"For a heartbeat Hollypaw met the gaze of the young tortoiseshell, who had waited a little way behind the others, watching but not speaking. If she had been a Clan cat, she would have been an apprentice. She might have been my friend."
— Narrator and Hollypaw's thoughts in Outcast, page 203

Twist is a tortoiseshell she-cat[2] with white stripes[2] like lightning[3] on her face.[2]


In the Power of Three arc


Twist is one of the rogues that invades the Tribe of Rushing Water's territory in the mountains. She is part of the patrol that stops the Clan and Tribe cats on their way to the Tribe of Rushing Water. Hollypaw catches her gaze for a heartbeat, and believes that, if Twist were a Clan cat, they could've been friends. It is noted that she rarely, if ever, speaks to the Clan or Tribe cats.
In the battle with the Clan and Tribe cats, Twist fights Lionpaw. She lands on him, knocking him over. When Lionpaw rolls onto his side, he recognizes her from the group they'd met yesterday. Twist fights him with her claws sheathed, suggesting that she really doesn't want to fight at all. Lionpaw springs up and lands on her, although there is hardly enough space to fight effectively. She throws him off, and scrambles up a boulder, spitting defiantly at him with her back arched and her tail fluffed out.
While the Clan and Tribe cats go to warn the intruders off, Lionpaw notices Twist poking her head out from the rocky cleft. When she sees the waiting cats, her eyes widen in horror and she darts back into the shadows.

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