【Cárdinal】 ショウジョウ

  • I was born on March 5


I think of muself as fun, hyper, can be stubborn, ill-tempered, short-tempered hah:3

As a Human

I am a good student at school getting A's and B's. I love chocolate and my pet cat, who is diagnosed with cartarac. I love my friends and family and my fav animals are llamas, cats, skunks, wolves.

As a Cat

Her name is Riversong and she is the deputy of ShadowClan. She is a pretty, fluffy silver tabby she-cat with bright blue eyes. She loves toads and snakes and she is strong-hearted, fiesty, and loves fighting because shes really good at it.


Her father is Spiderstar. Her mother is Fallingsnow. Her mate is Jaggedvoid and her kits are Smolderspark, Paintedspirit, Talonpaw, and Knawfang. Her brother is Wolfheart.

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