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Hi! I'm Silverdapple, and I'm pretty new, but I luv this place! Warriors is my life! I am usually a silver tabby she-cat with white paws and chest. Feel free to comment at my Talk Page.


My favorite pages


My Fav Cats!


2.Lionblaze(he's hot!)




6.Leafdapple/star(I luv her name!)

My Least Fav Cats:(




4.Brambleclaw(He annoys me so much that he dumped Squirrelflight and I now HATE him.)



I was a very small under-weight kit when I was born in the middle of Leaf-Bare. Not only was that the most horrible time to be born, many thought I would never survive for my litheness. I had 2 brothers, Fishleap, and Ravenfur. Sadly, Ravenfur died as a young warrior, being attacked by a fox. My mother, Lilyfern always believed in me, and always knew I would survive. To everyone's surprise, I lived, and became a healthy, but small and under-weight kit. My mentor, Foxstar was amanzed at my swiftness and began to teach me. He also saw my wisdom beyond my years. He died soon after I was made a warrior and then, I was the deputy and now, Leader. When I became Leader I was very young, not even as old as Foxstar's granddaughter. Yet, I was chosen ever since I was born to lead Fireclan. Now, I am still small and swift, but now stands at The Gathering Hollow in pride and strongness. A few seasons before, I gave birth to 4 kits. 3 were very healthy, but the last was small like me and resimbled both me and my mate, Startail. Unlike me, she did not have the strength in her bones to be a warrior and will faint after hard work. Luckly, she devoloped skill as a Medincine cat and now is the apprentice of Feathercloud, my faithful Medince cat.

My thoughts on Various cats

Berrynose: Ick! Stupid, annoying, but very proud.

Whitewing:One word, she is beautiful! No, really!

Billystorm:He should replace Sharpclaw. Wise, old, and AWESOME! (Even though he's a kitty-warrior)

Cinderheart:I LUV HER!!!!!=)

Brambleclaw: Ok, I don't exactly hate him, I just don't see him as BRAMBLESTAR. Plus, he broke up with Squrrielflight, one of my fav cats!

Graystripe:He should be deputy. Period.

Crookedstar:The best leader ever. Never met someone as wise as him

Stormtail:Ok, I'm really getting mad. Did you see the way he was mooning over Dappletail at MOONFLOWER'S(his mate's) death?

My Past Siggies


-Did you know that Warriors Wiki is worth $297,438? I read it on It also is the 1,172 most valuable website too!!!!

-On second thought, Stormtail isn't that bad! Read the rest of Bluestar's prophcy.

-I'm a proud member of Project Charart!

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