aka Captain Obvious/Lieutenant Sarcasm, Zoe,

  • I live in In the middle of a forest with some cats. /LOLIWISH
  • I was born on October 10
  • I am Female

Hi! I'm Spark~ I love Lion x Cinder, and I sobbed during TLH.

1) Because it was over; we won't get to see them again, and

2) Because it was just so sad! D:

I, honestly, don't make friends easily. You're welcome to chat with me, but it'll take a while until you really get to know me. I probably won't be too friendly to you unless you're willing to actually try to spell correctly. I get bored easily. My friends say I have a case of bibliobesity (Look it up. XD) and that I need hobbies.

I'm on every day, and you'll probably catch me on the chat or editing. I'm obsessed with the Warriors series, and you might find me on a fansite (Warriors Wiki~~) or the official forums. I use XD and tildes (~) waaay too much. It's kind of funny, actually. Apparently I'm funny, too? I don't know. My friends say it's just the way I say things that makes them funny.

I'm still figuring out the site and making friends, and I think I've spoken to all the chat regulars at least once. I'm working on getting my editcount up above 100, and I'm doing lots of practice chararts. My mentor is LeafstrikeAsakura, and I'm a member of both PC and PCA. Anyway. Uh. Yeah, I'm running out of things to say. XD Bye.

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