after a patrol tried to find her mother, it was evident her mother was in fact dead. Hawkwing then tearfully tells Twigpaw that if Pebbleshine were alive she wouldn't have abandoned her kits, and he knows because he was Pebbleshine's mate. Thus revealing that Hawkwing is Twigpaw's and Violetpaw's father.
Meanwhile, in ThunderClan, she is thought to be dead, and the Clan sits vigil for her. During the vigil, Alderheart remembers how lively she had been, and excited to learn all she could. For support, Sparkpelt presses against him, and Bramblestar beckons to Ivypool. He invites Twigpaw's mentor to share some words about the gray she-cat.
Twigpaw begins to lead SkyClan to ThunderClan, but is questioned by Sagenose if she really knows the way. Sparrowpelt and Hawkwing quickly defend the young apprentice, along with Leafstar. She heads towards a hill, expecting to see familiar Thunderpaths, but instead just sees a valley. She begins to doubt herself until she smells Twolegs. She climbs up a ridge and is excited to see the lake and the territories.
After a fight with the rogues, Alderheart finds Twigpaw back at camp and is surprised. She explains about her journey and introduces her father, Hawkwing. She asks about Violetpaw and is heartbroken to know that she may be dead for trying to help the other Clans.
She is basking in the sun later, listening to stories of SkyClan from her father. She also notices the new respect in the other cats' eyes as they look at her. Squirrelflight told her that even though she wasn't what the Clans were to embrace, she was still connected to SkyClan, which was what the Clans realized they had to embrace.
After talking with Squirrelflight and Graystripe, she notices movement in the thorn barrier and is joyful to see Violetpaw alive, standing there. They both apologize to each other, and Twigpaw praises her sister for the defeat of the rogues in RiverClan. Twigpaw listens as her sister explains all that had happened with Needletail and Darktail.
Twigpaw leads her sister to see her father after many congratulations to Violetpaw on the way. When her father says that they should live with SkyClan when the battle was over, Alderheart interrupts, saying that the sisters had allegiances to other Clans. Twigpaw is asked to fetch fresh-kill for her sister, but before she goes, Hawkwing asks her if her Clan or kin was more important. Twigpaw doesn't know how to reply.
Twigpaw and her sister, along with the deputies of each Clan, are sent to ask Onestar to join the battle against the Kin. Both apprentices are shocked when Hawkwing begins to work out how cats lived on WindClan. Then, as they arrive, they hear a battle going on. Twigpaw and Violetpaw are left behind, but Twigpaw and Violetpaw rush down to help anyways. After the battle, they are seen sharing a rabbit with their father, and as Onestar begins to tell why he could not fight Darktail before, Twigpaw is waiting excitedly.
Twigpaw asks her father about the name of SkyClan, and Hawkwing tells her how SkyClan launches attacks from the sky, thus telling Alderheart how to "remember the names".
Twigpaw waits in excitement as the Clan head towards ShadowClan territory. Twigpaw smells the terrible stench of the camp as the cats get ready to attack. When Hawkwing pauses to ask if Twigpaw wants to join him in the trees, she agrees. She jumps down, though, when she sees Violetpaw battling a rogue twice her size. She is filled with excitement, though that fades when it begins to rain. She is happy when the Kin retreats, showing that their plan was going perfectly. The Clans chase down the Kin. When the rogues are all chased away and only Darktail and Onestar were fighting in the lake, Twigpaw is watching amongst the SkyClan warriors.
The Clans come to the conclusion that both Onestar and Darktail drowned. Twigpaw calls to Violetpaw to say goodbye to the other Clans. When Hawkwing tells his daughters that there will always be a place for them in SkyClan, both are confused, and unsure.

Darkest Night

Twigpaw is hunting with Ivypool, and her mentor tells her to hurry. Twigpaw wills the tabby she-cat to be quiet, for the mouse she's stalking might run away. She flicks her tail, irritated, as the mouse freezes, Ivypool's mew shattering the silence. Twigpaw doesn't move, and only relaxes as the prey goes back to snuffling around the tree roots. The gray apprentice leaps, feeling the soft flesh of her mouse beneath her claws as she lands on the small creature. Slamming her paws down, Twigpaw quickly gives it a killing bite, then lifts it up.
The small apprentice hurries to join her patrol, and scans the cats. Cherryfall lounges in some sunshine, while Sparkpelt paces behind Fernsong. Her mentor hauls a thrush from an earlier catch, and when Twigpaw reaches them, she flings her mouse onto the pile of prey. Lionblaze sits stiffly, staring out into the woods. Twigpaw listens as Sparkpelt informs Lionblaze of the rogues having left, and the Clans all reunited.
The patrol breaks into conversation about the current situation: the over-crowding of ThunderClan. Fernsong pipes up about ShadowClan, and Sparkpelt fluffs out her fur, expressing her annoyance at Reedwhisker sleeping in her nest. After some more back and forth discussion, Cherryfall makes a negative comment about the SkyClan cats, then glances at Twigpaw.
She shrinks beneath her pelt, and wonders if the ginger warrior is blaming her. Twigpaw was first proud of bringing SkyClan back, but now it would nag her. With the camp over-crowded, Twigpaw isn't sure about SkyClan finding territory.
A few sunrises later, the ThunderClan cats go to the Gathering. When Harestar, Mistystar, Rowanstar and Bramblestar talk about giving territory to SkyClan, the ShadowClan leader nods curtly and tells the clans that he will give some of his territory to the small Clan. Leafstar is extremely grateful and thanks Rowanstar. While Mistystar is sharing her news, she unexpectedly closes her borders.
Twigpaw returns to camp after passing her assessment. Everyone congratulates her, but she appears subdued. When SkyClan is preparing to leave, Twigpaw announces she is leaving ThunderClan to join her family.
Once in SkyClan, Twigpaw shares prey with her father and sister before going hunting with them. While out, Twigpaw tries leading them but is unfamiliar with the territory. Knowing the area better, Violetpaw takes the lead and Twigpaw seems disappointed with it. She walks beside Hawkwing and asks about Pebbleshine. He tells them story about her during her apprenticeship and in the end tells Twigpaw she reminds him of Pebbleshine.
On a fiercely windy day, she is out collecting twigs with Finpaw and Dewpaw to build up camp. Twigpaw gets lost in her thoughts, Finpaw bringing her attention back to the present. She dives under a bush to collect twigs, but leaps backward with her fur on end, saying there's a snake. Finpaw purrs, correcting her that it's a root and acknowledges she is very jumpy. A crack splits the air and a massive branch falls toward Finpaw. Twigpaw manages to save most of him, but his tail is crushed. Twigpaw rushes to ShadowClan and fetch Puddleshine. Puddleshine ends up having to cut Finpaw's tail off in order to free him. Hawkwing takes the shocked Twigpaw back to camp, who wonders if Finpaw will be okay and doesn't want to leave her friend. She goes into her nest and before she drifts off, she hears Leafstar announce a patrol going back to the gorge to search for lost Clanmates.
Violetpaw, who is joining the patrol to the gorge with Hawkwing, notes how Twigpaw had asked to stay behind to help build SkyClan's new camp. Twigpaw says her farewells to the patrol before they leave.
Twigpaw is gathering ferns for the nests in the apprentices den and thinks of Finpaw, who has had low spirits since he lost part of his tail. Dewpaw and Twigpaw talk about Finpaw, and Dewpaw gets Twigpaw to go talk to him. She succeeds and lifts the young toms spirits, becoming great friends. When the medicine cats visit SkyClan for Leafstar's insight on the prophecy, Twigpaw is playing with Finpaw. Her eyes shine when she spots Alderheart and she greets him. They talk for a moment, but the meeting ends quickly as she goes back to playing with Finpaw.
Twigpaw's new mentor, Sandynose, is attempting to teach Twigpaw how to hunt in trees. He wants her to catch a bird in a pine, but she protests, pointing out a nearby mouse. He argues with her and she gives in. She feels as though he is treating her like a kit as she climbs the tree. The branch below her breaks and she falls to the ground. They go back to camp and Leafpool check her. She reports no serious injuries but Twigpaw should stay in her den for a few days. Finpaw enters, asking if she's all right. He sits with her while Leafpool collects herbs. They talk for a bit until Twigpaw mentions that she and Violetpaw used to play somewhere on SkyClan territory. Finpaw asks if they can find the spot, disregarding the fact he's confined to camp until his tail heals and she's meant to be resting. They sneak out of camp and upon reaching the spot she used to play with Violetpaw at, they overhear Tigerheart and Dovewing meeting on their territory.
Twigpaw and Finpaw have camp all to themselves with everyone else busy when Juniperclaw strides into camp with Fallowfern close behind. The ShadowClan warrior reports to Leafstar that the deaf she-cat was on their territory stealing herbs. After he leaves, Leafstar orders the two apprentices to clear out the warriors den. They decide to do that later and hunt instead but are caught by Leafpool, who tells Finpaw to return to camp before Sandynose can find out he left. Twigpaw carries on hunting alone and runs into Ivypool and tells her about Dovewing meeting with Tigerheart.
Twigpaw is sent to groom Macgyver, who got hurt the day before. She goes to fetch herbs from Leafpool, but is stopped by Sandynose, who tells her to stop hanging out with Finpaw so they can focus on their training more. A ThunderClan patrol arrives, headed by Ivypool. They report that Dovewing is missing and wonder if SkyClan has seen her. When Leafstar says no one has reported anything, Ivypool looks at Twigpaw. Leafstar asks if she knows anything and Twigpaw tells them how she saw Tigerheart and Dovewing on their territory. She is then scolded by Sandynose for not saying anything before.
Twigpaw patrols with Sparrowpelt and Sandynose. Her mentor praises her for knowing the border so well and sends her to mark the border by the lake. She runs into Finpaw and tells him they Sandynose doesn’t want them hanging out anymore. Finpaw is furious, and worried that once they’re warriors, Twigpaw won’t be interested in being his friend anymore. She tells him he’s special to her, and no one will ever stop them from being friends. Finpaw is reassured and leaves Twigpaw to her duties. Sandynose witnesses this and is satisfied she sent him away. She continues on, worrying if she will ever earn the respect she had in ThunderClan.
Another ThunderClan patrol arrives, explaining a mudslide destroyed their camp and herbs. They ask SkyClan if they can take some herbs, to which Leafstar agrees. Twigpaw offers to help, but Sandynose butts in, saying she’s supposed to be training. Leafstar brushes Sandynose’s comment off and allows Twigpaw to help. Before she leaves camp to search for herbs, Sandynose blocks her path and leans into her ear, saying she cannot live with a paw in two camps; she must decide which Clan she wants to fight for. His words cut her like thorns and she watches as he stalks away. She feels guilty as she recognizes the truth to them.
The patrol to the gorge returns and Twigpaw happily greets Hawkwing and Violetpaw. Leafstar announces it is time for Twigpaw and Violetpaw to be made warriors. Feeling overwhelmed, Twigpaw leaves camp to breathe, and worries about ThunderClan. Finpaw finds her, and points out she doesn’t look thrilled. She pushes her former Clan to the back of her head and says she is, then hurries back to camp. Leafstar gives Violetpaw her new name, Violetshine. When it’s her turn, Twigpaw feels sick and her paw steps feel heavy. She knows she can’t say “I do”, and that she doesn’t belong in SkyClan. She tells Leafstar she is ThunderClan, apologizes, and she needs to go back.
Sandynose supports her, saying he’s seen her struggling and he’s proud she found the courage to decide. Violetshine accuses Twigpaw of abandoning her once again, asking what is so special about ThunderClan, why would she rather be with them than with her. Twigpaw says she would never be happy in SkyClan, and Violetshine hisses she doesn’t care if Twigpaw’s unhappy, and wonders why she isn’t allowed to be happy. She drops her gaze, realizing what she just said and apologizes. Violetshine mews she just thought everything was going to be how she dreamed. Twigpaw touches her muzzle to her sisters and say she’ll always love her and Hawkwing. Hawkwing pads up, soothing Violetshine. Leafstar orders Twigpaw to return to ThunderClan. As she pads away, Finpaw catches up to her. She apologizes for leaving him, and she’ll miss him. Finpaw stares at her steadily, saying she doesn’t need to miss him, he’s joining her in ThunderClan. He says he doesn’t care what Clan he’s in, so long as he’s with her. Twigpaw stares, unable to find words and nods. They pad out into the forest, on the path to ThunderClan together.

River of Fire

When Twigpaw and Finpaw head to the ThunderClan camp, they are spotted by a patrol with Sparkpelt on it, who is bristling and hostile toward them, which hurts Twigpaw since she thought they were friends. They are taken back to camp, and Bramblestar hesitates a little on whether he wants to keep them, but ends up allowing them to stay. Twigpaw is annoyed that she had to do another round of training and even more frustrated when her mentor is Sparkpelt. Later, Twigpaw joins Alderheart and Sparkpelt on a patrol to RiverClan to gather watermint. When they find it, Twigpaw goes to gather it and nearly falls into the stream. Sparkpelt saves her, then proceeds to scold her apprentice, which leaves Twigpaw looking miserable.
When Sparkpelt is teaching Twigpaw, Twigpaw gets irritated that she has to learn the basic battle moves again, when she learnt it in her first apprenticeship. Sparkpelt adds that her move wasn't bad, and Twigpaw gets frustrated and thinks it was perfect. Twigpaw suspects that Sparkpelt's grudging praise was because she was still upset having been made her mentor, but she thinks that they would get along better if she didn't insist on training with Larksong and Finpaw. With most of the Clan being ill and unable to hunt, Twigpaw decides to go bring back some prey, thinking it will convince Sparkpelt she is ready to be made a warrior. Since apprentices aren't allowed out on their own, she sneaks through the dirtplace, and is found by Finpaw, who eagerly joins her. She tries to catch a squirrel, but ends up falling in the border stream and climbs out onto WindClan territory. A patrol finds the pair and escorts them back to ThunderClan's camp.
After they leave, Twigpaw speaks with Bramblestar, expressing her frustration with Sparkpelt's training, and her worries of the prophecy and how something bad may happen to ThunderClan with ShadowClan gone and RiverClan's borders closed off. Bramblestar says it's not a warriors or apprentice's job to worry about StarClan's messages, and it's a medicine cat's job to interpret them. He then asks her if she feels like she might want to train as a medicine cat, and Twigpaw confidently declines. Bramblestar tells her she must focus on being a good apprentice, Twigpaw agrees she will, then fetches Sparkpelt so he can speak with her about their training. Sparkpelt falls ill and tells Twigpaw that she must train with Larksong and Finpaw for the next few days. Larksong has his apprentice practice the hunters crouch, and he has Twigpaw go back to camp since she is more advanced in her training than Finpaw, and the warrior is worried he will try to do things too difficult with her around. Back at camp, Twigpaw sits and talks with her foster mother, Lilyheart. Shortly after, Finpaw returns to camp with a vole and shares it with Twigpaw.
Twigpaw later follows the medicine cats to the halfmoon gathering at the Moonpool, in hopes of learning more about the prophecy. She waits for the medicine cats to leave, then slips out of hiding and goes down to the pool and touches her nose to the water. When nothing happens, she feels silly and turns to leave, but the surface then turns to the color of blood and a boom of thunder echos around the hollow. Twigpaw looks up to see flames lighting the sky, and an image appears of a camp she believes to be ThunderClan, with fire roaring through it. She is terrified, and Yellowfang appears, growling that she doesn't belong here. With that, Twigpaw flees, and as she travels back to camp, she wonders what the vision meant and worries if Yellowfang had been talking about her not belonging in ThunderClan. A horrifying thought comes to mind as she wonders if her presence within the Clan will bring the destruction, but she refuses to believe it.
Twigpaw believes ShadowClan needs to be revived or the storm will destroy them, and gets the idea to reach out to Violetshine for help. She later walks with Alderheart and asks him if there has been more news of the prophecy, and then she later helps in in the medicine den, suggesting they talk to the ShadowClan cats about rebuilding, but Alderheart doesn't think that would work. Twigpaw sneaks out of camp to speak to Violetshine about ShadowClan. Tree turns up and supports this, and they decide to talk to Tawnypelt about her becoming leader of the disbanded Clan. After getting Leafstar's permission, they speak with Tawnypelt, and some of the ShadowClan cats support her, but she remains undecided and says she will think about it.
A bad storm starts, and Twigpaw is sure it's the storm StarClan warned them about. A fire breaks out in Twolegplace and RiverClan territory, and Twigpaw joins a group of cats sent out to help them. When they reach the camp, Twigpaw is stunned to see her vision of the burning camp taking place. She rescues Softpaw when she is trapped, but Twigpaw then falls into the stream and nearly drowns, but is saved by two RiverClan cats and Finpaw. Later on, Twigpaw and Finpaw are assessed and the two are given their warrior names. Bramblestar gives her the name Twigbranch, in memory of how she came to the Clan as a small kit and grew into a strong warrior, like the way a twig grows into a branch.

The Raging Storm

She is now a mentor to Flypaw. Flypaw is easily distracted, which makes training her frustrating for Twigbranch. Worrying she is not being a good mentor, Twigbranch tries pushing Flypaw, but Finleap shows concern about this and tells Twigbranch she needs to not push her too hard, encourage her and have patience. While discussing Flypaw, Finleap brings up kits, and Twigbranch, not ready to become mates or have kits, changes the subject. While out with their apprentices, Twigbranch and Finleap discover Puddleshine trapped under a bundle of silverthorn and a ThunderClan patrol arrives to help him. Finleap and Twigbranch then travel to ShadowClan to tell them what happened and that ThunderClan will care for Puddleshine until he has recovered.
After a frustrating training session with Flypaw, Twigbranch goes hunting with Finleap and she expresses her concern over Flypaw's training, how her heart doesn't seem to be into it, but Finleap tries to assure her that Flypaw has only just started her training. They work together to hunt a squirrel, Finleap easily catching it in a tree. Twigbranch wonders if he will pass his SkyClan hunting skills to their kits, and stops herself, thinking they're too young to have a family yet. When they return to camp, Twigbranch is shocked to find out Alderheart is going to attempt to cure Puddleshine's infection by giving him deathberries. She thinks how he trusts his instincts and believes she needs to do the same and be tough with Flypaw. She is irritated to find that she hasn't finished clearing the elders bedding, and begins looking for her. Twigbranch is halted by Finleap, who tells her that his sister Reedclaw is sick and he wants to visit her. Twigbranch is distracted, more focused on finding Flypaw, and tells him he's a ThunderClan cat now and Frecklewish will take care of Reedclaw. He meows that he only joined ThunderClan to be with her, and he had been expecting to be mates by now, starting a family. He goes on to say he thought that's what they both had wanted, but he guesses she needs more time to be sure. Twigbranch feels guilty as he walks away and she wonders if she should tell him she is sure, but she remains standing in her place.
She later tries teaching Flypaw how to hunt birds, but Flypaw fails to catch it, which angers Twigbranch and she goes on to lecture the apprentice, which leaves Flypaw crestfallen and dejected. When they return to camp, Twigbranch overhears Daisy and Ivypool talking about Alderheart and how he had gone to ShadowClan to continue treating Puddleshine, and they wonder what will happen to him if the treatment fails, since Tigerstar said he'd be punished. After playing with Ivypool's kits for the rest of the day, Twigbranch goes to her nest and worries when Finleap doesn't go to his. She figures he'll be back soon, but wakes to find his nest still empty.
She goes out with Flypaw and they discover a SkyClan patrol being escorted by ThunderClan, and Finleap is among them, much to Twigbranch's relief. Hawkwing speaks with Bramblestar, reporting that Finleap showed up in their camp. Finleap explains he went to see Reedclaw, and the Clan leader scolds the young tom, punishing him with cleaning out the elders den for a moon, with Twigbranch's help because she should have reported him missing right away. The two cats talk, and Finleap says being around his old Clanmates made him start thinking about how Twigbranch is the only cat he's close to in ThunderClan and he misses being with the cats he knew all his life. He goes to say he doesn't feel like he belongs, which is why he wants to have kits in ThunderClan, then he'd feel like he'd have something there that is his own. Twigbranch protests that she isn't ready, and Finleap tells her to think about it again because if she doesn't ever want kits, he's unsure if he'll feel at home in ThunderClan.
Twigbranch goes to the Gathering with her Clanmates and worries that SkyClan will leave the lake after tensions with ShadowClan rise. Gaining little support from the rest of the Clans, Leafstar decides that SkyClan will be returning to the gorge. Twigbranch rushes to Violetshine and Hawkwing as SkyClan is led off of the island. Violetshine suggests she rejoin SkyClan and travel back to the gorge with them, but Twigbranch declines. She says good-bye to her father and sister as they leave with the rest of their Clan. Twigbranch asks Finleap if he plans on going with them, and he replies that he loves her, but if she doesn't want kits he should go with his kin. Angry, Twigbranch meows that having kits isn't just his choice, it's theirs, and if he won't wait until she's ready then he's not the cat she thought he was, and maybe he should leave.
After SkyClan leaves the lake, Twigbranch takes Flypaw hunting, where they find Tree, who had stayed behind. The tom notes how it has been raining since they left, like the vision of five saplings seen by the medicine cats, which got destroyed by the storm. They decide to try bringing SkyClan back, and Twigbranch leads a patrol to find them, with the support of other Clan cats. They find shelter, and Finleap gets angry and jealous when Twigbranch shares prey with Tree, thinking he is trying to impress her. Twigbranch and Finleap get into an argument, and as Twigbranch turns away, a loner named Spider tells them he saw SkyClan pass through the day before. They return to the group to share the news, and Tree tells Twigbranch that he spoke to a dead warrior and they can't stay for the night, SkyClan is in danger. He says the warrior had her eyes, and Twigbranch realizes that it was her mother, Pebbleshine. The find SkyClan and rescue them from the floods caused by the heavy rain, and Twigbranch reunites with Violetshine and Hawkwing. During their journey back, Finleap and Twigbranch reconcile, with Finleap apologizing for the way he had been acting and they should wait to have kits until both of them are ready.
Tree later helps Twigbranch, Violetshine, and Hawkwing see Pebbleshine. Pebbleshine tells her kits that she has been with them since they were born, and she couldn't leave them to go to StarClan while they faced life with only each other. Before Pebbleshine leaves to join StarClan, she tells Twigbranch that she will be a great warrior, and reveals that Violetshine is expecting kits and will be a wonderful mother. At the Gathering after SkyClan's return, Twigbranch sits happily with her kin, and Alderheart thinks how Twigbranch looks every bit of a warrior as Squirrelflight now.

In The Broken Code arc

Lost Stars

When Squirrelflight is organizing patrols, Twigbranch is shown leading a group, while Molewhisker leads a second. Shadowpaw sees an image of her as the voice tells him about the codebreakers.
Twigbranch asks Bristlefrost if she wants to go hunt. Bristlefrost thinks about how she would normally agree, but she couldn't be enthusiastic so she comes up with an excuse to not go. Twigbranch twitches her whiskers like she thinks its a weak excuse, and Bristlefrost admits that she agrees.
Twigbranch, Bristlefrost, Rosepetal, and Thornclaw are assigned to bring Bramblestar back to camp for his vigil after he dies in the snow den. She is also mentioned by Violetshine when SkyClan is considering leaving the lake, saying she doesn't want to leave the lake and her sister.

The Silent Thaw

Twigbranch catches up with her sister before a Gathering. When the names of the codebreakers are revealed, Violetshine worries for Twigbranch. Bramblestar calls for Twigbranch, Lionblaze and Jayfeather to atone for breaking the warrior code at a Gathering, and Twigbranch stares with wide eyes. She shares a shrew with Thriftear when Lionblaze returns from his exile. Bramblestar calls for him, Twigbranch and Jayfeather to take an oath and swear themselves to the warrior code.
She and Finleap attend a secret meeting with cats from other Clans concerned about Bramblestar's behavior towards the codebreakers. Tree and Rootpaw sit between Twigbranch and Blazefire. She expresses her concerns and worries how she broke the code. She believes Tree when he reveals that Bramblestar is an impostor and orders the others to run when Bramblestar's spy, Bristlefrost, arrives. When Bristlefrost reports that the impostor tried to kill Sparkpelt, Twigbranch huddles closer to Finleap and wonders if any of them are safe.
Twigbranch stands up for Rootpaw when he states that others have seen ghosts too. When Tree tries to convince his family to leave the Clans, Violetshine worries about Twigbranch but Tree insists she has Finleap and her Clanmates. The impostor orders Twigbranch, Bristlefrost and Lionblaze to escort Squirrelflight from Clan territory when he accuses her of codebreaking.
She and Finleap are caught by Berrynose, the new deputy, when they forget to thank StarClan for their prey. The impostor has them dig up a stubborn and prickly thorn bush near the warriors' den and he watches them from Highledge. Berrynose scolds them for growing weary and kicks some loose dirt into their hole. Twigbranch snarls at him, but Finleap stops her.

Veil of Shadows

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In the Super Editions

Tigerheart's Shadow

Twigpaw is revealed to have moved in with SkyClan. Despite passing her ThunderClan warrior assessment, she is still training to become a SkyClan warrior. She is first mentioned by Tigerheart when he thinks of how he and Dovewing grew closer on the quest to find Twigpaw. Later, Ivypool angrily tells Tigerheart that Twigpaw had seen him and Dovewing at the border. After Tigerheart has left ShadowClan, he tells Shadowkit that he will decide which Clan he wants to live in. The young tom asks if all Clan kits do that, and Tigerheart thinks of Violetpaw and Twigpaw and tells his son that it occasionally happens, but not always.

Squirrelflight's Hope

Tree asks about Twigbranch when Squirrelflight visits SkyClan, and she reflects how eager Twigbranch is to meet Violetshine's kits, Rootkit and Needlekit, but Bramblestar forbade her from visiting. Later, Squirrelflight spots Twigbranch and Finleap sharing a rabbit and snatching glances at her. Twigbranch and Finleap agree to help the injured Sunrise, not wanting her to die. They gather ferns for her to make her more comfortable.
She leads a hunting patrol with Finleap, Squirrelflight and Ivypool, and agree to hunt on ThunderClan's portion of the moorland. They run into Breezepelt trespassing, and the patrol reports back to Bramblestar. Twigbranch and Thornclaw escort Tigerstar, Mistystar, and their warriors to the camp while Finleap warns Bramblestar. While anxiously pacing about the sick cats' safety, Squirrelflight takes her, Finleap, Ivypool and Leafpool to ask the Sisters about the sickness. They learn of a cure and Leafpool takes Twigbranch and Finleap to gather dandelion root.
During Larksong and Flickerkit's vigils, Twigbranch speaks upon her foster brother; she remarks how lucky Larksong was to have Lilyheart for a mother and will miss Larksong like a brother. Later, Twigbranch leads a hunting patrol with Finleap, Honeyfur, Squirrelflight and Leafpool, and is impressed with Leafpool's hunting skills.
Despite not wishing to join, Twigbranch is chosen to chase the Sisters from their territory and stares in shock at all the fighting. Squirrelflight stops Twigbranch from pursuing the Sisters and agrees to take Blossomfall and Mousewhisker to stop the fighting. She exclaims the rest of the Clan warriors have trapped Moonlight and her kits and tries to save them.

In the Novellas

Pebbleshine's Kits

After Pebbleshine is kidnapped by a Twoleg monster and is separated from her Clanmates, Pebbleshine wishes to reunited with her Clan before her kits are born. She frequently reflects about her unborn kits, and wishes she had Echosong or Frecklewish with her to help. Her kits arrive, and Pebbleshine seeks shelter in a tunnel underneath a Thunderpath to give birth. A yellow StarClan tom guides Pebbleshine through the process, and she gives birth to two she-kits, one the same shade of gray as Hawkwing and the other black-and-white. Pebbleshine wishes Hawkwing was with her, but promises her kits that their father already loves them.
Pebbleshine leaves her kits to hunt, but notices a badger near the entrance of the tunnel. One of the kit's tiny wails alerts the badger, and Pebbleshine viciously fights it. While attempting to lead it to the Thunderpath, Pebbleshine is killed by a monster. While initially glad to be reunited with her Clanmates, Pebbleshine worries for her kits. Micah leads Pebbleshine to a pool which shows two Clan apprentices, and he tells her they will find her kits. He adds they will be raised in the Clans and one day see their father. While comforted momentarily, Pebbleshine still insists she must be with her daughters. Micah tells her there's a way to return as an observer, and Pebbleshine agrees. Now a ghost, Pebbleshine watches the apprentices discover her kits and she promises her daughters that she'll watch over them always.
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