Uninvited Guests is a short scenario for the Warriors Adventure Game. The game takes place two moons after the previous adventure, The Deluge, and providing the characters completed the last adventure, they are two moons older than the adventure they played before.


The game is played by at least two players, and guided by a Narrator. The recommended or maximum number of players is not known. Players need one character sheet each, and the Narrator needs the printed version of the scenario description.

Each player assumes the role of a cat character, newly made young warriors, having a set of attributes created according to the rules and guidelines of the game. The cats may either be from the same Clan, or different Clans.


The adventure takes place in The lake territories.


Fox Hunt

There has been a fox that has been stalking the territories for a few days. The fox's scent was discovered a few days ago, but it avoided the places where most warriors go. Then, the fox started stalking toward the camp, close to each Clan's nursery. The players must follow the scent and they must all make a Smell Check. The next action depends on the total of the Check.

Wrong Scent

The trail ends at a meadow full of rabbits. As the players looks around, they see there is no spot for a fox to hide. They realized they've been tricked. What happened was that the fox ran along the path used by rabbits hoping that the players would get distracted by the smell of food. The players know that should go back, but some might want to stay. Based on this decision, the next part is revealed.

An Important Message

The players now realize there are scents of two foxes along the trails. Then Ashfoot, the WindClan deputy, comes to them with new information. According to her, a pair of WindClan kits have gone missing from the nursery. There is a hole in the nursery with the smell of fox stench. Based on how well, the Smell Checks went earlier, the players might know that the fox has three cubs, and they might know that there is a WindClan kit out there somewhere. The players now have a choice to make: whether to follow the original fox, or the new scent.

Mixed Scents

The players following the track can scent that there's more than one fox, and one scent is dominant over the others. There's also another scent but it is unidentifiable. Each player is told to make a Ponder, Smell, or Focus Check. If the highest Check total is 10 or higher, the players know there are five scents in the trail. If the highest Check Total is 14 or higher, the players know that there are four cubs and one fox mother. If the highest Check Total is 17 or higher, they find out that there are really three fox cubs and one WindClan kit.

There She Is!

The scent is plain now, and the players find themselves in a clearing with the fox at the other side. The fox looks poised in that direction, and the players are encouraged to make Skill Checks. Based on the Check total, the players figure out one of the following: The fox is just toying with the cats and is going to double back to a place they've already searched, The fox is leaning in the direction she is about to run, She is leaning in one direction but looking in the other direction, as if not wanting to lead the cats there, The fox's glance is just a ploy to trick them further. The next directions is determined by what the players do with this information.

Running in Circles

The fox is sly, and she left her trail through the woods with the least amount of paths as possible. She went back over her old paths, making her very hard to track. The players that now figred this out have to make a Smell Check, and they have to understand that they have to track the fox better.


Now that the players are in the meadow with the rabbits, they can decide which one to hunt. They can go for some of the littler ones, or try to catch the big meaty one at the end of the meadow. All the players must make Sneak Checks. Based on the lowest Sneak Check total, one of the following must happen: The large rabbit senses the cats and leaps away, The smaller rabbits sense them and this warns the larger rabbit after a while, or the cats get ready to pounce on the larger rabbit. If they catch the rabbit, they eat and get back on the trail.

Fox Fight

Here, the fox is found, and she has her cubs with her. If the players decide to fight, she will fight until she is knocked out. If the players stop, she will also stop. The WindClan kit is also there, and the players can stop to listen to what the kit has to say. Based on if the players listen to the kit, get knocked out during the fight, win the fight and rescue the WindClan kit, or win the fight but can't get to the kit leads to the next activity.

Picking Up the Scent

The players now have to take a break due to the difficulty of the trail. The players are asked to formulate what to do about this. Then to get back on the trail, each player has to make a Smell Check. What happens next is up to the group total.

Up a Tree

The players have finally picked up a fresh trail. However, the scent seems to be coming from upward. They stalk closer to it, and see a raccoon swiping at a kit and fox cub in the tree. The kit tells them what happened. He and the cub were running around having fun, when they stumbled into a raccoon. The raccoon got angry and started to chase them. The kit and cub thought this was fun, and they thought the fat raccoon would leave. However, the raccoon kept going, and the kit and cub got tired and climbed up on a tree. The raccoon climbed after them, but then left to go on the ground, and he was there ever since.The kit and the cub are now terrified and exhausted, and the players have to decide what to do to save them.

A Test of Wills

The raccoon doesn't want to leave, so the players have to decide how to deal with it. The players are encouraged to use Hiss or Arch skills in order to scare the raccoon away. However, the raccoon has some skills of its own, and it's not easy to get away from it. The scene continues when the cats decide to fight it, or if they beat it.

Home and Family

The fox can sense how close the players are to catching up to her, so she put her two cubs in the den, and takes the WindClan kit out. She puts a paw over the WindClan kit as a sign that she will hurt the players if they her missing cub doesn't come back. She really won't hurt the kit at all, but she needs to send the message across. She also blames the Clan cats for the fact that her cub is missing. The kit can explain why the fox is doing this, but the fox has covered her mouth, but not on purpose. The players are now near the fox, and can see what she is doing. If they could talk to the kit, they could figure this out, but the fox can't understand them. However the players choose to deal with this situation shows how the scene continues. The players have a choice to either attack, leave the fox and follow the other trail, or stay near the den and not do anything.

Knocked Out!

As the player's eyes open, they see their medicine cat staring down at them in a friendly manner. This was led because the cats got beaten in a fight by either the fox or the raccoon. If they acted nobly, their Clan leader is proud. If they acted recklessly, the leader will give them a stern lecture. It is now revealed that other warriors succeeded in finishing the mission and saving the kits. After all this is revealed, the adventure is over, and the group has failed.

The Other Trail

The players now know that there are two trails, but they are still difficult to follow. The players are encouraged to make Smell or Ponder Checks. Now more information is revealed. The two trails are the mother who is searching for her cub, and the cub running around the forest. Earlier, the cub met up with a WindClan kit, and they were playing together. All of a sudden, their trail stopped, and it was buried by the scent of a frantic mother fox. Each player now has to make a new Smell Check to find out what happened. Depending on the group total, the adventure is continued.

Raccoon Ruckus

This scene is completely focused on fighting the raccoon. The raccoon can hiss at the cats, but it is still focused on the kit and the cub. The players can fight the raccoon until it's knocked out, or they can chase it off the territory and it'll never come back to the territories. The players also have another choice to delay the fight and do something else. Most likely, they will choose to fight.

The Truth of the Matter

As the players watch, the kit raises it's head from the mother fox's paw. She cries out that she can explain everything. She and her brother were in the nursery when they heard a scratching coming from the other side of the wall. They knew it could have been dangerous, but the scratching sounded like it was coming from something not bigger than them. They made a hole in the nursery and found a fox cub. Before long, the kits and cub got acquainted and they started playing. Their games turned to a game of tag, and they all got separated. One of the kits thought she saw the fox cub so she pounced on it's tail. The tail turned out to be the fox mother. She could tell the mother looked frantic for her cubs because that's how the queens looked when they couldn't find their kits. The fox smelt other cats, so she took the little kit and carried it to her den. The kit explains that the fox has been very kind to her, and the only reason she is being held hostage is because she is looking for her cub too. The kit also begs for the players not to hurt the fox. The players now have a choice to either find the missing cub or to attack the fox.


The players are now following the trail. Slowly, all the trails fade away as this is the only trail remaining. The players keep following until they realize that this is the first trail the fox had made when she came into the Territories. They are very far away from their home and it will take a long time to get back. When they do get back, the other warriors will have solved the problem. The adventure is over, and the group has failed.

Making the Trade

The players are now in the clearing with the fox. The fox has the kit and the players have her cub. The kit is free to call out to the players. She says she is happy they have come. The fox mother will only let the kit go if she gets her cub, and if it is clear that they are not trying to trick her. They players obviously need both kits to win the mission, so they won't rest until they have the kit. The players are encouraged to make Ponder Checks to find out what is really happening. Once the cub is very close to the den, the fox will let go of the kit and move to nuzzle her pup. At that point the players will have both kits. If the players choose not to let the cub go, the only other option is to fight the fox.

The Stare Down

The mother fox now has her cub back and it nudges him into the den. The fox is now at a loss, as the players know where the fox and her cub's den is. She needs to make her den somewhere else; far from The lake territories. She comes back out of the den and glares at the cats angrily. This is her way of telling the cats to leave her cubs alone, or else. The fox doesn't really want to fight, but she needs to make the players know that if they hurt her cubs, she will fight. The players can now choose to respond to this glare and fight, or to agree with the fox and let it go.

Climbing Down

After the raccoon is knocked out, the kit and the cub are relieved. However, the animals are very high up, and it is an inconvenience to the players to not be able to reach them. It is up to the players to decide how to get the cats down, and they are encouraged to use an Ability or Skill Check to find a way to get them down. When the kit and cub are finally down, the adventure continues.

Farewell Fox

The fox and her cubs are now reunited, as well as the two WindClan kits. As the players walk them back to their camp, the kits apologize for what they've done, and they promise not to do it again. The Clan leaders are happy and everyone is awed by the story of the fox and it's cubs. When the players go back to check the den, they will see the fox and her cubs walking away out of the Territories. The players should feel proud with what they did, because dealing with a fox is hard, but dealing with an anxious fox mother is even harder. The Clan leaders are especially proud with how they dealt with the situation. The Clans will be telling this story for moons to come, and the WindClan kits will grow up thinking that these players are heroes. The adventure is over, and the group has accomplished the mission.

Tending the Cubs

The players have just knocked out the fox cold. Even though beating the fox in battle seems like a good end, the cubs now have no one to look after them. The other Clan cats arrive,and they say that the warrior code says that all kits must be protected; fox cubs are not an exception. It is good that the players have rescued the WindClan kits, but they still have to tend to the new cubs. The players must help the cubs around and even bring food to the mother who is too weak to hunt. After this is all done, the fox and her cubs will leave the Territories. This adventure has been a success, and the Clans will tell stories of the players for moons. The leaders are also pleased with how strong the players have become. The WindClan kits will also grow up thinking of the players as heroes! The adventure is over, and the group has accomplished the mission.


Uninvited Guests Flowchart


If the group fails in their mission (get hurt, fails to retrieve the kits, fails to chase the fox out), they will not receive any experience points. If they manage to save the kits, each character gets Experience points.

The adventure can be replayed any number of times, but a character may get points only once.

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