"Did you hear about Tyr? His Twolegs left his door locked all night and he had to sleep in the shed!"
Shanty to Jake about Tyr in Pinestar's Choice, chapter 6

Tyr is a fawn[2] Burmese tom[1] with dark brown ears and paws, and long, slender legs.[2]

In Pinestar's Choice, Tyr is a kittypet living in the Twolegplace. When Jake introduces the ThunderClan leader Pinestar to his friend, Shanty, she turns to the ginger kittypet, inquiring if he had heard that Tyr had slept in his Twoleg's shed after being locked out last night. Jake replies that Tyr wouldn't have liked that, explaining to Pinestar that their acquaintance is a pedigree Burmese. Shanty snorts that he never stops reminding them about it, alluding to Pinestar that Tyr has a haughty attitude.

Later, when Pinestar is looking for Jake, Tyr tells him that the tom is with Quince from his perch in a tree. The kittypet asks him if he's the wild cat, and the Clan leader affirms this. Tyr stretches, replying he'll see Pinestar around, before leaping away and vanishing behind a wall.


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