"We caught it together. I chased it, and it doubled back—right into Dewy Leaf's claws. It was great!"
— Twisted Branch in The Sun Trail, page 47

Twisted Branch is a scraggy,[2] brown tom[1] with amber eyes.[3]


In the Dawn of the Clans arc

The Sun Trail

"Are you flea-brained? Wandering off with no idea where you're heading?"
—Twisted Branch questioning the journeying cats The Sun Trail, page 15
Twisted Branch is shown staring incredulously at Dappled Pelt and Tall Shadow, calling the cats who were journeying out of the cave flea-brained, and that they were wandering off with no idea where they were heading. He later agrees with Dewy Leaf, saying that she had a point that the cats having responsibilities at the cave should stay there.
When the journeying cats leave the cave, Twisted Branch agrees with Dewy Leaf's statement, adding that they didn't need them. Gray Wing then suggests that he, along with Stone Song and Dewy Leaf, hunt while it is still light, and Twisted Branch nods with a look of determination in his eyes.
After the hunt, he and Dewy Leaf return with a snow hare, dragging it between them. Twisted Branch states, in a mouthful of fur, that they had caught it together. He adds that he had chased it, and the hare doubled back into Dewy Leaf's claws.
When Gray Wing glances around the cave, he sees Twisted Branch and Dewy Leaf, thinking that the tribe would not lack in hunting with those two around. Moments after they leave, the two cats return, covered in snow, and stop to shake their pelts. Twisted Branch explains that there is a blizzard, and adds that they wouldn't be able to catch anything until it was over.

The First Battle

When Misty Water refuses prey from Lion's Roar, Twisted Branch remarks that the hunting party would return soon, and would be back with more prey. He shares tongues with Snow Hare, and Gray Wing calls their names, padding up to them, only to be stopped by Dewy Leaf's kits.


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