“And then that voice. So loud, foretelling death and danger. What does it all mean?”
Littlecloud in Twilight, page 124
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Chapter Number: 8 (of 24)
Page Numbers: 117-130

Chapter description

Leafpool and Cinderpelt emerge from the trees just as the small figure of Littlecloud appears. Leafpool let's out a sigh of relief. They were all going to the Moonpool. She starts remembering on how she had stayed with RiverClan. Cinderpelt had been furious with her, telling her that Firestar had sent a whole patrol just to look for her. Leafpool explains they were exchanging herbs. Cinderpelt is exasperated and tells Leafpool to ask for permission next time. Leafpool obeys her wishes. She stops thinking about what had happened and waits along with Cinderpelt beside the lake. Cinderpelt is still suspicious and asks Leafpool if she had had any secret visits to RiverClan.
Leafpool confirms she had no other visits, but stung at the same time. She starts worrying that Cinderpelt suspected her meetings with Crowfeather. She then sees Littlecloud in the distance, Littlecloud wading in the stream that marked the border. He politely greets them, and asks them how they are in their Clan. Cinderpelt replys that everything is fine. The three cats head towards the stream. She questions Littlecloud and asks if Mothwing was with him earlier. He answers no, and that she was just probably passing through WindClan. She feels her paws heavy with secrets. She wonders if Mothwing was finally done with the cats she didn't believe. She then starts thinking on how Mothwing couldn't come, like how maybe Feathertail's warning was already here, or that she just simply couldn't leave. Her anxiety deepened as Barkface appears to come on the open moorland. They skirt WindClan territory, and Leafpool scans the moorland slopes. She silently tells herself that it was Mothwing she wanted to see, not Crowfeather.
Cinderpelt asked how things were doing over in WindClan, and mentioned that Onestar was confident at the gathering. Barkface answered that Onestar would make a strong leader. He then changed the subject and mentioned that he found Goldenrod on the moors. Leafpool then felt a chill and knew that they wouldn’t need Goldenrod unless the cats started fighting one another. Night had fallen once the medicine cats reached the Moonpool. Leafpool felt calmer once she pushed through the bushes guarding the hollow.
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