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Interesting facts

  • Alderpaw chose the name Twigkit for her because she's small like a twig.[1]
  • She has been noted to look a lot like Hawkwing.[2] She is also noted to have the same pelt color as him.[3][4]
  • Twigbranch, along with her sister, Violetshine, have kittypet blood through Cherrytail and Sparrowpelt,[5] and Sharpclaw.[6]
  • Bramblestar gave her her warrior name to recgonize that while she came to ThunderClan as a "small, fragile kit", she had since become a warrior with them, stating "just as a twig grows into a branch".[7]

Author statements

  • Kate wanted her warrior name to be Twigshade but the editorial team chose Twigbranch instead.[blog 1]
  • Kate prefers Violetshine over Twigbranch because Violetshine is "slightly more vulnerable and touching."[blog 2]
  • Kate feels that Hawkwing does not favor Violetshine over Twigbranch, but instead just has more of an affinity with Violetshine.[blog 3]
  • When asked which character in the books most embodies chicken, Kate replied Twigbranch, stating "she was the most chickeny cat" she had wrote so far.[blog 4]
  • Kate thinks she would be a better hunter than a fighter and that fighting would be her last resort.[blog 5]


  • She was mistakenly called Twigkit two times after she became Twigpaw,[8] called Twigpaw once before she got her apprentice name,[9] and called Twigpaw after she recieved her warrior name.[10]
  • She was mistakenly called Violetpaw.[11]

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Author references

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