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Chapter Number: 17 (of 24)
Page Numbers: 241-253

Chapter Summary

Leafpool's PoV

Leafpool walks through the undergrowth to meet Crowfeather, wary of being followed, due to the fact that her sister, Squirrelflight, had followed her to a prior meeting. She thinks about what her Clan would think of her if they were to find out what was doing, and a voice inside her tells her that they will find out sooner or later. As she continues to walk, her fight with Squirrelflight continues to haunt her, as the two never fought. Leafpool reflects on the fact that without the closeness of her sister, she feels alone in the Clan, while Crowfeather is the only cat she is able to vent to.
Due to her bottled up feelings about Crowfeather, Leafpool had wanted to tell Cinderpelt about their meetings. However, Leafpool thinks back to how Cinderpelt seems obsessed with stocking their supplies. She also frets that Cinderpelt may have already guessed her secret, as she seemed to show her disapproval in an uncharacteristic quickness of temper. She misses the times back in the forest, when they had been able to talk while sorting leaves. Now, the brown medicine cat believes that her mentor is less than a friend than she had been.
Desperation had already climbed over Leafpool, as she was genuinely considering telling her mother, Sandstorm. But when she had tried to, she had been busy talking with Dustpelt, only briefly acknowledging her daughter. Another cat that Leafpool had also considered was her best friend, Sorreltail, but she was very close to having kits that she spent all her time in the nursery, with Daisy and Ferncloud.
Leafpool pauses when she hears a twig snap, thinking that it may be someone following her. To her relief, it is only a squirrel, and she continues on. As she walks, she looks up at the waning moon, knowing that it would be some time before the medicine cats could visit the Moonpool to talk to StarClan, even though Leafpool wishes she could talk to them already. She worries that, due to her breaking of the medicine cat code, that StarClan could refuse to talk to her. She quietly whispers that she hopes Spottedleaf could tell her what to do.
Her head spins with weariness, as meeting with Crowfeather every few nights has left her deprived of sleep, and she is rather restless when she is away from him. She once more tells herself that she cannot go on like this, and she thinks back to when Crowfeather had said the same thing. In this flashback, Crowfeather had also urged her to think about leaving her Clan, as they could not be together if they continued to live in their separate Clans. Leafpool had been shocked by this idea, but agrees to think about it. However, she is afraid to give up her family, her friends, and her life as a medicine cat. She knows that whatever decision she makes, she could not survive the losses.
In the present, Leafpool sees Crowfeather on the border. The two run over to each other, with Crowfeather wreathing around her. Leafpool asks Crowfeather if he had trouble getting away from his camp, but before he can answer, the two hear rustling in the undergrowth. Thinking it is Squirrelflight, Leafpool snaps at her to come out. But the cat who steps out of the bracken is not Squirrelflight - it is Cinderpelt. Leafpool stammers out a question, asking her what she is doing there. Cinderpelt replies that she is here to tell Leafpool that this has to stop, 'this' referring to her meetings with Crowfeather. Leafpool, desperately looking for an excuse, tells her that she does not know what she means. Cinderpelt tells her not to lie to her, especially with Crowfeather standing there on their territory.
Leafpool notes that there is no anger in Cinderpelt's eyes, just concern. Leafpool mutters that Squirrelflight must've told Cinderpelt to follow her, and Cinderpelt refutes that statement, saying that she was collecting herbs when she picked up Leafpool's scent and a WindClan warrior's scent near by. She tells Leafpool that she had been suspecting that the young medicine cat was sneaking out at night, and Leafpool, terrified, accuses her of spying on her. Cinderpelt tells her that she didn't need to, commenting that she is so exhausted she cannot do her job properly. Cinderpelt brings up an instance from yesterday, reminding Leafpool that she had tried to give Sootfur borage leaves instead of watermint. Commenting on Crowfeather, she says she is not surprised, asking if she thinks that she did not notice the two at Gatherings.
Crowfeather steps forward to defend Leafpool, telling Cinderpelt that Leafpool is not betraying her Clan. Cinderpelt says that she never imagined she would, but she should not be here with him, and that he knows that as well as Cinderpelt does. Crowfeather bristles, leaving Leafpool to worry that he will attack Cinderpelt. She tells him to go back to camp, and Crowfeather is hesitant, not wanting to leave Leafpool to 'get her ears clawed'. Leafpool tells her that Cinderpelt would not do that, and once more, pleads for Crowfeather to go. Crowfeather obeys, disappearing into WindClan territory.
The two medicine cats are left alone. Leafpool tries to defend herself to Cinderpelt, saying that they are not doing any harm. Cinderpelt's tone hardens as she tells Leafpool that Crowfeather belongs to a different Clan, and that she cannot fall in love, not with any cat, adding that she already knew that. Leafpool exclaims that she has feelings like any other cat.




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